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TODO for the next engine framework:
* emit stateChanged() with no parameter and force controller to read the state from
EngineBase::state() instead, as this makes things more likely to be consistent
* combine load() and play() as it just complicates things for engine development (eg
crossfade is a bitch for me due to the separation
* setVolumeSW( double ), to give more resolution for setting volume
* Make EngineObserver system use engineStateChanged( oldState, newState )
* Don't do above function for Play on every track? Is this ever useful?
* Would be useful if engineNewMetaData and stateChanged for Play weren't separate?
* setVolumeSW uses a log function, volume() doesn't so you get different values back to
what you expect. Really we should provide a volumeToLog( int ) function for engines to
use internally as some engines may already apply a log function anyway.