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// Max Howell <>, (C) 2004
// Alexandre Pereira de Oliveira <>, (C) 2005
// Shane King <>, (C) 2006
// Peter C. Ndikuwera <>, (C) 2006
// License: GNU General Public License V2
#if __GNUC__ > 3 || (__GNUC__ == 3 && __GNUC_MINOR__ >= 3)
#include <tqstringlist.h>
#include <kurl.h> //inline functions
#include <klocale.h> //inline functions
#include <taglib/audioproperties.h>
#include "expression.h"
#include "atomicstring.h"
#include "moodbar.h"
#include "amarok_export.h"
class KFileMetaInfo;
class TQDir;
class TQTextStream;
template<class T> class TQValueList;
namespace TagLib {
class ByteVector;
class File;
class FileRef;
class String;
namespace ID3v2 {
class UniqueFileIdentifierFrame;
class Tag;
namespace MPEG {
class File;
class PodcastEpisodeBundle;
namespace LastFm {
class Bundle;
* @class MetaBundle
* @author Max Howell <>
* If this class doesn't work for you in some way, extend it sensibly :)
enum Column
Filename = 0,
class LIBAMAROK_EXPORT EmbeddedImage {
EmbeddedImage() {}
EmbeddedImage( const TagLib::ByteVector& data, const TagLib::String& description );
const TQCString &hash() const;
const TQString &description() const { return m_description; }
bool save( const TQDir& dir ) const;
TQByteArray m_data;
TQString m_description;
mutable TQCString m_hash;
typedef TQValueList<EmbeddedImage> EmbeddedImageList;
/** This is a bit vector for selecting columns. It's very fast to compare
in matchFast. It might be a good idea to replace the TQValue<int>
column masks with this eventually. */
typedef TQ_UINT32 ColumnMask;
/** Returns the name of the column at \p index as a string -- not i18ned, for internal purposes. */
static const TQString &exactColumnName( int index );
/** Returns the name of the column at \p index as a string -- i18ned, for display purposes. */
static const TQString prettyColumnName( int index );
/** Returns the index of the column with the not i18ned name \p name. */
static int columnIndex( const TQString &name );
// These values are stored on the Database, so, don't change the order. Only append new ones to the end.
enum FileType { other, mp3, ogg, wma, mp4, flac, ra, rv, rm, rmj, rmvb, asf };
//for the audioproperties
static const int Undetermined = -2; /// we haven't yet read the tags
static const int Irrelevant = -1; /// not applicable to this stream/media type, eg length for http streams
static const int Unavailable = 0; /// cannot be obtained
// whether file is part of a compilation
enum Compilation { CompilationNo = 0, CompilationYes = 1, CompilationUnknown = -1 };
/// Creates an empty MetaBundle
/// Creates a MetaBundle for url, tags will be obtained and set
LIBAMAROK_EXPORT explicit MetaBundle( const KURL &url,
bool noCache = false,
TagLib::AudioProperties::ReadStyle = TagLib::AudioProperties::Fast,
EmbeddedImageList* images = 0 );
/** For the StreamProvider */
LIBAMAROK_EXPORT MetaBundle( const TQString &title,
const TQString &streamUrl,
const int bitrate,
const TQString &genre,
const TQString &streamName,
const KURL &url );
LIBAMAROK_EXPORT MetaBundle( const MetaBundle &bundle );
MetaBundle& operator=( const MetaBundle& bundle );
bool operator==( const MetaBundle& bundle ) const;
bool operator!=( const MetaBundle& bundle ) const;
/** Test for an empty metabundle */
bool isEmpty() const;
/** Empty the metabundle */
void clear();
/** Is it media that has metadata? Note currently we don't check for an audio mimetype */
bool isValidMedia() const;
/** The bundle doesn't yet know its audioProperties */
bool audioPropertiesUndetermined() const;
/** The embedded artwork in the file (loaded from file into images variable, unmodified if no images present/loadable) */
void embeddedImages(EmbeddedImageList &images) const;
/** If you want Accurate reading say so. If EmbeddedImageList != NULL, embedded art is loaded into it */
void readTags( TagLib::AudioProperties::ReadStyle = TagLib::AudioProperties::Fast, EmbeddedImageList* images = 0 );
/** Saves the changes to the file using the transactional algorithm for safety. */
bool safeSave();
/** Saves the changes to the file. Returns false on error. */
bool save( TagLib::FileRef* fileref = 0 );
/** Saves the MetaBundle's data as XML to a text stream. */
bool save( TQTextStream &stream, const TQStringList &attributes = TQStringList() ) const;
/** Returns whether the url referred to is a local file */
bool isFile() const;
/** Returns whether the url referred to can be accessed via kio slaves */
bool isKioUrl() const;
/** Returns whether url can be accessed via kio slaves */
static bool isKioUrl( const KURL &url );
/** Returns whether composer, disc number and bpm fields are available. */
bool hasExtendedMetaInformation() const;
void copyFrom( const MetaBundle& bundle );
void copyFrom( const PodcastEpisodeBundle &peb );
/** Returns a string representation of the tag at \p column, in a format suitable for internal purposes.
For example, for a track 3:24 long, it'll return "204" (seconds).
This should not be used for displaying the tag to the user. */
TQString exactText( int column, bool ensureCached = false ) const;
/** Sets the tag at \p column from a string in the same format as returned by exactText(). */
void setExactText( int column, const TQString &text );
/** Returns the tag at \p column in a format suitable for displaying to the user. */
TQString prettyText( int column ) const;
/** Returns whether the bundle matches \p expression.
This is fast and doesn't take advanced syntax into account,
and should only be used when it is certain none is present.
The tags in \p columns are checked for matches.
@see ExpressionParser::isAdvancedExpression() */
bool matchesSimpleExpression( const TQString &expression, const TQValueList<int> &columns ) const;
/** A faster version of the above, that pre-caches all the data to be
searched in a single string, to avoid re-building integer and lower
case strings over and over. It is designed to be called from a
playlist search *only* -- it is not entirely thread-safe for efficiency,
although it's highly unlikely to crash. Consider this the beginning
of a real super-efficient index (e.g. suffix tree).
\p terms is a list of lower-case words. */
bool matchesFast(const TQStringList &terms, ColumnMask columns) const;
/** Returns whether the bundle matches \p expression.
This takes advanced syntax into account, and is slightly slower than matchesSimpleExpression().
The tags in \p defaultColumns are checked for matches where the expression doesn't specify any manually. */
bool matchesExpression( const TQString &expression, const TQValueList<int> &defaultColumns ) const;
/** Returns whether the bundle matches the pre-parsed expression \p parsedData.
The tags in \p defaultColumns are checked for matches where the expression doesn't specify any manually.
@see ExpressionParser */
bool matchesParsedExpression( const ParsedExpression &parsedData, const TQValueList<int> &defaultColumns ) const;
/** PlaylistItem reimplements this so it can be informed of moodbar
data events without having to use signals */
virtual void moodbarJobEvent( int newState )
{ (void) newState; }
* A class to load MetaBundles from XML.
* #include "xmlloader.h"
class XmlLoader;
public: //accessors
const KURL &url() const;
TQString title() const;
AtomicString artist() const;
AtomicString albumArtist() const;
AtomicString composer() const;
AtomicString album() const;
AtomicString genre() const;
AtomicString comment() const;
TQString filename() const;
TQString directory() const;
TQString type() const;
int year() const;
int discNumber() const;
int track() const;
float bpm() const;
int length() const;
int bitrate() const;
int sampleRate() const;
float score( bool ensureCached = false ) const;
int rating( bool ensureCached = false ) const; //returns rating * 2, to accommodate .5 ratings
int playCount( bool ensureCached = false ) const;
uint lastPlay( bool ensureCached = false ) const;
Moodbar &moodbar();
const Moodbar &moodbar_const() const;
int filesize() const;
int compilation() const;
int fileType() const; // returns a value from enum FileType
bool exists() const; // true for everything but local files that aren't there
PodcastEpisodeBundle *podcastBundle() const;
LastFm::Bundle *lastFmBundle() const;
TQString streamName() const;
TQString streamUrl() const;
TQString uniqueId() const;
TQString prettyTitle() const;
TQString veryNiceTitle() const;
TQString prettyURL() const;
TQString prettyBitrate() const;
TQString prettyLength() const;
TQString prettySampleRate( bool shortened = false ) const;
TQString prettyFilesize() const;
TQString prettyRating() const;
bool safeToSave() { return m_safeToSave; }
TQString getRandomString( int size, bool numbersOnly = false );
public: //modifiers
void setUrl( const KURL &url );
void setPath( const TQString &path );
void setTitle( const TQString &title );
void setArtist( const AtomicString &artist );
void setAlbumArtist( const AtomicString &albumArtist );
void setComposer( const AtomicString &composer );
void setAlbum( const AtomicString &album );
void setGenre( const AtomicString &genre );
void setComment( const AtomicString &comment );
void setYear( int year );
void setDiscNumber( int discNumber );
void setTrack( int track );
void setBpm( float bpm );
void setLength( int length );
void setBitrate( int bitrate );
void setSampleRate( int sampleRate );
void setScore( float score );
void setRating( int rating );
void setPlayCount( int playcount );
void setLastPlay( uint lastplay );
void setFilesize( int bytes );
// No direct moodbar mutator -- moodbar should not be separated
// from the metabundle
void updateFilesize();
void setFileType( int type );
void setCompilation( int compilation );
bool checkExists();
void setPodcastBundle( const PodcastEpisodeBundle &peb );
void setLastFmBundle( const LastFm::Bundle &last );
void setUniqueId(); //uses database for lookup
void setUniqueId( const TQString &id ); //SEE COMMENT in .CPP
const TagLib::ByteVector readUniqueIdHelper( TagLib::FileRef fileref ) const;
TQString readUniqueId( TagLib::FileRef *fileref = 0 );
void scannerAcknowledged() {}
void detach(); // for being able to apply TQDeepCopy<>
public: //static helper functions
static TQString prettyBitrate( int );
static TQString prettyLength( int, bool showHours = false ); //must be int, see Unavailable, etc. above
static TQString prettyFilesize( int );
static TQString prettyRating( int rating, bool trailingzero = false );
static TQString ratingDescription( int );
static TQStringList ratingList();
static TQString prettyTime( uint, bool showHours = true );
static TQString fuzzyTime( int );
static TQString veryPrettyTime( int );
static TQString zeroPad( uint i );
static TQString prettyTitle( const TQString &filename );
static TQStringList genreList();
enum ExtendedTags { composerTag, albumArtistTag, discNumberTag, bpmTag, compilationTag };
/** Called before the tags in \p columns are changed. */
virtual void aboutToChange( const TQValueList<int> &columns );
/** Convenience method. */
void aboutToChange( int column );
/** Called after the tags in \p columns are changed. */
virtual void reactToChanges( const TQValueList<int> &columns );
/** Convenience method. */
void reactToChange( int column );
KURL m_url;
TQString m_title;
AtomicString m_artist;
AtomicString m_albumArtist;
AtomicString m_composer;
AtomicString m_album;
AtomicString m_comment;
AtomicString m_genre;
TQString m_streamName;
TQString m_streamUrl;
TQString m_uniqueId;
int m_year;
int m_discNumber;
int m_track;
float m_bpm;
int m_bitrate;
int m_length;
int m_sampleRate;
float m_score;
int m_rating;
int m_playCount;
uint m_lastPlay;
int m_filesize;
Moodbar *m_moodbar;
int m_type;
bool m_exists: 1;
bool m_isValidMedia: 1;
bool m_isCompilation: 1;
bool m_notCompilation: 1;
bool m_safeToSave: 1;
int m_waitingOnKIO;
TQString m_tempSavePath;
TQString m_origRenamedSavePath;
TQCString m_tempSaveDigest;
TagLib::FileRef* m_saveFileref;
PodcastEpisodeBundle *m_podcastBundle;
LastFm::Bundle *m_lastFmBundle;
// The vars below are used to optimize search by storing
// the full text to be searched. They are mutable, as they
// act like a sort of cache for the const method matchesFast
// whether the search text should be rebuilt
volatile mutable bool m_isSearchDirty;
// which columns the search string contains
mutable ColumnMask m_searchColumns;
// the search string: textualized columns separated by space
// note that matchFast searches by words, hence a word cannot span
// space-separated columns
mutable TQString m_searchStr;
static inline TQString prettyGeneric( const TQString &s, const int i )
return (i > 0) ? s.arg( i ) : (i == Undetermined) ? "?" : "-";
void init( TagLib::AudioProperties *ap = 0 );
void init( const KFileMetaInfo& info );
void setExtendedTag( TagLib::File *file, int tag, const TQString value );
void loadImagesFromTag( const TagLib::ID3v2::Tag &tag, EmbeddedImageList& images ) const;
int getRand();
/// for your convenience
typedef TQValueList<MetaBundle> BundleList;
inline bool MetaBundle::operator!=(const MetaBundle &bundle) const { return !operator==( bundle ); }
inline bool MetaBundle::isEmpty() const { return url().isEmpty(); }
inline bool MetaBundle::isValidMedia() const { return m_isValidMedia; }
inline bool MetaBundle::audioPropertiesUndetermined() const
return m_bitrate == Undetermined || m_sampleRate == Undetermined || m_length == Undetermined;
inline void MetaBundle::aboutToChange( const TQValueList<int>& ) { }
inline void MetaBundle::aboutToChange( int column ) { aboutToChange( TQValueList<int>() << column ); }
inline void MetaBundle::reactToChange( int column ) { reactToChanges( TQValueList<int>() << column ); }
inline bool MetaBundle::exists() const { return m_exists; }
inline bool MetaBundle::isFile() const { return url().isLocalFile(); }
inline bool MetaBundle::isKioUrl() const { return isKioUrl( url() ); }
inline bool MetaBundle::isKioUrl( const KURL &url ) { return url.protocol() != "daap" && url.protocol() != "cdda" && url.protocol() != "lastfm"; }
inline int MetaBundle::track() const { return m_track == Undetermined ? 0 : m_track; }
inline int MetaBundle::year() const { return m_year == Undetermined ? 0 : m_year; }
inline int MetaBundle::length() const { return m_length > 0 ? m_length : 0; }
inline int MetaBundle::bitrate() const { return m_bitrate == Undetermined ? 0 : m_bitrate; }
inline int MetaBundle::sampleRate() const { return m_sampleRate == Undetermined ? 0 : m_sampleRate; }
inline int MetaBundle::filesize() const { return m_filesize == Undetermined ? 0 : m_filesize; }
inline int MetaBundle::fileType() const { return m_type; }
inline Moodbar &MetaBundle::moodbar()
if( m_moodbar == 0 ) m_moodbar = new Moodbar( this );
return *m_moodbar;
inline const Moodbar &MetaBundle::moodbar_const() const
// Anyone know of a better way to do this?
if( m_moodbar == 0 )
= new Moodbar( const_cast<MetaBundle*>(this) );
return *m_moodbar;
inline const KURL& MetaBundle::url() const { return m_url; }
inline TQString MetaBundle::filename() const { return url().fileName(); }
inline TQString MetaBundle::directory() const
return url().isLocalFile() ? url().directory() : url().upURL().prettyURL();
inline TQString MetaBundle::title() const { return m_title; }
inline AtomicString MetaBundle::artist() const { return m_artist; }
inline AtomicString MetaBundle::album() const { return m_album; }
inline AtomicString MetaBundle::comment() const { return m_comment; }
inline AtomicString MetaBundle::genre() const { return m_genre; }
inline AtomicString MetaBundle::composer() const { return m_composer; }
inline AtomicString MetaBundle::albumArtist() const { return m_albumArtist; }
inline TQString MetaBundle::streamName() const { return m_streamName; }
inline TQString MetaBundle::streamUrl() const { return m_streamUrl; }
inline TQString MetaBundle::uniqueId() const { return m_uniqueId; }
inline int MetaBundle::discNumber() const { return m_discNumber == Undetermined ? 0 : m_discNumber; }
inline float MetaBundle::bpm() const { return m_bpm == Undetermined ? 0 : m_bpm; }
inline int MetaBundle::compilation() const
if( m_isCompilation )
return CompilationYes;
else if( m_notCompilation )
return CompilationNo;
return CompilationUnknown;
inline TQString MetaBundle::type() const
return isFile()
? filename().mid( filename().findRev( '.' ) + 1 )
: i18n( "Stream" );
inline PodcastEpisodeBundle *MetaBundle::podcastBundle() const { return m_podcastBundle; }
inline LastFm::Bundle *MetaBundle::lastFmBundle() const { return m_lastFmBundle; }
inline TQString MetaBundle::prettyURL() const { return url().prettyURL(); }
inline TQString MetaBundle::prettyBitrate() const { return prettyBitrate( m_bitrate ); }
inline TQString MetaBundle::prettyLength() const { return prettyLength( m_length, true ); }
inline TQString MetaBundle::prettyFilesize() const { return prettyFilesize( filesize() ); }
inline TQString MetaBundle::prettyRating() const { return prettyRating( rating() ); }
inline TQString MetaBundle::prettySampleRate( bool shortened ) const
if ( shortened )
return prettyGeneric( i18n( "SampleRate", "%1 kHz" ), m_sampleRate / 1000 );
return prettyGeneric( i18n( "SampleRate", "%1 Hz" ), m_sampleRate );
inline TQString MetaBundle::zeroPad( uint i ) { return ( i < 10 ) ? TQString( "0%1" ).arg( i ) : TQString::number( i ); }
inline bool MetaBundle::hasExtendedMetaInformation() const
return ( m_type == mp3 || m_type == ogg ||
m_type== mp4 || m_type == flac );