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# translation of amarok.po to Français
# translation of amarok.po to
# Matthieu Robin <>, 2004.
# Matthieu Robin <>, 2004, 2005, 2006.
# Yannick TORRES <>, 2004.
# Yannick Torres <>, 2005, 2006.
# yannick Torres <>, 2005.
# Yann Verley <>, 2005.
# Matthieu Robin <>, 2005, 2006.
# Yannick Torrès <>, 2006, 2007.
# Copyright (C) 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: amarok\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2008-07-08 01:26+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-01-29 13:29+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Yannick Torrès <>\n"
"Language-Team: Français <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: KBabel 1.11.4\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n > 1);\n"
#: playlistitem.cpp:960
msgid "Writing tag..."
msgstr "Écriture de la balise..."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:4042 collectiondb.cpp:2157 collectiondb.cpp:2222
#: collectiondb.cpp:7041 collectiondb.cpp:7131 collectiondb.cpp:7181
#: covermanager.cpp:132 covermanager.cpp:439 covermanager.cpp:942
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:1120
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:541
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:167
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1662
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1672
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2038
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2092
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:554 metabundle.cpp:626
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:20 statistics.cpp:466
msgid "Various Artists"
msgstr "Artistes divers"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:258
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:261
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:68 organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:71
msgid "%1 or %2"
msgstr "%1 ou %2"
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:68
msgid ""
"_: This feature only works with \"The\", so either don't translate it at all, "
"or only translate artist and album\n"
"Album Artist, The"
msgstr ""
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:68 organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:69
#, fuzzy
msgid "The Album Artist"
msgstr "Album de cet artiste"
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:70 organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:71
#, fuzzy
msgid "The Artist"
msgstr "Cet artiste"
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:71
msgid ""
"_: This feature only works with \"The\", so either don't translate it at all, "
"or only translate Artist\n"
"Artist, The"
msgstr ""
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:72
msgid "Collection Base Folder"
msgstr "Dossier de la collection"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:262
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:73
msgid "Artist's Initial"
msgstr "Artiste initial"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:263
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:74
msgid "File Extension of Source"
msgstr "Extension du fichier source"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:264
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:75
msgid "Track Number"
msgstr "Numéro du morceau"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:266
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:77
msgid "<h3>Custom Format String</h3>"
msgstr "<h3>Format personnalisé</h3>"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:267
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:78
msgid "You can use the following tokens:"
msgstr "Vous pouvez utiliser les variables suivantes :"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:277
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:88
msgid ""
"If you surround sections of text that contain a token with curly-braces, that "
"section will be hidden if the token is empty."
msgstr ""
"Si vous entourrez des sections de textes qui contiennent une variable avec des "
"accolades ({), cette section sera cachée si la variable est vide."
#. i18n: file ./organizecollectiondialog.ui line 224
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:308
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:216 rc.cpp:943
#, no-c-format
msgid "(Help)"
msgstr "(Aide)"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1125 collectionbrowser.cpp:1137
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:3969 collectionbrowser.cpp:3980
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:4273 collectiondb.cpp:2387 collectiondb.cpp:2406
#: collectiondb.cpp:2424 collectiondb.cpp:2445 collectiondb.cpp:2463
#: collectiondb.cpp:7026 collectiondb.cpp:7082 collectiondb.cpp:7116
#: collectiondb.cpp:7165 collectiondb.cpp:7219 collectiondb.cpp:7248
#: collectiondb.cpp:7300 collectiondb.cpp:7338 collectiondb.cpp:7366
#: contextbrowser.cpp:1409 contextbrowser.cpp:1444 contextbrowser.cpp:1647
#: contextbrowser.cpp:1693 contextbrowser.cpp:2688 contextbrowser.cpp:2717
#: contextbrowser.cpp:2723 contextbrowser.cpp:2851 contextbrowser.cpp:2879
#: contextbrowser.cpp:2884 covermanager.cpp:413 covermanager.cpp:432
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:976
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:993
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:1010
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:1027
#: database_refactor/dbenginebase.cpp:199
#: database_refactor/dbenginebase.cpp:221
#: database_refactor/dbenginebase.cpp:247
#: database_refactor/dbenginebase.cpp:293 engine/nmm/HostListItem.cpp:55
#: engine/nmm/HostListItem.cpp:57 engine/nmm/HostListItem.cpp:155
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2800 mediabrowser.cpp:2801 statistics.cpp:348
#: statistics.cpp:349 statistics.cpp:382 statistics.cpp:383 statistics.cpp:417
#: statistics.cpp:450 statistics.cpp:465 statistics.cpp:467 statistics.cpp:504
#: statistics.cpp:532 statistics.cpp:545 statistics.cpp:546 tagdialog.cpp:560
#: tagdialog.cpp:587
msgid "Unknown"
msgstr "Inconnu"
#: ktrm.cpp:737
msgid "MusicBrainz Lookup"
msgstr "Recherche MusicBrainz"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:40
msgid "Configure Media Device"
msgstr "Configuration du périphérique du média"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:64
msgid "Pre-&connect command:"
msgstr "&Commande de pré-montage :"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:66
#, c-format
msgid "Example: mount %d"
msgstr "Exemple : mount %d"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:68
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Set a command to be run before connecting to your device (e.g. a mount command) "
"%d is replaced by the device node, %m by the mount point.\n"
"Empty commands are not executed."
msgstr ""
"Définissez ici une commande à exécuter avant la connexion à votre périphérique "
"(e.g. une commande de montage).\n"
"%d sera remplacé par le noeud du périphérique, %m par le point de montage.\n"
"Les commandes vides ne seront pas exécutées."
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:71
msgid "Post-&disconnect command:"
msgstr "&Commande de post-déconnexion :"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:74
#, c-format
msgid "Example: eject %d"
msgstr "Exemple : eject %d"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:75
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Set a command to be run after disconnecting from your device (e.g. an eject "
"command) here.\n"
"%d is replaced by the device node, %m by the mount point.\n"
"Empty commands are not executed."
msgstr ""
"Définissez ici une commande à exécuter après avoir déconnecté votre "
"périphérique (e.g. une commande d'éjection).\n"
"%d sera remplacé par le noeud du périphérique, %m par le point de montage.\n"
"Les commandes vides ne seront pas exécutées."
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:79
msgid "&Transcode before transferring to device"
msgstr "&Encoder avant de transférer les morceaux dans le périphérique"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:86
msgid "Transcode to preferred format (%1) for device"
msgstr "Encoder dans le format préféré (%1) pour ce périphérique"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:88
msgid "Whenever possible"
msgstr "Si possible"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:91
msgid "When necessary"
msgstr "Lorsque nécessaire"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:98
msgid "Remove transcoded files after transfer"
msgstr "Effacer les fichiers encodés après le transfert"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:106 deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:107
msgid "For this feature, a script of type \"Transcode\" has to be running"
msgstr ""
"Pour cette fonctionnalité, un script comme \"Transcode\" doit être utilisé"
#: tracktooltip.cpp:266
msgid "Amarok - rediscover your music"
msgstr "Amarok - redécouvrez votre musique"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:166
msgid "New..."
msgstr "Nouveau..."
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:167
msgid "Import Existing..."
msgstr "Importation de l'existant..."
#: app.cpp:636 app.cpp:1070 app.cpp:1089 playlistbrowser.cpp:171
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:858
msgid "Playlist"
msgstr "Liste de lecture"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:172
msgid "Smart Playlist..."
msgstr "Liste de lecture intelligente..."
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:173
msgid "Dynamic Playlist..."
msgstr "Liste de lecture dynamique..."
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:174
msgid "Radio Stream..."
msgstr "Flux radio..."
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:175
msgid "Podcast..."
msgstr "Podcast..."
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:953
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:656
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2338
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1305 playlistbrowser.cpp:178
msgid "Rename"
msgstr "Renommer"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:256 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:294
#: playlistselection.cpp:132
msgid "Random Mix"
msgstr "Aléatoire"
#: contextbrowser.cpp:2442 playlistbrowser.cpp:262 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:294
#: playlistselection.cpp:136
msgid "Suggested Songs"
msgstr "Morceaux suggérés"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:407 playlistbrowser.cpp:413 playlistbrowser.cpp:417
msgid "Radio Streams"
msgstr "Flux radio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:445
msgid "Cool-Streams"
msgstr "Flux sympas"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:465 playlistbrowser.cpp:484
msgid "Radio Stream"
msgstr "Flux radio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:466
msgid "Add Radio Stream"
msgstr "Ajouter un flux radio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:484
msgid "Edit Radio Stream"
msgstr "Éditer un flux radio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:537 playlistbrowser.cpp:542 playlistbrowser.cpp:583
msgid " Radio"
msgstr "Radio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:553
msgid "Global Tags"
msgstr "Balises globales"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:566 playlistwindow.cpp:178 playlistwindow.cpp:185
msgid "Neighbor Radio"
msgstr "Radio de mes voisins"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:572 playlistwindow.cpp:177 playlistwindow.cpp:184
msgid "Personal Radio"
msgstr "Radio personnelle"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:576
msgid "Loved Radio"
msgstr "Radio préférée"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:584
msgid "Add Radio"
msgstr "Ajouter une radio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:667
msgid ""
"A Smart Playlist named \"%1\" already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?"
msgstr ""
"Une liste de lecture portant le nom « %1 » existe déjà. Voulez-vous l'écraser ?"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:668 playlistbrowser.cpp:3099
msgid "Overwrite Playlist?"
msgstr "Écraser la liste de lecture ?"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:668 playlistbrowser.cpp:3099
msgid "Overwrite"
msgstr "Écraser"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:698 playlistbrowser.cpp:707 playlistbrowser.cpp:713
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:720
msgid "Smart Playlists"
msgstr "Listes intelligentes"
#: configdialog.cpp:182 playlistbrowser.cpp:789 playlistwindow.cpp:452
msgid "Collection"
msgstr "Collection"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:798
msgid "All Collection"
msgstr "Toute la collection"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:805 statistics.cpp:225
msgid "Favorite Tracks"
msgstr "Morceaux favoris"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:816 playlistbrowser.cpp:836 playlistbrowser.cpp:856
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3099 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3109
#, c-format
msgid "By %1"
msgstr "Par %1"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:825
msgid "Most Played"
msgstr "Morceaux les plus écoutés"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:845
msgid "Newest Tracks"
msgstr "Morceaux les plus récents"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:865
msgid "Last Played"
msgstr "Dernière écoute"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:875
msgid "Never Played"
msgstr "Jamais écouté"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:886
msgid "Ever Played"
msgstr "Déjà écouté"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:890
msgid "Genres"
msgstr "Styles"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:902 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3089
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3119 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3129
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3139
#, c-format
msgid "%1"
msgstr "%1"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:910
msgid "50 Random Tracks"
msgstr "50 morceaux aléatoires"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:984 playlistbrowser.cpp:992 playlistbrowser.cpp:999
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1004
msgid "Dynamic Playlists"
msgstr "Listes dynamiques"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1427 playlistbrowser.cpp:1123
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1146
msgid "Podcasts"
msgstr "Podcasts"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1292
msgid "Add Podcast"
msgstr "Ajouter un Podcast"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1292
msgid "Enter Podcast URL:"
msgstr "Saisissez l'URL du Podcast :"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1313
msgid ""
"_: Podcasts contained in %1\n"
"All in %1"
msgstr "Tout dans %1"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1331
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 Podcast\n"
"%n Podcasts"
msgstr ""
"%n podcast\n"
"%n podcasts"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1436
msgid "Already subscribed to feed %1 as %2"
msgstr "Déjà inscrit au flux %1 en tant que %2"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1462
msgid "Download Interval"
msgstr "Intervalle de téléchargement"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1463
msgid "Scan interval (hours):"
msgstr "Intervalle d'analyse (heures) :"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1501
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: "
"<p>You have selected 1 podcast episode to be <b>irreversibly</b> deleted. \n"
"<p>You have selected %n podcast episodes to be <b>irreversibly</b> deleted. "
msgstr ""
"<p>Vous avez sélectionné 1 épisode d'un podcast à effacer <b>"
"<p>Vous avez sélectionné %n épisodes d'un podcast à effacer <b>"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1422
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1160 playlistbrowser.cpp:1614
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1621 playlistbrowser.cpp:1625 playlistbrowser.cpp:2559
#: playlistwindow.cpp:454
msgid "Playlists"
msgstr "Listes de lecture"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1748 playlistbrowser.cpp:1755
msgid "Imported"
msgstr "Importé"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1788
msgid "Cannot write playlist (%1)."
msgstr "Impossible d'écrire la liste de lecture (%1)."
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1839
msgid "Playlist Files"
msgstr "Listes de lecture"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1839
msgid "Import Playlists"
msgstr "Importer les listes de lecture"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2202
msgid "<p>You have selected:<ul>"
msgstr "<p>Vous avez sélectionné :<ul>"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2204
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 playlist\n"
"%n playlists"
msgstr ""
"%n liste de lecture\n"
"%n listes de lecture"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2206
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 smart playlist\n"
"%n smart playlists"
msgstr ""
"%n liste de lecture intelligente\n"
"%n listes de lecture intelligentes"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2208
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 dynamic playlist\n"
"%n dynamic playlists"
msgstr ""
"%n liste de lecture dynamique\n"
"%n listes de lecture dynamiques"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2210
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 stream\n"
"%n streams"
msgstr ""
"%n flux\n"
"%n flux"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2212
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 podcast\n"
"%n podcasts"
msgstr ""
"%n podcast\n"
"%n podcasts"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2214
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 folder\n"
"%n folders"
msgstr ""
"%n dossier\n"
"%n dossiers"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2216
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 stream\n"
"%n streams"
msgstr ""
"1 flux\n"
"%n flux"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2218
msgid "</ul><br>to be <b>irreversibly</b> deleted.</p>"
msgstr "</ul><br>à supprimer <b>définitivement</b>.</p>"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2221
msgid "<br><p>All downloaded podcast episodes will also be deleted.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Tous les épisodes téléchargés du podcast seront également effacés.</p>"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3056 playlistbrowser.cpp:3058
msgid "%1 (%2)"
msgstr "%1 (%2)"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3070
msgid "Save Playlist"
msgstr "Enregistrer la liste de lecture"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3071
msgid "Save to location..."
msgstr "Enregistrer à l'emplacement..."
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3075
msgid "&Enter a name for the playlist:"
msgstr "&Saisissez un nom pour la liste de lecture :"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3098
msgid "A playlist named \"%1\" already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?"
msgstr ""
"Une liste de lecture portant le nom « %1 » existe déjà. Voulez-vous l'effacer ?"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3144
msgid "&Show Extended Info"
msgstr "&Montrer les informations étendues"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:256 refreshimages.cpp:78 refreshimages.cpp:132
msgid "There was an error communicating with Amazon."
msgstr "Une erreur de communication avec Amazon s'est produite."
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:30
msgid "Edit Filter"
msgstr "Éditer le filtre"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:36
msgid "&Append"
msgstr "&Ajouter"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:37
msgid ""
"<p>By clicking here you can add the defined condition. The \"OK\" button will "
"close the dialog and apply the defined filter. With this button you can add "
"more than one condition to create a more complex filtering condition.</p></qt>"
msgstr ""
"<qt> "
"<p>En cliquant ici, vous pouvez ajouter la condition désirée. Le bouton « Ok » "
"ferme la fenêtre et applique le filtre défini. Avec ce bouton, vous pouvez "
"ajouter plus d'une condition pour créer une condition complexe basée sur les "
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:40
msgid "Add this filter condition to the list"
msgstr "Ajouter ce filtre à la liste."
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:44
msgid "&Clear"
msgstr "&Effacer"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:45
msgid ""
"<p>By clicking here you will clear the filter. If you intend to undo the last "
"appending just click on the \"Undo\" button.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>En cliquant ici, vous effacerez le filtre. Si vous voulez annuler votre "
"précédent clic, cliquez sur le bouton « Annuler la dernière action ».</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:47
msgid "Clear the filter"
msgstr "Effacer le filtre"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:52
msgid ""
"_: this \"undo\" will undo the last appended filter... be careful how you will "
"translate it to avoid two buttons (\"Cancel\" and \"Undo\") with same label in "
"the same dialog\n"
msgstr "&Annuler la dernière action"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:53
msgid ""
"<p>Clicking here will remove the last appended filter. You cannot undo more "
"than one action.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>En cliquant ici, vous effacerez le dernier filtre ajouté. Vous ne pouvez "
"annuler plus d'une action.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:55
msgid "Remove last appended filter"
msgstr "Effacer le dernier filtre ajouté"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:66
msgid ""
"<p>Edit the filter for finding tracks with specific attributes, e.g. you can "
"look for a track that has a length of three minutes.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Éditez le filtre pour trouver des morceaux avec des attributs spécifiques, "
"e.g. vous pouvez chercher un morceau qui a une durée de trois minutes.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:73
msgid "Attribute:"
msgstr "Attribut :"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:76
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"_: you can translate the keyword as you will do for the combobox\n"
"<p>Here you can choose to <i>Simple Search</i> directly or to use some keywords "
"to specify some attributes, such as the artist name and so on. The keywords "
"selectable are divided by their specific value. Some keywords are numeric and "
"others are alphanumeric. You do not need to know it directly. When a keyword is "
"numeric it will be used to search the numeric data for each track.</p>"
"<p>The alphanumeric keywords are the following: <b>album</b>, <b>artist</b>, <b>"
"filename</b> (including path), <b>mountpoint</b> (e.g. /home/user1), <b>"
"filetype</b> (you can specify mp3, ogg, flac, ... and the file extensions will "
"be matched), <b>genre</b>, <b>comment</b>, <b>composer</b>, <b>directory</b>"
", <b>lyrics</b>, <b>title</b>, and <b>label</b>.</p>"
"<p>The numeric keywords are: <b>bitrate</b>, <b>disc/discnumber</b>, <b>"
"length</b> (expressed in seconds), <b>playcount</b>, <b>rating</b>, <b>"
"samplerate</b>, <b>score</b>, <b>size/filesize</b> (expressed in bytes, kbytes, "
"and megabytes as specified in the unit for the filesize keyword), <b>track</b> "
"(i.e. the track number), and <b>year</b>.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p> Ici, vous pouvez choisir d'effectuer une <i>simple recherche</i> "
"directement ou d'utiliser quelques mots clés pour spécifier des attributs, "
"comme le nom de l'artiste. Les mots clés sont définis par leurs valeurs. "
"Quelques mots clés sont des numériques et d'autres, des alphanumériques. Vous "
"n'avez pas besoin de le savoir directement. Lorsqu'un mot clé est numérique, il "
"sera utilisé pour chercher des données numériques pour chaque morceau.</p> "
"<p>Les mots clés alphanumériques sont les suivants : <b>album</b>, <b>artist</b>"
", <b>filename</b> (y compris le chemin), <b>mountpoint</b> "
"(e.g. /home/user1), <b>filetype</b> (vous pouvez spécifier mp3, ogg, flac, ... "
"et les extensions de fichiers a cherché), <b>genre</b>, <b>comment</b>, <b>"
"composer</b>, <b>directory</b>, <b>lyrics</b>, <b>title</b>, et <b>label</b>"
"<p>Les mots clés numériques sont : <b>bitrate</b>, <b>disc/discnumber</b> <b>"
"length</b> (exprimé en secondes), <b>playcount</b>, <b>rating</b> <b>"
"samplerate</b>, <b>score</b>, <b>size/filesize</b> (exprimé en octets, Koctets "
"et Moctets tel que spécifié dans l'unité pour le mot clé filesize), <b>track</b> "
"(i.e. le numéro du morceau), et <b>year</b>.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:95
msgid "Select an attribute for the filter"
msgstr "Sélectionnez un attribut pour le filtre"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:98
msgid "Simple Search"
msgstr "Recherche simple"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 114
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:205 collectionbrowser.cpp:206
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2748 collectionbrowser.cpp:2751
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2783 contextbrowser.cpp:969 editfilterdialog.cpp:117
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:401 metabundle.cpp:133
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3114 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3346 rc.cpp:44
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174
#: transferdialog.cpp:78
#, no-c-format
msgid "Album"
msgstr "Album"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 103
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:203 collectionbrowser.cpp:205
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2754 collectionbrowser.cpp:2782
#: contextbrowser.cpp:299 contextbrowser.cpp:961 editfilterdialog.cpp:119
#: metabundle.cpp:129 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3094
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3342 rc.cpp:41 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174 transferdialog.cpp:77
#, no-c-format
msgid "Artist"
msgstr "Artiste"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2799 editfilterdialog.cpp:121 metabundle.cpp:142
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:164 tagdialog.cpp:675
msgid "Bitrate"
msgstr "Débit"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2801 editfilterdialog.cpp:123 metabundle.cpp:136
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:164
msgid "BPM"
msgstr "BPM"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2790 editfilterdialog.cpp:125 metabundle.cpp:138
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:161
msgid "Comment"
msgstr "Commentaire"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2757 collectionbrowser.cpp:2791
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:127 metabundle.cpp:131 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3104
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3344 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174
msgid "Composer"
msgstr "Compositeur"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:129 metabundle.cpp:139
msgid "Directory"
msgstr "Dossier"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2787 editfilterdialog.cpp:131 metabundle.cpp:134
msgid "Disc Number"
msgstr "Numéro du disque"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2795 editfilterdialog.cpp:133 metabundle.cpp:127
msgid "Filename"
msgstr "Nom de fichier"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:135 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:164
msgid "Mount Point"
msgstr "Point de montage"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:137
msgid "Filetype"
msgstr "Type de fichier"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2761 collectionbrowser.cpp:2784
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:139 metabundle.cpp:137 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3084
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3340 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174 transferdialog.cpp:79
msgid "Genre"
msgstr "Style"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2786 editfilterdialog.cpp:141 metabundle.cpp:141
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:860 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160 tagdialog.cpp:674
msgid "Length"
msgstr "Durée"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2768 contextbrowser.cpp:3785 editfilterdialog.cpp:143
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3134 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3350
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:164 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174
msgid "Label"
msgstr "Libellé"
#: contextbrowser.cpp:298 contextbrowser.cpp:3311 contextbrowser.cpp:3458
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:145 scriptmanager.cpp:161 tagdialog.cpp:385
msgid "Lyrics"
msgstr "Paroles"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:147 metabundle.cpp:146
msgid "Play Count"
msgstr "Compteur d'écoutes"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2794 editfilterdialog.cpp:151 metabundle.cpp:145
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:162 tagdialog.cpp:684
msgid "Rating"
msgstr "Vote"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:154 metabundle.cpp:143
msgid "Sample Rate"
msgstr "Échantillonnage"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2793 editfilterdialog.cpp:158 metabundle.cpp:144
#: scriptmanager.cpp:162 scriptmanager.cpp:833 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:162
#: tagdialog.cpp:682
msgid "Score"
msgstr "Score"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2800 editfilterdialog.cpp:161 metabundle.cpp:149
msgid "File Size"
msgstr "Taille du fichier"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 92
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2785 editfilterdialog.cpp:163 metabundle.cpp:128
#: rc.cpp:38 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160
#, no-c-format
msgid "Title"
msgstr "Titre"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 125
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2788 contextbrowser.cpp:947 editfilterdialog.cpp:165
#: metabundle.cpp:135 rc.cpp:47
#, no-c-format
msgid "Track"
msgstr "Morceau"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 136
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:205 collectionbrowser.cpp:2751
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2765 collectionbrowser.cpp:2789
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:167 metabundle.cpp:132 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3124
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3348 rc.cpp:50 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:161
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:894
#, no-c-format
msgid "Year"
msgstr "Année"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:177
msgid "<p>Type the attribute value or the text to look for here.</p>"
msgstr "<p>Entrez la valeur de l'attribut ou le texte à chercher ici.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:185
msgid "Attribute value is"
msgstr "La valeur de l'attribut est "
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:195
msgid "smaller than"
msgstr "inférieur à"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:196
msgid "larger than"
msgstr "supérieur à"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:197
msgid "equal to"
msgstr "égal à "
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:198
msgid "between"
msgstr "entre"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:212 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:907
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:929 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:957
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:976
msgid "and"
msgstr "et"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:227
msgid "Unit:"
msgstr "Unité :"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:232
msgid "B (1 Byte)"
msgstr "O (1 Octet)"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:233
msgid "KB (1024 Bytes)"
msgstr "Ko (1024 Octets)"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:234
msgid "MB (1024 KB)"
msgstr "Mo (1024 Ko)"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:251
msgid "Filter action"
msgstr "Action du filtre"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:256
msgid "Match all words"
msgstr "Correspond à tous les mots"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:258
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box to look for the tracks that contain all the words you typed "
"in the related Simple Search edit box</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Cochez cette case pour chercher les morceaux qui contiennent tous les mots "
"entrés lors de la recherche simple</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:262
msgid "Match any word"
msgstr "Correspond à un des mots"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:264
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box to look for the tracks that contain at least one of the words "
"you typed in the related Simple Search edit box</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Cochez cette case pour chercher les morceaux qui contiennent au moins un des "
"mots entrés lors de la recherche simple</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:268
msgid "Exact match"
msgstr "Correspondance exacte"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:270
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box to look for all the tracks that contain exactly the words you "
"typed in the related Simple Search edit box</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Cochez cette case pour chercher tous les morceaux qui contiennent exactement "
"les mots entrés lors de la recherche simple</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:274
msgid "Exclude"
msgstr "Exclure"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:276
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box to look for all the tracks that do not contain the words you "
"typed in the related Simple Search edit box</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Cochez cette case pour chercher tous les morceaux qui ne contiennent pas les "
"mots entrés lors de la recherche simple</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:299
msgid "Appending condition"
msgstr "Ajout de la condition"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:304
msgid ""
"_: AND logic condition\n"
msgstr "ET"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:306
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box if you want to add another condition and you want that the "
"filter to match both the previous conditions and this new one</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Cochez cette case si vous voulez ajouter une autre condition et que vous "
"voulez que le filtre prenne en compte les conditions précédentes et cette "
"nouvelle condition</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:310
msgid ""
"_: OR logic condition\n"
msgstr "OU"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:312
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box if you want to add another condition and you want that the "
"filter to match either the previous conditions or this new one</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Cochez cette case si vous voulez ajouter une autre condition et que vous "
"voulez que le filtre prenne en compte les conditions précédentes ou cette "
"nouvelle condition</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:318
msgid "Invert condition"
msgstr "Inverser la condition"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:320
msgid "Check this box to negate the defined filter condition"
msgstr "Cochez cette case pour inverser la condition du filtre"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:322
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"<p>If this option is checked the defined filter condition will be negated. This "
"means that, for example, you can define a filter that looks for all tracks that "
"are not of a specific album, artist, and so on.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Si cette option est cochée, la condition du filtre sera inversée. Cela "
"signifie que, par exemple, vous pouvez définir un filtre qui cherche tous les "
"morceaux qui ne sont pas dans un album spécifique, pas d'un artiste, etc.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:466 editfilterdialog.cpp:469
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:984
msgid "Seconds"
msgstr "Secondes"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:512 editfilterdialog.cpp:513
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:985
msgid "Minutes"
msgstr "Minutes"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:684
msgid ""
"<p>Sorry but the filter rule cannot be set. The text field is empty. Please "
"type something into it and retry.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Désolé mais la règle du filtre n'a pu être appliquée. Le texte est vide. "
"Merci d'entrer quelque chose et d'essayer denouveau.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:685
msgid "Empty Text Field"
msgstr "Champs texte vide"
#: enginecontroller.cpp:122
msgid "Sorry, the '%1' could not be loaded, instead we have loaded the '%2'."
msgstr ""
"Désolé, le moteur « %1 » n'a pu être chargé, le moteur « %2 » a été chargé à la "
#: enginecontroller.cpp:193
msgid ""
"<p>Amarok could not find any sound-engine plugins. Amarok is now updating the "
"TDE configuration database. Please wait a couple of minutes, then restart "
"<p>If this does not help, it is likely that Amarok is installed under the wrong "
"prefix, please fix your installation using:"
"<pre>$ cd /path/to/amarok/source-code/"
"<br>$ su -c \"make uninstall\""
"<br>$ ./configure --prefix=`tde-config --prefix` && su -c \"make install\""
"<br>$ tdebuildsycoca"
"<br>$ amarok</pre>More information can be found in the README file. For further "
"assistance join us at #amarok on</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Amarok n'a pas pu trouver de module de système de son. Amarok va maintenant "
"mettre à jour la configuration de TDE. Merci d'attendre quelques minutes, puis, "
"redémarrez Amarok.</p> "
"<p>Si ceci ne vous aide pas, Amarok n'a probablement pas été installé avec le "
"bon préfixe. Veuillez réparer votre installation à l'aide des commandes "
"suivantes : "
"<pre>$ cd /chemin vers/le dossier contenant/le code source/d'Amarok/"
"<br>$ su -c \"make uninstall\""
"<br>$ ./configure --prefix=`tde-config --prefix` && su -c \"make install\""
"<br>$ tdebuildsycoca"
"<br>$ amarok</pre>Vous pouvez trouver plus d'informations dans le fichier "
 README ». Pour plus d'aide, rejoignez-nous sur #amarok sur "
#: enginecontroller.cpp:264
msgid ""
"<p>The %1 claims it <b>cannot</b> play MP3 files."
"<p>You may want to choose a different engine from the <i>Configure Dialog</i>"
", or examine the installation of the multimedia-framework that the current "
"engine uses. "
"<p>You may find useful information in the <i>FAQ</i> section of the <i>"
"Amarok HandBook</i>."
msgstr ""
"<p>Le %1 déclare qu'il <b>ne peut pas</b> lire les fichiers MP3."
"<p>Vous devriez choisir un moteur différent depuis la <i>"
"boîte de configuration</i> ou examiner votre installation multimédia utilisée "
"par ce moteur. "
"<p>Vous devriez trouver des informations utiles dans la section <i>FAQ</i> "
"de la <i>documentation d'Amarok</i>."
#: enginecontroller.cpp:280
#, fuzzy
msgid "Install MP3 Support"
msgstr "Pas de support MP3"
#: enginecontroller.cpp:282
msgid "Amarok currently cannot play MP3 files."
msgstr "Amarok ne peut actuellement pas ouvrir les fichiers MP3."
#: enginecontroller.cpp:283
msgid "No MP3 Support"
msgstr "Pas de support MP3"
#: enginecontroller.cpp:380 playlist.cpp:1627
msgid "Local file does not exist."
msgstr "Le fichier local n'existe pas."
#: enginecontroller.cpp:387
msgid "Starting CD Audio track..."
msgstr "Début de lecture du CD Audio..."
#: enginecontroller.cpp:389
msgid "Connecting to stream source..."
msgstr "Connexion à la source du flux..."
#: playlistwindow.cpp:149 scriptmanager.cpp:147
msgid "Script Manager"
msgstr "Gestionnaire de scripts"
#. i18n: file ./Options1.ui line 24
#: configdialog.cpp:175 rc.cpp:1081 scriptmanager.cpp:160
#, no-c-format
msgid "General"
msgstr "Général"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:163
msgid "Transcoding"
msgstr "Transcodé"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:335
msgid ""
"No score scripts were found, or none of them worked. Automatic scoring will be "
"disabled. Sorry."
msgstr ""
"Aucun script pour gérer les scores n'a été trouvé ou aucun d'eux ne "
"fonctionnent. Les scores automatiques sont donc désactivés. Désolé."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:419
msgid ""
"Script Packages (*.amarokscript.tar, *.amarokscript.tar.bz2, "
msgstr ""
"Paquetages de scripts (*.amarokscript.tar, *.amarokscript.tar.bz2, "
#: scriptmanager.cpp:421
msgid "Select Script Package"
msgstr "Sélectionnez un paquetage de script"
#: Options2.ui.h:53 Options2.ui.h:92 scriptmanager.cpp:427
msgid "Could not read this package."
msgstr "Impossible de lire ce paquetage."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:437
msgid ""
"A script with the name '%1' is already installed. Please uninstall it first."
msgstr "Un script nommé « %1 » est déjà installé. Désinstallez-le d'abord."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:447
msgid "Script successfully installed."
msgstr "Le script a été installé avec succès."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:451
msgid ""
"<p>Script installation failed.</p>"
"<p>The package did not contain an executable file. Please inform the package "
"maintainer about this error.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>L'installation du script a échoué.</p>"
"<p> Le paquetage ne contient pas de fichier exécutable. Merci d'en informer le "
#: scriptmanager.cpp:515
msgid "Are you sure you want to uninstall the script '%1'?"
msgstr "Voulez-vous vraiment désinstaller le script « %1 » ?"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:515
msgid "Uninstall Script"
msgstr "Désinstaller un script"
#: Options2.ui.h:141 scriptmanager.cpp:515
msgid "Uninstall"
msgstr "Désinstaller"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:541
msgid ""
"<p>Could not uninstall this script.</p>"
"<p>The ScriptManager can only uninstall scripts which have been installed as "
msgstr ""
"<p>Impossible de désinstaller ce script.</p> "
"<p>Le gestionnaire de scripts ne peut désinstaller que les scripts ayant été "
"installés en tant que paquetages.</p>"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:575
msgid ""
"Another lyrics script is already running. You may only run one lyrics script at "
"a time."
msgstr ""
"Un script sur les paroles est déjà en cours de fonctionnement. Vous ne devez "
"exécuter qu'un script sur les paroles à la fois."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:582
msgid ""
"Another transcode script is already running. You may only run one transcode "
"script at a time."
msgstr ""
"Un script de transcodage est déjà en cours de fonctionnement. Vous ne devez "
"exécuter qu'un script de transcodage à la fois."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:612
msgid ""
"<p>Could not start the script <i>%1</i>.</p>"
"<p>Please make sure that the file has execute (+x) permissions.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Impossible de démarrer le script <i>%1</i>.</p>"
"<p>Assurez-vous que le fichier a les permissions d'exécution (+x).</p>"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:669
msgid "There is no information available for this script."
msgstr "Aucune aide n'est disponible pour ce script."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:677
#, c-format
msgid "About %1"
msgstr "A propos de « %1 »"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:681
msgid "%1 Amarok Script"
msgstr "Script Amarok : %1"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:685
msgid "License"
msgstr "Licence"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:710
msgid "Debugging"
msgstr "Débogage"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:711
msgid "Show Output &Log"
msgstr "Afficher le journa&l de sortie"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:729
#, c-format
msgid "Output Log for %1"
msgstr "Afficher le journal pour %1"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:782
msgid "The script '%1' exited with error code: %2"
msgstr "Le script « %1 » s'est arrêté avec le code d'erreur : %2"
#: playlistloader.cpp:93
msgid "Populating playlist"
msgstr "Remplissage de la liste de lecture"
#: playlistloader.cpp:97
msgid "Preparing"
msgstr "Préparation"
#: playlistloader.cpp:322
msgid "These media could not be loaded into the playlist: "
msgstr "Ces médias n'ont pu être chargés dans la liste de lecture."
#: playlistloader.cpp:334
msgid "Some media could not be loaded (not playable)."
msgstr "Quelques médias n'ont pu être chargés (non jouables)."
#: playlistloader.cpp:476
msgid ""
"The XML in the playlist was invalid. Please report this as a bug to the Amarok "
"developers. Thank you."
msgstr ""
"Le XML de la liste de lecture n'est pas valable. Merci de signaler cela en tant "
"que bogue aux développeurs d'Amarok. Merci par avance."
#: playlistloader.cpp:514
msgid ""
"Your last playlist was saved with a different version of Amarok than this one, "
"and this version can no longer read it.\n"
"You will have to create a new one.\n"
"Sorry :("
msgstr ""
"Votre dernière liste de lecture a été sauvegardée avec une version d'Amarok "
"différente de celle utilisée actuellement, et cette version ne peut pas la "
"Vous devez en créer une nouvelle.\n"
"Désolé :("
#: playlistloader.cpp:532
msgid "Amarok could not open the file."
msgstr "Amarok n'a pas pu ouvrir le fichier."
#: playlistloader.cpp:542
msgid "This component of Amarok cannot translate XML playlists."
msgstr "Ce composant d'Amarok ne peut pas traduire les listes de lecture XML."
#: playlistloader.cpp:549
msgid "Amarok does not support this playlist format."
msgstr "Amarok ne gère pas ce format de liste de lecture."
#: playlistloader.cpp:554
msgid "The playlist did not contain any references to files."
msgstr "La liste de lecture ne contient aucune référence à des fichiers."
#: playlistloader.cpp:997
msgid "Retrieving Playlist"
msgstr "Récupération de la liste de lecture"
#: directorylist.cpp:41
msgid "These folders will be scanned for media to make up your collection:"
msgstr ""
"Ces dossiers seront analysés afin de détecter les médias à ajouter à votre "
#: directorylist.cpp:45
msgid "&Scan folders recursively"
msgstr "&Analyser récursivement"
#: directorylist.cpp:46
msgid "&Watch folders for changes"
msgstr "&Surveiller les modifications sur ces dossiers"
#: directorylist.cpp:48
msgid "If selected, Amarok will read all subfolders."
msgstr "Si cette case est cochée, Amarok lira tous les sous-dossiers."
#: directorylist.cpp:49
msgid ""
"If selected, folders will automatically get rescanned when the content is "
"modified, e.g. when a new file was added."
msgstr ""
"Si cette case est cochée, les dossiers seront automatiquement ré-analysés "
"lorsque le contenu est modifié, par exemple lorsqu'un nouveau fichier est "
#: scancontroller.cpp:90
msgid "Updating Collection"
msgstr "Mise à jour de la collection"
#: scancontroller.cpp:95
msgid "Building Collection"
msgstr "Construction de la collection"
#: scancontroller.cpp:109
msgid "<p>The Collection Scanner was unable to process these files:</p>"
msgstr "<p>L'analyseur de collection n'a pas pu traiter ces fichiers :</p>"
#: scancontroller.cpp:111
msgid "Collection Scan Report"
msgstr "Rapport de l'analyseur de collection"
#: scancontroller.cpp:114
msgid ""
"<p>Sorry, the Collection Scan was aborted, since too many problems were "
msgstr ""
"<p>Désolé mais l'analyseur de collection a échoué suite à de trop nombreuses "
#: scancontroller.cpp:118
msgid "Collection Scan Error"
msgstr "Erreur de l'analyseur de collection"
#: scancontroller.cpp:223
msgid "Updating Collection..."
msgstr "Mise à jour de la collection..."
#: covermanager.cpp:99
msgid "Cover Manager"
msgstr "Gestionnaire de jaquettes"
#: covermanager.cpp:105
msgid "Albums By"
msgstr "Albums de"
#: covermanager.cpp:123 covermanager.cpp:160
msgid "All Albums"
msgstr "Tous les albums"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:105 covermanager.cpp:146 filebrowser.cpp:103
#: mediabrowser.cpp:277 statistics.cpp:78
msgid "Enter search terms here"
msgstr "Entrer les termes pour la recherche ici"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:114 covermanager.cpp:152 filebrowser.cpp:109
#: playlistwindow.cpp:290 statistics.cpp:89
msgid "Clear search field"
msgstr "Effacer le champs de recherche"
#: covermanager.cpp:153
msgid "Enter space-separated terms to search in the albums"
msgstr ""
"Saisissez des termes, séparés par un espace, pour chercher dans les albums."
#: covermanager.cpp:161
msgid "Albums With Cover"
msgstr "Albums avec jaquette"
#: covermanager.cpp:162
msgid "Albums Without Cover"
msgstr "Albums sans jaquette"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:469 covermanager.cpp:169
msgid "International"
msgstr "International"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:470 covermanager.cpp:170
msgid "Canada"
msgstr "Canada"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:471 covermanager.cpp:171
msgid "France"
msgstr "France"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:472 covermanager.cpp:172
msgid "Germany"
msgstr "Allemagne"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:473 covermanager.cpp:173
msgid "Japan"
msgstr "Japon"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:474 covermanager.cpp:174
msgid "United Kingdom"
msgstr "Angleterre"
#: covermanager.cpp:183
msgid "Amazon Locale"
msgstr "Localisation d'Amazon"
#: covermanager.cpp:190
msgid "Fetch Missing Covers"
msgstr "Télécharger les jaquettes manquantes"
#: covermanager.cpp:202 statusbar/progressBar.cpp:44
msgid "Abort"
msgstr "Abandonner"
#: contextbrowser.cpp:2924 contextbrowser.cpp:3428 covermanager.cpp:279
#: covermanager.cpp:942 metabundle.cpp:1054 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1068
#: playlistwindow.cpp:842 queuemanager.cpp:376 queuemanager.cpp:419
#: queuemanager.cpp:437 queuemanager.cpp:481
msgid "%1 - %2"
msgstr "%1 - %2"
#: covermanager.cpp:393
msgid "Loading Thumbnails..."
msgstr "Chargement des miniatures..."
#: covermanager.cpp:394 statusbar/statusBarBase.cpp:258
msgid "..."
msgstr "..."
#: coverfetcher.cpp:43 covermanager.cpp:491
msgid "Cover Image"
msgstr "Jaquette"
#: covermanager.cpp:495
msgid "&Fetch Selected Covers"
msgstr "&Télécharger les jaquettes sélectionnées"
#: covermanager.cpp:496
msgid "Set &Custom Cover for Selected Albums"
msgstr "&Ajouter une jaquette personnalisée pour les albums sélectionnés"
#: covermanager.cpp:497
msgid "&Unset Selected Covers"
msgstr "&Effacer les jaquettes sélectionnées"
#: app.cpp:979 collectionbrowser.cpp:1429 contextbrowser.cpp:938
#: contextbrowser.cpp:949 covermanager.cpp:498 covermanager.cpp:504
#: filebrowser.cpp:171 mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:260
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:943
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2255 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:881
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1088 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1297
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2305 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2831
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3400 statistics.cpp:644
msgid "&Append to Playlist"
msgstr "&Ajouter à la liste de lecture"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:45 covermanager.cpp:501
msgid "&Show Fullsize"
msgstr "&Afficher en taille réelle"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:46 covermanager.cpp:502
#, c-format
msgid "&Fetch From amazon.%1"
msgstr "&Télécharger depuis amazon.%1"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:47 covermanager.cpp:503
msgid "Set &Custom Cover"
msgstr "&Ajouter une jaquette personnalisée"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:53 covermanager.cpp:507
msgid "&Unset Cover"
msgstr "&Effacer la jaquette"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:102 covermanager.cpp:730
msgid "Select Cover Image File"
msgstr "Sélectionnez une jaquette personnalisée"
#: covermanager.cpp:764
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Are you sure you want to remove this cover from the Collection?\n"
"Are you sure you want to delete these %n covers from the Collection?"
msgstr ""
"Voulez-vous vraiment effacer cette jaquette de la collection ?\n"
"Voulez-vous vraiment effacer ces %n jaquettes de la collection ?"
#: covermanager.cpp:805
msgid "Finished."
msgstr "Terminé."
#: covermanager.cpp:807
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Cover not found\n"
" <b>%n</b> covers not found"
msgstr ""
"Jaquette non trouvée\n"
" <b>%n</b> jaquettes non trouvées"
#: covermanager.cpp:820
msgid "Fetching cover for %1..."
msgstr "Téléchargement de la jaquette pour %1..."
#: covermanager.cpp:822
msgid "Fetching cover for %1 - %2..."
msgstr "Téléchargement de la jaquette pour %1 - %2..."
#: covermanager.cpp:826
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Fetching 1 cover: \n"
"Fetching <b>%n</b> covers... : "
msgstr ""
"Téléchargement d'une jaquette : \n"
"Téléchargement de <b>%n</b> jaquettes... : "
#: covermanager.cpp:828
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 fetched\n"
"%n fetched"
msgstr ""
"%n téléchargée\n"
"%n téléchargées"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:205 collectionbrowser.cpp:894
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:954 collectionbrowser.cpp:975
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1029 collectionbrowser.cpp:1052
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1067 collectionbrowser.cpp:1118
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1125 collectionbrowser.cpp:1129
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1691 collectionbrowser.cpp:2180
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2402 collectionbrowser.cpp:2479
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2498 collectionbrowser.cpp:2583
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2601 collectionbrowser.cpp:2616
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2751 collectionbrowser.cpp:3014
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:3516 collectionbrowser.cpp:3517
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:3963 collectionbrowser.cpp:4284
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:4494 collectionbrowser.cpp:4495
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:4678 collectionbrowser.cpp:4679 covermanager.cpp:830
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1693
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2041
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2095 osd.cpp:694
msgid " - "
msgstr " - "
#: covermanager.cpp:831
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 not found\n"
"%n not found"
msgstr ""
"%n non trouvée\n"
"%n non trouvées"
#: covermanager.cpp:834
msgid "Connecting..."
msgstr "Connexion..."
#: covermanager.cpp:854
msgid ""
"_n: 1 result for \"%1\"\n"
"%n results for \"%1\""
msgstr ""
"%n résultat pour « %1 »\n"
"%n résultats pour « %1 »"
#: covermanager.cpp:856
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 album\n"
"%n albums"
msgstr ""
"%n album\n"
"%n albums"
#: covermanager.cpp:862
msgid " by "
msgstr " par "
#: covermanager.cpp:867
msgid " - ( <b>%1</b> without cover )"
msgstr " - ( <b>%1</b> sans jaquette )"
#: covermanager.cpp:1040
msgid "Are you sure you want to overwrite this cover?"
msgstr "Voulez-vous vraiment écraser cette jaquette ?"
#: covermanager.cpp:1041
msgid "Overwrite Confirmation"
msgstr "Confirmer l'écrasement"
#: covermanager.cpp:1042
msgid "&Overwrite"
msgstr "É&craser"
#: playerwindow.cpp:192
msgid "Artist-Title|Album|Length"
msgstr "Artiste - Titre|Album|Durée"
#: playerwindow.cpp:244
msgid "Please report this message to, thanks!"
msgstr "Veuillez signaler ce message à, merci !"
#: playerwindow.cpp:328
msgid "Welcome to Amarok"
msgstr "Bienvenue dans Amarok"
#: playerwindow.cpp:374
msgid "%1 kBit - %2"
msgstr "%1 kBits - %2"
#: actionclasses.cpp:261 playerwindow.cpp:555
msgid "Analyzer"
msgstr "Analyseur"
#: playerwindow.cpp:808
msgid "Click for more analyzers, press 'd' to detach."
msgstr ""
"Cliquez pour changer l'analyseur. Appuyez sur « d » pour le détacher de la "
#: playerwindow.cpp:828
msgid "Equalizer is not available with this engine."
msgstr "L'égaliseur n'est pas disponible avec ce moteur."
#: deletedialog.cpp:65
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: <b>1</b> file selected.\n"
"<b>%n</b> files selected."
msgstr ""
"<b>%n</b> fichier sélectionné.\n"
"<b>%n</b> fichiers sélectionnés."
#: deletedialog.cpp:71
msgid ""
"<qt>These items will be <b>permanently deleted</b> from your hard disk.</qt>"
msgstr ""
"<qt>Ces éléments seront <b>effacés définitivement</b> de votre disque dur.</qt>"
#: deletedialog.cpp:77
msgid "<qt>These items will be moved to the Trash Bin.</qt>"
msgstr "<qt>Ces éléments vont être déplacés vers la corbeille.</qt>"
#: deletedialog.cpp:89
msgid "About to delete selected files"
msgstr "Effacer les fichiers sélectionnés"
#: deletedialog.cpp:91
msgid "&Send to Trash"
msgstr "Mettre dans la &corbeille"
#: deletedialog.cpp:148
msgid "Deleting files"
msgstr "Suppression des fichiers"
#: socketserver.cpp:162
msgid "Visualizations"
msgstr "Modules de visualisation"
#: socketserver.cpp:170
msgid "Right-click on item for context menu"
msgstr "Faites un clic droit sur un élément pour accéder au menu contextuel"
#: socketserver.cpp:236
msgid "Fullscreen"
msgstr "Plein écran"
#: socketserver.cpp:257
msgid ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>No Visualizations Found</h3>Possible reasons:"
"<li>libvisual is not installed</li>"
"<li>No libvisual plugins are installed</li></ul>Please check these "
"possibilities and restart Amarok.</div>"
msgstr ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>Aucune visualisation n'a été trouvée</h3>Raisons possibles :"
"<li>libvisual n'est pas installée</li>"
"<li>Aucun module libvisual n'est installé</li></ul>Vérifiez ces possibilités et "
"redémarrez Amarok.</div>"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:115
msgid "Enter space-separated terms to search in the collection"
msgstr ""
"Saisissez des termes, séparés par un espace, pour chercher dans la collection."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:116
msgid "Click to edit collection filter"
msgstr "Cliquer pour éditer le filtre de la collection"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:132
msgid "Entire Collection"
msgstr "Collection entière"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:133
msgid "Added Today"
msgstr "Ajouté aujourd'hui"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:134
msgid "Added Within One Week"
msgstr "Ajouté il y a moins d'une semaine"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:135
msgid "Added Within One Month"
msgstr "Ajouté il y a moins d'un mois"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:136
msgid "Added Within Three Months"
msgstr "Ajouté il y a moins de trois mois"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:137
msgid "Added Within One Year"
msgstr "Ajouté il y a moins d'un an"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:152
msgid "Configure Folders"
msgstr "Configurer les dossiers"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:153
msgid "Tree View"
msgstr "Vue en arborescence"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:154
msgid "Flat View"
msgstr "Vue plane"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:155
msgid "iPod View"
msgstr "Vue de l'iPod"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:172
msgid "Show Divider"
msgstr "Afficher le diviseur"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:179
msgid "Browse backward"
msgstr "Naviguer en arrière"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:183
msgid "Browse forward"
msgstr "Naviguer en avant"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:194
msgid "Group By"
msgstr "Grouper"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:204
msgid "Artist / Album"
msgstr "Artiste / Album"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:207
msgid "Genre / Artist"
msgstr "Style / Artiste"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:208
msgid "Genre / Artist / Album"
msgstr "Style / Artiste / Album"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:212
msgid "&First Level"
msgstr "&Premier niveau"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:213
msgid "&Second Level"
msgstr "&Deuxième niveau"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:214
msgid "&Third Level"
msgstr "&Troisième niveau"
#: actionclasses.cpp:500 collectionbrowser.cpp:216 collectionbrowser.cpp:226
msgid "&Album"
msgstr "&Album"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:217 collectionbrowser.cpp:227
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:237
msgid "(Y&ear) - Album"
msgstr "(A&nnée) - Album"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:218 collectionbrowser.cpp:228
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:238
msgid "A&rtist"
msgstr "A&rtiste"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:219 collectionbrowser.cpp:229
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:239
msgid "&Composer"
msgstr "&Compositeur"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:220 collectionbrowser.cpp:230
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:240
msgid "&Genre"
msgstr "&Style"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:221 collectionbrowser.cpp:231
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:241
msgid "&Year"
msgstr "A&nnée"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:222 collectionbrowser.cpp:232
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:242
msgid "&Label"
msgstr "&Libellé"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:224 collectionbrowser.cpp:234
msgid "&None"
msgstr "Aucu&n"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:236
msgid "A&lbum"
msgstr "A&lbum"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:717 configdialog.cpp:182
msgid "Configure Collection"
msgstr "Configurer la collection"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1135 collectionbrowser.cpp:3978
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:4271
msgid "No Label"
msgstr "Aucun libellé"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1428 contextbrowser.cpp:937 contextbrowser.cpp:948
#: filebrowser.cpp:170 mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:259
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:942
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2254 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:880
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1087 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1296
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1488 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2304
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2830 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3399
msgid "&Load"
msgstr "&Charger"
#: app.cpp:984 collectionbrowser.cpp:1430 contextbrowser.cpp:950
#: filebrowser.cpp:172 playlist.cpp:3849 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1089
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2832 statistics.cpp:645
msgid "&Queue Track"
msgstr "&Mettre ce morceau en file d'attente"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1431 filebrowser.cpp:173
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:261
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:944
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2256 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:882
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1298 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2306
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3401
msgid "&Queue Tracks"
msgstr "&Morceaux en file d'attente"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1434 filebrowser.cpp:175
msgid "&Save as Playlist..."
msgstr "&Enregistrer comme liste de lecture..."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1439 contextbrowser.cpp:952 filebrowser.cpp:179
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:888 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2866
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3406
msgid "&Transfer to Media Device"
msgstr "&Transférer vers le périphérique de média"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1443
msgid "&Burn All Tracks by This Artist"
msgstr "&Graver tous les morceaux de cet artiste"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1448
msgid "&Burn All Tracks by This Composer"
msgstr "&Graver tous les morceaux de ce compositeur"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1453
msgid "&Burn This Album"
msgstr "&Graver cet album"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1461
msgid "B&urn to CD"
msgstr "&Graver sur un CD"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1468 playlist.cpp:3901
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: &Organize File...\n"
"&Organize %n Files..."
msgstr ""
"&Organisation du fichier...\n"
"&Organisation des %n fichiers..."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1469
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: &Delete File...\n"
"&Delete %n Files..."
msgstr ""
"&Effacement du fichier...\n"
"&Effacement des %n fichiers..."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1470 playlist.cpp:3909
msgid "Manage &Files"
msgstr "Gestion des &fichiers"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1474
#, c-format
msgid "&Fetch Cover From amazon.%1"
msgstr "&Télécharger depuis amazon.%1"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1486
msgid "Show under &Various Artists"
msgstr "Classer dans la catégorie « artistes di&vers »"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1487
msgid "&Do not Show under Various Artists"
msgstr "&Ne pas classer dans la catégorie « artistes divers »"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1493 playlist.cpp:3926
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Edit Track &Information...\n"
"Edit &Information for %n Tracks..."
msgstr ""
"Éditer les &informations du morceau...\n"
"Éditer les &Informations de ces %n morceaux..."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1546 filebrowser.cpp:487
msgid "Organize Collection Files"
msgstr "Organisation des fichiers de la collection"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1748
msgid "Cannot start organize operation until jobs are aborted."
msgstr ""
"Impossible de commencer l'organisation de différentes choses pendant qu'une "
"autre tâche est en cours."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1757
msgid ""
"Cannot start organize operation of different kind while another is in progress."
msgstr ""
"Impossible de commencer l'organisation de différentes choses pendant qu'une "
"autre tâche est en cours."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1772
msgid ""
"You need to configure at least one folder for your collection for organizing "
"your files."
msgstr ""
"Vous devez définir au moins un dossier pour votre collection pour organiser vos "
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1866
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: The following file could not be organized: \n"
"The following %n files could not be organized: "
msgstr ""
"Le fichier suivant n'a pas pu être organisé : \n"
"Les %n fichiers suivants n'ont pas pu être organisés : "
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1873
msgid ", "
msgstr ", "
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1878
msgid "."
msgstr "."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1881
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Sorry, one file could not be organized.\n"
"Sorry, %n files could not be organized."
msgstr ""
"Désolé, un fichier n'a pas pu être organisé.\n"
"Désolé, %n fichiers n'ont pas pu être organisés."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1886
msgid "Aborting jobs..."
msgstr "Abandon de toutes les tâches..."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1948
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: One file already in collection\n"
"%n files already in collection"
msgstr ""
"Un fichier est déjà dans la collection\n"
"%n fichiers sont déjà dans la collection"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1952
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: One dropped file is invalid\n"
"%n dropped files are invalid"
msgstr ""
"Un fichier à enlever est invalide\n"
"%n fichiers à enlever sont invalides"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1955
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: , one dropped file is invalid\n"
", %n dropped files are invalid"
msgstr ""
", un fichier à enlever est invalide\n"
", %n fichiers à enlever sont invalides"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1959 filebrowser.cpp:479
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:855
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2392
msgid "Copy Files To Collection"
msgstr "Copier les fichiers vers la collection"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2113
msgid "Tracks"
msgstr "Morceaux"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2792 statistics.cpp:385 tagdialog.cpp:686
msgid "Playcount"
msgstr "Compteur d'écoutes"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2796 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:162
msgid "First Play"
msgstr "Première écoute"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2797 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:163
msgid "Last Play"
msgstr "Dernière écoute"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2798 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:163
msgid "Modified Date"
msgstr "Date modifiée"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2905
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Album\n"
"All %n Albums"
msgstr ""
"Les %n albums"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2908
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Artist\n"
"All %n Artists"
msgstr ""
"Les %n artistes"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2911
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Composer\n"
"All %n Composers"
msgstr ""
"Les %n compositeurs"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2914
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Genre\n"
"All %n Genres"
msgstr ""
"Les %n styles"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2917
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Year\n"
"All %n Years"
msgstr ""
"Les %n années"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2920
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Label\n"
"All %n Labels"
msgstr ""
"Les %n libellés"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:3532
msgid ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>Flat-View Mode</h3>To enable the Flat-View mode, please enter search terms "
"in the search line above.</div>"
msgstr ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>Mode « Vue Plane »</h3>Pour activer la vue plane, saisissez des mots clés "
"dans le filtre ci-dessous.</div>"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:3631
msgid "Flat View Columns"
msgstr "Vue plane des colonnes"
#: columnlist.cpp:67
msgid "Move column up"
msgstr "Monter la colonne"
#: columnlist.cpp:71
msgid "Move column down"
msgstr "Descendre la colonne"
#: columnlist.cpp:174
msgid "Playlist Columns"
msgstr "Colonnes de la liste de lecture"
#: actionclasses.cpp:70
msgid "Amarok Menu"
msgstr "Menu d'Amarok"
#: actionclasses.cpp:90
msgid "Menu"
msgstr "Menu"
#: actionclasses.cpp:120
msgid "C&over Manager"
msgstr "Gesti&onnaire de jaquettes"
#: actionclasses.cpp:122 actionclasses.cpp:328 analyzers/blockanalyzer.cpp:439
#: playlistwindow.cpp:362
msgid "&Visualizations"
msgstr "Modules de &visualisation"
#: actionclasses.cpp:123
msgid "E&qualizer"
msgstr "É&galiseur"
#: actionclasses.cpp:131 playlistwindow.cpp:368
msgid "&Rescan Collection"
msgstr "&Analyser de nouveau la collection"
#: actionclasses.cpp:211 app.cpp:440
msgid "Play/Pause"
msgstr "Lecture / pause"
#: actionclasses.cpp:228 actionclasses.cpp:233 app.cpp:438
#: playlistwindow.cpp:193
msgid "Pause"
msgstr "Pause"
#: actionclasses.cpp:238 app.cpp:436 playlistwindow.cpp:192
msgid "Play"
msgstr "Lecture"
#: actionclasses.cpp:295
msgid "Click for more analyzers"
msgstr "Cliquez pour plus d'analyseurs"
#: actionclasses.cpp:414
msgid "Click to change"
msgstr "Cliquer pour changer"
#: actionclasses.cpp:422 engine/nmm/HostList.cpp:46 sliderwidget.cpp:429
msgid "Volume"
msgstr "Volume"
#: actionclasses.cpp:439
msgid "Volume control"
msgstr "Contrôle du volume"
#: actionclasses.cpp:462
msgid "Ra&ndom"
msgstr "&Aléatoire"
#: actionclasses.cpp:464 actionclasses.cpp:499
msgid "&Off"
msgstr "&Désactivé"
#: actionclasses.cpp:464
msgid "&Tracks"
msgstr "&Morceaux"
#: actionclasses.cpp:464
msgid "&Albums"
msgstr "&Albums"
#: actionclasses.cpp:482
msgid "&Favor"
msgstr "&Favoris"
#: actionclasses.cpp:485
msgid "Higher &Scores"
msgstr "&Scores élevés"
#: actionclasses.cpp:486
msgid "Higher &Ratings"
msgstr "&Votes élevés"
#: actionclasses.cpp:487
msgid "Not Recently &Played"
msgstr "Les moins &écoutés récemment"
#: actionclasses.cpp:497
msgid "&Repeat"
msgstr "&Répéter"
#: actionclasses.cpp:499
msgid "&Track"
msgstr "&Morceau"
#: actionclasses.cpp:500 playlistwindow.cpp:402
msgid "&Playlist"
msgstr "&Liste de lecture"
#: actionclasses.cpp:509 actionclasses.cpp:524
msgid "Burn"
msgstr "Graver"
#: actionclasses.cpp:538
msgid "Current Playlist"
msgstr "Liste de lecture en cours"
#: actionclasses.cpp:539
msgid "Selected Tracks"
msgstr "Morceaux sélectionnés"
#: actionclasses.cpp:609
msgid "Now"
msgstr "Maintenant"
#: actionclasses.cpp:610
msgid "After Current Track"
msgstr "Après le morceau courant"
#: actionclasses.cpp:611
msgid "After Queue"
msgstr "Après la file d'attente"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:96
msgid ""
"<p>KLibLoader could not load the plugin:"
"<p>Error message:"
msgstr ""
"<p>KLibLoader n'a pas pu charger le module :"
"<p>Message d'erreur :"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:177 queuemanager.cpp:70 statistics.cpp:129
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Nom"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:178
msgid "Library"
msgstr "Bibliothèque"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:179
msgid "Authors"
msgstr "Auteurs"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:180
msgid "Email"
msgstr "Adresse électronique"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:181
msgid "Version"
msgstr "Version"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:182
msgid "Framework Version"
msgstr "Version de l'architecture"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:186
msgid "Plugin Information"
msgstr "Informations sur le module"
#: scripts/graphequalizer/main.cpp:24
msgid "An Amarok Equalizer using a line graph"
msgstr "Un égaliseur d'Amarok utilisant un graphe linéaire"
#. i18n: file ./scripts/graphequalizer/eqdialog.ui line 16
#: rc.cpp:83 scripts/graphequalizer/main.cpp:30
#, no-c-format
msgid "Graph Equalizer"
msgstr "Égaliseur graphique"
#: equalizersetup.cpp:60
msgid "Equalizer"
msgstr "Égaliseur"
#: equalizersetup.cpp:73
msgid "Presets:"
msgstr "Préréglages :"
#: equalizersetup.cpp:80
msgid "Add new preset"
msgstr "Ajouter un nouveau préréglage"
#: equalizersetup.cpp:85
msgid "Manage presets"
msgstr "Gérer les préréglages"
#. i18n: file ./scripts/graphequalizer/eqdialog.ui line 31
#: equalizersetup.cpp:93 rc.cpp:86
#, no-c-format
msgid "Enable Equalizer"
msgstr "Activer l'égaliseur"
#: equalizersetup.cpp:113
msgid "Pre-amp"
msgstr "Pre-Amp"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:85 equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:127
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:136 equalizersetup.cpp:233
#: equalizersetup.cpp:417 equalizersetup.cpp:492
msgid "Manual"
msgstr "Manuel"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:85 equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:135
#: equalizersetup.cpp:234 equalizersetup.cpp:301
msgid "Zero"
msgstr "Zéro"
#: equalizersetup.cpp:367
msgid "Add Equalizer Preset"
msgstr "Ajouter un préréglage pour l'égaliseur"
#: equalizersetup.cpp:368
msgid "Enter preset name:"
msgstr "Saisissez le nom du préréglage :"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:106 equalizersetup.cpp:373
msgid "A preset with the name %1 already exists. Overwrite?"
msgstr ""
"Un préréglage portant le nom « %1 » existe déjà. Voulez-vous l'effacer ?"
#: _translatorinfo.cpp:1
msgid ""
"Your names"
msgstr "Yannick Torrès,Matthieu Robin"
#: _translatorinfo.cpp:3
msgid ""
"Your emails"
msgstr ","
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatuneartistinfobox.cpp:46
msgid "Fetching Artist Info"
msgstr "Récupération des informations sur l'artiste"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunelistview.cpp:34
msgid "Artist/Album/Track"
msgstr "Artiste/Album/Piste"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunelistview.cpp:35
msgid "Duration"
msgstr "Durée"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunexmlparser.cpp:50
msgid ""
" database update complete. Added %1 tracks on %2 albums from %3 "
msgstr ""
"La mise à jour de la base de données est terminée ! Ajout de %1 "
"morceaux sur %2 albums de %3 artistes"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:227
msgid "Add artist to playlist"
msgstr "Ajouter l'artiste à la liste de lecture"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:230
msgid "Add album to playlist"
msgstr "Ajouter l'album à la liste de lecture"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:231
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:235
msgid "Purchase album"
msgstr "Acheter cet album"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:234
msgid "Add track to playlist"
msgstr "Ajouter ce morceau à la liste de lecture"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:295
msgid "Genre: "
msgstr "Style : "
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:301
#, fuzzy
msgid "Redownload"
msgstr "&Télécharger à nouveau"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:319
msgid "Purchase Album"
msgstr "Acheter cet album"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:324
msgid "Update"
msgstr "Mise à jour"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:326
msgid "Show Info"
msgstr "Montrer les informations"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:350
msgid "Downloading Database"
msgstr "Téléchargement de la base de données"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:508
msgid ""
"Welcome to Amarok's integrated store. If this is the first time "
"you run it, you must update the database by pressing the 'Update' button below."
msgstr ""
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunepurchasehandler.cpp:115
msgid "Processing Payment"
msgstr "Effectuer le paiement"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatuneredownloadhandler.cpp:54
#, fuzzy
msgid "No purchases found!"
msgstr "Aucun résultat n'a été trouvé"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatuneredownloadhandler.cpp:55
msgid "No previous purchases have been found. Nothing to redownload..."
msgstr ""
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatuneredownloadhandler.cpp:126
#, fuzzy
msgid "Could not re-download album"
msgstr "Impossible de lire le CD Audio"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatuneredownloadhandler.cpp:127
msgid "There seems to be a problem with the selected redownload info file."
msgstr ""
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunealbumdownloader.cpp:57
msgid "Downloading album"
msgstr "Téléchargement de l'album"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunealbumdownloader.cpp:72
msgid "Downloading album cover"
msgstr "Téléchargement de la jaquette de l'album"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunealbumdownloader.cpp:123
#, fuzzy
msgid "Adding album cover to collection"
msgstr "Télécharger vers la collection"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:184
msgid "No Device Available"
msgstr "Aucun périphérique de disponible"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:250
msgid "Connect"
msgstr "Connexion"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:251
msgid "Connect media device"
msgstr "Connexion d'un périphérique de média"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:253
msgid "Disconnect"
msgstr "Déconnexion"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:254
msgid "Disconnect media device"
msgstr "Déconnexion d'un périphérique de média"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:256
msgid "Transfer"
msgstr "Transfert"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:257 mediabrowser.cpp:263
msgid "Transfer tracks to media device"
msgstr "Transférer les morceaux dans le périphérique"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:268
msgid "Configure device"
msgstr "Configuration du périphérique"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:285
msgid "Clear filter"
msgstr "Effacer le filtre"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:286
msgid "Enter space-separated terms to search"
msgstr "Saisissez des termes, séparés par un espace, pour chercher"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:287
msgid "Click to edit filter"
msgstr "Cliquez pour éditer le filtre"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:304 mediabrowser.cpp:305
msgid "Disable"
msgstr "Désactivé"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:306 mediabrowser.cpp:307 mediumpluginmanager.cpp:210
#: mediumpluginmanager.cpp:272 mediumpluginmanager.cpp:428
#: mediumpluginmanager.cpp:440
msgid "Do not handle"
msgstr "Ne pas gérer"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:362
msgid ""
"Amarok has detected new portable media devices.\n"
"Go to the \"Media Devices\" pane of the configuration\n"
"dialog to choose a plugin for these devices."
msgstr ""
"Amarok a détecté de nouveaux périphériques de média.\n"
"Allez sur l'onglet \"Périphériques de média\" de la boîte de dialogue de "
"configuration pour choisir un plugin pour ces périphériques."
#: mediabrowser.cpp:609
msgid "Cannot remove device because disconnect failed"
msgstr "Impossible d'enlever le périphérique car la déconnexion a échouée"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:633
msgid "%1 at %2"
msgstr "%1 sur %2"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:637
msgid " (mounted at %1)"
msgstr " (monté sur %1)"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1142
msgid "Drag items here to create new playlist"
msgstr ""
"Glissez / déposez les éléments ici pour créer une nouvelle liste de lecture"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1145
msgid "Drag items here to append to this playlist"
msgstr ""
"Glissez / déposez les éléments ici pour les ajouter à cette liste de lecture"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1148
msgid "Drag items here to insert before this item"
msgstr "Glissez / déposez les éléments ici pour les insérer avant cet élément"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1152
msgid "Not visible on media device"
msgstr "Non visible sur le périphérique de média"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1156
msgid "In device database, but file is missing"
msgstr "Dans la base de données du périphérique, mais le fichier est manquant"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1160
msgid "File on device, but not in device database"
msgstr ""
"Le fichier est présent sur le périphérique mais ne l'est pas dans la base de "
"données du périphérique"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1192 playlist.cpp:4722
msgid "Remote Media"
msgstr "Média distant"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1440 mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2439
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1320
msgid "New Playlist"
msgstr "Nouvelle liste de lecture"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1489
msgid ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>Media Device Browser</h3>Configure your media device and then click the "
"Connect button to access your media device. Drag and drop files to enqueue them "
"for transfer.</div>"
msgstr ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>Navigateur de périphérique de média</h3>Cliquez sur le bouton de connexion "
"pour accéder à votre périphérique de média. Glissez et déposez vos fichiers "
"pour les mettre en attente de transfert.</div>"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1519 mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:952
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:1013
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:655
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:687
msgid "Add Directory"
msgstr "Ajouter un dossier"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1519
msgid "Directory Name:"
msgstr "Nom du dossier :"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1596
msgid "Cannot change plugin while operation is in progress"
msgstr "Impossible de changer de plugin pendant qu'une opération est en cours"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1630
msgid ""
"The device %1 was unmounted before it was synchronized. In order to avoid data "
"loss, press the \"Disconnect\" button before unmounting the device."
msgstr ""
"Le périphérique %1 a été démonté avant qu'il ne soit synchronisé. Afin d'éviter "
"la perte de données, cliquez sur \"Déconnexion\" avant de démonter le "
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1659
msgid ""
"The device %1 was removed before it was disconnected. In order to avoid "
"possible data loss, press the \"Disconnect\" button before disconnecting the "
msgstr ""
"Le périphérique « %1 » a été enlevé avant qu'il ne soit déconnecté. Afin "
"d'éviter la perte de données, cliquez sur \"Déconnexion\" avant de déconnecter "
"le périphérique."
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1768
msgid "The requested media device could not be loaded"
msgstr "Le périphérique de média demandé n'a pu être chargé"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1839
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 track in queue\n"
"%n tracks in queue"
msgstr ""
"%n morceau mis en attente\n"
"%n morceaux mis en attente"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1842
msgid " (%1)"
msgstr " (%1)"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1848
msgid " - %1 of %2 available"
msgstr " - %1 sur %2 disponible"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2113
#, c-format
msgid "Not a playlist file: %1"
msgstr "Ce n'est pas un fichier de liste de lecture : « %1 »"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2121 mediabrowser.cpp:2256
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to load playlist: %1"
msgstr "Échec du chargement de la liste de lecture : %1"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2298
#, c-format
msgid "Track already queued for transfer: %1"
msgstr "Le morceau « %1 » a déjà été ajouté à la liste d'attente de transfert."
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2456
#, c-format
msgid "could not execute %1"
msgstr "impossible d'exécuter « %1 »"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2503
msgid "Media Device: Copying %1 to %2 failed"
msgstr "Périphérique de média : Échec de la copie de %1 vers %2"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2515
msgid "Media Device: Reading tags from %1 failed"
msgstr "Périphérique de média : Échec de la lecture des balises de %1"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2614
msgid "Transfer in progress. Finish or stop after current track?"
msgstr "Transfert en cours. Terminer ou stopper après le morceau courant ?"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2615
msgid "Stop Transfer?"
msgstr "Stopper le transfert ?"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2616
msgid "&Finish"
msgstr "&Terminé"
#. i18n: file ./scriptmanagerbase.ui line 109
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2617 rc.cpp:74
#, no-c-format
msgid "&Stop"
msgstr "&Arrêter"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2689 mediabrowser.cpp:3252
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 track to be deleted\n"
"%n tracks to be deleted"
msgstr ""
"%n morceau à effacer\n"
"%n morceaux à effacer"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2698
msgid "Failed to purge podcasts already played"
msgstr "Échec de l'effacement des podcasts déjà écoutés"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2705
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Purged 1 podcasts already played\n"
"Purged %n podcasts already played"
msgstr ""
"Effacement d'un podcast déjà joué\n"
"Effacement de %n podcasts déjà joués"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2726
msgid "Device successfully connected"
msgstr "Le périphérique a été connecté avec succès"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2765
msgid ""
"Post-disconnect command failed, before removing device, please make sure that "
"it is safe to do so."
msgstr ""
"La commande post-déconnexion a échouée ; avant d'enlever le périphérique, "
"assurez-vous de le faire en toute sécurité."
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2770
msgid "Device successfully disconnected"
msgstr "Le périphérique a été déconnecté avec succès"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3002
#, c-format
msgid "Track already on media device: %1"
msgstr "Le morceau « %1 » existe déjà sur le périphérique de média"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3054
#, c-format
msgid "Track not playable on media device: %1"
msgstr "Le morceau « %1 » du périphérique de média n'est pas lisible"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3074
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to copy track to media device: %1"
msgstr "Impossible de copier le morceau « %1 » sur le périphérique de média"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3145
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: One track not playable on media device\n"
"%n tracks not playable on media device"
msgstr ""
"%n morceau n'est pas lisible sur le périphérique de média\n"
"%n morceaux ne sont pas lisibles sur le périphérique de média"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3151
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: One track already on media device\n"
"%n tracks already on media device"
msgstr ""
"%n morceau se trouve déjà sur le périphérique de média\n"
"%n morceaux se trouvent déjà sur le périphérique de média"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3154
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: , one track already on media device\n"
", %n tracks already on media device"
msgstr ""
", %n morceau est déjà présent sur le périphérique de média\n"
", %n morceaux sont déjà présents sur le périphérique de média"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3160
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: One track was not transcoded\n"
"%n tracks were not transcoded"
msgstr ""
"%n morceau n'a pas pu être encodé\n"
"%n morceaux n'ont pas pu être encodés"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3163
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: , one track was not transcoded\n"
", %n tracks were not transcoded"
msgstr ""
", %n morceau n'a pas été encodé\n"
", %n morceaux n'ont pas été encodés"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3167
msgid " (no transcode script running)"
msgstr " (aucun script d'encodage n'est en fonctionnement)"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3172
msgid "The following tracks were not transferred: "
msgstr "Les morceaux suivants n'ont pu être transférés :"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3257
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: "
"<p>You have selected 1 track to be <b>irreversibly</b> deleted.\n"
"<p>You have selected %n tracks to be <b>irreversibly</b> deleted."
msgstr ""
"<p>Vous avez sélectionné 1 morceau à effacer <b>irréversiblement</b>.\n"
"<p>Vous avez sélectionné %n morceaux à effacer <b>irréversiblement</b>."
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3502
msgid ""
"The XML in the transferlist was invalid. Please report this as a bug to the "
"Amarok developers. Thank you."
msgstr ""
"Le XML de la liste de transfert n'est pas valable. Merci de signaler cela en "
"tant que bogue aux développeurs d'Amarok. Merci d'avance."
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3617
msgid "Transfer Queue"
msgstr "Liste d'attente pour le transfert"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3787
msgid "&Remove From Queue"
msgstr "&Retirer de la file d'attente"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3789
msgid "&Clear Queue"
msgstr "&Effacer la file d'attente"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3790
msgid "&Start Transfer"
msgstr "&Commencer le transfert"
#: podcastsettings.cpp:66 podcastsettings.cpp:77
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_: change options\n"
"Configure %1"
msgstr "Configuration de %1"
#: podcastsettings.cpp:69 podcastsettings.cpp:80
msgid "Reset"
msgstr "Réinitialiser"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:36 equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:43
msgid "Presets"
msgstr "Préréglages"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:51 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:410
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:894
msgid "&Rename"
msgstr "&Renommer"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:100
msgid "Rename Equalizer Preset"
msgstr "Renommer le préréglage de l'égaliseur"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:101
msgid "Enter new preset name:"
msgstr "Saisissez un nouveau nom pour le préréglage :"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:121
msgid ""
"All presets will be deleted and defaults will be restored. Are you sure?"
msgstr ""
"Tous les préréglages actuels seront effacés et ceux par défaut restaurés. "
"Êtes-vous sûr(e) ?"
#: queuemanager.cpp:90
msgid ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>The Queue Manager</h3>To create a queue, <b>drag</b> "
"tracks from the playlist, and <b>drop</b> them here."
"<br>Drag and drop tracks within the manager to resort queue orders.</div>"
msgstr ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>Le gestionnaire de file d'attente</h3>Pour créer une file d'attente, <b>"
"glissez</b> les morceaux depuis la liste de lecture, et <b>déposez</b>-les ici."
"<br>Glissez et déposez les morceaux dans le gestionnaire pour déterminer "
"l'ordre de la file d'attente.</div>"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:150 queuemanager.cpp:291
msgid "Queue Manager"
msgstr "Gestionnaire de file d'attente"
#: queuemanager.cpp:308
msgid "Move up"
msgstr "Monter"
#: queuemanager.cpp:309
msgid "Move down"
msgstr "Descendre"
#: queuemanager.cpp:311
msgid "Enqueue track"
msgstr "Mettre ce morceau dans la file d'attente"
#: queuemanager.cpp:312
msgid "Clear queue"
msgstr "Effacer la file d'attente"
#: main.cpp:31
msgid "Ain't afraid of no bugs"
msgstr "N'a pas peur sans bogues"
#: main.cpp:32
msgid "Developer (Untouchable)"
msgstr "Développeur (Intouchable)"
#: main.cpp:33
msgid "Babe-Magnet"
msgstr "Babe-Magnet"
#: main.cpp:34
msgid "Stud (muesli)"
msgstr "Stud (muesli)"
#: main.cpp:36
msgid "733t code, OSD improvement, patches (Larson)"
msgstr "Code 733t, amélioration de l'OSD, correctifs (Larson)"
#: main.cpp:37
msgid "Opera owns your mom"
msgstr "Opera possède votre môman"
#: main.cpp:38
msgid "Developer (illissius)"
msgstr "Développeur (illissius)"
#: main.cpp:39
msgid "The Beard"
msgstr "La Barbe"
#: main.cpp:40
msgid "Developer (eean)"
msgstr "Développeur (eean)"
#: main.cpp:41
#: main.cpp:42
msgid "Developer (jefferai)"
msgstr "Développeur (jefferai)"
#: main.cpp:43
msgid "It's good, but it's not irssi"
msgstr "C'est du bon, mais ce n'est pas irssi"
#: main.cpp:44
msgid "Project founder (markey)"
msgstr "Fondateur du projet (markey)"
#: main.cpp:45
msgid "Easily the most compile-breaks ever!"
msgstr "Easily the most compile-breaks ever!"
#: main.cpp:46
msgid "Developer (aumuell)"
msgstr "Développeur (aumuell)"
#: main.cpp:47
msgid "Turtle-Power"
msgstr "Turtle-Power"
#: main.cpp:48
msgid "Cowboy mxcl"
msgstr "Cowboy mxcl"
#: main.cpp:49
msgid "Purple is not girly!"
msgstr "Le pourpre n'est pas féminin !"
#: main.cpp:50
msgid "DCOP, improvements, Preci-i-o-u-u-s handbook maintainer (madpenguin8)"
msgstr "DCOP, améliorations, Mainteneur du précieux manuel (madpenguin8)"
#: main.cpp:51
msgid "Meet me at the Amarok Bar!"
msgstr "Rencontrez-moi au Bar d'Amarok !"
#: main.cpp:52
msgid "Developer (foreboy)"
msgstr "Développeur (foreboy)"
#: main.cpp:53
msgid "Spaghetti Coder"
msgstr "Codeur Spaghetti"
#: main.cpp:54
msgid "Playlist-browser, cover-manager (teax)"
msgstr "Navigateur de liste de lecture, gestionnaire de jaquettes (teax)"
#: main.cpp:55
msgid "And God said, let there be Mac"
msgstr "And God said, let there be Mac"
#: main.cpp:56
msgid "Amarok logo, splash screen, icons"
msgstr "Logo d'Amarok, écran d'accueil, icônes"
#: main.cpp:57
msgid "Surfin' down under"
msgstr "Surfin' down under"
#: main.cpp:58
msgid "Developer (sebr)"
msgstr "Développeur (sebr)"
#: main.cpp:59
msgid "All you need is DCOP"
msgstr "Tout ce dont vous avez besoin, c'est DCOP"
#: main.cpp:60
msgid "DCOP, improvements, cleanups, i18n (berkus)"
msgstr "DCOP, améliorations, nettoyages, internationalisation (berkus)"
#: main.cpp:63
msgid "Analyzers, patches, shoutcast"
msgstr "Analyseurs, correctifs, shoutcast"
#: main.cpp:64 main.cpp:67 main.cpp:93
msgid "Patches"
msgstr "Correctifs"
#: main.cpp:65
msgid "MySQL support"
msgstr "Gestion de MySQL"
#: main.cpp:66
msgid "Postgresql support"
msgstr "Gestion de PostgreSQL"
#: main.cpp:68
msgid "podcast code improvements"
msgstr "amélioration du support des podcasts"
#: main.cpp:69
msgid "roKymoter (dangle)"
msgstr "roKymoter (dangle)"
#: main.cpp:70
msgid "First-run wizard, usability"
msgstr "Assistant de prise en main, ergonomie"
#: main.cpp:71
msgid "roKymoter (hydrogen)"
msgstr "roKymoter (hydrogen)"
#: main.cpp:72
msgid "graphics, splash-screen"
msgstr "Graphiques, écran de démarrage"
#: main.cpp:73
msgid "Analyzers, Context Browser and systray eye-candy"
msgstr ""
"Analyseurs, navigateur de contexte ainsi que la beauté de l'icône de la boîte à "
#: main.cpp:74
msgid "icons and image work"
msgstr "Travaux sur les icônes et les images"
#: main.cpp:75
msgid "dialog to filter the collection titles"
msgstr "fenêtre pour filtrer les titres de la collection"
#: main.cpp:76
msgid "Live CD, Bug squashing (oggb4mp3)"
msgstr "Live CD, chasseur de bogues (oggb4mp3)"
#: main.cpp:77
msgid ""
"handbook enhancements, translations, bug fixes, screenshots, roKymoter "
msgstr ""
"perfectionnement du manuel d'utilisation, traductions, résolution de bogues, "
"captures d'écran, roKymoter (apachelogger)"
#: main.cpp:78
msgid "Tester, IRC channel operator, whipping"
msgstr "Testeur, opérateur du canal IRC, motiveur"
#: main.cpp:79
msgid "roKymoter, bug fixer and Swedish Bitch (Firetech)"
msgstr "roKymoter, résolution de bogues et Swedish Bitch (Firetech)"
#. i18n: file ./Options2.ui line 38
#: main.cpp:80 rc.cpp:1246
#, no-c-format
msgid "Icons"
msgstr "Icônes"
#: main.cpp:81
msgid "Konqueror Sidebar, some DCOP methods"
msgstr "Barre latérale pour Konqueror, quelques méthodes DCOP"
#: main.cpp:82
msgid "Dynamic Collection, label support, patches"
msgstr "Collection dynamique, support de libellé, correctifs"
#: main.cpp:83
msgid "FHT routine, bugfixes"
msgstr "Routine FHT, correction de bogues"
#: main.cpp:84
msgid "K3B export code"
msgstr "Code de l'exportation vers K3b"
#: main.cpp:85
msgid "Splash screen"
msgstr "Écran de démarrage"
#: main.cpp:86
msgid " store integration (nhnFreespirit)"
msgstr "Intégration de la boutique (nhnFreespirit)"
#: main.cpp:87
msgid "Website hosting"
msgstr "Hébergement du site web"
#: main.cpp:88
msgid "Bugfixes, PostgreSQL support"
msgstr "Résolution de bogues, support de PostgreSQL"
#: main.cpp:89
msgid "Wikipedia support, patches"
msgstr "Gestion de Wikipédia, correctifs"
#: main.cpp:90
msgid "MAS engine"
msgstr "Moteur MAS"
#: main.cpp:91
msgid "Audioscrobbler support"
msgstr "Gestion d'Audioscrobbler"
#: main.cpp:92
msgid "TagLib & ktrm code"
msgstr "Code de TagLib et KTrm"
#: main.cpp:94
msgid "Loadsa stuff"
msgstr "Travaux Loadsa"
#: main.cpp:95
msgid "Patches, Bugfixes"
msgstr "Correctifs, correction de bogues"
#: main.cpp:96
msgid "roKymoter (sven423)"
msgstr "roKymoter (sven423)"
#: main.cpp:97
msgid "Graphics, splash-screen (vnizzz)"
msgstr "Graphiques, écran de démarrage (vnizzz)"
#: main.cpp:98
msgid "Tester, patches"
msgstr "Testeur, correctifs"
#: multitabbar.cpp:176
msgid "Browsers"
msgstr "Navigateurs"
#: tagdialog.cpp:301
msgid "Generating audio fingerprint..."
msgstr "Génération de l'empreinte audio..."
#: tagdialog.cpp:312
msgid ""
"Tunepimp (MusicBrainz tagging library) returned the following error: \"%1\"."
msgstr ""
"Tunepimp (bibliothèque de gestion des tags MusicBrainz) a retourné l'erreur "
"suivante : \"%1\"."
#: tagdialog.cpp:322
msgid "The track was not found in the MusicBrainz database."
msgstr "Le morceau est introuvable dans la base de données MusicBrainz."
#: tagdialog.cpp:383
msgid "Summary"
msgstr "Résumé"
#: tagdialog.cpp:384
msgid "Tags"
msgstr "Balises"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:153 tagdialog.cpp:386
msgid "Statistics"
msgstr "Statistiques"
#: tagdialog.cpp:387
msgid "Labels"
msgstr "Libellés"
#: tagdialog.cpp:505
msgid "Please install MusicBrainz to enable this functionality"
msgstr "Veuillez installer MusicBrainz pour activer cette fonctionnalité."
#: tagdialog.cpp:578
msgid "Tracks by this Artist"
msgstr "Morceaux de cet artiste"
#: tagdialog.cpp:590
msgid "Albums by this Artist"
msgstr "Albums de cet artiste"
#: tagdialog.cpp:602
msgid "Favorite by this Artist"
msgstr "Morceaux favoris de cet artiste"
#: tagdialog.cpp:614
msgid "Favorite on this Album"
msgstr "Morceaux favoris de cet album"
#: tagdialog.cpp:621
msgid "Related Artists"
msgstr "Artistes associés"
#: tagdialog.cpp:632
msgid "Track Information: %1 by %2"
msgstr "Informations du morceau : %1 par %2"
#: statusbar/queueLabel.cpp:299 tagdialog.cpp:638
msgid "<b>%1</b> by <b>%2</b>"
msgstr "<b>%1</b> par <b>%2</b>"
#: tagdialog.cpp:645
msgid "<b>%1</b> by <b>%2</b> on <b>%3</b>"
msgstr "<b>%1</b> par <b>%2</b> sur <b>%3</b>"
#: tagdialog.cpp:669 tagdialog.cpp:915
msgid ""
"_: "
msgstr "<tr><td><nobr>%1 :</nobr></td><td><b>%2</b></td></tr>"
#: tagdialog.cpp:676
msgid "Samplerate"
msgstr "Échantillonnage"
#: tagdialog.cpp:677
msgid "Size"
msgstr "Taille"
#: tagdialog.cpp:678
msgid "Format"
msgstr "Format"
#: tagdialog.cpp:687
msgid "First Played"
msgstr "Première écoute"
#: contextbrowser.cpp:134 tagdialog.cpp:688 tagdialog.cpp:690
msgid "Never"
msgstr "Jamais"
#: tagdialog.cpp:689
msgid ""
"_: a single item (singular)\n"
"Last Played"
msgstr "Dernier joué"
#: tagdialog.cpp:822
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 Track\n"
"Information for %n Tracks"
msgstr ""
"%n morceau\n"
"Informations pour %n morceaux"
#: tagdialog.cpp:913
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Editing 1 file\n"
"Editing %n files"
msgstr ""
"Édition d'un fichier\n"
"Édition de %n fichiers"
#: tagdialog.cpp:919
msgid "Rated Songs"
msgstr "Morceaux notés"
#: tagdialog.cpp:921
msgid "Average Rating"
msgstr "Moyenne des notes"
#: tagdialog.cpp:925
msgid "Scored Songs"
msgstr "Morceaux possédant un score"
#: tagdialog.cpp:927
msgid "Average Score"
msgstr "Moyenne des scores"
#: tagdialog.cpp:1421 tagdialog.cpp:1461
msgid "The file %1 is not writable."
msgstr "Le fichier %1 n'est pas accessible en écriture."
#: tagdialog.cpp:1494
msgid ""
"Sorry, the tag for the following files could not be changed:\n"
msgstr ""
"Désolé, la balise des fichiers suivants ne peut être modifiée :\n"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:136
msgid "&Add Media..."
msgstr "&Ajouter un média..."
#: playlistwindow.cpp:138
msgid "&Add Stream..."
msgstr "&Ajouter un flux..."
#: playlistwindow.cpp:140
msgid "&Save Playlist As..."
msgstr "Enregi&strer la liste de lecture sous..."
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1094 playlistwindow.cpp:144
msgid "Burn to CD"
msgstr "Graver sur un CD"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:146
msgid "Play Media..."
msgstr "Lire un média..."
#: playlistwindow.cpp:147
msgid "Play Audio CD"
msgstr "Lire un CD audio"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:148
msgid "&Play/Pause"
msgstr "Lecture / &pause"