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* create the plotter (but keep it hidden) when an interface
gets connected, so that we have sort of memory for the plotter
* include an option: "show as line" - like the signal plotter in kppp
* another option: "show up/down speed" in the bottom right (those numbers
shown in tooltip)
* add a button for context menu entries presets. I mean it would be great
if newbies could select entries for kppp, network start/stop/restart
* show two dynamic bars with the current netload instead of an icon
* It would also be great if the color of the animation tray icon will reflect the current bandwidth... For example gray for 0-25%, light green 25-50% green 50-75%, red 75-100%. (The simplest way to achieve this is to have 14 icons for each set. Or N icons and allow the user to select a bandwith range and appropriate icon.)