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Keep ChangeLog
ADD: possibility to use an inclusion/exclusion list when setting up backup source
ADD: possibility to control rdiff-backup process priority
ADD: Restore backup wizard now displays last backup date
FIX: Backup every hour bug fixed
ADD: backup error management
ADD: notifications
ADD: backup logging
FIX: many memory leaks
FIX: rdiff-backup management improved
FIX: updated wording of the application
FIX: updated GUI in restore and add wizard
ADD: advanced configuration of backups
FIX: the backup method has been fixed
ADD: it's now possible to edit a backup
ADD: it's now possible to avoid special files (devices, sockets, links, etc.) in backups
FIX: fixed error when trying to backup a directory to multiple destinations
ADD: It's now possible to see the modifications of selected increment when restoring
ADD: It's now possible to see the changed files of selected increment when restoring
ADD: It's now possible to see the files of the selected increment
ADD: Restoration of a custom backup directory
ADD: Restoration to a custom directory
ADD: Keep use now rdiff-backup as backend. Thanks Luke!
ADD: You can now set different backups, with defined settings for each
ADD: GUI has been redesigned
ADD: There is now a wizard to add a directory to backup
ADD: There is now a wizard to restore a backuped directory
ADD: Forcing backup has been redesigned
ADD: New icons for each action (Force Backup, Restore Backup, Add Backup)
FIX: major code reorganization: now icons are in a separate dir and wizard in the app dir
ADD: Action panel. You can now control the backup system from the application
ADD: It's now possible to clean the backup directory
ADD: GUI enhanced
ADD: New icon (inspired by both Ark and KMail ones, thanks to the artists who created them: Bryce Corkins, Liam Smit)
FIX: Backup directory size function cleaned
FIX: Now backup function fixed (deletion of old backups behaves now as expected)
FIX: Last and next backup date when there is no backup.
FIX: Fixed many makefiles, now it builds with automake and when builddir != srcdir
ADD: It's now possible to see if the backup system is well configured
ADD: It's now possible to force a backup
ADD: the main window has been redesigned
FIX: Fixed many bugs in the backup process
FIX: Code of the daemon cleaned
FIX: Code of the main application cleaned
ADD: Initial release