KBibTeX – a bibliography editor
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<title>The KBibTeX Handbook</title>
<holder>Thomas Fischer</holder>
<para>&kbibtex; is a BibTeX editor for &kde; 3.3 and above.</para>
<para>This handbook documents &kbibtex; Version 0.2.x</para>
9 years ago
<chapter id="introduction">
Welcome to &kbibtex;, a BibTeX editor for &kde; version 3.3 and
above. &kbibtex; allows you to create, edit and export bibliography
documents. Supported formats include BibTeX and, limited, EndNote.
&kbibtex; offers the user a simple, yet powerful interface to edit
and maintain bibliography databases.
<section id="helpwanted">
<title>Help Wanted</title>
Currently, this help is only a stub. If you are interested
in writing a more comprehensive help documentation, please contact
Thomas Fischer (Project Manager).
<chapter id="credits">
<title>Credits and License</title>
&kbibtex; Program copyright 2004, 2005 by the &kbibtex; developer team.
<title>The &kbibtex; team:</title>
<term>Thomas Fischer <email>fischer@unix-ag.uni-kl.de</email></term>
<listitem><para>Project Manager &amp; Core Developer</para></listitem>
<para>Documentation copyright 2005 Thomas Fischer
&underGPL; <!-- GPL License -->
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