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# translation of fr.po to
# translation of fr.po_[rJMK1a].po to
# Julien Richard-Foy <julien.rf@no-log.org>, 2008, 2009.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: fr\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2010-07-01 13:55+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2009-01-04 22:15+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Julien Richard-Foy <julien.rf@no-log.org>\n"
"Language-Team: fr <kde-francophone@kde.org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"X-Generator: Lokalize 0.2\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n > 1);\n"
#: _translatorinfo.cpp:1
msgid ""
"Your names"
msgstr "Julien Richard-Foy"
#: _translatorinfo.cpp:3
msgid ""
"Your emails"
msgstr "julien.rf@no-log.org"
#: commentwidget.cpp:55
msgid "Co&mment:"
msgstr "Commentaire :"
#: commentwidget.cpp:64
msgid "&Use @Comment for comment instead of plain text"
msgstr "Utiliser @Comment plutôt que du texte brut"
#: commentwidget.cpp:82
msgid "Edit BibTeX Comment"
msgstr "Éditer le commentaire BibTeX"
#: documentlistview.cpp:120
msgid "List View"
msgstr "Liste"
#: documentlistview.cpp:120
msgid "Updating main view ..."
msgstr "Mise à jour de la vue principale…"
#: documentlistview.cpp:253
msgid "Show Columns"
msgstr "Afficher les colonnes"
#: documentlistview.cpp:259 documentlistview.cpp:756 settingsediting.cpp:164
msgid "Element Type"
msgstr "Type"
#: documentlistview.cpp:450
msgid "Paste text as..."
msgstr "Coller du texte..."
#: documentlistview.cpp:757 settingsediting.cpp:165
msgid "Entry Id"
msgstr "Id de l'élément"
#: documentlistviewitem.cpp:114 kbibtex_part.cpp:506
msgid "Comment"
msgstr "Commentaire"
#: documentlistviewitem.cpp:124 kbibtex_part.cpp:507 macrowidget.cpp:93
msgid "Macro"
msgstr "Macro"
#: documentlistviewitem.cpp:138 kbibtex_part.cpp:505 preamblewidget.cpp:78
msgid "Preamble"
msgstr "Préambule"
#: documentsourceview.cpp:214
msgid "Source View"
msgstr "Source"
#: documentsourceview.cpp:214
msgid "Converting BibTeX document to plain text ..."
msgstr "Conversion du document BibTeX en texte brut…"
#: documentsourceview.cpp:369
msgid ""
"Could not find text '%1' in the document.\n"
"Start from the beginning?"
msgstr ""
"Impossible de trouver le texte « %1 » dans le document.\n"
"Recommencer depuis le début ?"
#: documentsourceview.cpp:369
msgid "Find text in source view"
msgstr "Chercher du texte dans la source"
#: documentsourceview.cpp:369
msgid "Restart search"
msgstr "Recommencer la recherche"
#: documentwidget.cpp:120
msgid "L&ist view"
msgstr "Liste"
#: documentwidget.cpp:142
msgid "So&urce view"
msgstr "Source"
#: documentwidget.cpp:174
msgid "<qt>Loading file <b>%1</b></qt>"
msgstr "<qt>Chargement du fichier <b>%1</b></qt>"
#: documentwidget.cpp:221
msgid "Do you want to search for duplicates in the merged document?"
msgstr ""
#: documentwidget.cpp:221
#, fuzzy
msgid "Find duplicates?"
msgstr "Trouver des doublons"
#: documentwidget.cpp:221 findduplicates.cpp:58 mergeelements.cpp:484
#: mergeelements.cpp:492 settingsediting.cpp:216
msgid "Find Duplicates"
msgstr "Trouver des doublons"
#: documentwidget.cpp:281 documentwidget.cpp:1345 documentwidget.cpp:1359
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:306 kbibtex_part.cpp:320
msgid "Choose file format"
msgstr "Choisir un format de fichier"
#: documentwidget.cpp:281 documentwidget.cpp:1345 documentwidget.cpp:1359
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:306 kbibtex_part.cpp:320
msgid "Choose file format of file '%1':"
msgstr "Choisir un format de fichier pour le fichier « %1 » :"
#: documentwidget.cpp:296 kbibtex_part.cpp:228
msgid ""
"The selected filename \"%1\" is a symbolic link pointing to \"%2\".\n"
"Replace the link with a new file or overwrite the existing file the link "
"points to?"
msgstr ""
#: documentwidget.cpp:296 kbibtex_part.cpp:228
msgid "Symbolic Link"
msgstr ""
#: documentwidget.cpp:296 kbibtex_part.cpp:228
#, fuzzy
msgid "Replace link"
msgstr "Id de l'élément"
#: documentwidget.cpp:296 kbibtex_part.cpp:228
msgid "Overwrite file the link points to"
msgstr ""
#: documentwidget.cpp:301
msgid "<qt>Writing file <b>%1</b></qt>"
msgstr "<qt>Enregistrement du fichier <b>%1</b></qt>"
#: documentwidget.cpp:388
msgid ""
"To export a BibTeX document to the Rich Text Format (RTF) KBibTeX requires "
"the program 'latex2rtf'."
msgstr ""
"Pour exporter un document BibTeX vers le format Rich Text Format (RTF) vous "
"devez avoir installé le programme « latex2rtf »."
#: documentwidget.cpp:405
msgid ""
"To export a BibTeX document to the DocBook5 format KBibTeX requires the "
"program 'bib2db5'."
msgstr ""
"Pour exporter un document BibTeX vers le format DocBook5 vous devez avoir "
"installé le programme « latex2rtf »."
#: documentwidget.cpp:420
msgid ""
"Embedding files into the PDF file is enabled, but the required file "
"'embedfile.sty' was not found. Embedding files will be disabled."
msgstr ""
"L'inclusion de fichiers dans les fichiers PDF est activée, mais il a été "
"impossible de trouver le fichier requis « embedfile.sty ». L'inclusion "
"de fichier sera désactivée."
#: documentwidget.cpp:420
msgid "Embedding files disabled"
msgstr "Inclusion de fichiers désactivée"
#: documentwidget.cpp:471
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_: May only contain ASCII characters, in case of doubt keep English form\n"
msgstr "NouvelleMacro%1"
#: documentwidget.cpp:489
msgid "Put your comment here..."
msgstr "Saisissez votre commentaire ici..."
#: documentwidget.cpp:543
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_: May only contain ASCII characters, in case of doubt keep English form\n"
msgstr "NouvelleChaine%1"
#: documentwidget.cpp:544
msgid "No text yet"
msgstr "Pas encore de texte"
#: documentwidget.cpp:548
msgid "@comment{ Put your comment here... }"
msgstr "@comment{ Saisissez votre commentaire ici... }"
#: documentwidget.cpp:552
msgid "@preamble{\"Put your preamble here using double quotes...\"}"
msgstr ""
"@preamble{\"Saisissez votre préambule ici en utilisant les guillemets "
#: documentwidget.cpp:568
msgid "REQUIRED"
msgstr "REQUIS"
#: documentwidget.cpp:568
msgid "optional"
msgstr "facultatif"
#: documentwidget.cpp:610
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: This BibTeX file contains 1 element.\n"
"This BibTeX file contains %n elements."
msgstr ""
"_n: Ce fichier BibTeX contient 1 élément.\n"
"Ce fichier BibTeX contient %n éléments."
#: documentwidget.cpp:610
msgid "File Statistics"
msgstr "Statistiques du fichier"
#: documentwidget.cpp:806 documentwidget.cpp:815
msgid "%1 ... %2"
msgstr "%1 ... %2"
#: documentwidget.cpp:827
msgid "New keyword:"
msgstr "Nouveau mot clé :"
#: documentwidget.cpp:999
msgid ""
"Either LyX is not running or has not been correctly configured to send "
"references to."
msgstr ""
"Soit LyX n'est pas en fonctionnement soit il n'a pas correctement été "
"configuré pour qu'on puisse lui envoyer des références."
#: documentwidget.cpp:1000
msgid "Error communicating with LyX"
msgstr "Impossible de communiquer avec LyX"
#: documentwidget.cpp:1007
msgid "Cannot determine how to send references to LyX."
msgstr "Impossible de trouver comment envoyer les références vers LyX."
#: documentwidget.cpp:1012
msgid "The inpipe as configured in LyX does not exist."
msgstr "Le canal de communication tel que configuré dans LyX n'existe pas."
#: documentwidget.cpp:1016
msgid "Cannot open the inpipe as configured in LyX."
msgstr ""
"Impossible d'ouvrir le canal de communication tel que configuré dans LyX."
#: documentwidget.cpp:1288 documentwidget.cpp:1293
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_: May only contain ASCII characters, in case of doubt keep English form\n"
msgstr "NouvelElement%1"
#: documentwidget.cpp:1398
msgid "The file '%1' does not contain a known type of bibliography."
msgstr ""
"Le fichier « %1 » ne correspond pas à un type connu de bibliographie."
#: documentwidget.cpp:1398
msgid "Unknown file format"
msgstr "Format de fichier inconnu"
#: documentwidget.cpp:1453
msgid "No preview available"
msgstr "Aperçu indisponible"
#: documentwidget.cpp:1554
msgid ""
"File '%1' has been modified. Reload file to import changes or ignore changes?"
msgstr ""
"Le fichier « %1 » a été modifié. Recharger le fichier ou ignorer les "
"modifications ?"
#: documentwidget.cpp:1554
msgid "Reload file?"
msgstr "Recharger le fichier ?"
#: documentwidget.cpp:1554
msgid "Ignore"
msgstr "Ignorer"
#: documentwidget.cpp:1691
#, fuzzy
msgid "You must set a default id suggestion in the settings dialog."
msgstr "Utiliser l'id suggéré par défaut comme id de l'élément"
#: documentwidget.cpp:1713
msgid "No entries were selected."
msgstr ""
#: documentwidget.cpp:1714
msgid ""
"The following changes will be applied to the currently selected elements.\n"
"Conflicts with duplicate entry ids will be resolved when applying the new "
msgstr ""
#: documentwidget.cpp:1714 kbibtex_part.cpp:482
msgid "Normalize Entry Ids"
msgstr ""
#: documentwidget.cpp:1714
#, fuzzy
msgid "Replace Entry Ids"
msgstr "Id de l'élément"
#: entrywidget.cpp:65
msgid "Edit BibTeX Entry"
msgstr "Éditer l'élément BibTeX"
#: entrywidget.cpp:142
msgid ""
"The current entry has been modified. Do you want do discard your changes?"
msgstr ""
"L'élément actuel a été modifié. Voulez-vous abandonner vos "
"modifications ?"
#: entrywidget.cpp:142
msgid "Discard changes"
msgstr "Abandonner"
#: entrywidget.cpp:256
msgid ""
"The source code does not contain valid BibTeX code.\n"
"Restore previous version or continue editing?"
msgstr ""
"Le code source ne contient pas de code BibTeX valable.\n"
"Voulez-vous restaurer la version précédente ou continuer l'édition ?"
#: entrywidget.cpp:256
msgid "Invalid BibTeX code"
msgstr "Code BibTeX non valable"
#: entrywidget.cpp:314
msgid "E&ntry Type:"
msgstr "Type d'élément :"
#: entrywidget.cpp:324
msgid "&Identifier"
msgstr "Identifiant"
#: entrywidget.cpp:341
msgid "Use the default id suggestion to set the entry id"
msgstr "Utiliser l'id suggéré par défaut comme id de l'élément"
#: entrywidget.cpp:342
msgid ""
"Use the default id suggestion to set the entry id.\n"
"You can edit and select the default id suggestion in the configuration "
msgstr ""
"Utiliser l'id suggéré par défaut comme id de l'élément.\n"
"Vous pouvez modifier la suggestion par défaut de l'id dans la boîte de "
"dialogue de configuration."
#: entrywidget.cpp:350 settingsediting.cpp:194
msgid "Enable all &fields for editing"
msgstr "Activer tous les champs pour l'édition"
#: entrywidget.cpp:353
#, fuzzy
msgid "Refetch"
msgstr "Réinitialiser"
#: entrywidget.cpp:361
msgid "Message"
msgstr "Message"
#: entrywidget.cpp:385 entrywidgettitle.cpp:116 entrywidgettitle.cpp:118
#: idsuggestions.cpp:345 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:201
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:485 settings.cpp:681 webquery.cpp:450
msgid "Title"
msgstr "Titre"
#: entrywidget.cpp:386
msgid "Author/Editor"
msgstr "Auteur/Rédacteur"
#: entrywidget.cpp:387
msgid "Publication"
msgstr "Publication"
#: entrywidget.cpp:388 kbibtex_part.cpp:500 settings.cpp:720
msgid "Misc"
msgstr "Divers"
#: entrywidget.cpp:389 settings.cpp:659 settingskeyword.cpp:161
msgid "Keywords"
msgstr "Mots-clés"
#: entrywidget.cpp:390
msgid "External"
msgstr "Ressources externes"
#: entrywidget.cpp:391
msgid "User Defined"
msgstr "Champs définis par l'utilisateur"
#: entrywidget.cpp:392
msgid "Other Fields"
msgstr "Autres champs"
#: entrywidget.cpp:395
msgid "Source"
msgstr "Source"
#: entrywidget.cpp:438
msgid "Please supply more fields to use the default id"
msgstr "Veuillez renseigner plus de champs pour utiliser l'id par défaut"
#: entrywidget.cpp:441
msgid "Using '%1' as entry id"
msgstr "Utilisation de « %1 » comme id"
#: entrywidget.cpp:446
msgid "An entry has to have an identifier"
msgstr "Un élément doit avoir un identifiant"
#: entrywidget.cpp:448
#, c-format
msgid "The identifier contains invalid characters at position %1"
msgstr "L'identifiant contient des caractères non valables à la position %1"
#: entrywidget.cpp:458
msgid "The identifier contains non-ascii characters, first one is '%1'"
msgstr ""
"L'identifiant contient des caractères non-ascii à partir de « %1 »"
#: entrywidget.cpp:474
msgid "This BibTeX file already contains an entry with id '%1'."
msgstr ""
#: entrywidget.cpp:491
msgid "Require either 'Editor', 'Organization', or 'Key'"
msgstr "Champ « Rédacteur », « Organisation » ou « Clé » requis"
#: entrywidget.cpp:500
msgid ""
"Cross referenced entry '%1' must contain either 'Editor', 'Key', or 'Book "
msgstr ""
"L'élément référencé « %1 » doit renseigner le champ "
 Éditeur », « Clé » ou « Titre de livre »"
#: entrywidget.cpp:510
msgid "Cross referenced entry '%1' must contain 'Volume'"
msgstr ""
"L'élément référencé « %1 » doit renseigner le champ « Volume »"
#: entrywidget.cpp:513
msgid ""
"Cross referenced entry '%1' must contain either 'Editor', 'Key', or 'Series'"
msgstr ""
"L'élément référencé « %1 » doit renseigner le champ "
 Éditeur », « Clé » ou « Séries »"
#: entrywidget.cpp:537
msgid "No suggestions available"
msgstr "Pas de suggestion disponible"
#: entrywidget.cpp:641
msgid ""
"Currently only refetching from ArXiv sources is supported.\n"
"This requires that the URL field points to an \"abstract\" page (i.e. the "
"URL contains \"arxiv.org/abs/\")."
msgstr ""
#: entrywidget.cpp:641 entrywidget.cpp:668
msgid "Refetching entry"
msgstr ""
#: entrywidget.cpp:668
msgid "Fetching updated bibliographic data failed."
msgstr ""
#: entrywidgetauthor.cpp:83
msgid "The fields 'Author' or 'Editor' are required, but both are missing"
msgstr ""
"Les champs « Auteur » ou « Rédacteur » sont requis, mais aucun "
"n'est renseigné"
#: entrywidgetauthor.cpp:98 entrywidgetauthor.cpp:100
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:112 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:483 settings.cpp:633
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:134 webquery.cpp:449
msgid "Author"
msgstr "Auteur"
#: entrywidgetauthor.cpp:100
msgid ""
"_: May only contain ASCII characters, in case of doubt keep English form\n"
msgstr "NouvelAuteur%1"
#: entrywidgetauthor.cpp:105 entrywidgetauthor.cpp:107 settings.cpp:645
msgid "Editor"
msgstr "Rédacteur"
#: entrywidgetauthor.cpp:107
msgid ""
"_: May only contain ASCII characters, in case of doubt keep English form\n"
msgstr "NouveauRedacteur%1"
#: entrywidgetexternal.cpp:197 entrywidgetexternal.cpp:285
#, fuzzy
msgid "Previously used directory"
msgstr "Sélectionner le dossier racine"
#: entrywidgetexternal.cpp:223 entrywidgetexternal.cpp:225
#: entrywidgetexternal.cpp:235 settings.cpp:685 settingssearchurl.cpp:135
msgid "URL"
msgstr "URL"
#: entrywidgetexternal.cpp:235 entrywidgetexternal.cpp:268
#, c-format
msgid "Open %1"
msgstr "Ouvrir %1"
#: entrywidgetexternal.cpp:238 entrywidgetexternal.cpp:242 settings.cpp:641
msgid "DOI"
msgstr "DOI"
#: entrywidgetexternal.cpp:239
msgid "Digital Object Identifier"
msgstr "Digital Object Identifier"
#: entrywidgetexternal.cpp:253
msgid "Open DOI"
msgstr "Ouvrir le DOI"
#: entrywidgetexternal.cpp:256 entrywidgetexternal.cpp:258
#: entrywidgetexternal.cpp:268 settings.cpp:661
msgid "Local File"
msgstr "Fichier local"
#: entrywidgetexternal.cpp:274
msgid "&Browse..."
msgstr "Parcourir..."
#: entrywidgetexternal.cpp:275
msgid "Browse for a local file"
msgstr "Parcourir le système de fichiers local"
#: entrywidgetexternal.cpp:282
msgid "Select base directory"
msgstr "Sélectionner le dossier racine"
#: entrywidgetexternal.cpp:283
msgid "Current directory"
msgstr "Dossier courant"
#: entrywidgetkeyword.cpp:56
msgid "Global"
msgstr "Global"
#: entrywidgetkeyword.cpp:61
msgid "In this file only"
msgstr "Uniquement dans ce fichier"
#: entrywidgetkeyword.cpp:168
msgid ""
"The keyword '%1' does already exist in the list of keywords.\n"
"The old name has been restored."
msgstr ""
"Le mot clé « %1 » est déjà dans la liste des mots clés.\n"
"L'ancien nom a été restauré."
#: entrywidgetkeyword.cpp:168
msgid "Renaming keyword failed"
msgstr "Le renommage du mot clé a échoué"
#: entrywidgetkeyword.cpp:193
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_: May only contain ASCII characters, in case of doubt keep English form\n"
msgstr "NouveauMotCle%1"
#: entrywidgetkeyword.cpp:230
msgid "Keyword"
msgstr "Mot-clé"
#: entrywidgetkeyword.cpp:231
msgid "Origin"
msgstr "Origine"
#: entrywidgetkeyword.cpp:238 settingskeyword.cpp:166
msgid ""
"_: keyword\n"
msgstr "Nouveau"
#: entrywidgetkeyword.cpp:241
msgid "Add a new keyword to the list"
msgstr "Ajouter un nouveau mot clé à la liste"
#: entrywidgetkeyword.cpp:245 settingskeyword.cpp:169
msgid ""
"_: keyword\n"
msgstr "Modifier"
#: entrywidgetkeyword.cpp:247
msgid "Edit the selected keyword"
msgstr "Modifier le mot clé sélectionné"
#: entrywidgetkeyword.cpp:252
msgid ""
"_: keyword\n"
"Toggle &global"
msgstr "Basculer en &global"
#: entrywidgetkeyword.cpp:254
msgid "Add or remove the selected keyword to or from the global list"
msgstr "Ajouter ou supprimer le mot clé sélectionné à la liste globale"
#: entrywidgetkeyword.cpp:259
msgid ""
"There is no need to delete keywords. Simply uncheck unwanted keywords and "
"make them non-global.\n"
"Global keywords can also be edited in the settings dialog."
msgstr ""
"Il n'est pas nécessaire de supprimer les mots clés. Désélectionnez "
"simplement ceux que vous ne voulez pas et rendez-les non globaux.\n"
"Les mots clés globaux peuvent aussi être édités dans le dialogue de "
#: entrywidgetmisc.cpp:135 entrywidgetmisc.cpp:137 mergeelements.cpp:581
#: settings.cpp:683 settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:172
msgid "Type"
msgstr "Type"
#: entrywidgetmisc.cpp:142 entrywidgetmisc.cpp:144 entrywidgetother.cpp:153
#: mergeelements.cpp:72 settings.cpp:657
msgid "Key"
msgstr "Clé"
#: entrywidgetmisc.cpp:149 entrywidgetmisc.cpp:151 settings.cpp:667
msgid "Note"
msgstr "Note"
#: entrywidgetmisc.cpp:156 entrywidgetmisc.cpp:158 settings.cpp:631
msgid "Annote"
msgstr "Annotation"
#: entrywidgetmisc.cpp:163 entrywidgetmisc.cpp:165 settings.cpp:627
msgid "Abstract"
msgstr "Résumé"
#: entrywidgetother.cpp:131
msgid "Name of the user-defined field"
msgstr "Nom du champ défini par l'utilisateur"
#: entrywidgetother.cpp:132
msgid ""
"The name of the user-defined field. Should only contain letters and numbers."
msgstr ""
"Le nom du champ défini par l'utilisateur. Il ne devrait contenir que des "
"lettres et nombres."
#: entrywidgetother.cpp:133
msgid "&Name:"
msgstr "Nom :"
#: entrywidgetother.cpp:137 entrywidgetother.cpp:201
msgid "&Add"
msgstr "Ajouter"
#: entrywidgetother.cpp:141 entrywidgetother.cpp:154 mergeelements.cpp:72
msgid "Value"
msgstr "Valeur"
#: entrywidgetother.cpp:143
msgid "Content of the user-defined field"
msgstr "Contenu du champ défini par l'utilisateur"
#: entrywidgetother.cpp:144
msgid "The content of the user-defined field. May contain any text."
msgstr ""
"Le contenu du champ défini par l'utilisateur. Il peut contenir n'importe "
"quels caractères."
#: entrywidgetother.cpp:145
msgid "&Content:"
msgstr "Contenu :"
#: entrywidgetother.cpp:159
msgid "&List:"
msgstr "Liste :"
#: entrywidgetother.cpp:168
msgid "Op&en"
msgstr "Ouvrir"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:308
msgid "The fields 'Chapter' or 'Pages' are required, but both are missing"
msgstr ""
"Les champs « Chapitre » ou « Pages » sont requis, mais aucun n'est "
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:325
msgid "The field 'Journal' refers to a not existing entry"
msgstr "Le champ « Journal » ne correspond pas à un élément existant"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:392
#, c-format
msgid "http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Booksources&isbn=%1"
msgstr ""
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:405 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:407
#: settings.cpp:655
msgid "Journal"
msgstr "Magazine"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:412 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:414
#: settings.cpp:687
msgid "Volume"
msgstr "Volume"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:419 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:421
#: settings.cpp:669
msgid "Number"
msgstr "Numéro"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:426 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:435
#: settings.cpp:665
msgid "Month"
msgstr "Mois"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:440 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:442
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:276 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:484 settings.cpp:689
#: webquery.cpp:448
msgid "Year"
msgstr "Année"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:447 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:449
#: settings.cpp:673
msgid "Pages"
msgstr "Pages"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:454 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:456
#: settings.cpp:643
msgid "Edition"
msgstr "Édition"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:461 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:463
#: settings.cpp:637
msgid "Chapter"
msgstr "Chapitre"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:468 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:470
msgid "Cross Reference"
msgstr "Référence croisée"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:476 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:478
#: settings.cpp:671
msgid "Organization"
msgstr "Organisation"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:483 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:485
#: settings.cpp:675
msgid "Publisher"
msgstr "Éditeur"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:490 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:492
#: settings.cpp:679
msgid "School"
msgstr "École"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:497 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:499
#: settings.cpp:649
msgid "Institution"
msgstr "Institution"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:504 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:506
#: settings.cpp:663
msgid "Location"
msgstr "Emplacement"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:511 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:513
#: settings.cpp:629
msgid "Address"
msgstr "Adresse"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:518 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:527
#: settings.cpp:651
msgid "ISBN"
msgstr "ISBN"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:525
msgid "Lookup ISBN number in Wikipedia"
msgstr "Rechercher le numéro ISBN sur Wikipédia"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:533 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:535
#: settings.cpp:653
msgid "ISSN"
msgstr "ISSN"
#: entrywidgetpublication.cpp:540 entrywidgetpublication.cpp:542
#: settings.cpp:647
msgid "How Published"
msgstr "Méthode de publication"
#: entrywidgettab.cpp:65
msgid "The field '%1' is required, but missing"
msgstr "Le champ « %1 » est requis, mais non renseigné"
#: entrywidgettab.cpp:71
msgid "Using cross referenced entry '%1' for field '%2'"
msgstr ""
"Utilisation de l'élément référencé « %1 » pour le champ « %2 »"
#: entrywidgettab.cpp:79
msgid "The field '%1' contains string keys with invalid characters"
msgstr ""
"Le champ « %1 » contient des clés avec des caractères non valables"
#: entrywidgettab.cpp:87
msgid "The field '%1' contains some unknown error"
msgstr "Le champ « %1 » contient des erreurs inconnues"
#: entrywidgettitle.cpp:122 entrywidgettitle.cpp:124 settings.cpp:635
msgid "Book Title"
msgstr "Titre de livre"
#: entrywidgettitle.cpp:128 entrywidgettitle.cpp:130 settings.cpp:677
msgid "Series"
msgstr "Séries"
#: entrywidgetuserdefined.cpp:137
msgid "Please use the settings dialog to add user-defined fields here."
msgstr ""
"Veuillez utiliser le dialogue de configuration pour ajouter des champs "
"définis par l'utilisateur ici."
#: fieldlineedit.cpp:91 fieldlineedit.cpp:92 fieldlineedit.cpp:96
#: fieldlineedit.cpp:97 fieldlistview.cpp:100 fieldlistview.cpp:101
msgid "BibTeX field '%1'"
msgstr "Champ BibTeX « %1 »"
#: fieldlineedit.cpp:228
msgid "Set '%1' to be a string key"
msgstr "Définir « %1 » comme une seule clé"
#: fieldlineedit.cpp:240
msgid "Edit '%1' as a concatenated value"
msgstr ""
"Définir « %1 » comme le résultat de la concaténation de plusieurs "
#: fieldlineedit.cpp:325 fieldlineedit.cpp:328
msgid "Concatenated value"
msgstr "Concaténation de valeurs"
#: fieldlistview.cpp:321
msgid "Add new '%1' item (Ctrl+A)"
msgstr "Ajouter un nouvel élément « %1 » (Ctrl+A)"
#: fieldlistview.cpp:327
msgid "Edit current '%1' item (F2)"
msgstr "Modifier l'élément « %1 » actuel (F2)"
#: fieldlistview.cpp:333
msgid "Delete current '%1' item (Del)"
msgstr "Supprimer l'élément « %1 » actuel (Suppr)"
#: fieldlistview.cpp:335 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:59 valuewidget.cpp:242
msgid "Up"
msgstr "Haut"
#: fieldlistview.cpp:339
msgid "Move current '%1' item up (Ctrl+Up)"
msgstr "Déplacer l'élément « %1 » actuel vers le haut (Ctrl+Haut)"
#: fieldlistview.cpp:341 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:60 valuewidget.cpp:247
msgid "Down"
msgstr "Bas"
#: fieldlistview.cpp:345
msgid "Move current '%1' item down (Ctrl+Down)"
msgstr "Déplacer l'élément « %1 » actuel vers le bas (Ctrl+Bas)"
#: fieldlistview.cpp:347
msgid "Complex..."
msgstr "Complexe..."
#: fieldlistview.cpp:351
msgid "Edit current '%1' item as a concatenated string (Ctrl+Alt+C)"
msgstr ""
"Définir l'élément « %1 » courant comme le résultat de la "
"concaténation de plusieurs valeurs (Ctrl+Alt+C)"
#: fieldlistview.cpp:353
msgid "... and others (et al.)"
msgstr "... et col. (et al.)"
#: findduplicates.cpp:58
msgid "Searching for duplicates..."
msgstr "Recherche de doublons…"
#: idsuggestions.cpp:330 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:128
msgid "First author only"
msgstr "Uniquement le premier auteur"
#: idsuggestions.cpp:331 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:129
msgid "All but first author"
msgstr "Tous les auteurs sauf le premier"
#: idsuggestions.cpp:332 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:127
msgid "All authors"
msgstr "Tous les auteurs"
#: idsuggestions.cpp:335
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: , but only first letter of each last name\n"
", but only first %n letters of each last name"
msgstr ""
"_n: , mais seulement la première lettre du nom de famille\n"
", mais seulement les %n premières lettres du nom de famille"
#: idsuggestions.cpp:336 idsuggestions.cpp:348
msgid ", in upper case"
msgstr ", en majuscules"
#: idsuggestions.cpp:337 idsuggestions.cpp:349
msgid ", in lower case"
msgstr ", en minuscules"
#: idsuggestions.cpp:338 idsuggestions.cpp:350
msgid ", with '%1' in between"
msgstr ", avec « %1 » entre les deux"
#: idsuggestions.cpp:340
msgid "Year (2 digits)"
msgstr "Année (2 chiffres)"
#: idsuggestions.cpp:341
msgid "Year (4 digits)"
msgstr "Année (4 chiffres)"
#: idsuggestions.cpp:347
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: , but only first letter of each word\n"
", but only first %n letters of each word"
msgstr ""
"_n: , mais seulement la première lettre de chaque mot\n"
", mais seulement les %n premières lettres de chaque mot"
#: idsuggestions.cpp:351
msgid ", small words removed"
msgstr ", petits mots supprimés"
#: idsuggestions.cpp:353
msgid "Text: '%1'"
msgstr "Texte : « %1 »"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:140 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:221
msgid "Casing:"
msgstr "Casse :"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:145 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:226
msgid "No change"
msgstr "Pas de modification"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:146 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:227
msgid "Lower case"
msgstr "Minuscules"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:147 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:228
msgid "Upper case"
msgstr "Majuscules"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:156 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:237
msgid "Only first letters:"
msgstr "Seulement les premières lettres :"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:163 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:165
msgid "Complete name"
msgstr "Nom complet"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:168
msgid "Text between authors:"
msgstr "Texte entre chaque auteur :"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:214
msgid "Remove small words"
msgstr "Supprimer les petits mots"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:244 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:246
msgid "Complete title"
msgstr "Titre complet"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:249
msgid "Text between words:"
msgstr "Texte entre chaque mot :"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:289
msgid "Year:"
msgstr "Année :"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:294
msgid "2 digits"
msgstr "2 chiffres"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:295
msgid "4 digits"
msgstr "4 chiffres"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:311 idsuggestionswidget.cpp:486 valuewidget.cpp:211
msgid "Text"
msgstr "Texte"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:324
msgid "Text in between:"
msgstr "Texte entre les deux :"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:388
msgid "Edit Id Suggestions"
msgstr "Modifier les suggestion d'id"
#: idsuggestionswidget.cpp:563
msgid "<qt>Example:<br/><b>%1</b></qt>"
msgstr "<qt>Exemple :<br/><b>%1</b></qt>"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:158
msgid ""
"The document '%1' has been modified.\n"
"Do you want to save your changes or discard them?"
msgstr ""
"Le document « %1 » a été modifié.\n"
"Voulez-vous enregistrer vos modifications ou les abandonner ?"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:160
msgid "Close Document"
msgstr "Fermer le document"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:251 kbibtex_part.cpp:369 kbibtexshell.cpp:316
msgid "BibTeX (*.bib)"
msgstr "BibTeX (*.bib)"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:251 kbibtex_part.cpp:273 kbibtex_part.cpp:369
#: kbibtexshell.cpp:316
msgid "Reference Manager (*.ris)"
msgstr "Reference Manager (*.ris)"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:252 kbibtex_part.cpp:273 kbibtex_part.cpp:369
#: kbibtexshell.cpp:316
msgid "EndNote (Refer format) (*.ref *.refer *.rfr *.txt)"
msgstr "EndNote (format Refer) (*.ref *.refer *.rfr *.txt)"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:252 kbibtex_part.cpp:273 kbibtex_part.cpp:369
#: kbibtexshell.cpp:316
msgid "ISI Web of Knowledge (*.isi *.cgi)"
msgstr "ISI Web of Knowledge (*.isi *.cgi)"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:252 kbibtex_part.cpp:273
msgid "DocBook 5 or MODS (*.xml)"
msgstr "DocBook 5 ou MODS (*.xml)"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:252 kbibtex_part.cpp:273
msgid "DocBook 5 (*.xml)"
msgstr "DocBook 5 (*.xml)"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:256 kbibtex_part.cpp:279
msgid ""
"A file named '%1' already exists. Are you sure you want to overwrite it?"
msgstr ""
"Un fichier nommé « %1 » existe déjà. Voulez-vous vraiment "
"l'écraser ?"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:256 kbibtex_part.cpp:279
msgid "Overwrite"
msgstr "Écraser"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:273
msgid "Portable Document File (*.pdf)"
msgstr "Portable Document File (*.pdf)"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:273
msgid "PostScript (*.ps)"
msgstr "PostScript (*.ps)"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:273
msgid "Hypertext Markup Langage (*.html)"
msgstr "Hypertext Markup Language (*.html)"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:273
msgid "Rich Text Format (*.rtf)"
msgstr "Rich Text Format (*.rtf)"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:333
msgid "Exporting"
msgstr "Exportation"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:344
msgid "File could not be exported in '%1'."
msgstr "Le fichier n'a pas pu être exporté dans « %1 »."
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:344
msgid ""
"See the following error log for details."
msgstr ""
"Consultez le journal des erreurs suivant pour plus de détails."
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:344 kbibtex_part.cpp:347
msgid "Exporting failed"
msgstr "Échec de l'exportation"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:347
msgid "File could not be exported to '%1'."
msgstr "Le fichier n'a pas pu être exporté dans « %1 »."
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:369 kbibtexshell.cpp:316
msgid "Supported Bibliographies"
msgstr "Bibliographies prises en charges"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:369 kbibtexshell.cpp:316
msgid "MODS or EndNote XML (*.xml)"
msgstr "MODS ou EndNote XML (*.xml)"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:369 kbibtexshell.cpp:316
msgid "All files (*.*)"
msgstr "Tous les fichiers (*.*)"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:383 kbibtexshell.cpp:332
msgid ""
"The given file could not be read, check if it exists or if it is readable "
"for the current user."
msgstr ""
"Impossible de lire le fichier indiqué, veuillez vérifier qu'il existe bien "
"et qu'il est accessible en lecture pour l'utilisateur actuel."
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:398
msgid "The given file could not be merged."
msgstr "Impossible de fusionner le fichier indiqué."
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:427
msgid "Save the current file"
msgstr "Enregistrer le fichier actuel"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:428
msgid "Save the current file under a new filename"
msgstr "Enregistrer le fichier actuel sous un nouveau nom"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:430
msgid "Statistics..."
msgstr "Statistiques..."
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:431
msgid "Find Duplicates..."
msgstr "Trouver des doublons…"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:432
msgid "Export..."
msgstr "Exporter..."
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:433
msgid "Export to a different file format"
msgstr "Exporter vers un format de fichier différent"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:434
msgid "Merge..."
msgstr "Fusionner..."
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:435
msgid "Merge BibTeX entries from another file"
msgstr "Fusionner les éléments BibTeX d'un autre fichier"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:438
msgid "Cut the selected BibTeX elements to the clipboard"
msgstr "Couper les élément BibTeX sélectionnés vers le presse-papier"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:441
msgid "Copy the selected BibTeX elements to the clipboard"
msgstr "Copier les éléments BibTeX sélectionnés vers le presse-papier"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:445
msgid "Copy &Reference"
msgstr "Copier une référence"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:446
msgid "Copy a reference of the selected BibTeX elements to the clipboard"
msgstr ""
"Copier une référence des éléments BibTeX sélectionnés vers le "
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:449
msgid "Paste BibTeX elements from the clipboard"
msgstr "Coller les éléments BibTeX depuis le presse-papier"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:451
msgid "Select all BibTeX elements"
msgstr "Sélectionner tous les éléments BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:452
msgid "Send Reference to &LyX"
msgstr "Envoyer une référence à LyX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:453
msgid "Send a reference of the selected BibTeX elements to LyX"
msgstr "Envoyer une référence des éléments BibTeX sélectionnés à LyX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:456
msgid "Find text"
msgstr "Chercher du texte"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:458
msgid "Find next occurrence"
msgstr "Chercher la prochaine occurrence"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:462
msgid "Search Online Databases"
msgstr "Chercher des bases de données en ligne"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:463
msgid "Search online databases to import bibliography data"
msgstr ""
"Chercher des bases de données en ligne pour importer des données "
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:465
msgid "Search Document Online"
msgstr "Chercher un document en ligne"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:466
msgid "Search websites for the selected BibTeX element"
msgstr "Rechercher des sites Web sur l'élément BibTeX sélectionné"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:470
msgid "&Show Columns"
msgstr "Afficher les colonnes"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:471
msgid "Select columns to show in the main list"
msgstr "Sélectionner les colonnes à afficher dans la liste principale"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:472
msgid "View Document"
msgstr "Voir le document"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:473
msgid "View the documents associated with this BibTeX entry"
msgstr "Voir les documents associés avec cet élément BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:475
#, fuzzy
msgid "View Primary Document"
msgstr "Voir le document"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:477
#, fuzzy
msgid "View Primary Online Reference"
msgstr "Chercher un document en ligne"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:479
msgid "Assign Keywords"
msgstr "Associer des mots clés"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:480
msgid "Assign keywords to this entry"
msgstr "Associer des mots clés à cet élément"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:483
msgid "Set entry ids as specified in the id suggestion settings"
msgstr ""
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:487
msgid "Configure KBibTeX"
msgstr "Configurer KBibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:488
msgid "Configure Source View..."
msgstr "Configurer la vue de la source"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:489
msgid "Configure the Source Editor"
msgstr "Configurer l'éditeur de source"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:491 settings.cpp:700
msgid "Article"
msgstr "Article"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:491
msgid "Add an article to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter un article au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:492 settings.cpp:702
msgid "Book"
msgstr "Livre"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:492
msgid "Add a book to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter un livre au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:493 settings.cpp:704
msgid "Booklet"
msgstr "Livret"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:493
msgid "Add a booklet to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter un livret au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:494
msgid "Electronic (IEEE)"
msgstr "Électronique (IEEE)"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:494
msgid "Add an electronic reference (IEEE) to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter une référence électronique (IEEE) au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:495 settings.cpp:710
msgid "InBook"
msgstr "Partie d'un livre"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:495
msgid "Add a part of a book to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter une partie d'un livre au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:496 settings.cpp:712
msgid "InCollection"
msgstr "Partie d'une collection"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:496
msgid "Add a publication which is part of some collection to the BibTeX file"
msgstr ""
"Ajouter une publication faisant partie d'une collection au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:497 settings.cpp:714
msgid "InProceedings"
msgstr "Partie d'une conférence"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:497
msgid "Add a publication which is part of some proceedings to the BibTeX file"
msgstr ""
"Ajouter une publication faisant partie d'une conférence au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:498 settings.cpp:716
msgid "Manual"
msgstr "Documentation technique"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:498
msgid "Add a manual to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter une documentation au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:499 settings.cpp:718
msgid "MastersThesis"
msgstr "Thèse de Master"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:499
msgid "Add a master or diploma thesis to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter une thèse de Master au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:500
msgid "Add a not specified document or reference to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter un document non spécifié au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:501 settings.cpp:722
msgid "PhDThesis"
msgstr "Thèse de Doctorat"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:501
msgid "Add a PhD thesis to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter une thèse de Doctorat au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:502 settings.cpp:724
msgid "Proceedings"
msgstr "Conférence"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:502
msgid "Add some proceedings to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter des conférences au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:503 settings.cpp:726
msgid "TechReport"
msgstr "Rapport technique"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:503
msgid "Add a technical report to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter un rapport technique au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:504 settings.cpp:728
msgid "Unpublished"
msgstr "Non publié"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:504
msgid "Add an unpublished document to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter un document non publié au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:505
msgid "Add a preamble to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter un préambule au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:506
msgid "Add a comment to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter un commentaire au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:507
msgid "Add a macro to the BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ajouter une macro au fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:510
msgid "Edit the selected BibTeX element"
msgstr "Modifier l'élément BibTeX sélectionné"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:513
msgid "Delete the selected BibTeX elements"
msgstr "Supprimer les éléments BibTeX sélectionnés"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:516
msgid "Show &Comments"
msgstr "Afficher les commentaires"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:517
msgid "Show the comments of a BibTeX document"
msgstr "Afficher les commentaires d'un document BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:518
msgid "Show &Macros"
msgstr "Afficher les macros"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:519
msgid "Show the macros of a BibTeX document"
msgstr "Afficher les macros d'un document BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:521
msgid "Accept input from other programs"
msgstr "Accepter l'entrée depuis d'autres programmes"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:537 rc.cpp:9 rc.cpp:18 rc.cpp:21 rc.cpp:39 rc.cpp:48
#: rc.cpp:51
msgid "&New"
msgstr "Nouveau"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:538
msgid "Add a new element to this BibTeX document"
msgstr "Ajouter un nouvel élément à ce document BibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:622
msgid ""
"Some other KBibTeX instance is using the pipe.\n"
"If this assumption is wrong, please delete '%1'."
msgstr ""
"Une autre instance de KBibTeX utilise le tube de communication.\n"
"Si cette affirmation est fausse, veuillez supprimer « %1 »"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:622
msgid "Pipe already in use"
msgstr "Tube de communication déjà utilisé"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:651
msgid "Could not create pipe at '%1'."
msgstr "Impossible de créer un tube de communication en « %1 »"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:651
msgid "Error creating pipe"
msgstr "Impossible de créer un tube de communication"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:695
msgid ""
"The KBibTeX part has problems to initialize itself. Only limited "
"functionality will be available."
msgstr ""
"Les éléments de KBibTeX n'ont pas pu s'initialiser correctement. Seules "
"quelques fonctionnalités limitées seront disponibles."
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:695
msgid "KBibTeX Part"
msgstr "Éléments KBibTeX"
#: kbibtex_part.cpp:742
msgid "KBibTeXPart"
msgstr "KBibTeXPart"
#: kbibtexshell.cpp:76
msgid "Could not find our part!"
msgstr "Impossible de trouver nos éléments !"
#: kbibtexshell.cpp:145
msgid ""
"Click to open a file\n"
"Click and hold to open a recent file"
msgstr ""
"Cliquez pour ouvrir un fichier\n"
"Cliquez et maintenez enfoncé pour ouvrir un fichier récent"
#: kbibtexshell.cpp:182
msgid "Create a new window for a new BibTeX file"
msgstr "Créer une nouvelle fenêtre pour un nouveau fichier BibTeX"
#: kbibtexshell.cpp:184
msgid "Open an existing BibTeX file"
msgstr "Ouvrir un fichier BibTeX existant"
#: kbibtexshell.cpp:187
msgid ""
"This lists files which you have opened recently, and allows you to easily "
"open them again."
msgstr ""
"La liste des fichiers que vous avez ouverts récemment et qui vous permet de "
"les ré-ouvrir facilement."
#: kbibtexshell.cpp:191
msgid "Close this KBibTeX window"
msgstr "Fermer cette fenêtre KBibTeX"
#: kbibtexshell.cpp:196
msgid "Show or hide the window's status bar"
msgstr "Afficher ou cacher la barre d'état de la fenêtre"
#: kbibtexshell.cpp:198
msgid "Configure key bindings for KBibTeX"
msgstr "Configurer les raccourcis claviers de KBibTeX"
#: kbibtexshell.cpp:199
msgid "Configure the tool bar for KBibTeX"
msgstr "Configurer la barre principale de KBibTeX"
#: kbibtexshell.cpp:350 main.cpp:95
msgid "Could not open file '%1'."
msgstr "Impossible d'ouvrir le fichier « %1 »"
#: macrowidget.cpp:39
msgid "Edit BibTeX Macro"
msgstr "Modifier la macro BibTeX"
#: macrowidget.cpp:84
msgid "Macro &id:"
msgstr "id de la macro :"
#: macrowidget.cpp:91
msgid "Macro &value:"
msgstr "Valeur de la macro :"
#: main.cpp:40
msgid "A BibTeX editor for TDE"
msgstr "Un éditeur de fichiers BibTeX pour TDE"
#: main.cpp:46
msgid "Document to open."
msgstr "Document à ouvrir."
#: main.cpp:111
msgid "KBibTeX"
msgstr "KBibTeX"
#: main.cpp:114
msgstr "Julien Richard-Foy"
#: main.cpp:114
msgstr "julien.rf@no-log.org"
#: mergeelements.cpp:112
#, fuzzy
msgid "Preamble text"
msgstr "Préambule"
#: mergeelements.cpp:124
msgid "Next"
msgstr "Suivant"
#: mergeelements.cpp:124
msgid "Previous"
msgstr "Précédent"
#: mergeelements.cpp:143
msgid ""
"Select elements to merge. At least two elements must be checked to perform a "
"merge operation. Checked entries will be replaced by the merged element, "
"unchecked elements will be kept."
msgstr ""
"Sélectionner les éléments à fusionner. Au moins deux éléments doivent "
"être sélectionnés pour réaliser une fusion. Les éléments cochés "
"seront remplacés par l'élément fusionné, les éléments non cochés "
"seront conservés."
#: mergeelements.cpp:147
msgid "Entry/Macro Id"
msgstr "Id de l'élément ou de la macro"
#: mergeelements.cpp:159
msgid ""
"Choose from this list which alternatives you want to keep in the merged "
msgstr ""
"Sélectionnez dans cette liste quelles alternatives vous souhaitez conserver "
"dans l'élément conservé."
#: mergeelements.cpp:163
msgid "Field/Key"
msgstr "Champ/Clé"
#: mergeelements.cpp:492
msgid "No duplicates found."
msgstr "Aucun doublon trouvé."
#: mergeelements.cpp:557
msgid "Id"
msgstr "Id"
#: preamblewidget.cpp:33
msgid "Edit BibTeX Preamble"
msgstr "Modifier le préambule BibTeX"
#: preamblewidget.cpp:76
msgid "&Preamble:"
msgstr "Préambule :"
#: rc.cpp:6 rc.cpp:36
msgid "E&lement"
msgstr "Élément"
#: rc.cpp:15 rc.cpp:27 rc.cpp:45 rc.cpp:57
msgid "Se&ttings"
msgstr "Configuration"
#: searchbar.cpp:92
msgid "Add a new BibTeX entry, comment or macro to this file"
msgstr ""
"Ajouter un nouvel élément BibTeX, un commentaire ou une macro à ce fichier"
#: searchbar.cpp:97
msgid "Add a new BibTeX entry from an online database"
msgstr ""
"Ajouter un nouvel élément BibTeX depuis une base de données en ligne"
#: searchbar.cpp:105
msgid "Erase current search pattern"
msgstr "Effacer le motif de recherche actuel"
#: searchbar.cpp:108
msgid "&Search:"
msgstr "Rechercher :"
#: searchbar.cpp:121
msgid "Exact"
msgstr "Exact"
#: searchbar.cpp:122
msgid "Every word"
msgstr "Tous les mots"
#: searchbar.cpp:123
msgid "Any word"
msgstr "N'importe quel mot"
#: searchbar.cpp:126
msgid "Restrict to:"
msgstr "Restreindre à :"
#: searchbar.cpp:133
msgid "All fields"
msgstr "Tous les champs"
#: settings.cpp:57
msgid "Could not determine filename for XSLT file"
msgstr "Impossible de déterminer le nom du fichier XSLT"
#: settings.cpp:57
msgid "Initialization failed"
msgstr "Échec de l'initialisation"
#: settings.cpp:639
msgid "Crossref"
msgstr "Référence croisée"
#: settings.cpp:691 settings.cpp:730
msgid "Unknown"
msgstr "Inconnu"
#: settings.cpp:706
msgid "Collection"
msgstr "Collection"
#: settings.cpp:708
msgid "Electronic"
msgstr "Électronique"
#: settingsdlg.cpp:42
msgid "&Editing"
msgstr "Édition"
#: settingsdlg.cpp:48
msgid "&File Open&&Save"
msgstr "Fichier Ouvrir et Enregistrer"
#: settingsdlg.cpp:54
msgid "&Search URLs"
msgstr "URL de recherche"
#: settingsdlg.cpp:60
msgid "Global &Keywords"
msgstr "Mots-clés globaux"
#: settingsdlg.cpp:66 settingsidsuggestions.cpp:337
msgid "Id Suggestions"
msgstr "Suggestions d'id"
#: settingsdlg.cpp:72
msgid "User Defined Fields"
msgstr "Champs définis par l'utilisateur"
#: settingsdlg.cpp:79 webqueryz3950.cpp:188 webqueryz3950.cpp:193
msgid "Z39.50"
msgstr "Z39.50"
#: settingsediting.cpp:56
msgid "Path to add:"
msgstr "Emplacemet à ajouter :"
#: settingsediting.cpp:63
msgid "Select a path to add"
msgstr "Sélectionner un emplacement à ajouter"
#: settingsediting.cpp:67
msgid "Add chosen path to list"
msgstr "Ajouter l'emplacement choisi à la liste"
#: settingsediting.cpp:70
msgid "List of paths:"
msgstr "Liste des emplacements :"
#: settingsediting.cpp:73
msgid "Path"
msgstr "Emplacement"
#: settingsediting.cpp:82
msgid "Remove selected path from list"
msgstr "Supprimer l'emplacement sélectionné de la liste"
#: settingsediting.cpp:99
msgid "Edit Document Search Paths"
msgstr "Modifier les emplacements de recherche de documents"
#: settingsediting.cpp:140
msgid "Folder '%1' does not exist or is not readable."
msgstr ""
#: settingsediting.cpp:160
msgid "Main List"
msgstr "Liste principale"
#: settingsediting.cpp:162
msgid "&Sorting:"
msgstr "Trier :"
#: settingsediting.cpp:174
msgid "So&rting order:"
msgstr "Sens du tri :"
#: settingsediting.cpp:176
msgid "Ascending"
msgstr "Ascendant"
#: settingsediting.cpp:177
msgid "Descending"
msgstr "Descendant"
#: settingsediting.cpp:180
msgid "&Double click action:"
msgstr "Action du double-clic :"
#: settingsediting.cpp:182
msgid "Edit element"
msgstr "Éditer l'élément"
#: settingsediting.cpp:183
msgid "Open document"
msgstr "Ouvrir le document"
#: settingsediting.cpp:186
msgid "On dragging with mouse:"
msgstr "Lors d'un glisser-déposer avec la souris :"
#: settingsediting.cpp:188
msgid "Copy reference (\\cite{...})"
msgstr "Copier une référence (\\cite{...})"
#: settingsediting.cpp:189
msgid "Copy BibTeX text (@article{...})"
msgstr "Copier le texte de l'élément BibTeX (@article{...})"
#: settingsediting.cpp:192
msgid "Entry Editing"
msgstr "Édition d'éléments"
#: settingsediting.cpp:196
msgid "Search Bar"
msgstr "Barre de recherche"
#: settingsediting.cpp:198
msgid "Reset field filter when changing filter text"
msgstr ""
"Réinitialiser les filtres des champs lorsque le texte du filtre est modifié"
#: settingsediting.cpp:200
msgid "Presentation"
msgstr "Présentation"
#: settingsediting.cpp:202
msgid "Use special &font"
msgstr "Utiliser une police spéciale"
#: settingsediting.cpp:204
msgid "Author and editor names:"
msgstr "Noms des auteurs et directeurs de publication"
#: settingsediting.cpp:207
msgid "John Doe"
msgstr "Patrick Dupont"
#: settingsediting.cpp:208
msgid "Doe, John"
msgstr "Dupont, Patrick"
#: settingsediting.cpp:209
msgid "Show names as 'John Doe' instead of 'Doe, John'"
msgstr ""
"Afficher les noms comme « Patrick Dupont » plutôt que « Dupont, "
"Patrick »"
#: settingsediting.cpp:210
msgid ""
"Show names as 'John Doe' instead of 'Doe, John'.\n"
"Takes only effect after the next start of KBibTeX."
msgstr ""
"Afficher les noms comme « Patrick Dupont » plutôt que « Dupont, "
"Patrick ».\n"
"Ne prendra effet qu'après le prochain lancement de KBibTeX."
#: settingsediting.cpp:212
msgid "Document Search Paths"
msgstr "Emplacements de recherche de document"
#: settingsediting.cpp:214
msgid "Edit Search Paths"
msgstr "Modifier les emplacements de recherche"
#: settingsediting.cpp:218
msgid "Sensitivity:"
msgstr ""
#: settingsediting.cpp:221
msgid "Low"
msgstr ""
#: settingsediting.cpp:228
msgid "High"
msgstr ""
#: settingsfileio.cpp:53
msgid "English|German|French|Spanish|Swedish"
msgstr "Anglais|Allemand|Français|Espagnol|Suédois"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:58
msgid ""
"plain|achemso (American Chemical Society)|alpha|unsrt|abbrv|acm (Association "
"of Computing Machinery)|apacite|apalike|authordate|ieeetr|natbib|siam"
msgstr ""
"plain|achemso (American Chemical Society)|alpha|unsrt|abbrv|acm (Association "
"of Computing Machinery)|apacite|apalike|authordate|ieeetr|natbib|siam"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:177
msgid "XSLT Stylesheet"
msgstr "Feuille de style XSLT"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:201
msgid "No exporter available"
msgstr "Pas de format d'exportation disponible"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:223
msgid "Path to the jar files for bib2db5"
msgstr "Emplacement des fichiers jar pour bib2db5"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:236
msgid ""
"To export DocBook5 bibliographies, the path to the jar file for bib2db5 has "
"to be set first."
msgstr ""
"Pour exporter des bibliographies au format DocBook5 l'emplacement du fichier "
"jar pour bib2db5 doit être préalablement renseigné."
#: settingsfileio.cpp:236
msgid "Invalid path for bib2db5"
msgstr "Emplacement non valable pour bib2db5"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:244
msgid "BibTeX Import and Export"
msgstr "Import et export BibTeX"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:246
msgid "&Encoding:"
msgstr "Encodage :"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:249
msgid "Text &delimiters:"
msgstr "Délimiteurs de texte :"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:252
msgid "Keyword casing:"
msgstr "Casse des mots clés :"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:255
msgid "Protect title's casing:"
msgstr "Protéger la casse des titres :"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:256
msgid "Put curly brackets around"
msgstr "Ajouter des accolades autour"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:257
msgid "Put curly brackets around title and other selected fields."
msgstr ""
"Ajouter des accolades autour du titre et des autres champs sélectionnés."
#: settingsfileio.cpp:258
msgid ""
"Put curly brackets around title and other selected fields to protect them "
"from case changes in certain BibTeX styles."
msgstr ""
"Ajouter des accolades autour du titre et des autres champs sélectionnés "
"pour les protéger contre les changements de casse de certains styles BibTeX"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:260
msgid "PDF, PostScript and Rich Text Format Export"
msgstr "Exportation au format PDF, PostScript ou Rich Text Format"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:262
msgid ""
"Select the layout of the resulting PDF, PostScript or Rich Text Format "
"document when exporting a BibTeX file."
msgstr ""
"Sélectionner la disposition du fichier PDF, PostScript ou Rich Text Format "
"résultant lors de l'exportation d'un fichier BibTeX"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:263
msgid "&Language:"
msgstr "Langue :"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:266
msgid "&Biblography style:"
msgstr "Style de bibliographie :"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:270
msgid "PDF Export"
msgstr "Exportation PDF"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:272
msgid "Embed local files into PDF if possible"
msgstr "Inclure des fichiers locaux dans les fichiers PDF si possible"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:273
msgid ""
"<qt>If checked, KBibTeX tries to embed all referenced files for the BibTeX "
"entries into the exported PDF file.<br/>This requires that you have "
"installed <tt>embedfile.sty</tt>.</qt>"
msgstr ""
"<qt>Si cette option est sélectionnée, KBibTeX essaiera d'inclure tous les "
"fichiers référencés par les éléments BibTeX dans le fichier PDF "
"d'exportation.<br/>Cette option nécessite que le fichier "
"<tt>embedfile.sty</tt> soit installé.</qt>"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:275
msgid "XML Export"
msgstr "Exportation XML"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:278
msgid "Path to the jar files for bib2db5:"
msgstr "Emplacement des fichiers jar pour bib2db5 :"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:293
msgid "Export Systems"
msgstr "Systèmes d'exportation"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:295
msgid "HTML:"
msgstr "HTML :"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:299
msgid "BibUtils"
msgstr "BibUtils"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:301
msgid "Always use BibUtils"
msgstr "Toujours utiliser BibUtils"
#: settingsfileio.cpp:302
msgid "If possible, use BibUtils to import and export alien bibliography."
msgstr ""
"Si possible, utiliser BibUtils pour importer et exporter des bibliographies."
#: settingsfileio.cpp:303
msgid ""
"If possible, use BibUtils to import and export alien bibliography such as "
"If unchecked, prefer internal import and export library."
msgstr ""
"Si possible utiliser BibUtils pour importer et exporter des bibliographiques "
"telles que RIS.\n"
"Si cette option n'est pas sélectionnée, la bibliothèque d'importation et "
"d'exportation interne sera utilisée."
#: settingsfileio.cpp:307
msgid "Backups"
msgstr ""
#: settingsfileio.cpp:309
#, fuzzy
msgid "Number of Backups:"
msgstr "Nombre de résultats :"
#: settingsidsuggestions.cpp:90
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Example: %1"
msgstr ""
"Exemple : %1"
#: settingsidsuggestions.cpp:345
msgid ""
"_: id suggestion\n"
msgstr "Nouveau"
#: settingsidsuggestions.cpp:349
msgid ""
"_: id suggestion\n"
msgstr "Modifier"
#: settingsidsuggestions.cpp:353
msgid ""
"_: id suggestion\n"
msgstr "Supprimer"
#: settingsidsuggestions.cpp:357
msgid ""
"_: id suggestion\n"
msgstr "Haut"
#: settingsidsuggestions.cpp:361
msgid ""
"_: id suggestion\n"
msgstr "Bas"
#: settingsidsuggestions.cpp:365
msgid "Toogle default"
msgstr "Définir par défaut"
#: settingsidsuggestions.cpp:370
msgid "Use default id suggestion when editing new entries"
msgstr ""
"Utiliser la suggestion d'id par défaut lors de l'édition de nouveaux "
#: settingsidsuggestions.cpp:373
#, fuzzy
msgid "Small Words:"
msgstr "Supprimer les petits mots"
#: settingsidsuggestions.cpp:386
#, fuzzy
msgid "Small Words"
msgstr "Supprimer les petits mots"
#: settingskeyword.cpp:83
msgid "New Keyword"
msgstr "Nouveau mot clé"
#: settingskeyword.cpp:131
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 keyword has been imported.\n"
"%n keywords have been imported."
msgstr ""
"1 mot clé a été importé.\n"
"%n mots clés ont été importés."
#: settingskeyword.cpp:131
msgid "Keywords imported"
msgstr "Mots-clés importés"
#: settingskeyword.cpp:172
msgid ""
"_: keyword\n"
msgstr "Supprimer"
#: settingskeyword.cpp:176
msgid ""
"_: keyword\n"
msgstr "Importer"
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:108
msgid ""
"The list of URLs will be checked and known entries will be replaced by the "
"program standards. Search entries you have defined by yourself will be kept "
"most likely."
msgstr ""
"La liste des URL sera examinée et celles qui seront reconnues seront "
"remplacées par leur version initiale. Les URL que vous avez définies "
"vous-même seront très probablement conservées telles quelles."
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:108
msgid "Reset list of URLs"
msgstr "Réinitialiser la liste des URL"
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:108 settingsz3950.cpp:297
msgid "Reset"
msgstr "Réinitialiser"
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:133
msgid "Description"
msgstr "Description"
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:140
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"_: search url\n"
msgstr "Réinitialiser"
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:144
msgid ""
"_: search url\n"
msgstr "Modifier"
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:148
msgid ""
"_: search url\n"
msgstr "Supprimer"
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:152
msgid ""
"_: search url\n"
msgstr "Réinitialiser"
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:170
msgid "New URL"
msgstr "Nouvelle URL"
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:170
msgid "Edit URL"
msgstr "Modifier l'URL"
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:173
msgid "Description:"
msgstr "Description :"
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:178
msgid "URL:"
msgstr "URL :"
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:184
msgid "Within the URL, '%1' will be replaced by the search term."
msgstr "Dans l'URL, « %1 » sera remplacé par l'expression recherchée."
#: settingssearchurl.cpp:185
msgid "Include Author:"
msgstr "Inclure l'auteur :"
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:62 settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:74
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:229 settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:238
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:251 settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:257
msgid "Single line"
msgstr "Une ligne"
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:74 settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:230
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:251 settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:257
msgid "Multiple lines"
msgstr "Plusieurs lignes"
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:168
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Nom"
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:170
msgid "Label"
msgstr "Étiquette"
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:180
msgid ""
"_: user-defined input\n"
msgstr "Ajouter"
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:183
msgid ""
"_: user-defined input\n"
msgstr "Modifier"
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:186
msgid ""
"_: user-defined input\n"
msgstr "Supprimer"
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:189
msgid ""
"_: user-defined input\n"
msgstr "Monter"
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:193
msgid ""
"_: user-defined input\n"
msgstr "Descendre"
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:210
msgid "New Field"
msgstr "Nouveau champ"
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:210
msgid "Edit Field"
msgstr "Modifier le champ"
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:213 settingsz3950.cpp:71
msgid "Name:"
msgstr "Nom :"
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:218
msgid "Label:"
msgstr "Étiquette :"
#: settingsuserdefinedinput.cpp:224
msgid "Input Type:"
msgstr "Type d'élément :"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:77
msgid "Database:"
msgstr "Base de données :"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:83
msgid "Host:"
msgstr "Hôte :"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:89
msgid "Port:"
msgstr "Port :"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:98
msgid "User:"
msgstr "Identifiant :"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:104
msgid "Password:"
msgstr "Mot de passe :"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:110
msgid "Syntax:"
msgstr "Syntaxe :"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:122
msgid "Locale:"
msgstr "Localisation :"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:149
msgid "Edit Z39.50 Server"
msgstr "Modifier le serveur Z39.50"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:297
msgid "All Z39.50 server configurations will be reset to defaults."
msgstr ""
"Tous les paramètres de configuration du serveur Z39.50 seront "
"réinitialisés à leur valeurs par défaut."
#: settingsz3950.cpp:297
msgid "Reset to Default"
msgstr "Réglages par défaut"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:324
msgid ""
"_: z3950 server\n"
msgstr "Nom"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:325
msgid ""
"_: z3950 server\n"
msgstr "Base de données"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:334
msgid ""
"_: z3950 server\n"
msgstr "Ajouter"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:338
msgid ""
"_: z3950 server\n"
msgstr "Modifier"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:342
msgid ""
"_: z3950 server\n"
msgstr "Supprimer"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:346
msgid ""
"_: z3950 server\n"
msgstr "Monter"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:350
msgid ""
"_: z3950 server\n"
msgstr "Descendre"
#: settingsz3950.cpp:355
msgid ""
"_: z3950 server\n"
msgstr "Réinitialiser"
#: sidebar.cpp:113
msgid "Toggle between showing all fields or only important fields"
msgstr ""
"Bascule entre l'affichage de tous les champs ou l'affichage des champs "
"importants seulement"
#: sidebar.cpp:117
msgid "Filter this sidebar for a given field"
msgstr "Filtrer l'affichage de cette barre latérale sur le champ indiqué"
#: sidebar.cpp:124
msgid ""
"Toggle between selecting only one item or multiple items (AND-connected in "
msgstr ""
"Basculer entre la sélection unique ou multiple (opération ET dans la "
#: sidebar.cpp:127
msgid "#"
msgstr "#"
#: sidebar.cpp:128
msgid "Items"
msgstr "Éléments"
#: sidebar.cpp:135
msgid "Rename all occurrences"
msgstr "Renommer toutes les occurrences"
#: valuewidget.cpp:39
msgid "Edit field '%1'"
msgstr "Modifier le champ « %1 »"
#: valuewidget.cpp:137
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_: May only contain ASCII characters, in case of doubt keep English form\n"
msgstr "NouvelleValeur%1"
#: valuewidget.cpp:205
msgid "Checked entries are string keys, unchecked entries are quoted text."
msgstr ""
"Les éléments cochés sont des clés, les éléments non-cochés sont du "
"texte cité"
#: valuewidget.cpp:232
msgid "Toggle"
msgstr "Basculer"
#: webquery.cpp:94 webquerycsb.cpp:83 webquerydblp.cpp:68
#: webquerymathscinet.cpp:61 webqueryspireshep.cpp:99
msgid "Search &term:"
msgstr "Requête :"
#: webquery.cpp:105 webquerycsb.cpp:103 webquerydblp.cpp:79
#: webquerysciencedirect.cpp:165 webqueryz3950.cpp:102
msgid "&Number of results:"
msgstr "Nombre de résultats :"
#: webquery.cpp:153
msgid "Searching"
msgstr "Recherche"
#: webquery.cpp:153
#, c-format
msgid "Searching %1"
msgstr "Recherche %1"
#: webquery.cpp:315
msgid "&Import"
msgstr "Importer"
#: webquery.cpp:315
msgid "Import selected items"
msgstr "Importer les éléments sélectionnés"
#: webquery.cpp:363
#, c-format
msgid "Search %1"
msgstr "Rechercher %1"
#: webquery.cpp:402
msgid ""
"You do not have the necessary permissions to query data from this service."
msgstr ""
#: webquery.cpp:431
msgid "&Engine:"
msgstr "Moteur :"
#: webquery.cpp:442
msgid "&Search"
msgstr "Recherche"
#: webquery.cpp:468
msgid "Import all hits"
msgstr "Importer tous les résultats"
#: webqueryamatex.cpp:55
msgid "Amatex"
msgstr "Amatex"
#: webqueryamatex.cpp:60
msgid "About Amatex"
msgstr "À propos d'Amatex"
#: webqueryamatex.cpp:111 webquerybibsonomy.cpp:116 webquerycitebase.cpp:118
#: webquerycsb.cpp:280 webquerydblp.cpp:204 webqueryieeexplore.cpp:156
#: webquerymathscinet.cpp:176 webquerypubmed.cpp:159 webquerypubmed.cpp:171
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:206 webqueryzmath.cpp:113
msgid "Querying database '%1' failed."
msgstr "Échec lors de la requête vers la base de données « %1 »"
#: webqueryarxiv.cpp:78
msgid "arXiv"
msgstr "arXiv"
#: webqueryarxiv.cpp:83
msgid "arXiv is an archive for preprints"
msgstr "arXiv est une archive de pré-publications électroniques"
#: webquerybibsonomy.cpp:63
msgid "BibSonomy"
msgstr "BibSonomy"
#: webquerybibsonomy.cpp:68
msgid "BibSonomy bookmark sharing system"
msgstr "Système de partage de signets BibSonomy"
#: webquerycitebase.cpp:62
msgid "Citebase"
msgstr "Citebase"
#: webquerycitebase.cpp:67
#, fuzzy
msgid "Citebase citation index"
msgstr "Citebase Search is a semi-autonomous citation index"
#: webqueryciteseerx.cpp:83
msgid "CiteSeerX"
msgstr "CiteSeerX"
#: webqueryciteseerx.cpp:92
msgid "About CiteSeerX"
msgstr "À propos de CiteSeerX"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:90
msgid ""
"_: Here, \"Field\" refers to a parameter for the CSB search (author, title, "
msgstr "Champ :"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:111
msgid "&Year:"
msgstr "Année :"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:125
msgid "Sort &by:"
msgstr "Trier par :"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:134
msgid "Online papers only"
msgstr "Publications en ligne seulement"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:137 webqueryz3950.cpp:59
msgid "any"
msgstr "n'importe"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:138 webqueryspireshep.cpp:86 webqueryz3950.cpp:59
msgid "author"
msgstr "auteur"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:139 webqueryspireshep.cpp:87 webqueryz3950.cpp:59
msgid "title"
msgstr "titre"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:140
msgid "exact"
msgstr "exactitude"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:141
msgid "until"
msgstr "until"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:142
msgid "from"
msgstr "from"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:144
msgid "none"
msgstr "none"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:145
msgid "score"
msgstr "score"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:146
msgid "year"
msgstr "année"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:171
msgid "Computer Science Bibliographies"
msgstr "Computer Science Bibliographies"
#: webquerycsb.cpp:176
msgid "Copyright for the Bibliography Collection"
msgstr "Copyright de la Bibliography Collection"
#: webquerydblp.cpp:89
msgid "Do not merge corresponding entries"
msgstr "Ne pas fusionner les entrées correspondantes"
#: webquerydblp.cpp:110
msgid "DBLP"
msgstr "DBLP"
#: webquerydblp.cpp:115
msgid "DBLP - Copyright"
msgstr "DBLP - Copyright"
#: webquerygooglescholar.cpp:69
msgid "Google Scholar"
msgstr "Google Scholar"
#: webquerygooglescholar.cpp:74
msgid "About Google Scholar"
msgstr "À propos de Google Scholar"
#: webqueryieeexplore.cpp:67
msgid "IEEExplore"
msgstr "IEEExplore"
#: webqueryieeexplore.cpp:72
msgid "What is IEEE Xplore?"
msgstr "Qu'est-ce que IEEE Xplore ?"
#: webqueryieeexplore.cpp:109
msgid "You have entered an invalid search."
msgstr "Vous avez saisi une requête non valable."
#: webqueryieeexplore.cpp:109
#, fuzzy
msgid "Search Error"
msgstr "Barre de recherche"
#: webquerymathscinet.cpp:81
msgid ""
"<qt>Use the same synatx as for <a "
"href=\"http://www.math.tamu.edu/~comech/tools/bibget/\">BIBGET</a>. For "
"spaces within a search element, use \"<tt>+</tt>\".<br/>Example: "
"<tt>a=gilkey t=invariance book 1984</tt></qt>"
msgstr ""
#: webquerymathscinet.cpp:102
msgid "MathSciNet"
msgstr ""
#: webquerymathscinet.cpp:107
msgid "American Mathematical Society"
msgstr ""
#: webquerypubmed.cpp:67
msgid "NCBI (PubMed)"
msgstr "NCBI (PubMed)"
#: webquerypubmed.cpp:72
msgid "NCBI's Disclaimer and Copyright"
msgstr "NCBI's Disclaimer and Copyright"
#: webquerysciencedirect.cpp:84
msgid "Title, abstract, keywords:"
msgstr "Titre, résumé, mots clés :"
#: webquerysciencedirect.cpp:103
msgid "Author:"
msgstr "Auteur :"
#: webquerysciencedirect.cpp:120
msgid "Journal/book title:"
msgstr "Titre du magazine/livre :"
#: webquerysciencedirect.cpp:135
msgid "Volume:"
msgstr "Volume :"
#: webquerysciencedirect.cpp:145
msgid "Issue:"
msgstr "Numéro :"
#: webquerysciencedirect.cpp:155
msgid "Page:"
msgstr "Page :"
#: webquerysciencedirect.cpp:196
msgid "ScienceDirect"
msgstr "ScienceDirect"
#: webquerysciencedirect.cpp:201
msgid "About ScienceDirect"
msgstr "À propos de ScienceDirect"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:42
msgid "DESY (Germany)"
msgstr "DESY (Allemagne)"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:42
msgid "FNAL (U.S.A.)"
msgstr "FNAL (États-Unis)"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:42
msgid "IHEP (Russia)"
msgstr "IHEP (Russie)"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:42
msgid "Durham U (U.K.)"
msgstr "Durham U (Royaume-Uni)"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:42
msgid "SLAC (U.S.A.)"
msgstr "SLAC (États-Unis)"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:42
msgid "YITP (Japan)"
msgstr "YITP (Japon)"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:42
msgid "LIPI (Indonesia)"
msgstr "LIPI (Indonésie)"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:78
msgid "Type:"
msgstr "Type :"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:85
msgid "raw query"
msgstr "requête brute"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:88
msgid "journal"
msgstr "Magazine"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:89
msgid "EPrint number"
msgstr "Numéro EPrint"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:90
msgid "report number"
msgstr "Numéro de rapport"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:91
msgid "keywords"
msgstr "mots clés"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:109
msgid "Include abstracts from arxiv.org if available"
msgstr ""
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:130
msgid "SPIRES-HEP"
msgstr "SPIRES-HEP"
#: webqueryspireshep.cpp:135
msgid "SPIRES-HEP Search"
msgstr "Recherche SPIRES-HEP"
#: webqueryz3950.cpp:59
msgid "publisher"
msgstr "éditeur"
#: webqueryz3950.cpp:94
msgid "Server:"
msgstr "Serveur :"
#: webqueryz3950.cpp:116
msgid "Search term 1:"
msgstr "Requête 1 :"
#: webqueryz3950.cpp:126 webqueryz3950.cpp:147
msgid "Search in:"
msgstr "Rechercher dans :"
#: webqueryz3950.cpp:138
msgid "Search term 2:"
msgstr "Requête 2 :"
#: webqueryz3950.cpp:163
msgid "and"
msgstr "et"
#: webqueryz3950.cpp:164
msgid "or"
msgstr "ou"
#: webqueryz3950.cpp:330
#, c-format
msgid ""
"The server returned the following message:\n"
msgstr ""
"Le serveur a renvoyé le message suivant :\n"
#: webqueryz3950.cpp:330
msgid "Error querying Z39.50 server"
msgstr "Requête non valable vers le serveur Z39.50"
#: webqueryzmath.cpp:61
msgid "Zentralblatt MATH"
msgstr "Zentralblatt MATH"
#: webqueryzmath.cpp:66
msgid "About Zentralblatt MATH"
msgstr "À propos de Zentralblatt MATH"
#: z3950connection.cpp:158
msgid "Query error!"
msgstr "Requête non valable !"
#: z3950connection.cpp:205
msgid "Connection search error %1: %2"
msgstr "Opérateurs de recherche non valables %1 : %2"
#: z3950connection.cpp:294
msgid "Record syntax error"
msgstr "Syntaxe de l'enregistrement non valable"
#: z3950connection.cpp:405
msgid "Connection error %1: %2"
msgstr "Opérateur non valable %1 : %2"
#~ msgid "Merge Entries"
#~ msgstr "Fusionner les éléments"
#~ msgid "Cannot establish a link to LyX"
#~ msgstr "Impossible d'établir un lien avec LyX"
#~ msgid "Cannot establish a link to LyX using the pipe '%1'"
#~ msgstr ""
#~ "Impossible de communiquer avec LyX avec le tube de communication « %1 »"
#~ msgid ""
#~ "\n"
#~ "Maybe LyX is not running?"
#~ msgstr ""
#~ "\n"
#~ "LyX n'est peut-être pas en fonctionnement ?"
#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "keyword"
#~ msgstr "Mots-clés"
#, fuzzy
#~ msgid ", but only first letter of each last name"
#~ msgstr ""
#~ ", mais seulement la première lettre de chaque mot\n"
#~ ", mais seulement les %n premières lettres de chaque mot"
#, fuzzy
#~ msgid ", but only first letter of each word"
#~ msgstr ""
#~ ", mais seulement la première lettre de chaque mot\n"
#~ ", mais seulement les %n premières lettres de chaque mot"
#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "id suggestion"
#~ msgstr "Suggestions d'id"
#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "1 keyword has been imported."
#~ msgstr "Mots-clés importés"
#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "search url"
#~ msgstr "Ajouter"
#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "user-defined input"
#~ msgstr "Monter"
#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "z3950 server"
#~ msgstr "Ajouter"
#~ msgid "Updating"
#~ msgstr "Mise à jour"
#~ msgid "eXtended Markup Language (*.xml)"
#~ msgstr "eXtended Markup Language (*.xml)"
#~ msgid "Use first author only"
#~ msgstr "Utiliser le premier auteur seulement"
#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "Merge BibTeX Elements"
#~ msgstr "Fusionner des éléments BibTeX"
#~ msgid "Original element:"
#~ msgstr "Élément initial :"
#~ msgid "Inserted element:"
#~ msgstr "Élément inséré :"
#~ msgid "Keep Original"
#~ msgstr "Garder l'original"
#~ msgid "Use Inserted"
#~ msgstr "Utiliser l'élément inséré"
#~ msgid "Rename Inserted"
#~ msgstr "Renommer l'élément inséré"
#~ msgid "Merge"
#~ msgstr "Fusionner"
#~ msgid "LaTeX|UTF-8"
#~ msgstr "LaTeX|UTF-8"
#~ msgid ""
#~ "To find a document (e.g. a PDF file) associated to a BibTeX entry, KBibTeX "
#~ "can search a set of default search paths."
#~ msgstr ""
#~ "Pour trouver un document (ex. : un fichier PDF) associé à un élément "
#~ "BibTeX, KBibTeX peut chercher dans un ensemble de chemins par défaut."