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* KCPULoad and KNetLoad are copyright (c) 1999-2000, Markus Gustavsson *
* (c) 2002, Ben Burton *
* *
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify *
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by *
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or *
* (at your option) any later version. *
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#ifndef __STATDOCK_H
#define __STATDOCK_H
#include <tqcolor.h>
#include <ksystemtray.h>
class StatPopup;
* A system tray window that displays a recent history of readings.
* A single application might have many of these windows.
* Two simultaneous sets of readings are supported; these will be
* referred to as upper and lower readings. When diagram splitting is
* switched on, these readings will be displayed together on the diagram
* with the upper readings shown above the lower readings. When diagram
* splitting is switched off, only the upper readings will be displayed.
* The parent window of a StatDock must be a StatPopup, which provides
* all of the actions in this window's context menu.
class StatDock : public KSystemTray {
* Fill style constants.
static const int fillLines;
static const int fillBars;
static const int fillShaded;
* Colour constants.
static const TQColor colorGrid;
static const TQColor colorGridInactive;
static const TQColor colorLabel;
static const TQColor colorLabelInactive;
static const TQColor colorLower;
static const TQColor colorLowerInactive;
static const TQColor colorBlack;
* Constructor and destructor.
* Note that the constructor will call parent->initDock().
* Parameter whichDock must be 0 or 1 to specify whether this dock
* will become dock[0] or dock[1] in the given StatPopup parent.
* Parameter useLabel should contain the label that will be drawn on
* the diagram if labelling is enabled.
StatDock(int whichDock, const TQString& useLabel, StatPopup *parent,
const char *name = 0);
* Setting display options.
void setGrid(bool);
void setActive(bool);
void setSoft(bool);
void setSplit(bool);
void setLabelled(bool);
void setLabel(const TQString&);
void setFill(int);
void setColor(const TQColor&);
public slots:
* Clear the history of recent readings.
* All readings will be reset to zero and the diagram will be
* updated.
void clearHistory();
* Add the given pair of readings as the most recent in our list.
* The diagram will be updated accordingly.
* Each argument should be a percentage between 0 and 100.
* The sum of both arguments must not exceed 100.
* If diagram splitting is switched off, the given lower reading
* will be ignored completely and 0 will be used instead.
* @param upper the upper reading in this pair.
* @param lower the lower reading in this pair.
void addPercentReading(int upper, int lower);
* Repaint this system tray window with a fresh diagram.
void paintEvent(TQPaintEvent*);
* Display options.
bool grid;
/**< Should the grid be displayed behind the diagram? */
bool active;
/**< Is this meter currently active? */
bool soft;
/**< Are we artificially modifying the readings to produce a
soft curve? */
bool split;
/**< Are we displaying both upper and lower readings? */
bool labelled;
/**< Should this diagram be labelled? */
TQString label;
/**< The specific label to draw on this diagram. */
int fill;
/**< Specifies which of the predefined fill styles to use. */
TQColor colorUpper;
/**< Colour for displaying the upper readings. */
TQColor colorUpperInactive;
/**< Colour for displaying the upper readings whilst the diagram
is inactive. */
* Stored readings.
int* bufUpper;
/**< Stores our list of recent upper readings.
This list begins at index (pos + 1) as the earliest reading
and cycles around to index (pos) as the latest reading. */
int* bufLower;
/**< Stores our list of recent lower readings.
This list begins at index (pos + 1) as the earliest reading
and cycles around to index (pos) as the latest reading. */
int pos;
/**< The index in our arrays of the most recent reading. */
* Temporaries.
int i, j, tmpPos, oldUpper, oldLower;
/**< Temporary variables used during computations. */
void resizeEvent ( TQResizeEvent * );