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// C++ Interface: k9script
// Description:
// Author: Jean-Michel PETIT <>, (C) 2006
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution
#ifndef K9SCRIPT_H
#define K9SCRIPT_H
#include "k9common.h"
@author Jean-Michel PETIT <>
class k9DVD;
class k9Script{
ifo_handle_t *m_ifo;
k9DVD *m_dvd;
vm_cmd_t m_cmd;
vm_cmd_t *JUMPTT(char title,char register1,char register2);
vm_cmd_t *JUMPVMGM_MENU();
vm_cmd_t *GOTO(char line,char register1,char value);
vm_cmd_t *GOTO(char line);
vm_cmd_t *setGPRM(char numReg,uint16_t value);
vm_cmd_t *setGPRMREG(char numReg,uint16_t value);
vm_cmd_t *CALLVMGM_MENU();
vm_cmd_t *setSTN(char numAudio,char numSubpicture);
vm_cmd_t *setSTN(char numAngle);
vm_cmd_t *EXIT(char register1,char register2);
void addPreCmd(pgc_command_tbl_t *command_tbl,vm_cmd_t *cmd);
void insertPreCmd(pgc_command_tbl_t *command_tbl,vm_cmd_t *cmd);
void addPostCmd(pgc_command_tbl_t *command_tbl,vm_cmd_t *cmd);
void addCellCmd(pgc_command_tbl_t *command_tbl,vm_cmd_t *cmd);
void updatePGCIUT_VMG(pgc_command_tbl_t *command_tbl);
void updatePGCIUT_VTS(pgc_command_tbl_t *command_tbl);
void JumpVmg(vm_cmd_t * cmd) ;
void addTitles(pgc_command_tbl_t *command_tbl);
k9Script(ifo_handle_t *_ifo,k9DVD *_dvd);
void updatePGCIUT();
void updateFPPGC();
void updatePGC(pgc_t *_pgc,int numVTS,int numPGC);