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// (c) 2006 Giovanni Venturi <>
// See COPYING file for licensing information.
#include <tqvaluelist.h>
#include <tqvaluevector.h>
#include <kdialogbase.h>
class TQWidget;
class TQVBoxLayout;
class TQComboBox;
class TQCheckBox;
class TQLineEdit;
class TQRadioButton;
class TQGroupBox;
class TQSpinBox;
class TQStringList;
class KComboBox;
class EditFilterDialog : public KDialogBase
EditFilterDialog( TQWidget* parent, bool metaBundleKeywords, const TQString &text = "" );
TQString filter() const;
void filterChanged( const TQString &filter );
TQVBoxLayout *m_mainLay;
TQCheckBox *m_prefixNOT;
TQComboBox *m_comboKeyword;
KLineEdit *m_editKeyword;
TQGroupBox *m_groupBox;
TQComboBox *m_comboCondition;
TQLabel *m_filesizeLabel;
TQComboBox *m_comboUnitSize;
TQRadioButton *m_minMaxRadio;
TQSpinBox *m_spinMin1, *m_spinMin2;
TQLabel *m_andLabel;
TQSpinBox *m_spinMax1, *m_spinMax2;
TQGroupBox *m_groupBox2;
TQRadioButton *m_checkALL;
TQRadioButton *m_checkAtLeastOne;
TQRadioButton *m_checkExactly;
TQRadioButton *m_checkExclude;
TQValueList<TQRadioButton*> m_actionCheck;
TQGroupBox *m_groupBox3;
TQRadioButton *m_checkAND;
TQRadioButton *m_checkOR;
bool m_appended; // true if a filter appended
int m_selectedIndex; // the position of the selected keyword in the combobox
TQValueVector<TQString> m_vector; // the vector of the amarok filter keyword
TQString m_filterText; // the resulting filter string
TQString m_previousFilterText; // the previous resulting filter string
TQString m_strPrefixNOT; // is empty if no NOT prefix is needed else it's "-"
void exclusiveSelectOf( int which );
TQString keywordConditionString(const TQString& keyword) const;
void setMinMaxValueSpins();
private slots:
void selectedKeyword(int index);
void minSpinChanged(int value);
void maxSpinChanged(int value);
void textWanted();
void textWanted( const TQStringList &completions );
void valueWanted();
void chooseCondition(int index);
void chooseOneValue();
void chooseMinMaxValue();
void slotCheckAll();
void slotCheckAtLeastOne();
void slotCheckExactly();
void slotCheckExclude();
void slotCheckAND();
void slotCheckOR();
void assignPrefixNOT();
protected slots:
virtual void slotDefault();
virtual void slotUser1();
virtual void slotUser2();
virtual void slotOk();