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* Fix CD Copy device selection (Bug 151924)
* Fixed HAL mounting (thanks to Ken Milmore)
* Always wait for the drive to become ready before starting verification.
* Never use growisofs parameter -dvd-compat with DVD-RW media in restricted overwrite mode
* Unmount medium before DVD formatting
* Silently (without introducing new strings for translation) allow the burning of files
bigger than 4 GB with appropriate versions of genisoimage or mkisofs.
* Do only reload the medium before verification if necessary, i.e. if the newly written
track cannot be read otherwise (many old drives depend on this). Hopefully this will
at least work around the aweful "DMA disabled" bug for many users.
* Reverted to old behaviour of reloading medium before verification. Not enough
testing had been done before introducing this and some systems fail to read the
medium before reload (Bugs 147297, 147328, 147420, 147698).
* Do not crash when the currently playing audio project item is removed (Bug 147548).
* Added desktop actions to handle empty media with K3b.
* Fixed read retry when reading data tracks (Bug 147778)
* K3b's dialogs now honor the global button layout setting (Bug 147799)
* Do not crash on mp3 files without tags if compiled with taglib support (Bug 142651)
* Do not allow to copy a rewritable media to itself.
* Fixed crash on startup with devices that return bogus GET PERFORMANCE data (Bug 147676)
* Properly determine the capacity of complete CD-R(W) media.
* Mark a data project as modified if files are renamed.
* Allow adding of all actions to the welcome window (Bug 145866)
* Added "NoDisplay=true" property to k3b-cue.desktop and k3b-iso.desktop
* Fixed supported write speed detection on some devices
* No reload before verification and between writing sessions (CD copy + Mixed Mode CD) anymore
* Fixed crash when using the Device menu without a selected device.
* Fixed DVD copy when reading from a DVD+RW.
* Fixed --without-alsa configure check
* Fixed a crash in Video DVD ripping when the title does not contain an audio stream
* Only use the mkisofs parameters -biblio, -copyright, and -abstract if they have been set. Using them
with invalid values (empty) seems to result in broken iso images sometimes.
* Better compatibility with recent transcode development branch
* Fixed Multisession import size handling.
* Fixed Lame quality preset handling.
* Made libk3bdevice really thread-safe. This fixes the disabled DMA bug!
* New configure check --without-cdrecord-suid-root to disable K3b's check for cdrecord permissions.
Although not recommended it is requested by many distributors.
* Changed the order of the buttons in the tool dialogs to match the KDE order.
* Added handling of the newly introduced genisoimage parameter -allow-limited-size
* Make the K3b Sox audio encoder plugin work with newer sox versions (Thanks, Stephan.)
* K3b now includes a VideoDVD kio slave. It can be used in Konqueror through the protocol videodvd:/
to copy the files from a VideoDVD with on-the-fly decryption if libdvdcss is installed.
(Be aware that in some countries it is not permitted to use libdvdcss.)
* New Device menu containing all the actions possible for a device (like eject, unmount, ...).
This includes the possibility of assigning shortcuts to these kind of actions.
* K3b now warns if user parameters for external programs have been specified. This has been introduced
because there were some bug report that were caused by faulty user parameters.
* Cleaned up all the job classes: No job creates a widget anymore. This allows for non-GUI usage of libk3b.
For example in a tdeioslave.
* New option in the data project to not cache the inodes. That means it is possible to have multiple
actual copies of the same file on one CD/DVD.
* K3b now tries to disable stuff that might influence the burning process. This includes the KDED module
mediamanager, SuSEPlugger, and automounting (currently supported: subfs, supermount).
* New Audio Track source editor dialog to cut audio track sources at the beginning and the end.
* Splitted "read retries" and "ignore read errors" for data and audio sectors in cd copy and set new
defaults for audio sectors which make more sense: 5 retires and skip unreadable sectors.
* New Mediamanager which makes K3b always know which device contains which medium. This makes medium handling
more smooth and the user now selects a medium instead of a device.
Other advantages:
- No waiting time anymore when asking for information on media (including for example Audio CD ripping).
- Nice default image filenames.
- CD Copy: Enable/disable options based on the source medium
- Automatically select newly inserted media as burning medium
* DCOP call directBurn() now returns a boolean value stating if the process could be started.
* New DCOP calls cddaRip(), videocdrip(), and videodvdrip() with media:/ url support.
* K3b can now handle media:/ urls from the command line to specify devices
* Better Lame settings dialog. Easier to use for the novice user and better defaults.
* Nicer Ogg Vorbis encoder settings dialog.
* K3b now shows the DVD Medium ID in the disk information view.
* K3b now displays a rough estimate on the remaining time for the current job.
* New automatic media size mode for the projects. This means K3b uses the size from an inserted medium
for the project maximum size.
* Make a suggestion for the filename when saving a project based on the Volume ID (data projects) or the
CD-Text title (Audio CD)
* The Audio encoder plugins are now able to provide (very simplistic) user feedback in case of an error.
* New settings "Swap byte order" and "Write Wave header" in the audio encoding plugin using external apps.
This makes way for the usage of such programs as mppenc to encode Musepack files. In fact, mppenc is set up
as a default along with flac if installed.
* New DCOP interface: K3bJobInterface which provides DCOP signals for the currently running job. It may,
for example, be used to provide information to a Karamba module.
* New KFile plugin for K3b projects. For now it only shows the type of the project (Data DVD or Audio CD or ...)
but may be extended to show arbitrary information.
* K3b now chooses default image names based on the project name or the volumeid/cdtext title in case of
CD/DVD copy.
* The K3b Project DCOP Interface now uses the QString type for url parameters instead of KURL.
* Save/load audio cd track sources in audio projects
* Display a beautified volume id. For example: THE_TRANSPORTER -> The Transporter
* Check if the image directory exists before starting to create a project image
* Possibility to hide the OSD temporarily for one process.
* Completely rewritten Video DVD ripping and transcoding support:
- Simple on-the-fly transcoding of Video DVD titles
- Interface similar to Audio CD ripping
- Preview images in the ripping window
- Automatic clipping
- Simple resizing with automatic aspect ratio handling
* File System presets for all data projects including all the advanced options.
* Completely rewritten data project verification
- K3b now compares the written image instead of the single files
- Verification of Video DVD projects
* Little GUI changes:
- Changed the dialog layout in the action dialogs.
- Simplified the layout of the burn dialogs for data projects (more advanced settings hidden)
- Improved theme support (transparent themes)
* Device buffer status display for DVD burning with growisofs >= 7.0
* Support for Audio CD ripping with libcdio instead of libcdparanoia
* Support for Cdrkit, the Debian fork of cdrtools
* Fixed saving/loading of the file view configuration.
* Improved ffmpeg autoconf check.
* More FreeBSD Compile fixes (thanks to Heiner Eichmann).
* Fixed symbolic link handling in data projects (a bug introduced in 0.12.16)
* Use UTF-8 encoding to store and load local CDDB entries.
* Never use growisofs parameter -dvd-compat with DVD+RW media.
* Fixed flac audio encoding for the audio project conversion feature.
* FreeBSD Compile fixes (thanks to Heiner Eichmann).
* Always force 44.1khz in the Lame MP3 encoder plugin.
* Fixed VideoDVD creation on rewritable media.
* NetBSD support (thanks to Mark Davies).
* Fixed Copy of Enhanced Audio CDs with CD-Text
* Changed default boot cataloge name from "boot.cataloge" to "boot.catalog"
* Fixed a crash when reusing the same DVD Iso Image writing dialog.
* Ignore case when comparing MD5 sums entered by the user.
* Make sure that filenames in a data project's folder are unique.
* Allow index statements bigger than 99 minutes in cue files.
* Properly set the length of SCSI commands (this fixes some device detection problems).
* Write more metadata tags in the default setup of the external encoder plugin.
* Fixed on-the-fly Video DVD creation
* Fixed data project verification in case filenames had to be shortened due to Joliet limitations.
* Use -dvd-compat parameter to close DVDs in on-the-fly mode.
* Fixed libdvdcss handling (again), no crashes anymore.
* Fixed the "invalid url" bug.
* Use SG IO for scsi commands with newer linux kernels. This should fix problems with scsi device
* Warn about shortened filenames due to Joliet restrictions before starting the burning process.
* Make sure new projects are not already marked as modified.
* Fixed (hopefully) the last bug related to Data project verification.
* Honor umask when creating directories for Audio CD ripping.
* Only update the buffer state for DVD burning if it really changes.
* Fixed a crash in verification if the CD/DVD does not contain RR extensions.
* Lowered default DVD writing buffer size to 32 MB to avoid "memorylock limit" problems
as described on
* Fixed loading of libdvdcss.
* Fixed another bug in the iso options code which sometimes resulted in a failed verification.
* Properly close the reading device when copying VideoDVDs. This bug resulted in a blocked device.
* Fixed handling of filenames in libdvdcss backend (this fixes VideoDVD copy).
* Fixed selection in the audio CD ripping window.
* Fixed info block handling in WAVE audio file decoder: no more clicks at the end.
* Introduced a hack which fixes the "Wav detected as Mpeg file" bug.
* Fixed Auto multisession mode for DVD+RW and DVD-RW in restricted overwrite mode in case
a previous session was imported.
* Fixed a crash with HAL >= 0.5 when exiting K3b.
* Allow copying of double layer DVDs with a size below 4.3 GB to single layer media.
* Support for the ring buffer in growisofs 6.0.
* Use .iso extension for images instead of .img
* Properly remove the image file in case verification failed.
* Ignore mounting state of a medium when showing its contents.
* Fixed a bug in the iso options code which sometimes resulted in a failed verification.
* Properly handle cue files withan image file name like image.bin.cue + image.bin
* Write a proper Xing header when encoding VBR mp3 files.
* Fixed Auto multisession mode in DVD projects
* Fixed crash in dcop call directBurn in case no valid burner device was set.
* Fixed verification of datacd projects when using the MaxIso9660 option without the OmitVersionNumber option
* New project dcop calls:
directBurn() - directly starts the burn process without user interaction
setBurnDevice(QString) - set the burn device to be used
* Disable the cd-text fields if cd-text writing is disabled.
* New Alsa audio output plugin.
* If a DVD project does not fill up the DVD completely do not close the DVD in automatic
multisession mode.
* Fixed problems with filenames ending in backslashes.
* Fixed verification problems with localized characters.
* Added error handling for incorrectly encoded filenames.
* Automatically use a newly installed version of an external application at the next K3b start.
* Complete new set of K3b action icons for project types and tools. Many thanks to Marcel Dierkes.
* Show text on the burn button to make it catch the eye.
* Support for media:// urls in the Image writing dialogs.
* Fixed problems with files bigger than 2 GB on some systems.
* Load index0 value in audio project.
* Ignore case in cue files.
* The "eject media" setting was not used properly in some situations (thanks to for the patch)
* Fixed a bug in the mp3 decoder which caused it to miss some perfectly valid mp3 files.
* Fixed crash when refreshing the device list.
* Fixed cancellation of adding files to a data project.
* Fixed on-the-fly data project burning.
* Backported a warning about following links to folders (K3b cannot do that after the link has
been added to the project).
* Copy XA Form1 tracks always in TAO writing mode.
* Support for media:/ urls.
* No extra whitespace when renaming audio files in a data project anymore.
* Fixed verification of multisession CDs (thanks to
* Preserve directory access time in data projects when using the "backup" option.
* Disable the "audio normalization" option in case the normalize program is not installed.
* Fixed the progressbar in the file view
* It is possible to add the "New Data DVD Project" button to the welcome window again.
* Fixed problems with unreadable items when using a non-standard color scheme
* Properly set the permissions on cdrecord versions >= 2.01.01a02
* Fixed the "Disabled start button in Copy dialog" bug.
* Little window layout fix in K3bSetup2.
* Always use sector size 2048 when only creating an image in CD Copy. This means extracted
iso images from CDs with non-Mode1 tracks are useable again.
* Preserve directory permissions and user/group id in data projects when using the "backup" option.
* Fixed --cdimage and --dvdimage parameters.
* Fixed the file browser menu. Now it contains the bookmarks and "add to project" actions again.
* Fixed Index 0 (Pregap) handling in audio cue files.
* Improved handling of broken cue files: K3b now searches the directory for image files that could fit
the cue file in case the FILE entry is bogus.
* Always try to create a new session in case the old one has been imported regardless of the inserted
medium's free space.
* Fixed DVD-RW Restricted Overwrite media handling
* Use RAW writing mode for audio CDs in case the writer does not support DAO but RAW.
* Fixed compile problems with latest ffmpeg builds.
* Ignore dock config from K3b versions older than 0.12
* Do not delete DVD project iso image if "remove image" is unchecked.
* Properly load multisession default settings.
* Update device selection boxes when devices are added or removed via HAL.
* Properly cancel DVD project writing.
* Fixed DVD+RW session import
* After for example copying a CD when the dialog comes up again keep the last settings.
* Default to incremental sequential writing mode when copying a DVD to a DVD-R.
* Fixed a crash when the DVD copy dialog is reused.
* Fixed inline editing in the audio CD view (without bigger changes this only works with a
rather strange selection mode.)
* Show the configured splash screen image instead of the default.
* Fixed eMovix 0.9 default settings handling.
* Import session: disable RockRidge if the previous session does not contain RR extensions.
This fixes the problem with strange filenames if the new session is mounted via RR.
* Fixed the --cdimage parameter.
* Changed max copies from 99 to 999.
* Improved session import dialog.
* Properly default to DVD size in Video DVD project.
* Fixed automatic multisession handling for DVD+RW media.
* Fixed handbook installation.
* Fixed HAL backend: devices are properly removed now.
* Ignore K3b Themes that do not follow the new filename scheme.
Fixed compilation problems with older musepack library version.
Fixed compile problem with older gcc versions.
Enable verification checkbox for ISO9660 images in the CD writing dialog.
Do not report success even if audio project conversion failed.
Added "Mpeg Still" support to Video-CD Project
FreeBSD support (thanks to Adriaan De Groot)
Support for all global CD-Text fields with cdrecord.
Some GUI changes: cleaned up the action dialogs, moved the burnfree option to the global settings dialog
since turning it off should be a very seldomly used task.
Added support for multiple copies to the projects.
Added missed VCD 3.0 track interpretation option for SVCD's
New Lame encoding plugin providing a proper configuration dialog.
Added Bookmarks to the file browser.
Fixed window layering problem with windowmanagers != kwm
Added KPart plugin which converts a list of audio files into one of the supported encoder formats.
Allow disabling of CD-Text reading in cd-copy to overcome problems with CD-Text on some drives.
Check CD-Text crc when copying
Fixed incorrect PBC order, PBC now should work on all "standalone" DVD Players
Fixed waittime bug for PBC infinite timeout.
Import Audio Cue files into an audio project.
It is now possible to open an iso image or an audio cue file just like a project file.
Create cue files for an audio CD ripped into one single file
Show writer buffer state in addition to fifo buffer when writing CDs.
Show device buffer state for DVD writing (does not work always yet)
Fixed read and save setting in VideoCD project.
Big parts of the audio project have been rewritten to have a way better design:
- K3b now does not create additional silence between the tracks by default
the pregap is treated as part of the previous track like in all other
writing applications.
- Instead it's possible to add additional silence manually to a track.
- Allow multible sources for one track.
- Split tracks, merge tracks.
- Improved track dialog.
K3b now always writes a logfile in $(TDEHOME)/share/apps/k3b/lastlog.log
New device configuration format which solves all issues with removable devices like USB.
Copy CSS encrypted DVDs if libdvdcss is installed.
Libsndfile decoder plugin. This includes support for AIFF audio files.
ffmpeg decoder plugin. This includes support for wma audio files.
Musepack audio decoder plugin.
Use DAO writing mode for data CDs when overwrite is enabled.
Added option to load the last used settings in addition to the default user settings in every
action dialog.
Show system device name in case the string representing two devices are equal.
Fixed the docking issues. No floating dock windows anymore. :) I have no idea why I wasn't able to do this
before... it was so easy after all.
Plugin based Audio Output system for Audio project "preview".
Dropped id3lib in favor of TagLib (great work Scott :)
When the speed for an on-the-fly audio project is set to "Auto" K3b now determines the max writing speed.
Do not close dialogs after the action is done (for example cd copy)
Directly copy Audio tracks from an Audio CD to an Audio project.
Session management
Made K3b a unique application only allowing one instance.
Improved dcop interface for data projects which allows to add and remove items
to and from specific folders in the project.
Conditional audio ripping pattern. Now what does that mean? It means that you can do stuff like:
"if the track has a genre encoded use it, otherwise use 'misc'" and stuff like that.
New project plugin interface. Example: the audio project cddb plugin is now a project plugin
MusicBrainz support (Query audio file tags over the internet)
K3b now has a "smart" automatic multisession handling in Data projects.
Replaced the system tray by an OSD inspired by the one in amaroK
Better symlink handling with proper size information if "follow symlinks" is activated.
HAL support (turn on your USB writer while K3b is running and see it getting detected automatically)
eMovix 0.9.0 support
Support Mp3 files starting with multiple ID3 tags.
Improved ~ handling in the QuickDirSelector.
Save/Load composer fields in audio projects
Save/Load default DVD Copy reading device
Fixed data project size calculation (for good this time).
K3b now searches for the Debian cdrecord wrapper script and properly selects the cdrecord version to use
(cdrecord.mmap or cdrecord.shm) based on the kernel version. This should fix all problems with
K3bSetup on Debian.
Fixed writing speed parsing with patched cdrecord
Add leading zero to tracknumber meta data field when encoding audio tracks.
Fixed data project size calculation if files from different devices have the same inode number.
It is now possible to enter hexadecimal values in the boot image load segment fields.
Fixed external program encoder plugin (this includes lame and flac encoding)
Check size of returned CD-TEXT data to be a multiple of the pack length. This should fix problems
with CD copy.
Audio Project: Do not overwrite CD-Text values loaded from the project file with the ones detected.
Added --copydvd command line parameter
Do only read MCN and ISRCs when copying an audio cd since scanning them takes a very long time.
Fixed cdrdao 1.1.8 version handling (no ATAPI warning)
Fixed crash when using the Audiometadatarenamer on Movix Projects
Automatically enable UDF extensions in case the project contains files bigger then 2 gb.
Fixed length calculation for long FLAC files.
Allow Audio CDs that violate the Red Book standard (Tracks shorter than 4 seconds)
Some improvements in disk-info retrieval
Do not ask for overwriting directories in cloning dialog
Again fixed some disk detection problems which were introduced with the previous fixes :-(
Fixed a crash which occured if the last boot image was displayed in the fileview while removing it.
Support for ID3 Tags in FLAC files.
Support for cdrdao 1.1.8.
Fixed adding of hidden files (wrong naming of config entries)
Use a default imagefile name for cloning if none was specified.
Use the Joliet names if no Rockridge is available in session import
fixed features detection with some devices.
fixed multisession writing on some systems (K3b used to open the device instead of leaving it to mkisofs to
prevent permission problems. Sadly this does not work with all systems since it seems that K3b does
not close the device early enough so cdrecord cannot open it.)
K3bProcess now has a clean API and a non-stupid implementation which fixes the kde 3.2 issue
way better than the hotfix from 0.11.1.
Fixed a crash at K3b start which happened with ROM drives that return zero length modepage 0x05 data.
fixed onthefly DVD copy issues
K3b now uses the internal reader for DVD copy instead of readcd
added read retries and "ignore read error" options to the dvd copy dialog
fixed handling of empty raw toc data
fixed the bug that made K3b try to use cdrdao for DVD iso image writing.
add files to a project by dropping them on the corresponding tab
removed the "query cddb" option from the copy dialog since this is configured globally anyway.
fixed loading of VideoDVD projects
Fixed VideoDVD project with a HACK. mkisofs is not able to create a VideoDVD using graft-points which
is the default in K3b. So now K3b links all VIDEO_TS files in a temp directory.
fixed an issue introduced with KDE 3.2rc1 which caused on-the-fly data writing to fail all the time.
(If you need to know: For some reason TDEProcess makes the Stdin fd O_NONBLOCK. This way mkisofs is
not able to write properly to cdrecord's stdin anymore.)
fixed libcdparanoia-loading on Debian (and maybe some other systems)
fixed crash at end of image creation in DVD project
fixed filesize display for very large files and projects (integer overflow)
fixed CD-TEXT reading. On some systems some senseless characters where appended.
fixed Id3lib detection in
added primitive supermount support
kernel 2.5 compile fixes (thanks to ismail (cartman) d<>nmez <>)
K3b now defaults to the generic-mmc cdrdao driver if the used burner is not listed in
cdrdao's driver table. As all modern drives use the generic-mmc driver anyway this
is valid and prevents from a lot of newbie problems.
Added a thememanager and the new crystal look by Everaldo
K3b does not mount the disk for session import or data verification anymore. This way supermount
users will have no problems.
merged cue/bin and isoimage burning in one dialog which provides image-type-detection
supported so far: iso, cue, cdrdao toc, cdrecord clone images
better systemconfigcheck messages when cdrecord is not running with root privs
proper automatic writing mode and writing app selection for non-DAO-capable writers
overwriting of files in a new session
default CD size is now 80 min
generic resampling for all audio plugins
support for mono files
support for 8Bit wave files
FLAC decoding plugin (thanks to John Steele Scott)
check if a DVD-R(W) writer supports incremental streaming before trying multisession
check if a DVD-R(W) writer supports testwriting before trying a simulation
fixed DVD-Copy. We needed to determine the size of the data to copy for ourselves instead of relying
on the kernel
Automatic CD-writing speed selection (chooses always the max for now)
Technical info about audiofiles in the audio project are displayed in the track properties dialog
One may now add complete dirs to an audio project
Detection of Justlink support
Finally the device handling is completely independant. No calls to cdrecord anymore. That's why we
now have a libk3bdevice.
Improved writing speed estimation for audio tracks.
Added a button which determines the supported writing speeds with the mounted media. this way it is possible
to also select dvd writing speeds other than 1x
fixed directory sorting in iso filesystems
fixed boot image file sorting
Joliet long support (103 chars joliet filenames)
improved meta tag handling for audio encoding, support for album title and stuff
fixed crash when only creating images without an installed cd writer
writing speed is loaded correctly again
Completely rewritten CD copy:
- Copy Audio, multisession and Mixed mode CDs.
- Copy CD-TEXT
- Create CD-TEXT from Cddb entries
- Audio reading with cdparanoia for high quality ripping
- no cdrdao anymore
Support for new growisofs option to specify the size of a written image in DAO mode
Added check for free space in temp dir to dvd copy
Added a script to simplify the start of K3bSetup2.
DVD writing support with the DVD+RW-tools by Andy Polyakov <>
DVD formatting
DVD Copy (pure data dvd copy without any video transcoding)
CD Cloning with cdrtools >= 2.01a17
device capabilities detection without cdrecord. This solves the long startup problem with ATAPI devices.
moved audio ripping pattern configuration from options dialog to audio ripping dialog
option to automatically erase CD-RWs and DVD-RWs without asking before writing
dragging files from a data project to the audio player (basically it's just a KURLDrag so it may be dragged
K3b is now divided in three libs and the main application: libk3bcore, libk3btools, and libk3bproject
this makes creating KParts-plugins easy. Two examples can be found in the tests/kpartplugins dir
one of them is a former K3b option which allowed to use audio meta data to rename files while
adding them to a data project. Now this is done by a plugin and a much higher degree of user
Iso9660 file sorting (mkisofs -sort)
libid3 support for better mp3 tag access (we had that in some very old version but back then
K3b depended on it. Now it defaults to using KFileMetaInfo if it's not available)
Pluggable audio decoding
Pluggable audio encoding and completely rewritten audio ripping
much faster now due to a much better threading
Check for read permission when adding files to a project
file filter in binimagewritingdialog and isoimagewritingdialog (thanx to David Maciejak)
Verification of written data (compares md5 sums of all written files).
K3bSetup is not longer compiled unless explicit activated (K3bSetup is outdated and K3bSetup2 is still not ready)
K3b now also compiles without aRts. In this case the audioplayer will be useless (but still there)
no need for special mkisofs permissons anymore. K3b now openes the device itself when importing
an old session.
added a little color animation when dropping files onto a directory in data projects
it is always hard to tell if one dropped on the correct dir. If some one has a better animation
I would be interested in replacing this simple one.
Added CD-TEXT reading (used for Audio CD ripping)
sox encoder plugin to encode to all audio formats supported by sox (will anyone ever use this??)
encoder plugin that let's you specify a commandline to encode the data. Typical example would be calling lame to
encode to mp3.
much better TOC reading. K3b now displays multisession info.
m3u Playlist creation for ripped audio files
replaced the old K3bSetup with a quite simple KControl Module which is only able to change the
needed permission for devices and external programs. Everything else is nowadays done
by the distros.
support for eMovix 0.8.0rc2
better data project size calculation
support for writing CD-Text with cdrecord
support for writing audio and mixed-mode CDs on-the-fly with cdrecord >= 2.01a13
no gui blocking when reloading the media while writing a two-session mixed-mode cd
nodma option in eMovix project
fixed problems with audio decoding (the process sometimes stalled)
added system notification
added eMovix project
added bootable cd support (multible images)
K3b now allows automatic writing mode selection to be sure to always use the best writing mode (DAO, TAO)
the environment PATH is searched for external bins
more error handling
dropped KDE/QT 3.0.x compatibility, now K3b requires at least 3.1
devices rewrite, use generic packet ioctl's
cdinfo rewrite, use generic packet ioctl's
merged cdrdaoparser and cdrdaowriter
added multisession cd copy
fixed onlyCreateImage (this time for real!)
added option to hide main window while writing
fixed temp-dir problems with nfs-mounted home directories
K3b now uses the default kde tempdir
Resmgr support
added user datamode selection (mode1, mode2(form1))
support for relative paths in playlists (thanx to Nick Bloke)
new progressdialog
faster cddb access (older versions just queried all entries, now only the selected one gets queried)
K3b is now threaded.
Gui beautifying.
add playback control (PBC)
add customizing of Gaps and Margins
add HQ-VIDEOCD support
add relaxed APS support (this controls whether APS constraints are strict or relaxed)
add category restriction support
add an option to create always an empty `/SEGMENT' directory (some Players need this)
fixed load and saveUserDefaults
fixed autodetection VCD Typ (now the user can turn off this feature)
added audio volume normalization
added udf support to data project
user commands for external programs are separated by space now since the comma just
made problems for options like "--driver generic-mmc" which had to be specified
as "--driver, generic-mmc"
support for newer versions of cdrecord which have a slighly changed user interface
support for cuefile writing with cdrecord > 2.01a14
fixed compiling problems with kernel < 2.4.3
fixed onlyCreateImage in data project
fixed handling of cdrecord burnfree/burnproof driveroption in versions < 1.10
fixed error with localized docking config that caused empty windows when changing the language
introduced workaround for serious cdrdao bug that caused tocfiles to be deleted
disabled the delete shortcut in the fileview (way too many users deleted files by accident when they
wanted to remove project items)
advanced options: manually selection of writing app (cdrecord or cdrdao)
changed the option dialog layout -> smaller window
fixed problems with first pregap in audio project:
no need to set the first pregap to 0 on some writers anymore
no 4 second pregap before first tracks anymore
fixed problems with detecting some audio tracks that had flags like preemp set
removed cdparanoia dependancy (dynamic linking)
big internal changes
split bin/cue writing from iso-image-writing
better cdcopy (mainly more options)
customizeable audio ripping
mixed mode cd creation
video cd creation
video cd on cd-i support
better error handling
indivdual selection of final size for encoded movie
clean vob dir before start and restore it (i.e playing wiht PowerDVD stores
config files in the directory)
AC3-passthrough mode for DIVX Encoding
DND for AudioCD-Ripping to harddisc.
Added session import
little reordering of menus
fixed the "cdrecord error 255" bug
fixed some i18n issues
improved mp3 file detection
added K3b project mimetype
added konqueror servicemenu entries
now KoStore is used for saving documents
K3bSetup is started with the correct language now
MD5 sum is only calculated on demand (but still asynchronous)
fixed K3bSetup linking problems
fixed bug that caused stupid mountpoints to be assigned to the devices
Mounting dvd with UDF filesystem (uppercase words) should now work (copy ifo-files).
beautified cddb setup
internal cddb change (rewrite)
fixed problems when writing mp3 and ogg vorbis files together
burnproof support for cdrecord <= 1.11a02 works again (and also for the new cdrecord ;)
Fix audiolanguange parsing for transcode 0.6.2 (wrong entries in k3bDVDRip.xml)
Bugfix Selecting ripping dir with file dialog and new directory now shows the available space properly.
Bugfix Cancel one pass in encoding now works
If select "Add to project" in the context menu of the file/dir tree a dialog (audio/data) asks
for creating a new data or audio project.
fixed compile problems with gcc 3.x
added md5sum to iso-image dialog
fixed compile problem when ogg-vorbis is not installed
fixed iso-image volume descriptor problem that caused all descriptors to be enclosed in quotation marks
added raw-copy option
better external program handling
fixed mp3 resampling problems
better handling of newly added tracks
proper symlink handling
better support of the mkisofs options
option for adding hidden files
backup permissions
support for symlinks in fstab
progress display in the K3b titlebar
better progress display in systray
DivX/XviD encoding
enhanced cddb support
new artwork from Ayo
fixed some device detection problems
fixed problems with long filenames and Joliet
some gui enhancements
added libmad to the sources
removed id3lib
added ogg-vorbis support
added iso ids to diskInfo
fixed iso project input fields
well... I don't know.. everything?
fixed bug that caused a compile error on some systems
fixed problems with audio cd writing
disabled projects while writing (needed for writing in the background)
-fixed mkisofs 1.14 problems
-audio on-the-fly burning (even corrupted mp3-files)
-saving/loading of projects
-atip and toc info
-cd-ripping (wav) with extended pattern support
-cddb support
-play audio cds
-extended option-dialog
-hide first track on audio-cds
-detection of ide-devices as cd-rom
-blanking of cdrws
-writing of existing iso-images
-optional setting of cdrdao driver for every scsi-device
-burn in the background (it's even possible to write on two writers simultaneous or write a cd and create an image (if your system is fast enough ;-))
-K3b checks for an empty disk before writing!
-and like every time some other stuff i cannot remember ;-)
Fixed bug that caused K3b to crash while detecting devices
highly improved adding of files and directories to a data project
adding empty directories to data project via context menu
disabled audio on-the-fly burning due to a problem that caused faulty cds
added new DirTree (code from Konqueror)
added new device-management (the scsi-bus is checked directly)
detection of Burn-Proof-capable drives
some bugfixes
added whitespace-treatment
dock-positions are saved
Added ISO-cd support
file-tree creation via drag'n'drop
renaming of files
support of most of the mkisofs-features
improved audiotrack dialog
use of ID3Lib
... and other things i really cannot remember... ;-)