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This file should only be read as a fast description. The online
KCPULoad handbook contains more detailed information.
This is a small program for Kicker (the TDE panel). It will show the CPU
usage in the form of one or two configurable diagrams. There are settings
for colors and some different styles. Note that it isn't the real system
load that's shown, but the percent used of the total CPU power, which is
calculated from the number of CPU ticks.. don't ask me what that means :).
To bring up the settings menu, simply right click on the diagram. Use a
slower update interval to get a more stable and accurate diagram without
If there is more than one CPU on the system, the total CPU usage from both
can be shown, or you can choose to have one separate diagram for each of the
CPUs. Left click on the diagram to bring up a small information box which
will show the exact CPU usage in text form.
Markus Gustavsson <>