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// Author: Mattias Fliesberg (C) Copyright 2006
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution
#ifndef XSPFPlaylist_H
#define XSPFPlaylist_H
class AtomicString;
#include <tqstring.h>
#include <tqtextstream.h>
#include <tqdom.h>
#include <tqdatetime.h>
#include <tqfile.h>
#include <tqvaluelist.h>
#include <kurl.h>
* @class XSPFPlaylist
* @author Mattias Fliesberg
typedef struct {
KURL location;
TQString identifier;
TQString title;
AtomicString creator;
TQString annotation;
KURL info;
KURL image;
AtomicString album;
uint trackNum;
uint duration;
KURL link;
// meta,
// extension
} XSPFtrack;
typedef TQValueList < XSPFtrack > XSPFtrackList;
class XSPFPlaylist : public TQDomDocument
XSPFPlaylist( TQTextStream &stream );
/* convenience functions */
TQString title();
TQString creator();
TQString annotation();
KURL info();
KURL location();
TQString identifier();
KURL image();
TQDateTime date();
KURL license();
KURL::List attribution();
KURL link();
// meta();
// extension();
void setTitle( TQString title );
void setCreator( TQString creator );
void setAnnotation( TQString annotation );
void setInfo( KURL info );
void setLocation( KURL location );
void setIdentifier( TQString identifier );
void setImage( KURL image );
void setDate( TQDateTime date );
void setLicense( KURL license );
void setAttribution( KURL attribution, bool append = true );
void setLink( KURL link );
void setTrackList( XSPFtrackList trackList, bool append = false );
// meta();
// extension();
XSPFtrackList trackList();
bool loadXSPF( TQTextStream& );
#endif // XSPFPlaylist_H