Requirements &amarok; requires the installation of some software packages. The required packages are listed below along with several other packages to enhance your &amarok; experience. Required: KDELIBS 3.3 TagLib 1.4 Recommended: GStreamer-0.8.6 and Gst-Plugins-0.8.6 Optional: aRts 1.3 K3B 0.11 KDE-Base 3.3 (needed for Konqueror Sidebar) KDEMULTIMEDIA 3.3 libtunepimp 0.3 Libvisual 0.2.0 and Libvisual plugins MAS 0.6.3 MySQL 4 NMM 0.7.0 OpenGL accelerated X-Server ProjectM 0.96 Real Player 10 SDL 1.2 xine 1.0.0 XMMS 1.2 and XMMS visualization plugins If you obtain these dependencies via a packaging system, you must also install the devel versions of these packages!