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KNemo - a network monitor for TDE.
KNemo offers a network monitor similar to the one found in Windows.
For every network interface it displays an icon in the systray.
Tooltips and an info dialog provide further information about the
interface. Passive popups inform about interface changes.
A traffic plotter is also integrated.
knemo polls the network interface status every second using the
ifconfig, route and iwconfig tools.
IMPORTANT: KNemo has to be started using
Trinity Control Center/Internet & Network/Network Monitor.
Please do no longer use the KDE Service Manager to start and to stop
KNemo. This change was necessary to keep KNemo from starting
automatically for every user in a multiuser environment.
If you wish to contribute to knemo, you might do so:
- TDE Gitea Workspace (TGW) collaboration tool.
- TDE Weblate Translation Workspace (TWTW) collaboration tool.