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# translation of amarok.po to Swedish
# Stefan Asserhäll <>, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.
# Mattias Newzella <>, 2004, 2005.
# Stefan Asserhall <>, 2005.
# Copyright (C) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: amarok\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2008-07-08 01:26+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2008-04-26 07:55+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Stefan Asserhäll <>\n"
"Language-Team: Swedish <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: KBabel 1.11.4\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
#: playlistitem.cpp:960
msgid "Writing tag..."
msgstr "Skriver tagg..."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:4042 collectiondb.cpp:2157 collectiondb.cpp:2222
#: collectiondb.cpp:7041 collectiondb.cpp:7131 collectiondb.cpp:7181
#: covermanager.cpp:132 covermanager.cpp:439 covermanager.cpp:942
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:1120
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:541
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:167
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1662
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1672
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2038
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2092
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:554 metabundle.cpp:626
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:20 statistics.cpp:466
msgid "Various Artists"
msgstr "Diverse artister"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:258
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:261
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:68 organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:71
msgid "%1 or %2"
msgstr "%1 eller %2"
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:68
msgid ""
"_: This feature only works with \"The\", so either don't translate it at all, "
"or only translate artist and album\n"
"Album Artist, The"
msgstr "Album Artist, The"
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:68 organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:69
msgid "The Album Artist"
msgstr "The Album Artist"
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:70 organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:71
msgid "The Artist"
msgstr "The Artist"
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:71
msgid ""
"_: This feature only works with \"The\", so either don't translate it at all, "
"or only translate Artist\n"
"Artist, The"
msgstr "Artist, The"
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:72
msgid "Collection Base Folder"
msgstr "Samlingsbaskatalog"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:262
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:73
msgid "Artist's Initial"
msgstr "Artistens initial"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:263
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:74
msgid "File Extension of Source"
msgstr "Källans filändelse"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:264
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:75
msgid "Track Number"
msgstr "Spårnummer"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:266
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:77
msgid "<h3>Custom Format String</h3>"
msgstr "<h3>Egen formatsträng</h3>"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:267
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:78
msgid "You can use the following tokens:"
msgstr "Du kan använda följande beteckningar:"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:277
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:88
msgid ""
"If you surround sections of text that contain a token with curly-braces, that "
"section will be hidden if the token is empty."
msgstr ""
"Om du omger textavsnitt som innehåller en beteckning med krullparenteser, döljs "
"avsnittet om beteckningen är tom."
#. i18n: file ./organizecollectiondialog.ui line 224
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:308
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:216 rc.cpp:943
#, no-c-format
msgid "(Help)"
msgstr "(Hjälp)"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1125 collectionbrowser.cpp:1137
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:3969 collectionbrowser.cpp:3980
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:4273 collectiondb.cpp:2387 collectiondb.cpp:2406
#: collectiondb.cpp:2424 collectiondb.cpp:2445 collectiondb.cpp:2463
#: collectiondb.cpp:7026 collectiondb.cpp:7082 collectiondb.cpp:7116
#: collectiondb.cpp:7165 collectiondb.cpp:7219 collectiondb.cpp:7248
#: collectiondb.cpp:7300 collectiondb.cpp:7338 collectiondb.cpp:7366
#: contextbrowser.cpp:1409 contextbrowser.cpp:1444 contextbrowser.cpp:1647
#: contextbrowser.cpp:1693 contextbrowser.cpp:2688 contextbrowser.cpp:2717
#: contextbrowser.cpp:2723 contextbrowser.cpp:2851 contextbrowser.cpp:2879
#: contextbrowser.cpp:2884 covermanager.cpp:413 covermanager.cpp:432
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:976
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:993
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:1010
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:1027
#: database_refactor/dbenginebase.cpp:199
#: database_refactor/dbenginebase.cpp:221
#: database_refactor/dbenginebase.cpp:247
#: database_refactor/dbenginebase.cpp:293 engine/nmm/HostListItem.cpp:55
#: engine/nmm/HostListItem.cpp:57 engine/nmm/HostListItem.cpp:155
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2800 mediabrowser.cpp:2801 statistics.cpp:348
#: statistics.cpp:349 statistics.cpp:382 statistics.cpp:383 statistics.cpp:417
#: statistics.cpp:450 statistics.cpp:465 statistics.cpp:467 statistics.cpp:504
#: statistics.cpp:532 statistics.cpp:545 statistics.cpp:546 tagdialog.cpp:560
#: tagdialog.cpp:587
msgid "Unknown"
msgstr "Okänd"
#: ktrm.cpp:737
msgid "MusicBrainz Lookup"
msgstr "Uppslagning på MusicBrainz"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:40
msgid "Configure Media Device"
msgstr "Anpassa mediaenhet"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:64
msgid "Pre-&connect command:"
msgstr "Kommando &innan anslutning:"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:66
#, c-format
msgid "Example: mount %d"
msgstr "Exempel: mount %d"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:68
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Set a command to be run before connecting to your device (e.g. a mount command) "
"%d is replaced by the device node, %m by the mount point.\n"
"Empty commands are not executed."
msgstr ""
"Ställ in ett kommando att köra innan anslutning till enheten här (t.ex. ett "
"%d ersätts med enhetens nod, %m med monteringsplatsen.\n"
"Tomma kommandon utförs inte."
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:71
msgid "Post-&disconnect command:"
msgstr "Kommando &efter anslutning:"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:74
#, c-format
msgid "Example: eject %d"
msgstr "Exempel: eject %d"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:75
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Set a command to be run after disconnecting from your device (e.g. an eject "
"command) here.\n"
"%d is replaced by the device node, %m by the mount point.\n"
"Empty commands are not executed."
msgstr ""
"Ställ in ett kommando att köra efter nerkoppling från enheten här (t.ex. ett "
"%d ersätts med enhetens nod, %m med monteringsplatsen.\n"
"Tomma kommandon utförs inte."
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:79
msgid "&Transcode before transferring to device"
msgstr "&Koda om innan överföring till enhet"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:86
msgid "Transcode to preferred format (%1) for device"
msgstr "Koda om till formatet som enheten föredrar (%1)"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:88
msgid "Whenever possible"
msgstr "Om möjligt"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:91
msgid "When necessary"
msgstr "Om nödvändigt"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:98
msgid "Remove transcoded files after transfer"
msgstr "Ta bort omkodade filer efter överföring"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:106 deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:107
msgid "For this feature, a script of type \"Transcode\" has to be running"
msgstr "För den här funktionen måste ett skript av typen \"Omkodning\" köra"
#: tracktooltip.cpp:266
msgid "Amarok - rediscover your music"
msgstr "Amarok - återupptäck din musik"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:166
msgid "New..."
msgstr "Ny..."
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:167
msgid "Import Existing..."
msgstr "Importera befintlig..."
#: app.cpp:636 app.cpp:1070 app.cpp:1089 playlistbrowser.cpp:171
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:858
msgid "Playlist"
msgstr "Spellista"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:172
msgid "Smart Playlist..."
msgstr "Smart spellista..."
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:173
msgid "Dynamic Playlist..."
msgstr "Dynamisk spellista..."
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:174
msgid "Radio Stream..."
msgstr "Radioström..."
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:175
msgid "Podcast..."
msgstr "Podradio..."
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:953
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:656
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2338
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1305 playlistbrowser.cpp:178
msgid "Rename"
msgstr "Byt namn"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:256 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:294
#: playlistselection.cpp:132
msgid "Random Mix"
msgstr "Slumpmässig blandning"
#: contextbrowser.cpp:2442 playlistbrowser.cpp:262 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:294
#: playlistselection.cpp:136
msgid "Suggested Songs"
msgstr "Sånger som föreslås"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:407 playlistbrowser.cpp:413 playlistbrowser.cpp:417
msgid "Radio Streams"
msgstr "Radioströmmar"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:445
msgid "Cool-Streams"
msgstr "Häftiga strömmar"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:465 playlistbrowser.cpp:484
msgid "Radio Stream"
msgstr "Radioström"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:466
msgid "Add Radio Stream"
msgstr "Lägg till radioström"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:484
msgid "Edit Radio Stream"
msgstr "Redigera radioström"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:537 playlistbrowser.cpp:542 playlistbrowser.cpp:583
msgid " Radio"
msgstr " radio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:553
msgid "Global Tags"
msgstr "Globala beteckningar"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:566 playlistwindow.cpp:178 playlistwindow.cpp:185
msgid "Neighbor Radio"
msgstr "Grannradio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:572 playlistwindow.cpp:177 playlistwindow.cpp:184
msgid "Personal Radio"
msgstr "Personlig radio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:576
msgid "Loved Radio"
msgstr "Gillad radio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:584
msgid "Add Radio"
msgstr "Lägg till radio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:667
msgid ""
"A Smart Playlist named \"%1\" already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?"
msgstr ""
"En smart spellista med namnet \"%1\" finns redan. Vill du skriva över den?"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:668 playlistbrowser.cpp:3099
msgid "Overwrite Playlist?"
msgstr "Skriv över spellista?"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:668 playlistbrowser.cpp:3099
msgid "Overwrite"
msgstr "Skriv över"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:698 playlistbrowser.cpp:707 playlistbrowser.cpp:713
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:720
msgid "Smart Playlists"
msgstr "Smarta spellistor"
#: configdialog.cpp:182 playlistbrowser.cpp:789 playlistwindow.cpp:452
msgid "Collection"
msgstr "Samling"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:798
msgid "All Collection"
msgstr "Hela samlingen"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:805 statistics.cpp:225
msgid "Favorite Tracks"
msgstr "Favoritspår"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:816 playlistbrowser.cpp:836 playlistbrowser.cpp:856
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3099 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3109
#, c-format
msgid "By %1"
msgstr "Av %1"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:825
msgid "Most Played"
msgstr "Oftast spelat"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:845
msgid "Newest Tracks"
msgstr "Mest aktuella spår"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:865
msgid "Last Played"
msgstr "Senast spelad"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:875
msgid "Never Played"
msgstr "Aldrig spelad"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:886
msgid "Ever Played"
msgstr "Någonsin spelad"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:890
msgid "Genres"
msgstr "Genrer"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:902 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3089
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3119 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3129
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3139
#, c-format
msgid "%1"
msgstr "%1"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:910
msgid "50 Random Tracks"
msgstr "50 slumpmässiga spår"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:984 playlistbrowser.cpp:992 playlistbrowser.cpp:999
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1004
msgid "Dynamic Playlists"
msgstr "Dynamiska spellistor"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1427 playlistbrowser.cpp:1123
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1146
msgid "Podcasts"
msgstr "Podradiosändningar"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1292
msgid "Add Podcast"
msgstr "Lägg till podradiosändning"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1292
msgid "Enter Podcast URL:"
msgstr "Lägg till podradiowebbadress:"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1313
msgid ""
"_: Podcasts contained in %1\n"
"All in %1"
msgstr "Alla i %1"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1331
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 Podcast\n"
"%n Podcasts"
msgstr ""
"1 podradiosändning\n"
"%n podradiosändningar"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1436
msgid "Already subscribed to feed %1 as %2"
msgstr "Prenumererar redan på kanalen %1 som %2"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1462
msgid "Download Interval"
msgstr "Nerladdningsintervall"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1463
msgid "Scan interval (hours):"
msgstr "Sökningsintervall (timmar):"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1501
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: "
"<p>You have selected 1 podcast episode to be <b>irreversibly</b> deleted. \n"
"<p>You have selected %n podcast episodes to be <b>irreversibly</b> deleted. "
msgstr ""
"<p>Du har valt att 1 podradioepisod ska tas bort <b>permanent</b>.</p>\n"
"<p>Du har valt att %n podradioepisoder ska tas bort <b>permanent</b>.</p>"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1422
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1160 playlistbrowser.cpp:1614
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1621 playlistbrowser.cpp:1625 playlistbrowser.cpp:2559
#: playlistwindow.cpp:454
msgid "Playlists"
msgstr "Spellistor"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1748 playlistbrowser.cpp:1755
msgid "Imported"
msgstr "Importerad"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1788
msgid "Cannot write playlist (%1)."
msgstr "Kan inte skriva spellista (%1)."
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1839
msgid "Playlist Files"
msgstr "Spellistefiler"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1839
msgid "Import Playlists"
msgstr "Importera spellistor"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2202
msgid "<p>You have selected:<ul>"
msgstr "<p>Du har markerat:<ul>"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2204
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 playlist\n"
"%n playlists"
msgstr ""
"1 spellista\n"
"%n spellistor"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2206
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 smart playlist\n"
"%n smart playlists"
msgstr ""
"1 smart spellista\n"
"%n smarta spellistor"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2208
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 dynamic playlist\n"
"%n dynamic playlists"
msgstr ""
"1 dynamisk spellista\n"
"%n dynamiska spellistor"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2210
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 stream\n"
"%n streams"
msgstr ""
"1 ström\n"
"%n strömmar"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2212
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 podcast\n"
"%n podcasts"
msgstr ""
"1 podradiosändning\n"
"%n podradiosändningar"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2214
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 folder\n"
"%n folders"
msgstr ""
"1 katalog\n"
"%n kataloger"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2216
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 stream\n"
"%n streams"
msgstr ""
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2218
msgid "</ul><br>to be <b>irreversibly</b> deleted.</p>"
msgstr "</ul><br>för <b>permanent</b> borttagning.</p>"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2221
msgid "<br><p>All downloaded podcast episodes will also be deleted.</p>"
msgstr "<br><p>Alla nerladdade podradioepisoder kommer också att tas bort.</p>"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3056 playlistbrowser.cpp:3058
msgid "%1 (%2)"
msgstr "%1 (%2)"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3070
msgid "Save Playlist"
msgstr "Spara spellista"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3071
msgid "Save to location..."
msgstr "Spara till plats..."
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3075
msgid "&Enter a name for the playlist:"
msgstr "Skriv in &ett namn på spellistan:"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3098
msgid "A playlist named \"%1\" already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?"
msgstr "En spellista med namnet \"%1\" finns redan. Vill du skriva över den?"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3144
msgid "&Show Extended Info"
msgstr "&Visa utökad information"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:256 refreshimages.cpp:78 refreshimages.cpp:132
msgid "There was an error communicating with Amazon."
msgstr "Ett fel uppstod vid kommunikation med Amazon."
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:30
msgid "Edit Filter"
msgstr "Redigera filter"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:36
msgid "&Append"
msgstr "&Lägg till sist"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:37
msgid ""
"<p>By clicking here you can add the defined condition. The \"OK\" button will "
"close the dialog and apply the defined filter. With this button you can add "
"more than one condition to create a more complex filtering condition.</p></qt>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Genom att klicka här kan du lägga till det definierade villkoret. Knappen "
"\"Ok\" stänger dialogrutan och verkställer det definierade filtret. Du kan "
"lägga till mer än ett villkor för att skapa ett komplexare filtervillkor med "
"den här knappen.</p></qt>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:40
msgid "Add this filter condition to the list"
msgstr "Lägg till filtervillkoret i listan"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:44
msgid "&Clear"
msgstr "&Rensa"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:45
msgid ""
"<p>By clicking here you will clear the filter. If you intend to undo the last "
"appending just click on the \"Undo\" button.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Genom att klicka här kan du rensa filtret. Om du avser att ångra det senaste "
"tillägget, klicka bara på knappen \"Ångra\".</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:47
msgid "Clear the filter"
msgstr "Rensar filtret"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:52
msgid ""
"_: this \"undo\" will undo the last appended filter... be careful how you will "
"translate it to avoid two buttons (\"Cancel\" and \"Undo\") with same label in "
"the same dialog\n"
msgstr "Å&ngra"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:53
msgid ""
"<p>Clicking here will remove the last appended filter. You cannot undo more "
"than one action.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Att klicka här tar bort det senast tillagda filtret. Du kan inte ångra mer "
"än en åtgärd.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:55
msgid "Remove last appended filter"
msgstr "Ta bort senast tillagda filter"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:66
msgid ""
"<p>Edit the filter for finding tracks with specific attributes, e.g. you can "
"look for a track that has a length of three minutes.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Redigera filtret för att hitta spår med specifika egenskaper. Du kan t.ex. "
"söka efter ett spår som har längden tre minuter.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:73
msgid "Attribute:"
msgstr "Egenskap;"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:76
msgid ""
"_: you can translate the keyword as you will do for the combobox\n"
"<p>Here you can choose to <i>Simple Search</i> directly or to use some keywords "
"to specify some attributes, such as the artist name and so on. The keywords "
"selectable are divided by their specific value. Some keywords are numeric and "
"others are alphanumeric. You do not need to know it directly. When a keyword is "
"numeric it will be used to search the numeric data for each track.</p>"
"<p>The alphanumeric keywords are the following: <b>album</b>, <b>artist</b>, <b>"
"filename</b> (including path), <b>mountpoint</b> (e.g. /home/user1), <b>"
"filetype</b> (you can specify mp3, ogg, flac, ... and the file extensions will "
"be matched), <b>genre</b>, <b>comment</b>, <b>composer</b>, <b>directory</b>"
", <b>lyrics</b>, <b>title</b>, and <b>label</b>.</p>"
"<p>The numeric keywords are: <b>bitrate</b>, <b>disc/discnumber</b>, <b>"
"length</b> (expressed in seconds), <b>playcount</b>, <b>rating</b>, <b>"
"samplerate</b>, <b>score</b>, <b>size/filesize</b> (expressed in bytes, kbytes, "
"and megabytes as specified in the unit for the filesize keyword), <b>track</b> "
"(i.e. the track number), and <b>year</b>.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Här kan du direkt välja <i>Enkel sökning</i> eller använda vissa nyckelord "
"för att ange egenskaper, som artistens namn och så vidare. Nyckelord som kan "
"väljas är uppdelade enligt sina specifika värden. Vissa nyckelord är numeriska "
"medan andra är alfanumeriska. Du behöver inte direkt veta det. När ett "
"nyckelord är numeriskt används det för att söka efter numerisk data i varje "
"<p>De alfanumeriska nyckelorden är följande: <b>album</b>, <b>artist</b>, <b>"
"filnamn</b> (inklusive sökväg), <b>monteringsplats</b> "
"(t.ex. /home/användare), <b>filtyp</b> (du kan ange mp3, ogg, flac, ... , så "
"matchas motsvarande filändelse), <b>genre</b>, <b>kommentar</b>, <b>"
"tonsättare</b>, <b>katalog</b>, <b>sångtext</b>, <b>titel</b> och <b>etikett</b>"
"<p>De numeriska nyckelorden är: <b>bithastighet</b>, <b>"
"skiva eller skivnummer</b>, <b>längd</b> (uttryckt i sekunder), <b>"
"antal uppspelningar</b>, <b>klassificering</b>, <b>samplingsfrekvens</b>, <b>"
"poäng</b>, <b>storlek eller filstorlek</b> (uttryckt i byte, Kibyte och Mibyte, "
"angivet i enhet för nyckelordet filstorlek), <b>spår</b> "
"(dvs. spårnumret) och <b>år</b>.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:95
msgid "Select an attribute for the filter"
msgstr "Välj en egenskap för filtret"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:98
msgid "Simple Search"
msgstr "Enkel sökning"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 114
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:205 collectionbrowser.cpp:206
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2748 collectionbrowser.cpp:2751
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2783 contextbrowser.cpp:969 editfilterdialog.cpp:117
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:401 metabundle.cpp:133
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3114 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3346 rc.cpp:44
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174
#: transferdialog.cpp:78
#, no-c-format
msgid "Album"
msgstr "Album"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 103
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:203 collectionbrowser.cpp:205
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2754 collectionbrowser.cpp:2782
#: contextbrowser.cpp:299 contextbrowser.cpp:961 editfilterdialog.cpp:119
#: metabundle.cpp:129 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3094
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3342 rc.cpp:41 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174 transferdialog.cpp:77
#, no-c-format
msgid "Artist"
msgstr "Artist"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2799 editfilterdialog.cpp:121 metabundle.cpp:142
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:164 tagdialog.cpp:675
msgid "Bitrate"
msgstr "Bithastighet"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2801 editfilterdialog.cpp:123 metabundle.cpp:136
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:164
msgid "BPM"
msgstr "taktslag/min"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2790 editfilterdialog.cpp:125 metabundle.cpp:138
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:161
msgid "Comment"
msgstr "Kommentar"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2757 collectionbrowser.cpp:2791
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:127 metabundle.cpp:131 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3104
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3344 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174
msgid "Composer"
msgstr "Tonsättare"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:129 metabundle.cpp:139
msgid "Directory"
msgstr "Katalog"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2787 editfilterdialog.cpp:131 metabundle.cpp:134
msgid "Disc Number"
msgstr "Skivnummer"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2795 editfilterdialog.cpp:133 metabundle.cpp:127
msgid "Filename"
msgstr "Filnamn"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:135 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:164
msgid "Mount Point"
msgstr "Monteringsplats"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:137
msgid "Filetype"
msgstr "Filtyp"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2761 collectionbrowser.cpp:2784
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:139 metabundle.cpp:137 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3084
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3340 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174 transferdialog.cpp:79
msgid "Genre"
msgstr "Genre"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2786 editfilterdialog.cpp:141 metabundle.cpp:141
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:860 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160 tagdialog.cpp:674
msgid "Length"
msgstr "Längd"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2768 contextbrowser.cpp:3785 editfilterdialog.cpp:143
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3134 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3350
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:164 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174
msgid "Label"
msgstr "Beteckning"
#: contextbrowser.cpp:298 contextbrowser.cpp:3311 contextbrowser.cpp:3458
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:145 scriptmanager.cpp:161 tagdialog.cpp:385
msgid "Lyrics"
msgstr "Sångtext"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:147 metabundle.cpp:146
msgid "Play Count"
msgstr "Uppspelningsräknare"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2794 editfilterdialog.cpp:151 metabundle.cpp:145
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:162 tagdialog.cpp:684
msgid "Rating"
msgstr "Klassificering"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:154 metabundle.cpp:143
msgid "Sample Rate"
msgstr "Samplingsfrekvens"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2793 editfilterdialog.cpp:158 metabundle.cpp:144
#: scriptmanager.cpp:162 scriptmanager.cpp:833 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:162
#: tagdialog.cpp:682
msgid "Score"
msgstr "Poäng"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2800 editfilterdialog.cpp:161 metabundle.cpp:149
msgid "File Size"
msgstr "Filstorlek"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 92
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2785 editfilterdialog.cpp:163 metabundle.cpp:128
#: rc.cpp:38 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160
#, no-c-format
msgid "Title"
msgstr "Titel"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 125
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2788 contextbrowser.cpp:947 editfilterdialog.cpp:165
#: metabundle.cpp:135 rc.cpp:47
#, no-c-format
msgid "Track"
msgstr "Spår"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 136
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:205 collectionbrowser.cpp:2751
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2765 collectionbrowser.cpp:2789
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:167 metabundle.cpp:132 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3124
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3348 rc.cpp:50 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:161
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:894
#, no-c-format
msgid "Year"
msgstr "År"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:177
msgid "<p>Type the attribute value or the text to look for here.</p>"
msgstr "<p>Skriv in egenskapens värde eller texten att söka efter här.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:185
msgid "Attribute value is"
msgstr "Egenskapens värde är"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:195
msgid "smaller than"
msgstr "mindre än"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:196
msgid "larger than"
msgstr "större än"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:197
msgid "equal to"
msgstr "lika med"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:198
msgid "between"
msgstr "mellan"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:212 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:907
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:929 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:957
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:976
msgid "and"
msgstr "och"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:227
msgid "Unit:"
msgstr "Enhet:"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:232
msgid "B (1 Byte)"
msgstr "Byte (1 byte)"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:233
msgid "KB (1024 Bytes)"
msgstr "Kibyte (1024 byte)"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:234
msgid "MB (1024 KB)"
msgstr "Mibyte (1024 Kibyte)"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:251
msgid "Filter action"
msgstr "Filteråtgärd"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:256
msgid "Match all words"
msgstr "Matcha alla ord"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:258
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box to look for the tracks that contain all the words you typed "
"in the related Simple Search edit box</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Markera rutan för att söka efter spår som innehåller alla ord du skrev in i "
"motsvarande redigeringsruta för enkel sökning</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:262
msgid "Match any word"
msgstr "Matcha något ord"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:264
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box to look for the tracks that contain at least one of the words "
"you typed in the related Simple Search edit box</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Markera rutan för att söka efter spår som innehåller åtminstone ett av orden "
"du skrev in i motsvarande redigeringsruta för enkel sökning</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:268
msgid "Exact match"
msgstr "Exakt match"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:270
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box to look for all the tracks that contain exactly the words you "
"typed in the related Simple Search edit box</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Markera rutan för att söka efter spår som innehåller exakt de ord du skrev "
"in i motsvarande redigeringsruta för enkel sökning</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:274
msgid "Exclude"
msgstr "Undanta"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:276
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box to look for all the tracks that do not contain the words you "
"typed in the related Simple Search edit box</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Markera rutan för att söka efter alla spår som inte innehåller orden du "
"skrev in i motsvarande redigeringsruta för enkel sökning</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:299
msgid "Appending condition"
msgstr "Villkor för tillägg"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:304
msgid ""
"_: AND logic condition\n"
msgstr "OCH"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:306
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box if you want to add another condition and you want that the "
"filter to match both the previous conditions and this new one</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Markera rutan om du vill lägga till ytterligare ett villkor och du vill att "
"filtret ska både föregående villkor och det nya.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:310
msgid ""
"_: OR logic condition\n"
msgstr "ELLER"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:312
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box if you want to add another condition and you want that the "
"filter to match either the previous conditions or this new one</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Markera rutan om du vill lägga till ytterligare ett villkor och du vill att "
"filtret ska matcha antingen föregående villkor eller det nya.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:318
msgid "Invert condition"
msgstr "Invertera villkor"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:320
msgid "Check this box to negate the defined filter condition"
msgstr "Markera rutan för att negera det definierade filtervillkoret"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:322
msgid ""
"<p>If this option is checked the defined filter condition will be negated. This "
"means that, for example, you can define a filter that looks for all tracks that "
"are not of a specific album, artist, and so on.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Om alternativet markeras negeras det definierade filtervillkoret. Det "
"betyder att du till exempel kan definiera ett filter som söker efter alla "
"titlar som inte hör till ett specifikt album, en specifik artist, och så "
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:466 editfilterdialog.cpp:469
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:984
msgid "Seconds"
msgstr "sekunder"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:512 editfilterdialog.cpp:513
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:985
msgid "Minutes"
msgstr "minuter"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:684
msgid ""
"<p>Sorry but the filter rule cannot be set. The text field is empty. Please "
"type something into it and retry.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Tyvärr kan inte filterregeln läggas till. Textfältet är tomt. Skriv in något "
"i det och försök igen.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:685
msgid "Empty Text Field"
msgstr "Tomt textfält"
#: enginecontroller.cpp:122
msgid "Sorry, the '%1' could not be loaded, instead we have loaded the '%2'."
msgstr "\"%1\" kunde inte laddas, istället har \"%2\" laddats."
#: enginecontroller.cpp:193
msgid ""
"<p>Amarok could not find any sound-engine plugins. Amarok is now updating the "
"KDE configuration database. Please wait a couple of minutes, then restart "
"<p>If this does not help, it is likely that Amarok is installed under the wrong "
"prefix, please fix your installation using:"
"<pre>$ cd /path/to/amarok/source-code/"
"<br>$ su -c \"make uninstall\""
"<br>$ ./configure --prefix=`kde-config --prefix` && su -c \"make install\""
"<br>$ kbuildsycoca"
"<br>$ amarok</pre>More information can be found in the README file. For further "
"assistance join us at #amarok on</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Amarok kunde inte hitta några ljudinsticksprogram. Amarok uppdaterar nu "
"KDE:s inställningsdatabas. Vänta några minuter, och starta därefter om "
"<p>Om det inte hjälper, är det troligt att Amarok är installerat med felaktigt "
"prefix. Korrigera installationen med:"
"<pre>$ cd /sökväg/till/amaroks/källkod"
"<br>$ su -c \"make uninstall\""
"<br>$ ./configure --prefix=`kde-config --prefix` && su -c \"make install\""
"<br>$ kbuildsycoca"
"<br>$amarok</pre> Mer information finns i filen README. För ytterligare hjälp "
"kontakta oss gärna via #amarok på</p>"
#: enginecontroller.cpp:264
msgid ""
"<p>The %1 claims it <b>cannot</b> play MP3 files."
"<p>You may want to choose a different engine from the <i>Configure Dialog</i>"
", or examine the installation of the multimedia-framework that the current "
"engine uses. "
"<p>You may find useful information in the <i>FAQ</i> section of the <i>"
"Amarok HandBook</i>."
msgstr ""
"<p>Gränssnittet %1 anger att det <b>inte</b> kan spela MP3-filer."
"<p>Du kan vilja välja ett annat gränssnitt i <i>Inställningsdialogrutan</i>"
", eller undersöka installationen av multimediaramverket som det aktuella "
"gränssnittet använder. "
"<p>Du kan hitta användbar information i avsnittet <i>Vanliga frågor</i> i <i>"
"Amarok handboken </i>."
#: enginecontroller.cpp:280
msgid "Install MP3 Support"
msgstr "Installera stöd för MP3"
#: enginecontroller.cpp:282
msgid "Amarok currently cannot play MP3 files."
msgstr "Amarok kan för närvarande inte spela MP3-filer."
#: enginecontroller.cpp:283
msgid "No MP3 Support"
msgstr "Inget stöd för MP3"
#: enginecontroller.cpp:380 playlist.cpp:1627
msgid "Local file does not exist."
msgstr "Lokal fil finns inte."
#: enginecontroller.cpp:387
msgid "Starting CD Audio track..."
msgstr "Startar ljud-cdspår..."
#: enginecontroller.cpp:389
msgid "Connecting to stream source..."
msgstr "Ansluter till strömmande källa..."
#: playlistwindow.cpp:149 scriptmanager.cpp:147
msgid "Script Manager"
msgstr "Skripthantering"
#. i18n: file ./Options1.ui line 24
#: configdialog.cpp:175 rc.cpp:1081 scriptmanager.cpp:160
#, no-c-format
msgid "General"
msgstr "Allmänt"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:163
msgid "Transcoding"
msgstr "Kodar om"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:335
msgid ""
"No score scripts were found, or none of them worked. Automatic scoring will be "
"disabled. Sorry."
msgstr ""
"Några poängsättningsskript hittades inte, eller inget av dem fungerade. "
"Automatisk poängsättning kommer tyvärr att inaktiveras."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:419
msgid ""
"Script Packages (*.amarokscript.tar, *.amarokscript.tar.bz2, "
msgstr ""
"Skriptpaket (*.amarokscript.tar, *.amarokscript.tar.bz2, *.amarokscript.tar.gz)"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:421
msgid "Select Script Package"
msgstr "Välj skriptpaket"
#: Options2.ui.h:53 Options2.ui.h:92 scriptmanager.cpp:427
msgid "Could not read this package."
msgstr "Kunde inte läsa det här paketet."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:437
msgid ""
"A script with the name '%1' is already installed. Please uninstall it first."
msgstr ""
"Ett skript med namnet \"%1\" är redan installerat. Avinstallera det först."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:447
msgid "Script successfully installed."
msgstr "Skriptet installerat."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:451
msgid ""
"<p>Script installation failed.</p>"
"<p>The package did not contain an executable file. Please inform the package "
"maintainer about this error.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Misslyckades med att installera skript.</p>"
"<p>Paketet innehöll inte en körbar fil. Informera gärna paketleverantören om "
#: scriptmanager.cpp:515
msgid "Are you sure you want to uninstall the script '%1'?"
msgstr "Är du säker på att du vill avinstallera skriptet \"%1\"?"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:515
msgid "Uninstall Script"
msgstr "Avinstallera skript"
#: Options2.ui.h:141 scriptmanager.cpp:515
msgid "Uninstall"
msgstr "Avinstallera"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:541
msgid ""
"<p>Could not uninstall this script.</p>"
"<p>The ScriptManager can only uninstall scripts which have been installed as "
msgstr ""
"<p>Kunde inte avinstallera skriptet.</p> "
"<p>Skripthanteringen kan bara avinstallera skript som installerades som "
#: scriptmanager.cpp:575
msgid ""
"Another lyrics script is already running. You may only run one lyrics script at "
"a time."
msgstr ""
"Ett annat sångtextskript kör redan. Du kan bara köra ett sångtextskript åt "
#: scriptmanager.cpp:582
msgid ""
"Another transcode script is already running. You may only run one transcode "
"script at a time."
msgstr ""
"Ett annat omkodningsskript kör redan. Du kan bara köra ett omkodningsskript åt "
#: scriptmanager.cpp:612
msgid ""
"<p>Could not start the script <i>%1</i>.</p>"
"<p>Please make sure that the file has execute (+x) permissions.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Kunde inte starta skriptet <i>%1</i>.</p>"
"<p>Försäkra dig om att filen har körbehörighet (+x).</p>"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:669
msgid "There is no information available for this script."
msgstr "Det finns ingen information tillgänglig för det här skriptet."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:677
#, c-format
msgid "About %1"
msgstr "Om %1"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:681
msgid "%1 Amarok Script"
msgstr "%1 Amarok-skript"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:685
msgid "License"
msgstr "Licens"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:710
msgid "Debugging"
msgstr "Felsökning"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:711
msgid "Show Output &Log"
msgstr "Visa utmatnings&logg"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:729
#, c-format
msgid "Output Log for %1"
msgstr "Utmatningslogg för %1"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:782
msgid "The script '%1' exited with error code: %2"
msgstr "Skriptet '%1' avslutades med felkoden: %2"
#: playlistloader.cpp:93
msgid "Populating playlist"
msgstr "Fyller i spellista"
#: playlistloader.cpp:97
msgid "Preparing"
msgstr "Förbereder"
#: playlistloader.cpp:322
msgid "These media could not be loaded into the playlist: "
msgstr "Följande media kunde inte laddas i spellistan: "
#: playlistloader.cpp:334
msgid "Some media could not be loaded (not playable)."
msgstr "Vissa media kunde inte laddas (inte spelbara)."
#: playlistloader.cpp:476
msgid ""
"The XML in the playlist was invalid. Please report this as a bug to the Amarok "
"developers. Thank you."
msgstr ""
"XML i spellistan var ogiltig. Rapportera gärna det här som ett fel till "
"utvecklarna av Amarok. Tack så mycket."
#: playlistloader.cpp:514
msgid ""
"Your last playlist was saved with a different version of Amarok than this one, "
"and this version can no longer read it.\n"
"You will have to create a new one.\n"
"Sorry :("
msgstr ""
"Den senaste spellistan sparades med en annan version av\n"
" Amarok än denna, och den här versionen kan inte längre läsa den.\n"
"Du måste tyvärr skapa en ny."
#: playlistloader.cpp:532
msgid "Amarok could not open the file."
msgstr "Amarok kunde inte öppna filen."
#: playlistloader.cpp:542
msgid "This component of Amarok cannot translate XML playlists."
msgstr "Den här komponenten i Amarok kan inte översätta XML-spellistor."
#: playlistloader.cpp:549
msgid "Amarok does not support this playlist format."
msgstr "Det här spellisteformatet stöds inte av Amarok."
#: playlistloader.cpp:554
msgid "The playlist did not contain any references to files."
msgstr "Spellistan innehöll inte några referenser till filer."
#: playlistloader.cpp:997
msgid "Retrieving Playlist"
msgstr "Hämtar spellista"
#: directorylist.cpp:41
msgid "These folders will be scanned for media to make up your collection:"
msgstr "Dessa kataloger avsöks efter media som ska ingå i din samling:"
#: directorylist.cpp:45
msgid "&Scan folders recursively"
msgstr "&Sök rekursivt i kataloger"
#: directorylist.cpp:46
msgid "&Watch folders for changes"
msgstr "&Bevaka katalog efter ändringar"
#: directorylist.cpp:48
msgid "If selected, Amarok will read all subfolders."
msgstr "Om markerad läser Amarok alla underkataloger."
#: directorylist.cpp:49
msgid ""
"If selected, folders will automatically get rescanned when the content is "
"modified, e.g. when a new file was added."
msgstr ""
"Om markerad avsöks kataloger automatiskt igen när innehållet ändras, t ex när "
"en ny fil läggs till."
#: scancontroller.cpp:90
msgid "Updating Collection"
msgstr "Uppdaterar samling"
#: scancontroller.cpp:95
msgid "Building Collection"
msgstr "Bygger samling"
#: scancontroller.cpp:109
msgid "<p>The Collection Scanner was unable to process these files:</p>"
msgstr "<p>Samlingssökningen kunde inte behandla följande filer:</p>"
#: scancontroller.cpp:111
msgid "Collection Scan Report"
msgstr "Rapport från samlingssökning"
#: scancontroller.cpp:114
msgid ""
"<p>Sorry, the Collection Scan was aborted, since too many problems were "
msgstr ""
"<p>Tyvärr avbröts samlingssökningen, eftersom för många fel påträffades.</p>"
#: scancontroller.cpp:118
msgid "Collection Scan Error"
msgstr "Fel vid samlingssökning"
#: scancontroller.cpp:223
msgid "Updating Collection..."
msgstr "Uppdaterar samling..."
#: covermanager.cpp:99
msgid "Cover Manager"
msgstr "Omslagshantering"
#: covermanager.cpp:105
msgid "Albums By"
msgstr "Album av"
#: covermanager.cpp:123 covermanager.cpp:160
msgid "All Albums"
msgstr "Alla album"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:105 covermanager.cpp:146 filebrowser.cpp:103
#: mediabrowser.cpp:277 statistics.cpp:78
msgid "Enter search terms here"
msgstr "Skriv in sökbegrepp här"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:114 covermanager.cpp:152 filebrowser.cpp:109
#: playlistwindow.cpp:290 statistics.cpp:89
msgid "Clear search field"
msgstr "Rensa sökfält"
#: covermanager.cpp:153
msgid "Enter space-separated terms to search in the albums"
msgstr "Ange termer åtskilda av mellanslag för att söka i album"
#: covermanager.cpp:161
msgid "Albums With Cover"
msgstr "Album med omslag"
#: covermanager.cpp:162
msgid "Albums Without Cover"
msgstr "Album utan omslag"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:469 covermanager.cpp:169
msgid "International"
msgstr "Internationell"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:470 covermanager.cpp:170
msgid "Canada"
msgstr "Kanada"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:471 covermanager.cpp:171
msgid "France"
msgstr "Frankrike"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:472 covermanager.cpp:172
msgid "Germany"
msgstr "Tyskland"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:473 covermanager.cpp:173
msgid "Japan"
msgstr "Japan"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:474 covermanager.cpp:174
msgid "United Kingdom"
msgstr "Storbritannien"
#: covermanager.cpp:183
msgid "Amazon Locale"
msgstr "Amazon-plats"
#: covermanager.cpp:190
msgid "Fetch Missing Covers"
msgstr "Hämta saknade omslag"
#: covermanager.cpp:202 statusbar/progressBar.cpp:44
msgid "Abort"
msgstr "Avbryt"
#: contextbrowser.cpp:2924 contextbrowser.cpp:3428 covermanager.cpp:279
#: covermanager.cpp:942 metabundle.cpp:1054 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1068
#: playlistwindow.cpp:842 queuemanager.cpp:376 queuemanager.cpp:419
#: queuemanager.cpp:437 queuemanager.cpp:481
msgid "%1 - %2"
msgstr "%1 - %2"
#: covermanager.cpp:393
msgid "Loading Thumbnails..."
msgstr "Laddar miniatyrbilder..."
#: covermanager.cpp:394 statusbar/statusBarBase.cpp:258
msgid "..."
msgstr "..."
#: coverfetcher.cpp:43 covermanager.cpp:491
msgid "Cover Image"
msgstr "Omslagsbild"
#: covermanager.cpp:495
msgid "&Fetch Selected Covers"
msgstr "&Hämta markerade omslag"
#: covermanager.cpp:496
msgid "Set &Custom Cover for Selected Albums"
msgstr "Lägg till e&get omslag för markerade album"
#: covermanager.cpp:497
msgid "&Unset Selected Covers"
msgstr "&Inaktivera markerade omslag"
#: app.cpp:979 collectionbrowser.cpp:1429 contextbrowser.cpp:938
#: contextbrowser.cpp:949 covermanager.cpp:498 covermanager.cpp:504
#: filebrowser.cpp:171 mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:260
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:943
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2255 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:881
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1088 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1297
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2305 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2831
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3400 statistics.cpp:644
msgid "&Append to Playlist"
msgstr "&Lägg till i spellista"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:45 covermanager.cpp:501
msgid "&Show Fullsize"
msgstr "&Visa full storlek"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:46 covermanager.cpp:502
#, c-format
msgid "&Fetch From amazon.%1"
msgstr "&Hämta från Amazon.%1"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:47 covermanager.cpp:503
msgid "Set &Custom Cover"
msgstr "Lägg till e&get omslag"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:53 covermanager.cpp:507
msgid "&Unset Cover"
msgstr "&Inaktivera omslag"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:102 covermanager.cpp:730
msgid "Select Cover Image File"
msgstr "Välj skivomslagsfil"
#: covermanager.cpp:764
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Are you sure you want to remove this cover from the Collection?\n"
"Are you sure you want to delete these %n covers from the Collection?"
msgstr ""
"Är du säker på att du vill ta bort det här omslaget från samlingen?\n"
"Är du säker på att du vill ta bort de här %n omslagen från samlingen?"
#: covermanager.cpp:805
msgid "Finished."
msgstr "Klar."
#: covermanager.cpp:807
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Cover not found\n"
" <b>%n</b> covers not found"
msgstr ""
" Omslag hittades inte\n"
" <b>%n</b> omslag hittades inte"
#: covermanager.cpp:820
msgid "Fetching cover for %1..."
msgstr "Hämtar omslagsbild för %1..."
#: covermanager.cpp:822
msgid "Fetching cover for %1 - %2..."
msgstr "Hämtar omslagsbild för %1 - %2..."
#: covermanager.cpp:826
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Fetching 1 cover: \n"
"Fetching <b>%n</b> covers... : "
msgstr ""
"Hämtar 1 omslag: \n"
"Hämtar <b>%n</b> omslag...: "
#: covermanager.cpp:828
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 fetched\n"
"%n fetched"
msgstr ""
"1 hämtat\n"
"%n hämtade"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:205 collectionbrowser.cpp:894
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:954 collectionbrowser.cpp:975
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1029 collectionbrowser.cpp:1052
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1067 collectionbrowser.cpp:1118
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1125 collectionbrowser.cpp:1129
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1691 collectionbrowser.cpp:2180
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2402 collectionbrowser.cpp:2479
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2498 collectionbrowser.cpp:2583
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2601 collectionbrowser.cpp:2616
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2751 collectionbrowser.cpp:3014
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:3516 collectionbrowser.cpp:3517
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:3963 collectionbrowser.cpp:4284
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:4494 collectionbrowser.cpp:4495
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:4678 collectionbrowser.cpp:4679 covermanager.cpp:830
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1693
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2041
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2095 osd.cpp:694
msgid " - "
msgstr " - "
#: covermanager.cpp:831
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 not found\n"
"%n not found"
msgstr ""
"1 hittades inte\n"
"%n hittades inte"
#: covermanager.cpp:834
msgid "Connecting..."
msgstr "Ansluter..."
#: covermanager.cpp:854
msgid ""
"_n: 1 result for \"%1\"\n"
"%n results for \"%1\""
msgstr ""
"1 resultat för \"%1\"\n"
"%n resultat för \"%1\""
#: covermanager.cpp:856
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 album\n"
"%n albums"
msgstr ""
"1 album\n"
"%n album"
#: covermanager.cpp:862
msgid " by "
msgstr " av "
#: covermanager.cpp:867
msgid " - ( <b>%1</b> without cover )"
msgstr " - (<b>%1</b> utan omslag)"
#: covermanager.cpp:1040
msgid "Are you sure you want to overwrite this cover?"
msgstr "Är du säker på att du vill skriva över det här omslaget?"
#: covermanager.cpp:1041
msgid "Overwrite Confirmation"
msgstr "Bekräfta överskrivning"
#: covermanager.cpp:1042
msgid "&Overwrite"
msgstr "&Skriv över"
#: playerwindow.cpp:192
msgid "Artist-Title|Album|Length"
msgstr "Artist - Titel|Album|Längd"
#: playerwindow.cpp:244
msgid "Please report this message to, thanks!"
msgstr "Rapportera gärna meddelandet till, tack!"
#: playerwindow.cpp:328
msgid "Welcome to Amarok"
msgstr "Välkommen till Amarok"
#: playerwindow.cpp:374
msgid "%1 kBit - %2"
msgstr "%1 kbit - %2"
#: actionclasses.cpp:261 playerwindow.cpp:555
msgid "Analyzer"
msgstr "Analysator"
#: playerwindow.cpp:808
msgid "Click for more analyzers, press 'd' to detach."
msgstr "Klicka för fler analysatorer. Tryck på \"d\" för att koppla loss."
#: playerwindow.cpp:828
msgid "Equalizer is not available with this engine."
msgstr "Equalizern är inte tillgänglig med det här gränssnittet."
#: deletedialog.cpp:65
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: <b>1</b> file selected.\n"
"<b>%n</b> files selected."
msgstr ""
"<b>1</b> fil markerad.\n"
"<b>%n</b> filer markerade."
#: deletedialog.cpp:71
msgid ""
"<qt>These items will be <b>permanently deleted</b> from your hard disk.</qt>"
msgstr ""
"<qt>Objekten kommer att <b>tas bort permanent</b> från hårddisken.</qt>"
#: deletedialog.cpp:77
msgid "<qt>These items will be moved to the Trash Bin.</qt>"
msgstr "<qt>Objekten kommer att flyttas till papperskorgen.</qt>"
#: deletedialog.cpp:89
msgid "About to delete selected files"
msgstr "Ska just ta bort markerade filer"
#: deletedialog.cpp:91
msgid "&Send to Trash"
msgstr "Flytta till &papperskorg"
#: deletedialog.cpp:148
msgid "Deleting files"
msgstr "Tar bort filer"
#: socketserver.cpp:162
msgid "Visualizations"
msgstr "Visningar"
#: socketserver.cpp:170
msgid "Right-click on item for context menu"
msgstr "Högerklicka på objekt för att visa en sammanhangsberoende meny"
#: socketserver.cpp:236
msgid "Fullscreen"
msgstr "Fullskärm"
#: socketserver.cpp:257
msgid ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>No Visualizations Found</h3>Possible reasons:"
"<li>libvisual is not installed</li>"
"<li>No libvisual plugins are installed</li></ul>Please check these "
"possibilities and restart Amarok.</div>"
msgstr ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>Inga visualiseringar hittades</h3>Möjliga orsaker:"
"<li>Du har inte installerat libvisual.</li>"
"<li>Du har inte installerat något libvisual-insticksprogram.</li></ul>"
"Kontrollera dessa möjligheter och starta om Amarok.</div>"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:115
msgid "Enter space-separated terms to search in the collection"
msgstr "Ange termer åtskilda av mellanslag för att söka i samlingen"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:116
msgid "Click to edit collection filter"
msgstr "Klicka för att redigera samlingsfilter"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:132
msgid "Entire Collection"
msgstr "Hela samlingen"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:133
msgid "Added Today"
msgstr "Tillagd idag"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:134
msgid "Added Within One Week"
msgstr "Tillagd mindre än en vecka sedan"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:135
msgid "Added Within One Month"
msgstr "Tillagd mindre än en månad sedan"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:136
msgid "Added Within Three Months"
msgstr "Tillagd mindre än tre månader sedan"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:137
msgid "Added Within One Year"
msgstr "Tillagd mindre än ett år sedan"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:152
msgid "Configure Folders"
msgstr "Anpassa kataloger"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:153
msgid "Tree View"
msgstr "Trädvy"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:154
msgid "Flat View"
msgstr "Enkel vy"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:155
msgid "iPod View"
msgstr "iPod-vy"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:172
msgid "Show Divider"
msgstr "Visa avdelare"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:179
msgid "Browse backward"
msgstr "Bläddra bakåt"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:183
msgid "Browse forward"
msgstr "Bläddra framåt"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:194
msgid "Group By"
msgstr "Gruppera enligt"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:204
msgid "Artist / Album"
msgstr "Artist/Album"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:207
msgid "Genre / Artist"
msgstr "Genre/Artist"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:208
msgid "Genre / Artist / Album"
msgstr "Genre/Artist/Album"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:212
msgid "&First Level"
msgstr "&Första nivå"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:213
msgid "&Second Level"
msgstr "&Andra nivå"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:214
msgid "&Third Level"
msgstr "&Tredje nivå"
#: actionclasses.cpp:500 collectionbrowser.cpp:216 collectionbrowser.cpp:226
msgid "&Album"
msgstr "&Album"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:217 collectionbrowser.cpp:227
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:237
msgid "(Y&ear) - Album"
msgstr "(&År) - Album"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:218 collectionbrowser.cpp:228
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:238
msgid "A&rtist"
msgstr "A&rtist"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:219 collectionbrowser.cpp:229
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:239
msgid "&Composer"
msgstr "&Tonsättare"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:220 collectionbrowser.cpp:230
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:240
msgid "&Genre"
msgstr "&Genre"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:221 collectionbrowser.cpp:231
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:241
msgid "&Year"
msgstr "Å&r"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:222 collectionbrowser.cpp:232
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:242
msgid "&Label"
msgstr "&Beteckning"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:224 collectionbrowser.cpp:234
msgid "&None"
msgstr "I&ngen"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:236
msgid "A&lbum"
msgstr "A&lbum"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:717 configdialog.cpp:182
msgid "Configure Collection"
msgstr "Anpassa samling"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1135 collectionbrowser.cpp:3978
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:4271
msgid "No Label"
msgstr "Ingen beteckning"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1428 contextbrowser.cpp:937 contextbrowser.cpp:948
#: filebrowser.cpp:170 mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:259
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:942
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2254 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:880
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1087 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1296
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1488 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2304
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2830 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3399
msgid "&Load"
msgstr "&Ladda"
#: app.cpp:984 collectionbrowser.cpp:1430 contextbrowser.cpp:950
#: filebrowser.cpp:172 playlist.cpp:3849 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1089
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2832 statistics.cpp:645
msgid "&Queue Track"
msgstr "&Köa spår"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1431 filebrowser.cpp:173
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:261
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:944
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2256 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:882
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1298 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2306
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3401
msgid "&Queue Tracks"
msgstr "&Köa spår"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1434 filebrowser.cpp:175
msgid "&Save as Playlist..."
msgstr "&Spara som spellista..."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1439 contextbrowser.cpp:952 filebrowser.cpp:179
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:888 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2866
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3406
msgid "&Transfer to Media Device"
msgstr "Ö&verför till mediaenhet"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1443
msgid "&Burn All Tracks by This Artist"
msgstr "&Bränn alla spår av artisten"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1448
msgid "&Burn All Tracks by This Composer"
msgstr "&Bränn alla spår av tonsättaren"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1453
msgid "&Burn This Album"
msgstr "&Bränn den här skivan"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1461
msgid "B&urn to CD"
msgstr "B&ränn till CD"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1468 playlist.cpp:3901
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: &Organize File...\n"
"&Organize %n Files..."
msgstr ""
"&Organisera filen...\n"
"&Organisera %n filer..."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1469
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: &Delete File...\n"
"&Delete %n Files..."
msgstr ""
"&Ta bort filen...\n"
"&Ta bort %n filer..."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1470 playlist.cpp:3909
msgid "Manage &Files"
msgstr "Hantera &filer"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1474
#, c-format
msgid "&Fetch Cover From amazon.%1"
msgstr "&Hämta omslag från Amazon.%1"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1486
msgid "Show under &Various Artists"
msgstr "Visa under &diverse artister"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1487
msgid "&Do not Show under Various Artists"
msgstr "Visa inte under &diverse artister"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1493 playlist.cpp:3926
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Edit Track &Information...\n"
"Edit &Information for %n Tracks..."
msgstr ""
"Redigera spår&information...\n"
"Redigera spår&information för %n spår..."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1546 filebrowser.cpp:487
msgid "Organize Collection Files"
msgstr "Organisera samlingsfiler"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1748
msgid "Cannot start organize operation until jobs are aborted."
msgstr "Kan inte påbörja en organiseringsåtgärd förrän jobb avbryts."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1757
msgid ""
"Cannot start organize operation of different kind while another is in progress."
msgstr ""
"Kan inte påbörja en organiseringsåtgärd av ett annat slag medan en annan pågår."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1772
msgid ""
"You need to configure at least one folder for your collection for organizing "
"your files."
msgstr ""
"Du måste ställa in minst en katalog med samlingen för att organisera filer."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1866
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: The following file could not be organized: \n"
"The following %n files could not be organized: "
msgstr ""
"Följande fil kunde inte organiseras: \n"
"Följande %n filer kunde inte organiseras: "
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1873
msgid ", "
msgstr ", "
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1878
msgid "."
msgstr "."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1881
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Sorry, one file could not be organized.\n"
"Sorry, %n files could not be organized."
msgstr ""
"Tyvärr kunde inte en fil organiseras.\n"
"Tyvärr kunde inte %n filer organiseras."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1886
msgid "Aborting jobs..."
msgstr "Avbryter jobb..."
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1948
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: One file already in collection\n"
"%n files already in collection"
msgstr ""
"En fil redan i samlingen\n"
"%n filer redan i samlingen"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1952
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: One dropped file is invalid\n"
"%n dropped files are invalid"
msgstr ""
"En utelämnad fil är ogiltig\n"
"%n utelämnade filer är ogiltiga"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1955
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: , one dropped file is invalid\n"
", %n dropped files are invalid"
msgstr ""
", en utelämnad fil är ogiltig\n"
", %n utelämnade filer är ogiltiga"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1959 filebrowser.cpp:479
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:855
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2392
msgid "Copy Files To Collection"
msgstr "Kopiera filer till samling"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2113
msgid "Tracks"
msgstr "Spår"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2792 statistics.cpp:385 tagdialog.cpp:686
msgid "Playcount"
msgstr "Antal spelningar"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2796 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:162
msgid "First Play"
msgstr "Först spelad"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2797 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:163
msgid "Last Play"
msgstr "Senast spelad"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2798 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:163
msgid "Modified Date"
msgstr "Ändrad datum"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2905
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Album\n"
"All %n Albums"
msgstr ""
"1 album\n"
"Alla %n album"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2908
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Artist\n"
"All %n Artists"
msgstr ""
"1 artist\n"
"Alla %n artister"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2911
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Composer\n"
"All %n Composers"
msgstr ""
"1 tonsättare\n"
"Alla %n tonsättare"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2914
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Genre\n"
"All %n Genres"
msgstr ""
"1 genre\n"
"Alla %n genrer"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2917
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Year\n"
"All %n Years"
msgstr ""
"1 år\n"
"Alla %n år"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2920
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Label\n"
"All %n Labels"
msgstr ""
"Alla %n beteckningar"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:3532
msgid ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>Flat-View Mode</h3>To enable the Flat-View mode, please enter search terms "
"in the search line above.</div>"
msgstr ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>Enkelt vyläge</h3>För att aktivera enkel vy, ange sökbegrepp på sökraden "
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:3631
msgid "Flat View Columns"
msgstr "Enkel kolumnvy"
#: columnlist.cpp:67
msgid "Move column up"
msgstr "Flytta upp kolumn"
#: columnlist.cpp:71
msgid "Move column down"
msgstr "Flytta ner kolumn"
#: columnlist.cpp:174
msgid "Playlist Columns"
msgstr "Kolumner i spellistan"
#: actionclasses.cpp:70
msgid "Amarok Menu"
msgstr "Amarok-meny"
#: actionclasses.cpp:90
msgid "Menu"
msgstr "Meny"
#: actionclasses.cpp:120
msgid "C&over Manager"
msgstr "&Omslagshantering"
#: actionclasses.cpp:122 actionclasses.cpp:328 analyzers/blockanalyzer.cpp:439
#: playlistwindow.cpp:362
msgid "&Visualizations"
msgstr "&Visningar"
#: actionclasses.cpp:123
msgid "E&qualizer"
msgstr "E&qualizer"
#: actionclasses.cpp:131 playlistwindow.cpp:368
msgid "&Rescan Collection"
msgstr "O&msök samling"
#: actionclasses.cpp:211 app.cpp:440
msgid "Play/Pause"
msgstr "Spela/paus"
#: actionclasses.cpp:228 actionclasses.cpp:233 app.cpp:438
#: playlistwindow.cpp:193
msgid "Pause"
msgstr "Paus"
#: actionclasses.cpp:238 app.cpp:436 playlistwindow.cpp:192
msgid "Play"
msgstr "Spela"
#: actionclasses.cpp:295
msgid "Click for more analyzers"
msgstr "Klicka för fler analysatorer"
#: actionclasses.cpp:414
msgid "Click to change"
msgstr "Klicka för att ändra"
#: actionclasses.cpp:422 engine/nmm/HostList.cpp:46 sliderwidget.cpp:429
msgid "Volume"
msgstr "Volym"
#: actionclasses.cpp:439
msgid "Volume control"
msgstr "Volymkontroll"
#: actionclasses.cpp:462
msgid "Ra&ndom"
msgstr "Slump&mässig"
#: actionclasses.cpp:464 actionclasses.cpp:499
msgid "&Off"
msgstr "&Av"
#: actionclasses.cpp:464
msgid "&Tracks"
msgstr "&Spår"
#: actionclasses.cpp:464
msgid "&Albums"
msgstr "&Album"
#: actionclasses.cpp:482
msgid "&Favor"
msgstr "&Favorit"
#: actionclasses.cpp:485
msgid "Higher &Scores"
msgstr "Högre &poäng"
#: actionclasses.cpp:486
msgid "Higher &Ratings"
msgstr "Högre &klassificering"
#: actionclasses.cpp:487
msgid "Not Recently &Played"
msgstr "&Spelade mindre nyligen"
#: actionclasses.cpp:497
msgid "&Repeat"
msgstr "Upp&repa"
#: actionclasses.cpp:499
msgid "&Track"
msgstr "&Spår"
#: actionclasses.cpp:500 playlistwindow.cpp:402
msgid "&Playlist"
msgstr "S&pellista"
#: actionclasses.cpp:509 actionclasses.cpp:524
msgid "Burn"
msgstr "Bränn"
#: actionclasses.cpp:538
msgid "Current Playlist"
msgstr "Aktuell spellista"
#: actionclasses.cpp:539
msgid "Selected Tracks"
msgstr "Markerade spår"
#: actionclasses.cpp:609
msgid "Now"
msgstr "Nu"
#: actionclasses.cpp:610
msgid "After Current Track"
msgstr "Efter aktuellt spår"
#: actionclasses.cpp:611
msgid "After Queue"
msgstr "Efter kö"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:96
msgid ""
"<p>KLibLoader could not load the plugin:"
"<p>Error message:"
msgstr ""
"<p>Klibloader kunde inte ladda insticksprogrammet:"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:177 queuemanager.cpp:70 statistics.cpp:129
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Namn"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:178
msgid "Library"
msgstr "Bibliotek"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:179
msgid "Authors"
msgstr "Upphovsmän"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:180
msgid "Email"
msgstr "E-post"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:181
msgid "Version"
msgstr "Version"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:182
msgid "Framework Version"
msgstr "Ramverkets version"
#: pluginmanager.cpp:186
msgid "Plugin Information"
msgstr "Insticksprograminformation"
#: scripts/graphequalizer/main.cpp:24
msgid "An Amarok Equalizer using a line graph"
msgstr "En equalizer för Amarok som använder en grafisk linje"
#. i18n: file ./scripts/graphequalizer/eqdialog.ui line 16
#: rc.cpp:83 scripts/graphequalizer/main.cpp:30
#, no-c-format
msgid "Graph Equalizer"
msgstr "Grafisk equalizer"
#: equalizersetup.cpp:60
msgid "Equalizer"
msgstr "Equalizer"
#: equalizersetup.cpp:73
msgid "Presets:"
msgstr "Förinställningar:"
#: equalizersetup.cpp:80
msgid "Add new preset"
msgstr "Lägg till ny förinställning"
#: equalizersetup.cpp:85
msgid "Manage presets"
msgstr "Hantera förinställningar"
#. i18n: file ./scripts/graphequalizer/eqdialog.ui line 31
#: equalizersetup.cpp:93 rc.cpp:86
#, no-c-format
msgid "Enable Equalizer"
msgstr "Aktivera equalizer"
#: equalizersetup.cpp:113
msgid "Pre-amp"
msgstr "Förförstärkare"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:85 equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:127
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:136 equalizersetup.cpp:233
#: equalizersetup.cpp:417 equalizersetup.cpp:492
msgid "Manual"
msgstr "Manuell"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:85 equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:135
#: equalizersetup.cpp:234 equalizersetup.cpp:301
msgid "Zero"
msgstr "Noll"
#: equalizersetup.cpp:367
msgid "Add Equalizer Preset"
msgstr "Lägg till förinställning av equalizer"
#: equalizersetup.cpp:368
msgid "Enter preset name:"
msgstr "Ange förinställningens namn:"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:106 equalizersetup.cpp:373
msgid "A preset with the name %1 already exists. Overwrite?"
msgstr "En förinställning med namnet %1 finns redan. Skrivöver?"
#: _translatorinfo.cpp:1
msgid ""
"Your names"
msgstr "Stefan Asserhäll"
#: _translatorinfo.cpp:3
msgid ""
"Your emails"
msgstr ""
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatuneartistinfobox.cpp:46
msgid "Fetching Artist Info"
msgstr "Hämtar artistinformation"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunelistview.cpp:34
msgid "Artist/Album/Track"
msgstr "Artist/Album/Spår"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunelistview.cpp:35
msgid "Duration"
msgstr "Tid"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunexmlparser.cpp:50
msgid ""
" database update complete. Added %1 tracks on %2 albums from %3 "
msgstr ""
"Uppdatering av databasen för klar. %1 spår på %2 album från %3 "
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:227
msgid "Add artist to playlist"
msgstr "Lägg till artist i spellista"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:230
msgid "Add album to playlist"
msgstr "Lägg till album i spellista"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:231
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:235
msgid "Purchase album"
msgstr "Köp album"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:234
msgid "Add track to playlist"
msgstr "Lägg till spår i spellista"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:295
msgid "Genre: "
msgstr "Genre: "
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:301
msgid "Redownload"
msgstr "Ladda ner igen"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:319
msgid "Purchase Album"
msgstr "Köp album"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:324
msgid "Update"
msgstr "Uppdatera"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:326
msgid "Show Info"
msgstr "Visa information"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:350
msgid "Downloading Database"
msgstr "Laddar ner databas för"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunebrowser.cpp:508
msgid ""
"Welcome to Amarok's integrated store. If this is the first time "
"you run it, you must update the database by pressing the 'Update' button below."
msgstr ""
"Välkommen till Amaroks integerade butik. Om detta är första "
"gången du använder den, måste du uppdatera databasen genom att klicka på "
"knappen 'Uppdatera' nedan."
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunepurchasehandler.cpp:115
msgid "Processing Payment"
msgstr "Behandlar betalning"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatuneredownloadhandler.cpp:54
msgid "No purchases found!"
msgstr "Några inköp hittades inte."
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatuneredownloadhandler.cpp:55
msgid "No previous purchases have been found. Nothing to redownload..."
msgstr "Några tidigare inköp har inte hittats. Ingenting att ladda ner igen..."
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatuneredownloadhandler.cpp:126
msgid "Could not re-download album"
msgstr "Kunde inte ladda ner album igen"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatuneredownloadhandler.cpp:127
msgid "There seems to be a problem with the selected redownload info file."
msgstr ""
"Det verkar finnas ett problem med den valda informationsfilen för nerladdning."
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunealbumdownloader.cpp:57
msgid "Downloading album"
msgstr "Laddar ner album"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunealbumdownloader.cpp:72
msgid "Downloading album cover"
msgstr "Laddar ner albumomslag"
#: magnatunebrowser/magnatunealbumdownloader.cpp:123
msgid "Adding album cover to collection"
msgstr "Lägger till albumomslag i samlingen"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:184
msgid "No Device Available"
msgstr "Ingen enhet tillgänglig"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:250
msgid "Connect"
msgstr "Anslut"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:251
msgid "Connect media device"
msgstr "Anslut mediaenhet"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:253
msgid "Disconnect"
msgstr "Koppla ner"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:254
msgid "Disconnect media device"
msgstr "Koppla ner mediaenhet"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:256
msgid "Transfer"
msgstr "Överföring"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:257 mediabrowser.cpp:263
msgid "Transfer tracks to media device"
msgstr "Överför spår till mediaenhet"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:268
msgid "Configure device"
msgstr "Anpassa enhet"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:285
msgid "Clear filter"
msgstr "Rensa filter"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:286
msgid "Enter space-separated terms to search"
msgstr "Ange termer åtskilda av mellanslag för att söka"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:287
msgid "Click to edit filter"
msgstr "Klicka för att redigera filtret"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:304 mediabrowser.cpp:305
msgid "Disable"
msgstr "Inaktivera"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:306 mediabrowser.cpp:307 mediumpluginmanager.cpp:210
#: mediumpluginmanager.cpp:272 mediumpluginmanager.cpp:428
#: mediumpluginmanager.cpp:440
msgid "Do not handle"
msgstr "Hantera inte"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:362
msgid ""
"Amarok has detected new portable media devices.\n"
"Go to the \"Media Devices\" pane of the configuration\n"
"dialog to choose a plugin for these devices."
msgstr ""
"Nya bärbara mediaenheter har detekterats av Amarok.\n"
"Gå till rutan \"Mediaenheter\" i inställningsdialogrutan\n"
"för att välja ett insticksprogram för enheterna."
#: mediabrowser.cpp:609
msgid "Cannot remove device because disconnect failed"
msgstr "Kan inte ta bort enheten eftersom nerkoppling misslyckades"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:633
msgid "%1 at %2"
msgstr "%1 på %2"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:637
msgid " (mounted at %1)"
msgstr " (monterad som %1)"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1142
msgid "Drag items here to create new playlist"
msgstr "Dra objekt hit för att skapa en ny spellista"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1145
msgid "Drag items here to append to this playlist"
msgstr "Dra objekt hit för att lägga till sist i den här spellistan"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1148
msgid "Drag items here to insert before this item"
msgstr "Dra objekt hit för att infoga före det här objektet"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1152
msgid "Not visible on media device"
msgstr "Inte synlig på mediaenheten"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1156
msgid "In device database, but file is missing"
msgstr "I enhetens databas, men filen saknas"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1160
msgid "File on device, but not in device database"
msgstr "Fil på enheten, men inte i enhetens databas"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1192 playlist.cpp:4722
msgid "Remote Media"
msgstr "Fjärrmedia"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1440 mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2439
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1320
msgid "New Playlist"
msgstr "Ny spellista"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1489
msgid ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>Media Device Browser</h3>Configure your media device and then click the "
"Connect button to access your media device. Drag and drop files to enqueue them "
"for transfer.</div>"
msgstr ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>Mediaenhetsbläddrare</h3> Ställ in mediaenheten och klicka på knappen "
"Anslut för att komma åt den. Drag och släpp filer för att köa dem för "
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1519 mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:952
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:1013
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:655
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:687
msgid "Add Directory"
msgstr "Lägg till katalog"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1519
msgid "Directory Name:"
msgstr "Katalognamn:"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1596
msgid "Cannot change plugin while operation is in progress"
msgstr "Kan inte ändra insticksprogram medan en åtgärd pågår"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1630
msgid ""
"The device %1 was unmounted before it was synchronized. In order to avoid data "
"loss, press the \"Disconnect\" button before unmounting the device."
msgstr ""
"Enheten %1 avmonterades innan den synkroniserats. För att undvika dataförlust, "
"tryck på knappen \"Koppla ner\" innan enheten avmonteras."
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1659
msgid ""
"The device %1 was removed before it was disconnected. In order to avoid "
"possible data loss, press the \"Disconnect\" button before disconnecting the "
msgstr ""
"Enheten %1 togs bort innan den kopplades ner. För att undvika möjlig "
"dataförlust, tryck på knappen \"Koppla ner\" innan enheten kopplas ner."
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1768
msgid "The requested media device could not be loaded"
msgstr "Begärd mediaenhet kunde inte laddas"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1839
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 track in queue\n"
"%n tracks in queue"
msgstr ""
"1 spår i kö\n"
"%n spår i kö"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1842
msgid " (%1)"
msgstr " (%1)"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:1848
msgid " - %1 of %2 available"
msgstr " - %1 av %2 tillgängliga"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2113
#, c-format
msgid "Not a playlist file: %1"
msgstr "Inte en spellistefil: %1"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2121 mediabrowser.cpp:2256
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to load playlist: %1"
msgstr "Misslyckades ladda spellista: %1"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2298
#, c-format
msgid "Track already queued for transfer: %1"
msgstr "Spåret är redan köat för överföring: %1"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2456
#, c-format
msgid "could not execute %1"
msgstr "Kunde inte köra %1"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2503
msgid "Media Device: Copying %1 to %2 failed"
msgstr "Mediaenhet: Misslyckades kopiera %1 till %2"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2515
msgid "Media Device: Reading tags from %1 failed"
msgstr "Mediaenhet: Misslyckades läsa taggar från %1"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2614
msgid "Transfer in progress. Finish or stop after current track?"
msgstr "Överföring pågår. Avsluta eller stoppa efter aktuellt spår?"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2615
msgid "Stop Transfer?"
msgstr "Stoppa överföring?"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2616
msgid "&Finish"
msgstr "&Klar"
#. i18n: file ./scriptmanagerbase.ui line 109
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2617 rc.cpp:74
#, no-c-format
msgid "&Stop"
msgstr "&Stoppa"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2689 mediabrowser.cpp:3252
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 track to be deleted\n"
"%n tracks to be deleted"
msgstr ""
"1 spår som ska tas bort\n"
"%n spår som ska tas bort"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2698
msgid "Failed to purge podcasts already played"
msgstr "Misslyckades ta bort podradiosändningar som redan spelats"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2705
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Purged 1 podcasts already played\n"
"Purged %n podcasts already played"
msgstr ""
"Tog bort 1 podradiosändning som redan spelats\n"
"Tog bort %n podradiosändningar som redan spelats"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2726
msgid "Device successfully connected"
msgstr "Enhet ansluten med lyckat resultat"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2765
msgid ""
"Post-disconnect command failed, before removing device, please make sure that "
"it is safe to do so."
msgstr ""
"Kommando efter nerkoppling misslyckades. Innan du tar bort enheten, försäkra "
"dig om att det är säkert att göra det."
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2770
msgid "Device successfully disconnected"
msgstr "Enhet nerkopplad med lyckat resultat"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3002
#, c-format
msgid "Track already on media device: %1"
msgstr "Spåret finns redan på mediaenheten: %1"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3054
#, c-format
msgid "Track not playable on media device: %1"
msgstr "Spåret kan inte spelas på mediaenheten: %1"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3074
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to copy track to media device: %1"
msgstr "Misslyckades överföra spår till mediaenhet: %1"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3145
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: One track not playable on media device\n"
"%n tracks not playable on media device"
msgstr ""
"Ett spår kan inte spelas på mediaenheten\n"
"%n spår kan inte spelas på mediaenheten"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3151
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: One track already on media device\n"
"%n tracks already on media device"
msgstr ""
"Ett spår finns redan på mediaenheten\n"
"%n spår finns redan på mediaenheten"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3154
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: , one track already on media device\n"
", %n tracks already on media device"
msgstr ""
", ett spår finns redan på mediaenheten\n"
", %n spår finns redan på mediaenheten"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3160
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: One track was not transcoded\n"
"%n tracks were not transcoded"
msgstr ""
"Ett spår kodades inte om\n"
"%n spår kodades inte om"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3163
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: , one track was not transcoded\n"
", %n tracks were not transcoded"
msgstr ""
", ett spår kodades inte om\n"
", %n spår kodades inte om"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3167
msgid " (no transcode script running)"
msgstr " (något omkodningsskript kör inte)"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3172
msgid "The following tracks were not transferred: "
msgstr "Följande spår överfördes inte: "
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3257
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: "
"<p>You have selected 1 track to be <b>irreversibly</b> deleted.\n"
"<p>You have selected %n tracks to be <b>irreversibly</b> deleted."
msgstr ""
"<p>Du har valt att 1 spår ska tas bort <b>permanent</b>.</p>\n"
"<p>Du har valt att %n spår ska tas bort <b>permanent</b>.</p>"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3502
msgid ""
"The XML in the transferlist was invalid. Please report this as a bug to the "
"Amarok developers. Thank you."
msgstr ""
"XML i överföringslistan var ogiltig. Rapportera gärna det som ett fel till "
"utvecklarna av Amarok. Tack så mycket."
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3617
msgid "Transfer Queue"
msgstr "Överföringskö"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3787
msgid "&Remove From Queue"
msgstr "&Ta bort från kö"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3789
msgid "&Clear Queue"
msgstr "&Rensa kö"
#: mediabrowser.cpp:3790
msgid "&Start Transfer"
msgstr "&Starta överföring"
#: podcastsettings.cpp:66 podcastsettings.cpp:77
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_: change options\n"
"Configure %1"
msgstr "Anpassa %1"
#: podcastsettings.cpp:69 podcastsettings.cpp:80
msgid "Reset"
msgstr "Återställ"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:36 equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:43
msgid "Presets"
msgstr "Förinställningar"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:51 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:410
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:894
msgid "&Rename"
msgstr "&Byt namn"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:100
msgid "Rename Equalizer Preset"
msgstr "Byt namn på förinställning av equalizer"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:101
msgid "Enter new preset name:"
msgstr "Ange förinställningens nya namn:"
#: equalizerpresetmanager.cpp:121
msgid ""
"All presets will be deleted and defaults will be restored. Are you sure?"
msgstr ""
"Alla nuvarande förinställningar tas bort och standardvärden återställs. Är du "
#: queuemanager.cpp:90
msgid ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>The Queue Manager</h3>To create a queue, <b>drag</b> "
"tracks from the playlist, and <b>drop</b> them here."
"<br>Drag and drop tracks within the manager to resort queue orders.</div>"
msgstr ""
"<div align=center>"
"<h3>Köhantering</h3>För att skapa en kö, <b>dra</b> spår från spellistan, och "
"<b>släpp</b> dem här."
"<br>Dra och släpp spår i köhanteringen för att sortera om ordningen i kön.</div>"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:150 queuemanager.cpp:291
msgid "Queue Manager"
msgstr "Köhantering"
#: queuemanager.cpp:308
msgid "Move up"
msgstr "Flytta upp"
#: queuemanager.cpp:309
msgid "Move down"
msgstr "Flytta ner"
#: queuemanager.cpp:311
msgid "Enqueue track"
msgstr "Köa spår"
#: queuemanager.cpp:312
msgid "Clear queue"
msgstr "Rensa kö"
#: main.cpp:31
msgid "Ain't afraid of no bugs"
msgstr "Är inte rädd för några fel"
#: main.cpp:32
msgid "Developer (Untouchable)"
msgstr "Utvecklare (oberörbar)"
#: main.cpp:33
msgid "Babe-Magnet"
msgstr "Tjejmagnet"
#: main.cpp:34
msgid "Stud (muesli)"
msgstr "Hingst (müsli)"
#: main.cpp:36
msgid "733t code, OSD improvement, patches (Larson)"
msgstr "733t-kod, förbättringar av skärmvisning, programfixar (Larson)"
#: main.cpp:37
msgid "Opera owns your mom"
msgstr "Opera äger din mamma"
#: main.cpp:38
msgid "Developer (illissius)"
msgstr "Utvecklare (illissius)"
#: main.cpp:39
msgid "The Beard"
msgstr "Skägget"
#: main.cpp:40
msgid "Developer (eean)"
msgstr "Utvecklare (eean)"
#: main.cpp:41
#: main.cpp:42
msgid "Developer (jefferai)"
msgstr "Utvecklare (jefferai)"
#: main.cpp:43
msgid "It's good, but it's not irssi"
msgstr "Det är bra, men det är inte IRSSI"
#: main.cpp:44
msgid "Project founder (markey)"
msgstr "Grundare av projektet (markey)"
#: main.cpp:45
msgid "Easily the most compile-breaks ever!"
msgstr "Med lätthet flest kompileringar som inte fungerar någonsin!"
#: main.cpp:46
msgid "Developer (aumuell)"
msgstr "Utvecklare (aumuell)"
#: main.cpp:47
msgid "Turtle-Power"
msgstr "Turtle Power"
#: main.cpp:48
msgid "Cowboy mxcl"
msgstr "Cowboy MXCI"
#: main.cpp:49
msgid "Purple is not girly!"
msgstr "Violett är inte flickaktigt!"
#: main.cpp:50
msgid "DCOP, improvements, Preci-i-o-u-u-s handbook maintainer (madpenguin8)"
msgstr "DCOP, förbättringar, älskad handboksredaktör (madpenguin8)"
#: main.cpp:51
msgid "Meet me at the Amarok Bar!"
msgstr "Möt mig vid Amarok-baren!"
#: main.cpp:52
msgid "Developer (foreboy)"
msgstr "Utvecklare (foreboy)"
#: main.cpp:53
msgid "Spaghetti Coder"
msgstr "Spagettikodare"
#: main.cpp:54
msgid "Playlist-browser, cover-manager (teax)"
msgstr "Spellistebläddrare, omslagshantering (teax)"
#: main.cpp:55
msgid "And God said, let there be Mac"
msgstr "Gud sade: \"Mac, bli till!\""
#: main.cpp:56
msgid "Amarok logo, splash screen, icons"
msgstr "Amarok-logotyp, startskärm, ikoner"
#: main.cpp:57
msgid "Surfin' down under"
msgstr "Surfar 'down under'"
#: main.cpp:58
msgid "Developer (sebr)"
msgstr "Utvecklare (sebr)"
#: main.cpp:59
msgid "All you need is DCOP"
msgstr "Allt som behövs är DCOP"
#: main.cpp:60
msgid "DCOP, improvements, cleanups, i18n (berkus)"
msgstr "DCOP, förbättringar, upprensningar, i18n (berkus)"
#: main.cpp:63
msgid "Analyzers, patches, shoutcast"
msgstr "Analysatorer, programfixar, shoutcast"
#: main.cpp:64 main.cpp:67 main.cpp:93
msgid "Patches"
msgstr "Programfixar"
#: main.cpp:65
msgid "MySQL support"
msgstr "stöd för MySQL"
#: main.cpp:66
msgid "Postgresql support"
msgstr "Stöd för PostgreSQL"
#: main.cpp:68
msgid "podcast code improvements"
msgstr "Förbättringar av kod för podsändningar"
#: main.cpp:69
msgid "roKymoter (dangle)"
msgstr "Reklammakare (dangle)"
#: main.cpp:70
msgid "First-run wizard, usability"
msgstr "Startguiden, användarvänlighet"
#: main.cpp:71
msgid "roKymoter (hydrogen)"
msgstr "Reklammakare (hydrogen)"
#: main.cpp:72
msgid "graphics, splash-screen"
msgstr "Grafik, startskärm"
#: main.cpp:73
msgid "Analyzers, Context Browser and systray eye-candy"
msgstr "Analysatorer, sammanhangsbläddrare och ögongodis för systembrickan"
#: main.cpp:74
msgid "icons and image work"
msgstr "Ikoner och bildframställning"
#: main.cpp:75
msgid "dialog to filter the collection titles"
msgstr "Dialogruta för att filtrera samlingsrubriker"
#: main.cpp:76
msgid "Live CD, Bug squashing (oggb4mp3)"
msgstr "Live-cd, feleliminering (oggb4mp3)"
#: main.cpp:77
msgid ""
"handbook enhancements, translations, bug fixes, screenshots, roKymoter "
msgstr ""
"Förbättringar av handboken, översättningar, felrättningar, skärmbilder, "
"reklammakare (Apache-loggning)"
#: main.cpp:78
msgid "Tester, IRC channel operator, whipping"
msgstr "Tester, IRC-kanaloperatör, inpiskare"
#: main.cpp:79
msgid "roKymoter, bug fixer and Swedish Bitch (Firetech)"
msgstr "Reklammakare, felrättare och svensk elaking (Firetech)"
#. i18n: file ./Options2.ui line 38
#: main.cpp:80 rc.cpp:1246
#, no-c-format
msgid "Icons"
msgstr "Ikoner"
#: main.cpp:81
msgid "Konqueror Sidebar, some DCOP methods"
msgstr "Konqueror-sidorad, några DCOP-metoder"
#: main.cpp:82
msgid "Dynamic Collection, label support, patches"
msgstr "Dynamisk samling, stöd för beteckningar, programfixar"
#: main.cpp:83
msgid "FHT routine, bugfixes"
msgstr "FHT rutin, felrättningar"
#: main.cpp:84
msgid "K3B export code"
msgstr "K3b-exportkod"
#: main.cpp:85
msgid "Splash screen"
msgstr "Startskärm"
#: main.cpp:86
msgid " store integration (nhnFreespirit)"
msgstr "Integration med nätbutiken (nhnFreespirit)"
#: main.cpp:87
msgid "Website hosting"
msgstr "Värddator för webbplats"
#: main.cpp:88
msgid "Bugfixes, PostgreSQL support"
msgstr "Felrättningar, stöd för PostgreSQL"
#: main.cpp:89
msgid "Wikipedia support, patches"
msgstr "Stöd för Wikipedia, programfixar"
#: main.cpp:90
msgid "MAS engine"
msgstr "MAS-gränssnitt"
#: main.cpp:91
msgid "Audioscrobbler support"
msgstr "stöd för Audioscrobbler"
#: main.cpp:92
msgid "TagLib & ktrm code"
msgstr "Taglib- och Ktrm-kod"
#: main.cpp:94
msgid "Loadsa stuff"
msgstr "Massor med grejor"
#: main.cpp:95
msgid "Patches, Bugfixes"
msgstr "Programfixar, felrättningar"
#: main.cpp:96
msgid "roKymoter (sven423)"
msgstr "Reklammakare (sven423)"
#: main.cpp:97
msgid "Graphics, splash-screen (vnizzz)"
msgstr "Grafik, startskärm (vnizzz)"
#: main.cpp:98
msgid "Tester, patches"
msgstr "Tester, programfixar"
#: multitabbar.cpp:176
msgid "Browsers"
msgstr "Bläddrare"
#: tagdialog.cpp:301
msgid "Generating audio fingerprint..."
msgstr "Skapar fingeravtryck för ljud..."
#: tagdialog.cpp:312
msgid ""
"Tunepimp (MusicBrainz tagging library) returned the following error: \"%1\"."
msgstr ""
"Tunepimp (MusicBrainz taggningsbibliotek) returnerade följande fel: \"%1\"."
#: tagdialog.cpp:322
msgid "The track was not found in the MusicBrainz database."
msgstr "Spåret hittades inte i MusicBrainz databas."
#: tagdialog.cpp:383
msgid "Summary"
msgstr "Sammanfattning"
#: tagdialog.cpp:384
msgid "Tags"
msgstr "Taggar"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:153 tagdialog.cpp:386
msgid "Statistics"
msgstr "Statistik"
#: tagdialog.cpp:387
msgid "Labels"
msgstr "Beteckningar"
#: tagdialog.cpp:505
msgid "Please install MusicBrainz to enable this functionality"
msgstr "Installera MusicBrainz för att aktivera funktionen"
#: tagdialog.cpp:578
msgid "Tracks by this Artist"
msgstr "Spår av artisten"
#: tagdialog.cpp:590
msgid "Albums by this Artist"
msgstr "Album av artisten"
#: tagdialog.cpp:602
msgid "Favorite by this Artist"
msgstr "Favorit av artisten"
#: tagdialog.cpp:614
msgid "Favorite on this Album"
msgstr "Favorit på albumet"
#: tagdialog.cpp:621
msgid "Related Artists"
msgstr "Liknande artister"
#: tagdialog.cpp:632
msgid "Track Information: %1 by %2"
msgstr "Spårinformation: %1 av %2"
#: statusbar/queueLabel.cpp:299 tagdialog.cpp:638
msgid "<b>%1</b> by <b>%2</b>"
msgstr "<b>%1</b> av <b>%2</b>"
#: tagdialog.cpp:645
msgid "<b>%1</b> by <b>%2</b> on <b>%3</b>"
msgstr "<b>%1</b> av <b>%2</b> på <b>%3</b>"
#: tagdialog.cpp:669 tagdialog.cpp:915
msgid ""
"_: "
msgstr "<tr><td><nobr>%1:</nobr></td><td><b>%2</b></td></tr>"
#: tagdialog.cpp:676
msgid "Samplerate"
msgstr "Samplingsfrekvens"
#: tagdialog.cpp:677
msgid "Size"
msgstr "Storlek"
#: tagdialog.cpp:678
msgid "Format"
msgstr "Format"
#: tagdialog.cpp:687
msgid "First Played"
msgstr "Först spelad"
#: contextbrowser.cpp:134 tagdialog.cpp:688 tagdialog.cpp:690
msgid "Never"
msgstr "Aldrig"
#: tagdialog.cpp:689
msgid ""
"_: a single item (singular)\n"
"Last Played"
msgstr "Senast spelad"
#: tagdialog.cpp:822
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 Track\n"
"Information for %n Tracks"
msgstr ""
"1 spår\n"
"Information för %n spår"
#: tagdialog.cpp:913
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Editing 1 file\n"
"Editing %n files"
msgstr ""
"Redigerar 1 fil\n"
"Redigerar %n filer"
#: tagdialog.cpp:919
msgid "Rated Songs"
msgstr "Klassificerade sånger"
#: tagdialog.cpp:921
msgid "Average Rating"
msgstr "Medelklassificering"
#: tagdialog.cpp:925
msgid "Scored Songs"
msgstr "Poängsatta sånger"
#: tagdialog.cpp:927
msgid "Average Score"
msgstr "Medelpoäng"
#: tagdialog.cpp:1421 tagdialog.cpp:1461
msgid "The file %1 is not writable."
msgstr "Filen %1 är inte skrivbar."
#: tagdialog.cpp:1494
msgid ""
"Sorry, the tag for the following files could not be changed:\n"
msgstr ""
"Taggen för följande filer kunde tyvärr inte ändras:\n"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:136
msgid "&Add Media..."
msgstr "&Lägg till media..."
#: playlistwindow.cpp:138
msgid "&Add Stream..."
msgstr "&Lägg till ström..."
#: playlistwindow.cpp:140
msgid "&Save Playlist As..."
msgstr "&Spara spellista som..."
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1094 playlistwindow.cpp:144
msgid "Burn to CD"
msgstr "Bränn till CD"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:146
msgid "Play Media..."
msgstr "Spela media..."
#: playlistwindow.cpp:147
msgid "Play Audio CD"
msgstr "Spela ljud-cd"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:148
msgid "&Play/Pause"
msgstr "S&pela/paus"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:151
msgid "&Seek Forward"
msgstr "&Sök framåt"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:152
msgid "&Seek Backward"
msgstr "&Sök bakåt"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:154
msgid "Update Collection"
msgstr "Uppdatera samling"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:175
msgid "Play las& Stream"
msgstr "Spela s&tröm från"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:179 playlistwindow.cpp:186
msgid "Custom Station"
msgstr "Egen station"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:180 playlistwindow.cpp:187
msgid "Global Tag Radio"
msgstr "Global radio enligt beteckning"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:182
msgid "Add las& Stream"
msgstr "Lägg till s&tröm från"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:189
msgid "Configure &Global Shortcuts..."
msgstr "Anpassa &globala genvägar..."
#: app.cpp:448 playlistwindow.cpp:191
msgid "Previous Track"
msgstr "Föregående spår"
#: app.cpp:446 playlistwindow.cpp:194
msgid "Next Track"
msgstr "Nästa spår"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:196
msgid "Toggle Focus"
msgstr "Växla fokus"
#: contextbrowser.cpp:242 playlistwindow.cpp:275
msgid "S&earch:"
msgstr "&Sök:"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:276
msgid "Playlist Search"
msgstr "Spellistesökning"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:291
msgid ""
"Enter space-separated terms to search in the playlist.\n"
"Advanced, Google-esque syntax is also available;\n"
"see the handbook (The Playlist section of chapter 4) for details."
msgstr ""
"Skriv in termer åtskilda med mellanslag för att söka i spellistan.\n"
"Avancerad, Google-liknande syntax är också tillgänglig. Se\n"
"handboken (avsnittet om spellistan i kapitel 4) för mer information."
#: playlistwindow.cpp:296
msgid "Click to edit playlist filter"
msgstr "Klicka för att redigera spellistefilter"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:360
msgid "&Cover Manager"
msgstr "&Omslagshantering"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:363 sliderwidget.cpp:440
msgid "&Equalizer"
msgstr "&Equalizer"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:384 playlistwindow.cpp:1045
msgid "Hide Toolbar"
msgstr "Dölj verktygsrad"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:384 playlistwindow.cpp:1045
msgid "Show Toolbar"
msgstr "Visa verktygsrad"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:385 playlistwindow.cpp:1049
msgid "Hide Player &Window"
msgstr "Dölj s&pelarfönster"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:385 playlistwindow.cpp:1049
msgid "Show Player &Window"
msgstr "Visa s&pelarfönster"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:401
msgid "E&ngage"
msgstr "&Koppla in"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:403
msgid "&Mode"
msgstr "&Läge"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:451
msgid "Context"
msgstr "Sammanhang"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:460
msgid "Magnatune"
msgstr "Magnatune"
#: mediumpluginmanager.cpp:57 playlistwindow.cpp:465
msgid "Devices"
msgstr "Enheter"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:875
msgid "Play Media (Files or URLs)"
msgstr "Spela media (filer eller webbadresser)"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:875
msgid "Add Media (Files or URLs)"
msgstr "Lägg till media (filer eller webbadresser)"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:894
msgid "Add Stream"
msgstr "Lägg till ström"
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:1215 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2142
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2802 playlistwindow.cpp:894
msgid "URL"
msgstr "Webbadress"
#: configdialog.cpp:301 playlistwindow.cpp:1143
msgid "Media Device"
msgstr "Mediaenhet"
#: playlist.cpp:3774 playlistwindow.cpp:1177
msgid "Repopulate"
msgstr "Fyll i igen"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:1180
msgid "Turn Off"
msgstr "Stäng av"
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:124
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:125
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:126
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:389
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:394
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:398 transferdialog.cpp:76
msgid "None"
msgstr "Ingen"
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:165
msgid "Could not connect to iFP device"
msgstr "Kunde inte ansluta till iFP-enhet"
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:171
msgid "iFP: A suitable iRiver iFP device could not be found"
msgstr "iFP: En lämplig iRiver iFP-enhet kunde inte hittas"
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:181
msgid "iFP: Could not get a USB device handle"
msgstr "iFP: Kunde inte hämta en enhetsreferens för USB"
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:192
msgid "iFP: Device is busy"
msgstr "iFP: Enheten är upptagen"
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:203
msgid "iFP: Could not open device"
msgstr "iFP: Kunde inte öppna enhet"
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:459
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:341
msgid "Choose a Download Directory"
msgstr "Välj en nerladdningskatalog"
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:529
msgid "Directory cannot be deleted: '%1'"
msgstr "Katalogen kan inte tas bort: '%1'"
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:536
msgid "File does not exist: '%1'"
msgstr "Filen finns inte: '%1'"
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:567
msgid "Cannot enter directory: '%1'"
msgstr "Kan inte gå in i katalogen: '%1'"
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:653
msgid "Download"
msgstr "Nerladdning"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:81
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:125
msgid "NJB Media device"
msgstr "NJB-mediaenhet"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:77 mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:90
msgid "Special device functions"
msgstr "Särskilda enhetsfunktioner"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:92
msgid "Special functions of your jukebox"
msgstr "Specialfunktioner hos din jukebox"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:203
msgid "Could not connect to Nomad device"
msgstr "Kunde inte ansluta till Nomad-enhet"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:209
msgid "A suitable Nomad device could not be found"
msgstr "En lämplig Nomad-enhet kunde inte hittas"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:219
msgid "Nomad device could not be opened"
msgstr "Nomad-enhet kunde inte öppnas"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:322
msgid "Deleting failed"
msgstr "Borttagning misslyckades"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:322
msgid "Deleting track(s) failed."
msgstr "Borttagning av spår misslyckades."
#: filebrowser.cpp:483 mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:725
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:417
msgid "Move Files To Collection"
msgstr "Flytta filer till samling"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:439
msgid "Not a valid mp3 file"
msgstr "Inte en giltig MP3-fil"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:450
msgid "Copying / Sent %1%..."
msgstr "Kopierar - skickat %1 %..."
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:639
msgid "Download file"
msgstr "Ladda ner fil"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:640
msgid "Download to collection"
msgstr "Ladda ner till samling"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1311
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:643
#: mediadevice/riokarma/riokarmamediadevice.cpp:394
msgid "Delete from device"
msgstr "Ta bort från enhet"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:896
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 track found on device\n"
"%n tracks found on device "
msgstr ""
"1 spår hittades på enheten\n"
"%n spår hittades på enheten"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:897
msgid "On auxiliary power"
msgstr "Ansluten till yttre kraft"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:897
msgid "On main power"
msgstr "Ansluten till huvudkraft"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:898
msgid "Battery charging"
msgstr "Batteriet laddas"
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:898
msgid "Battery not charging"
msgstr "Batteriet laddas inte"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1242
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:899
msgid "Battery level: "
msgstr "Batterinivå: "
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1249
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:901
msgid "Player Information for "
msgstr "Spelarinformation för "
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:902
msgid "Power status: "
msgstr "Strömstatus: "
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:903
msgid "Battery status: "
msgstr "Batteristatus: "
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1257
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:908
msgid "Player not connected"
msgstr "Spelare inte ansluten"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1260
#: mediadevice/njb/njbmediadevice.cpp:911
msgid "Device information"
msgstr "Enhetsinformation"
#: contextbrowser.cpp:1422 mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:233
#: mediadevice/njb/track.cpp:72 mediadevice/njb/track.cpp:206
msgid "Unknown artist"
msgstr "Okänd artist"
#: contextbrowser.cpp:1420 mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:224
#: mediadevice/njb/track.cpp:82 mediadevice/njb/track.cpp:208
msgid "Unknown album"
msgstr "Okänt album"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:215 mediadevice/njb/track.cpp:92
#: mediadevice/njb/track.cpp:204
msgid "Unknown title"
msgstr "Okänd titel"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:242 mediadevice/njb/track.cpp:210
msgid "Unknown genre"
msgstr "Okänd genre"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:62
msgid "MTP Media Device"
msgstr "MTP-mediaenhet"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:79
msgid "Special functions of your device"
msgstr "Specialfunktioner hos din enhet"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:164
#: mediadevice/riokarma/riokarmamediadevice.cpp:96
msgid "Could not send track"
msgstr "Kunde inte skicka spår"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:206
msgid "Cannot determine a valid file type"
msgstr "Kan inte bestämma en giltig filtyp"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:285
msgid "Cannot create parent folder. Check your structure."
msgstr "Kan inte skapa överliggande katalog. Kontrollera strukturen."
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:310
msgid "File write failed"
msgstr "Skrivning av fil misslyckades"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:552
msgid "Unknown Artist"
msgstr "Okänd artist"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:557
msgid "Unknown Album"
msgstr "Okänt album"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:560
msgid "Unknown Genre"
msgstr "Okänd genre"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:683
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:707
msgid "Could not copy track from device."
msgstr "Kunde inte kopiera spår från enhet."
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:911
msgid "Could not save playlist."
msgstr "Kunde inte spara spellista."
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:926
msgid "Could not create new playlist on device."
msgstr "Kunde inte skapa ny spellista på enhet."
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:940
msgid "Could not update playlist on device."
msgstr "Kunde inte uppdatera spellista på enhet."
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1030
msgid "Could not delete item"
msgstr "Kunde inte ta bort objekt"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1043
msgid "Delete failed"
msgstr "Borttagning misslyckades"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1094
msgid "Could not connect to MTP Device"
msgstr "Kunde inte ansluta till MTP-enhet"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1104
msgid "MTP device could not be opened"
msgstr "MTP-enhet kunde inte öppnas"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1245
msgid "Secure time: "
msgstr "Säker tid: "
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1246
msgid "Supported file types: "
msgstr "Filtyper som stöds: "
#: filebrowser.cpp:182 mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:263
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:946
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2260
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1300
msgid "&Copy Files to Collection..."
msgstr "&Kopiera filer till samling..."
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2303
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1301
msgid "Make Media Device Playlist"
msgstr "Skapa spellista för mediaenhet"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1302
msgid "Refresh Cover Images"
msgstr "Uppdatera omslagsbilder"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1345
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: "
"<p>You are updating cover art for 1 track. This may take some time.\n"
"<p>You are updating cover art for %n tracks. This may take some time."
msgstr ""
"<p>Du håller på att uppdatera omslag för ett spår. Det kan ta en viss tid.\n"
"<p>Du håller på att uppdatera omslag för %n spår. Det kan ta en viss tid."
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1369
msgid "Folder structure:"
msgstr "Katalogstruktur:"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1374
msgid "Files copied to the device will be placed in this folder."
msgstr "Filer kopierade till enheten placeras i den här katalogen."
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1375
msgid "/ is used as folder separator."
msgstr "/ används som katalogavskiljare."
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1376
msgid "%a will be replaced with the artist name, "
msgstr "%a kommer att ersättas av artistens namn, "
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1377
msgid "%b with the album name,"
msgstr "%b med albumets namn,"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1378
#, c-format
msgid "%g with the genre."
msgstr "%g med genren,"
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1379
msgid ""
"An empty path means the files will be placed unsorted in the default music "
msgstr ""
"En tom sökväg betyder att filerna placeras osorterade i förvald musikkatalog."
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1474
msgid "Could not get music from MTP Device"
msgstr "Kunde inte hämta musik från MTP-enhet"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapserver.cpp:74
msgid "%1's Amarok Share"
msgstr "Delad Amarok-katalog på %1"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:72
msgid "Shared Music"
msgstr "Delad musik"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:85
msgid "Add computer"
msgstr "Lägg till dator"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:90
msgid "Share My Music"
msgstr "Dela min musik"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:93
msgid "List music from a remote host"
msgstr "Lista musik från en annan värddator"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:94
msgid ""
"If this button is checked, then your music will be exported to the network"
msgstr "Om knappen är markerad, exporteras din musik på nätverket"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:243
msgid "&Connect"
msgstr "A&nslut"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:246
msgid "&Remove Computer"
msgstr "&Ta bort dator"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:268
msgid "Track &Information..."
msgstr "Spår&information..."
#. i18n: file ./mediadevice/daap/addhostbase.ui line 16
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:472 rc.cpp:529
#, no-c-format
msgid "Add Computer"
msgstr "Lägg till dator"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:486
#, c-format
msgid "Could not resolve %1."
msgstr "Kunde inte lösa upp %1."
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:516
msgid "Password Required"
msgstr "Lösenord krävs"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:521
msgid "Login"
msgstr "Logga in"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:522
msgid "Login to the music share with the password given."
msgstr "Logga in till musikdelningen med angivet lösenord."
#. i18n: file ./dbsetup.ui line 197
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:528 rc.cpp:466 rc.cpp:514
#, no-c-format
msgid "Password:"
msgstr "Lösenord:"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:612
msgid "Enabling this may reduce connection times"
msgstr "Att aktivera det här kan reducera anslutningstider"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:738
#, c-format
msgid "Loading %1"
msgstr "Laddar %1"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:784
#, c-format
msgid ""
"The following error occurred while trying to connect to the remote server:"
msgstr "Följande fel uppstod vid försök att ansluta till fjärrservern: <br>%1"
#: mediadevice/daap/daapclient.cpp:800 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:2546
msgid "Downloading Media..."
msgstr "Laddar ner media..."
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:281
msgid "iPod"
msgstr "iPod"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:287
msgid "Stale and Orphaned"
msgstr "Föråldrad och föräldralös"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:288
msgid "Update Artwork"
msgstr "Uppdatera grafik"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:291
msgid "Set iPod Model"
msgstr "Ställ in iPod-modell"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:318
msgid "%1 GB %2 (x%3)"
msgstr "%1 Gibyte %2 (x%3)"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:324
msgid "%1 (x%2)"
msgstr "%1 (x%2)"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:388
msgid ""
"Could not write SysInfo file to iPod (check the permissions of the file \"%1\" "
"on your iPod)"
msgstr ""
"Kunde inte skriva filen SysInfo på iPod (kontrollera rättigheter för filen "
"\"%1\" på din iPod)"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:392
msgid "Unable to set iPod model to %1 GB %2 (x%3)"
msgstr "Kan inte ställa in iPod-modell till %1 Gibyte %2 (x%3)"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:400
msgid "Setting iPod model to %1 GB %2 (x%3)"
msgstr "Ställer in iPod-modell till %1 Gibyte %2 (x%3)"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:687
msgid "Media Device: Creating directory for file %1 failed"
msgstr "Mediaenhet: Misslyckades skapa katalog för filen %1"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:728
msgid "Flushing iPod filesystem transfer cache"
msgstr "Tömmer iPod-filsystemets överföringscache"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:995
msgid "Media Device: iPod mounted at %1 already locked. "
msgstr "Mediaenhet: iPod monterad på %1 är redan låst. "
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:996
msgid ""
"If you are sure that this is an error, then remove the file %1 and try again."
msgstr ""
"Om du är säker på att det är ett fel, ta bort filen %1 och försök igen."
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1001
msgid "Remove iTunes Lock File?"
msgstr "Ta bort iTunes låsfil?"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1005
msgid "Media Device: removing lockfile %1 failed: %2. "
msgstr "Mediaenhet: Misslyckades ta bort låsfil %1: %2. "
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1019
msgid "Media Device: failed to create lockfile on iPod mounted at %1: %2"
msgstr "Mediaenhet: Misslyckades skapa låsfil för iPod monterad på %1: %2"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1041
#: mediadevice/riokarma/riokarmamediadevice.cpp:291
msgid "Media device: Mount point %1 does not exist"
msgstr "Mediaenhet: Monteringsplatsen %1 finns inte"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1094
#, c-format
msgid "Media Device: Initialized iPod mounted at %1"
msgstr "Mediaenhet: Initialiserade iPod monterad på %1"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1116
msgid "Media Device: iPod at %1 already opened"
msgstr "Mediaenhet: iPod på %1 är redan öppnad"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1179
msgid "Media Device: No mounted iPod found"
msgstr "Mediaenhet: Någon monterad iPod hittades inte"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1187
msgid ""
"Media Device: could not find iTunesDB on device mounted at %1. Should I try to "
"initialize your iPod?"
msgstr ""
"Mediaenhet: Kunde inte hitta iTunes databas på enheten som är monterad som %1. "
"Ska ett försök göras att initiera din iPod?"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1191
msgid "Initialize iPod?"
msgstr "Initiera iPod?"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1192
msgid "&Initialize"
msgstr "&Initiera"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1203
#, c-format
msgid "Media Device: Failed to initialize iPod mounted at %1"
msgstr "Mediaenhet: Misslyckades initialisera iPod monterad på %1"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1239
#, c-format
msgid "Media device: Failed to create directory %1"
msgstr "Mediaenhet: Misslyckades skapa katalog %1"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1375
msgid ""
"Your iPod's Firewire GUID is required for correctly updating its music "
"database, but it is not known. See %1 for more information."
msgstr ""
"Din iPods Firewire globalt unika identifikation krävs för att uppdatera dess "
"musikdatabas, men den är inte känd. Se %1 för mer information."
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1385
msgid ""
"iPod type detection failed: no support for iPod Shuffle, for artwork or video"
msgstr ""
"Detektering av iPod-typ misslyckades: Inget stöd för iPod Shuffle, grafik eller "
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1432
msgid "Invisible"
msgstr "Osynlig"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1437
msgid "Stale"
msgstr "Föråldrad"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1442
msgid "Orphaned"
msgstr "Föräldralös"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1487
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: Updated artwork for one track\n"
"Updated artwork for %n tracks"
msgstr ""
"Uppdaterade grafik för ett spår\n"
"Uppdaterade grafik för %n spår"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1553
msgid "Scanning for stale and orphaned tracks finished"
msgstr "Sökning efter föråldrade eller föräldralösa spår avslutad"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1987
msgid "Media device: failed to write iPod database"
msgstr "Mediaenhet: Misslyckades skriva iPod-databas"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2250 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:417
msgid "Create Playlist..."