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14 Commits (8625e0bbd4b92de8c8f1a6d846ded9b8a171ad09)

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Michele Calgaro 8625e0bbd4
Update release version number to R14.0.9. 2 years ago
Slávek Banko 7378aa616f
Update version number for R14.0.8 final release. 3 years ago
Slávek Banko bd6ab65666
cmake: Set WITH_ALL_OPTIONS to OFF by default to make it consistent. 3 years ago
gregory guy de1aaf76f3
Conversion to the cmake building system based on S.Amelian's work. 3 years ago
Fabio Rossi 551feef9c2
Avoid overriding user linker flags (LDFLAGS) for modules and shared libs 4 years ago
Slávek Banko 5fc2ad73cc Add cmake support for mp4v2 10 years ago
Slávek Banko af8d937e62 Add conditionnal inotify support 10 years ago
Slávek Banko b303359398 Add akode support to CMake 10 years ago
samelian 4bcbdd7615 [amarok] yauap-engine ported to cmake 12 years ago
samelian 75c0180e44 [amarok] all media devices ported to cmake 12 years ago
samelian 65246190b6 [applications/amarok] added cmake support for translations 12 years ago
samelian 20b40b2428 [applications/amarok] cmake generate docs 12 years ago
samelian c36e31eb1b [applications/amarok] initial cmake support 12 years ago
tpearson 3ce9174229 Added abandoned KDE3 version of Amarok 13 years ago