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Howto create a K3b release (stable branch)
1. create a package from the stable branch using the script: -a k3b -av 0.12 -ab branches/stable/extragear/multimedia --notoplevel -ib branches/stable/l10n
-is extragear-multimedia --pofiles "k3b libk3b libk3bdevice k3bsetup" --postprocess --split
--admin /branches/KDE/3.4/kde-common/admin
2. Make sure the version in src/main.cpp, k3b.lsm, README, INSTALL is valid.
Check the version in libk3b.
3. Create the tarball.
4. Test the tarball. That includes removing any trace of K3b from the test system before and in the ideal
case compile on a minimal system meaning minimal KDE/QT versions.
5. Upload the tarball to and create a release on (or use releaseforge,
a nice little application which automates the whole sourceforge release thing).
6. Create a news entry on and update the download page.
7. Promote the release on and (the latter may also be done with releaseforge)
8. Send an announcement email to: