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-- ABOUT -------------------------------------------------------------
digiKam is an easy to use and powerful digital photo management
application, which makes importing, organizing and manipulating
digital photos a "snap". An easy to use interface is provided
to connect to your digital camera, preview the images and download
and/or delete them.
The digiKam built-in image editor makes the common photo correction
a simple task. The image editor is extensible via plugins and,
since the digikamimageplugins project has been merged to digiKam core
since release 0.9.2, all useful image editor plugins are available
in the base installation.
digiKam can also make use of the KIPI image handling plugins to
extend its capabilities even further for photo manipulations,
import and export, etc. The kipi-plugins package contains many
very useful extentions.
digiKam is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.
-- AUTHORS ------------------------------------------------------------
See AUTHORS file for details.
-- RELATED URLS -------------------------------------------------------
digiKam :
kipi-plugins :
-- CONTACT ------------------------------------------------------------
If you have questions, comments, suggestions to make do email at :
If you want contribute to digiKam developments do email at :
IRC channel from server: #digikam
-- BUG REPORTS --------------------------------------------------------
IMPORTANT : the bug reports and wishlist entries are hosted by the KDE bug report
system which can be reached from the standard KDE help menu of digiKam.
A mail will automaticly be sent to the digikam development mailing list.
There is no need to contact directly the digikam mailing list for a bug report
or a devel wish.
The current bugs and devel wishes reported to the bugilla servers can be seen
at these urls :
* digiKam (KDE bugzilla):
* Image Editor plugins (KDE bugzilla):
* Showfoto (KDE bugzilla):
* Kipi-plugins (KDE bugzilla):
Extra Bugzilla servers for shared libs used by digiKam :
* GPhoto2 library (sourceforge bugzilla):
* Exiv2 library (robotbattle bugzilla):
-- DEPENDENCIES -------------------------------------------------------
AutoConf >= 2.5.x
AutoMake >= 1.7.x
libtqt >= 3.3.x
libkde >= 3.4.x (>=3.5.x recommended)
libgphoto2 >= 2.x.x (>=2.4.x recommended)
libkipi >= 0.1.5 (>=0.1.6 recommended)
libkexiv2 >= 0.1.6 (>=0.1.7 recommended)
libkdcraw >= 0.1.5
liblcms >= 1.14.x
libtiff >= 3.6.x (>=3.8.2 recommended)
libpng >= 1.2.x
libjasper >= 1.7.x
libsqlite3 >= 3.5.9 (optional)
Note : all library dependencies require development and binary packages installed on your
computer to compile digiKam.
-- INSTALLATION --------------------------------------------------------
In the source directory do :
1) export WANT_AUTOCONF_2_5=1
2) export TDEDIR=KDE_installation_dir_on_your_system
3) if you are installing libkipi in a non-standard location
let pkg-config know about their paths:
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/path/to/installation/lib/pkgconfig
4) make -f Makefile.cvs
5) ./configure
6) make
7) su
8) make install
More specific compilation and installation options can be used with the 'configure' script.
Get more information with the './configure --help' command line.
Note : use the '--enable-debug=full' option with the configure script to provide
all needed information in a bug report.
-- DONATE MONEY --------------------------------------------------------
If you love digiKam, you can help developpers to buy new photo devices to test
and implemente new features. Thanks in advance for your generous donations.
For more informations, look at this url :