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// C++ Interface: k9dvdchapter
// Description:
// Author: Jean-Michel PETIT <>, (C) 2006
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution
#include "k9common.h"
#include "k9dvd.h"
#include <tqptrlist.h>
static int cptChapter=0;
enum angleBlock_t {angleNone=0,angleInside=1,angleStart=3,angleEnd=5};
class k9DVDTitle;
class k9ChapterCell :public TQObject
k9ChapterCell(uint _id,uint _angle){ m_id=_id;m_angle=_angle;m_angleBlock=angleNone;};
virtual uint getid() {return m_id;};
virtual uint getangle(){return m_angle;};
virtual uchar getangleBlock() {return m_angleBlock;};
virtual void setangleBlock(uchar _angleBlock) {m_angleBlock=_angleBlock;};
virtual void setstartSector(uint32_t _value) { m_startSector=_value;};
virtual uint32_t getstartSector() { return m_startSector;};
virtual void setlastSector(uint32_t _value) { m_lastSector=_value;};
virtual uint32_t getlastSector() { return m_lastSector;};
uint m_id;
uint m_angle;
uchar m_angleBlock;
uint32_t m_startSector,m_lastSector;
class k9DVDChapter : public TQObject
friend class k9DVDTitle;
friend class k9DVD;
private: // Private attributes
/** */
int num;
int id;
/** */
TQTime length;
TQTime time;
/** */
int sectors;
unsigned long startSector;
unsigned long endSector;
k9DVDTitle *m_title;
bool m_selected;
static int getcptChapter() { cptChapter ++; return cptChapter;};
static void setcptChapter(int _newValue) { cptChapter=_newValue;};
public: // Public methods
/** Read property of int num. */
virtual const int& getnum();
/** Read property of TQTime length. */
virtual const TQTime& getlength();
/** Read property of int sectors. */
virtual const int& getsectors();
TQPtrList<k9ChapterCell> cells;
TQValueList<uint32_t> startSectors;
virtual const TQTime & gettime();
virtual k9DVDTitle * getTitle();
unsigned long getstartSector() { return startSector;};
unsigned long getendSector() {return endSector;};
void setSelected(bool _value);
bool getSelected() const;