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45 Commits (d815bc1f86c613de253b7e5bfc9baedd5b11b22f)

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tpearson d815bc1f86 Fix Amarok OSD glitching when resized in ARGB mode 11 years ago
tpearson 90c6afc471 Fix Russian string handling from Wiki in Amarok 11 years ago
tpearson 4589c69662 Fix remaining instances of tqStatus embedded in user visible strings 11 years ago
tpearson 5a9856e1a3 Enhance Amarok OSD in ARGB mode 11 years ago
tpearson 3f61236394 Fix a number of accidental tqStatus string conversions 11 years ago
tpearson 4d088ec3f9 Convert remaining references to kde3 (e.g. in paths) to trinity 11 years ago
tpearson c6d80c059c Fix a couple of graphical glitches in Amarok under ARGB 32 bit visual mode 11 years ago
tpearson 6963d8ef73 Allow the Amarok OSD to use true transparency if it is available 11 years ago
tpearson 394f15165b Convert accidental instances of STQL to the proper SQL 11 years ago
tpearson 4cb09d377b Fix Amarok FTBFS under Autotools 11 years ago
tpearson eb88625a55 rename the following methods: 11 years ago
tpearson 1dbf3ff1cb rename the following methods: 11 years ago
tpearson 54e817557b Fix missing Q_OBJECT macros 11 years ago
tpearson ebc14f270e Fix Amarok FTBFS under Qt4 12 years ago
tpearson 9df0fe41af Fix Amarok FTBFS 12 years ago
tpearson e8cac8c271 Remove the tq in front of these incorrectly TQt4-converted methods/data members: 12 years ago
tpearson 324094a18c Rename incorrect instances of tqrepaint[...] to repaint[...] 12 years ago
tpearson 1219a52be3 Rename all instances of "tqgeometry" (including quotes) to the more-correct "geometry" string 12 years ago
tpearson 98ba28489b Fix Qt4 compilation 12 years ago
samelian bc3dc02016 [amarok/yauap-engine] added forgotten cmake files 12 years ago
samelian 4bcbdd7615 [amarok] yauap-engine ported to cmake 12 years ago
samelian 75c0180e44 [amarok] all media devices ported to cmake 12 years ago
samelian 844e4d4e91 [amarok] remove extra token 12 years ago
samelian 65246190b6 [applications/amarok] added cmake support for translations 12 years ago
samelian 20b40b2428 [applications/amarok] cmake generate docs 12 years ago
tpearson 1d9d9f5ce4 Finish TQt4 porting of Amarok 12 years ago
tpearson e9db3e45ed Fix ipod/Amarok compilation 12 years ago
tpearson bd72b76ea2 On modern TQt systems TQGLWidget will always be available, so remove the offending #ifdef that is breaking compilation 12 years ago
samelian c22170b25a [applications/amarok] sync with new cmake macros 12 years ago
tpearson 1f05a7fe56 Fix Amarok cmake configure checks 12 years ago
tpearson 170978e368 Add ability to use CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH in autodetection of konqsidebarplugin.h 12 years ago
tpearson 6e658260ff Let the end user decide if his/her gpod support is broken until an actual check can be made 12 years ago
samelian d2ca745d50 [applications/amarok] hack which allow uic3 generated code to be compiled with gcc 4.5 12 years ago
tpearson 2a98648e2c Fix invalid constructor for new GCC 12 years ago
tpearson 147b8fea24 Fix a number of runtime object identification problems which led to an even larger array of minor glitches 12 years ago
samelian 65e9d3ec36 [applications/amarok] sched_setaffinity buggy glibc check 12 years ago
samelian c36e31eb1b [applications/amarok] initial cmake support 12 years ago
samelian ba720458ac [applications/amarok] make compatible with automoc 12 years ago
samelian 7172119c4d [applications/amarok] external cmake modules 12 years ago
tpearson 052e80ac03 Wikipedia fetching fix for Amarok 12 years ago
tpearson 3a09386ad1 Initial TQt conversion 12 years ago
tpearson 36a9c19165 Added option to hide menubar (thanks to Darrell Anderson for the patch) 12 years ago
tpearson 448423a4ca Part of batch commit to enable true tasktray resize support for Trinity applications 13 years ago
tpearson 2dc0d603b8 Redirect externals to svn://anonsvn instead of svn+ssh:// (Closes bug 222920) 13 years ago
tpearson 3ce9174229 Added abandoned KDE3 version of Amarok 13 years ago