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// (c) Pierpaolo Di Panfilo 2004
// (c) Alexandre Pereira de Oliveira 2005
// (c) 2006 Peter C. Ndikuwera <>
// See COPYING file for licensing information
#include <kdialogbase.h> //baseclass
#include <tqdom.h>
#include <tqhbox.h> //baseclass
#include <tqptrlist.h> //definition required
#include <klineedit.h> //inline function
class KComboBox;
class KIntSpinBox;
class KLineEdit;
class TQCheckBox;
class TQDateEdit;
class TQLabel;
class TQToolButton;
class TQVGroupBox;
class CriteriaEditor;
class SmartPlaylistEditor : public KDialogBase
friend class CriteriaEditor;
SmartPlaylistEditor( TQString playlist_name, TQWidget *parent, const char *name=0 );
SmartPlaylistEditor( TQWidget *parent, TQDomElement xml, const char *name=0 );
TQDomElement result();
TQString name() const { return m_nameLineEdit->text().replace( "\n", " " ); }
enum CriteriaType { criteriaAll = 0, criteriaAny = 1 };
public slots:
void addCriteriaAny();
void addCriteriaAny( TQDomElement &xml);
void removeCriteriaAny( CriteriaEditor *criteria);
void addCriteriaAll();
void addCriteriaAll( TQDomElement &xml);
void removeCriteriaAll( CriteriaEditor *criteria);
private slots:
void updateOrderTypes( int index );
void init(TQString defaultName);
void updateMatchWidgets();
KLineEdit *m_nameLineEdit;
TQCheckBox *m_matchAnyCheck;
TQCheckBox *m_matchAllCheck;
// matching boxes
TQVGroupBox *m_criteriaAnyGroupBox;
TQVGroupBox *m_criteriaAllGroupBox;
//limit widgets
TQCheckBox *m_limitCheck;
KIntSpinBox *m_limitSpin;
//order by widgets
TQCheckBox *m_orderCheck;
KComboBox *m_orderCombo;
KComboBox *m_orderTypeCombo;
//expand by
TQCheckBox *m_expandCheck;
KComboBox *m_expandCombo;
TQPtrList<CriteriaEditor> m_criteriaEditorAnyList;
TQPtrList<CriteriaEditor> m_criteriaEditorAllList;
class CriteriaEditor : public TQHBox
CriteriaEditor( SmartPlaylistEditor *editor, TQWidget *parent, int criteriaType, TQDomElement criteria = TQDomElement() );
TQString getSearchCriteria();
void setSearchCriteria( const TQString &str );
TQDomElement getDomSearchCriteria( TQDomDocument &doc );
void enableRemove( bool );
private slots:
void slotRemoveCriteriaAny();
void slotRemoveCriteriaAll();
void slotAddCriteriaAny();
void slotAddCriteriaAll();
void slotFieldSelected( int );
void loadEditWidgets();
enum ValueType { String, AutoCompletionString, Number, Year, Date, Rating, Length };
void loadCriteriaList( int valueType, TQString condition = TQString() );
int getValueType( int fieldIndex );
inline int indexToRating( int );
inline int ratingToIndex( int );
SmartPlaylistEditor *m_playlistEditor;
int m_currentValueType;
TQString m_lastCriteria;
KComboBox *m_fieldCombo;
KComboBox *m_criteriaCombo;
TQToolButton *m_addButton;
TQToolButton *m_removeButton;
//editing widgets
TQHBox *m_editBox;
KLineEdit *m_lineEdit;
KComboBox *m_comboBox;
KComboBox *m_comboBox2;
KIntSpinBox *m_intSpinBox1;
KIntSpinBox *m_intSpinBox2;
TQDateEdit *m_dateEdit1;
TQDateEdit *m_dateEdit2;
KComboBox *m_dateCombo;
TQLabel *m_rangeLabel;
KComboBox *m_lengthCombo;
inline int
CriteriaEditor::indexToRating( int index )
if ( index <= 10 && index >= 0 ) return index;
return -1;
inline int
CriteriaEditor::ratingToIndex( int rating )
if ( rating <= 10 && rating >= 0 ) return rating;
return -1;