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Installing K3b 1.0
What you need to run K3b:
- since K3b is a CD writing program a cd writer would be a good thing to have ;-)
- the QT3 library (at least version 3.2)
- the KDE3 libraries (at least version 3.2)
- the cdparanoia library for cd ripping from Monty
- the cdrtools (cdrecord, mkisofs) from Joerg Schilling
- the dvd+rw-tools by Andy Polyakov for DVD writing
- cdrdao, the other linux cd writing program from Andreas Mueller
- the transcode tools for DVD ripping and DivX/XviD encoding from Thomas Oestreich
- vcdimager >= 0.7 for creating video cds
- libmad for mp3 decoding
- ogg-vorbis libraries for encoding and decoding
- the FLAC++ libraries for flac-decoding
- the eMovix package
- TagLib by Scott Wheeler for reading Meta data tags
- the musepack (or now mpcdec) library for decoding Musepack audio files
- the ffmpeg library to decode other audio file formats such as wma
- the sndfile library to decode audio file formats such as AIFF or VOC
- the lame library to encode audio files in the mp3 format
- sox to encode audio files in formats such as AIFF or VOC
- a dynamically compiled libffmpeg for wma decoding
- the musicbrainz library for metadata queries for single audio titles
After that it's all the same:
or try ./configure --help to learn about the options.
If configure was successful you are presented with a list of configure results that shows
which optional features are enabled. Now just compile K3b:
Now you are ready to install:
make install (as root)
See PERMISSIONS on hints how to properly setup the permissions to use K3b without problems.
Have fun
Sebastian Trueg (