Internationalization (i18n) for Gwenview
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dnl =======================================================
dnl FILE: ./admin/
dnl =======================================================
dnl This file is part of the KDE libraries/packages
dnl Copyright (C) 2001 Stephan Kulow (
dnl This file is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
dnl modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
dnl License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
dnl version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
dnl This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
dnl but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
dnl Library General Public License for more details.
dnl You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public License
dnl along with this library; see the file COPYING.LIB. If not, write to
dnl the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
dnl Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
# Original Author was
# I lifted it in some mater. (Stephan Kulow)
# I used much code from Janos Farkas
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
AC_INIT(acinclude.m4) dnl a source file from your sub dir
dnl This is so we can use kde-common
dnl This ksh/zsh feature conflicts with `cd blah ; pwd`
unset CDPATH
dnl Checking host/target/build systems, for make, install etc.
dnl Perform program name transformation
dnl Automake doc recommends to do this only here. (Janos)
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(gwenview-i18n-1.4.2, "3.5.7") dnl searches for some needed programs
dnl generate the config header
AM_CONFIG_HEADER(config.h) dnl at the distribution this done
dnl Checks for programs.
dnl for NLS support. Call them in this order!
dnl WITH_NLS is for the po files
dnl =======================================================
dnl FILE:
dnl =======================================================
if test "$build_arts" = "yes"; then
AC_DEFINE(USE_ARTS, 1, [If we use arts volume])
KDE_INIT_DOXYGEN([KEG Graphics API Reference], [Version $VERSION])
AM_CONDITIONAL(ar_SUBDIR_included, test "x$ar_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(az_SUBDIR_included, test "x$az_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(bg_SUBDIR_included, test "x$bg_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(br_SUBDIR_included, test "x$br_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(ca_SUBDIR_included, test "x$ca_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(cs_SUBDIR_included, test "x$cs_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(cy_SUBDIR_included, test "x$cy_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(da_SUBDIR_included, test "x$da_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(de_SUBDIR_included, test "x$de_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(el_SUBDIR_included, test "x$el_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(en_GB_SUBDIR_included, test "x$en_GB_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(es_SUBDIR_included, test "x$es_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(et_SUBDIR_included, test "x$et_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(fa_SUBDIR_included, test "x$fa_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(fi_SUBDIR_included, test "x$fi_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(fo_SUBDIR_included, test "x$fo_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(fr_SUBDIR_included, test "x$fr_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(gl_SUBDIR_included, test "x$gl_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(he_SUBDIR_included, test "x$he_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(hi_SUBDIR_included, test "x$hi_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(hu_SUBDIR_included, test "x$hu_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(is_SUBDIR_included, test "x$is_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(it_SUBDIR_included, test "x$it_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(ja_SUBDIR_included, test "x$ja_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(ka_SUBDIR_included, test "x$ka_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(ko_SUBDIR_included, test "x$ko_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(lt_SUBDIR_included, test "x$lt_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(ms_SUBDIR_included, test "x$ms_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(nb_SUBDIR_included, test "x$nb_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(nds_SUBDIR_included, test "x$nds_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(nl_SUBDIR_included, test "x$nl_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(nso_SUBDIR_included, test "x$nso_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(pa_SUBDIR_included, test "x$pa_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(pl_SUBDIR_included, test "x$pl_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(pt_SUBDIR_included, test "x$pt_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(pt_BR_SUBDIR_included, test "x$pt_BR_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(ro_SUBDIR_included, test "x$ro_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(ru_SUBDIR_included, test "x$ru_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(rw_SUBDIR_included, test "x$rw_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(sk_SUBDIR_included, test "x$sk_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(sr_SUBDIR_included, test "x$sr_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(sr_Latn_SUBDIR_included, test "x$sr_Latn_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(sv_SUBDIR_included, test "x$sv_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(ta_SUBDIR_included, test "x$ta_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(th_SUBDIR_included, test "x$th_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(tr_SUBDIR_included, test "x$tr_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(uk_SUBDIR_included, test "x$uk_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(ven_SUBDIR_included, test "x$ven_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(vi_SUBDIR_included, test "x$vi_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(xh_SUBDIR_included, test "x$xh_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(zh_CN_SUBDIR_included, test "x$zh_CN_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(zh_TW_SUBDIR_included, test "x$zh_TW_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(zu_SUBDIR_included, test "x$zu_SUBDIR_included" = xyes)
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ar/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ar/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ az/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ az/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ bg/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ bg/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ br/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ br/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ca/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ca/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ cs/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ cs/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ cy/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ cy/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ da/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ da/doc/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ da/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ de/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ de/doc/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ de/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ el/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ el/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ en_GB/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ en_GB/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ es/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ es/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ et/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ et/doc/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ et/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ fa/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ fa/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ fi/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ fi/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ fo/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ fo/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ fr/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ fr/doc/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ fr/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ gl/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ gl/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ he/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ he/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ hi/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ hi/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ hu/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ hu/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ is/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ is/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ it/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ it/doc/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ it/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ja/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ja/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ka/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ka/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ko/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ko/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ lt/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ lt/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ms/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ms/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ nb/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ nb/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ nds/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ nds/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ nl/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ nl/doc/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ nl/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ nso/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ nso/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ pa/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ pa/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ pl/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ pl/doc/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ pl/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ pt/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ pt/doc/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ pt/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ pt_BR/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ pt_BR/doc/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ pt_BR/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ro/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ro/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ru/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ru/doc/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ru/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ rw/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ rw/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ sk/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ sk/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ sr/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ sr/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ sr@Latn/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ sr@Latn/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ sv/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ sv/doc/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ sv/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ta/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ta/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ th/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ th/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ tr/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ tr/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ uk/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ uk/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ve/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ve/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ vi/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ vi/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ xh/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ xh/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ zh_CN/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ zh_CN/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ zh_TW/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ zh_TW/messages/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ zu/Makefile ])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ zu/messages/Makefile ])
dnl Put here things to be done at the very end - telling users
dnl about additional packages to install. Better yet is giving
dnl each project / subdr its own
# Check if KDE_SET_PREFIX was called, and --prefix was passed to configure
if test -n "$kde_libs_prefix" -a -n "$given_prefix"; then
# And if so, warn when they don't match
if test "$kde_libs_prefix" != "$given_prefix"; then
# And if kde doesn't know about the prefix yet
echo ":"`tde-config --path exe`":" | grep ":$given_prefix/bin/:" 2>&1 >/dev/null
if test $? -ne 0; then
echo ""
echo "Warning: you chose to install this package in $given_prefix,"
echo "but KDE was found in $kde_libs_prefix."
echo "For this to work, you will need to tell KDE about the new prefix, by ensuring"
echo "that TDEDIRS contains it, e.g. export TDEDIRS=$given_prefix:$kde_libs_prefix"
echo "Then restart KDE."
echo ""
if test x$GXX = "xyes" -a x$kde_have_gcc_visibility = "xyes" -a x$kde_cv_val_qt_gcc_visibility_patched = "xno"; then
echo ""
echo "Your GCC supports symbol visibility, but the patch for Qt supporting visibility"
echo "was not included. Therefore, GCC symbol visibility support remains disabled."
echo ""
echo "For better performance, consider including the Qt visibility supporting patch"
echo "located at:"
echo ""
echo ""
echo ""
echo "and recompile all of Qt and KDE. Note, this is entirely optional and"
echo "everything will continue to work just fine without it."
echo ""
if test "$all_tests" = "bad"; then
if test ! "$cache_file" = "/dev/null"; then
echo ""
echo "Please remove the file $cache_file after changing your setup"
echo "so that configure will find the changes next time."
echo ""
echo ""
echo "Good - your configure finished. Start make now"
echo ""