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// (c) 2004 Mark Kretschmann <>
// See COPYING file for licensing information.
#include <tqobject.h>
class TQWidget;
namespace Amarok
* Class to allow user configuration of your plugin; you provide a GUI widget via view()
class PluginConfig : public TQObject
/** Emit whenever some view setting is changed by the user */
void viewChanged();
/** Emit after settings have been saved to config. Can be used for updating engine state. */
void settingsSaved();
/** Return the view widget,
* The PluginConfig object owns this pointer, nobody else will delete it for you
virtual TQWidget* view() = 0;
/** Return true if any of the view settings are different to the currently saved state */
virtual bool hasChanged() const = 0;
/** Return true if all view settings are in their default states */
virtual bool isDefault() const = 0;
public slots:
/** Save view state using, eg KConfig */
virtual void save() = 0;