KNutClient – visual client for UPS systems using NUT
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# translation of fr.po to Français
# translation of fr.po to
# translation of fr.po to Czech
# translation of fr.po to français
# Copyright (C) 2003, 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# Arnaud Quette <>, 2003, 2004.
# Daniel Prynych <>, 2003, 2004.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: fr\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2019-01-13 19:10+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2009-02-22 21:44+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Arnaud Quette <>\n"
"Language-Team: French <>\n"
"Language: fr\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
#: _translatorinfo:1
msgid ""
"Your names"
msgstr "Arnaud de Lorbeau,Arnaud Quette"
#: _translatorinfo:2
msgid ""
"Your emails"
msgstr ","
#: knutclient.cpp:86
msgid "Ready."
msgstr "Prêt."
#: knutclient.cpp:217 knutclient.cpp:218
msgid "The connection was renewed."
msgstr "La connexion a été renouvelé."
#: knutclient.cpp:284
msgid "The connection failed. The next connection will make after %1 sec."
msgstr "La connexion a échoué. Nouvelle tentative dans %1·sec."
#: knutclient.cpp:547
msgid "upsd > 1.2 doesn't support UDP. Connection is switched to TCP"
msgstr "upsd > 1.2 ne supporte pas UDP. La connexion est basculé en TCP"
#: knutclient.cpp:689 knutclient.cpp:690
msgid "Data OK"
msgstr "Données OK"
#: knutclient.cpp:782 knutclient.cpp:783
msgid "The connection was closed by the second side (upsd)."
msgstr "La connexion a été fermé par la seconde partie (upsd)."
#: knutclient.cpp:799 knutclient.cpp:800
msgid "UPS is off."
msgstr "Onduleur arrêté"
#: knutclient.cpp:803 knutclient.cpp:804
msgid "UPS is back on."
msgstr "Onduleur démarré"
#: knutclient.cpp:809 knutclient.cpp:810
msgid "Power is back online."
msgstr "Retour secteur"
#: knutclient.cpp:815 knutclient.cpp:816
msgid "UPS is on battery."
msgstr "Onduleur sur batterie"
#: knutclient.cpp:821 knutclient.cpp:822
msgid "UPS battery is low."
msgstr "Onduleur Batterie basse"
#: knutclient.cpp:825 knutclient.cpp:826
msgid "UPS battery is OK."
msgstr "Batterie OK"
#: knutclient.cpp:831 knutclient.cpp:832
msgid "UPS battery is bad and needs be replaced."
msgstr "La batterie doit être remplacée."
#: knutclient.cpp:837 knutclient.cpp:838
msgid "UPS is overloaded."
msgstr "L'onduleur est en surcharge."
#: knutclient.cpp:841 knutclient.cpp:842
msgid "UPS isn't overloaded."
msgstr "L'onduleur n'est pas en surcharge."
#: knutclient.cpp:847 knutclient.cpp:848 knutdock.cpp:458
msgid "UPS is performing calibration"
msgstr "Calibrage onduleur en cours"
#: knutclient.cpp:851 knutclient.cpp:852
msgid "Calibration of UPS is ended."
msgstr "Calibrage onduleur terminé."
#: knutclient.cpp:857 knutclient.cpp:858
msgid "UPS is boosting incoming voltage."
msgstr "L'onduleur est en redressement de la tension d'entrée."
#: knutclient.cpp:861 knutclient.cpp:862
msgid "Boosting of UPS is ended."
msgstr "Redressement de la tension d'entrée terminé."
#: knutclient.cpp:867 knutclient.cpp:868
msgid "UPS is trimming incoming voltage."
msgstr "L'onduleur est en rabaissement de la tension d'entrée."
#: knutclient.cpp:871 knutclient.cpp:872
msgid "Trimming of UPS is ended."
msgstr "Rabaissement de la tension d'entrée terminé."
#: knutclient.cpp:888 knutclient.cpp:955 knutclient.cpp:964
msgid "Switched"
msgstr "Basculé"
#: knutclient.cpp:1104 knutdock.cpp:649 knutmainwindow.cpp:781
msgid "Reconnect"
msgstr "Reconnexion"
#: knutdock.cpp:428 knutdock.cpp:478 knutfrontpanel.cpp:192
#: knutnewupsdlg.cpp:69 knutprintupsvar.cpp:78
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Nom"
#: knutdock.cpp:429 knutnewupsdlg.cpp:83
msgid "UPS name"
msgstr "Onduleur"
#: knutdock.cpp:430 knutnewupsdlg.cpp:77
msgid "UPS address"
msgstr "Adresse Onduleur"
#: knutdock.cpp:431 knutdock.cpp:452 knutdock.cpp:455 knutdock.cpp:458
#: knutdock.cpp:461 knutdock.cpp:464 knutdock.cpp:467
msgid "Status : "
msgstr "Statut : "
#: knutdock.cpp:434 knutvardata.cpp:209
msgid "Connection doesn't exist."
msgstr "Cette connexion n'existe pas."
#: knutdock.cpp:438 knutfrontpanel.cpp:80
msgid "UPS On line"
msgstr "Sur secteur"
#: knutdock.cpp:442 knutfrontpanel.cpp:95
msgid "UPS On battery"
msgstr "Sur batterie"
#: knutdock.cpp:446
msgid "UPS Of line"
msgstr "Onduleur arrêté"
#: knutdock.cpp:452
msgid "UPS Battery is low"
msgstr "Niveau batterie basse"
#: knutdock.cpp:455 knutfrontpanel.cpp:138
msgid "Replace battery"
msgstr "Remplacer la batterie"
#: knutdock.cpp:461
msgid "UPS is Overload"
msgstr "En surcharge"
#: knutdock.cpp:464
msgid "UPS is trimming voltage"
msgstr "L'onduleur rabaisse la tension"
#: knutdock.cpp:467
msgid "UPS is boosting voltage"
msgstr "L'onduleur redresse la tension"
#: knutdock.cpp:473
msgid "Error : "
msgstr "Erreur : "
#: knutdock.cpp:476 knutfrontpanel.cpp:182
msgid "Manufac. : "
msgstr "Fabricant : "
#: knutdock.cpp:480
msgid "Serial"
msgstr "N° de série"
#: knutdock.cpp:482
msgid "Firmware"
msgstr "Vers. Fw."
#: knutdock.cpp:486 knutfrontpanel.cpp:233
msgid "Runtime"
msgstr "Autonomie"
#: knutdock.cpp:486
msgid " : %1:%2 min"
msgstr " : %1:%2 min"
#: knutdock.cpp:491 knutvardata.cpp:45
msgid "Battery Charge"
msgstr "Charge de la batterie"
#: knutdock.cpp:496 knutvardata.cpp:48
msgid "UPS Load"
msgstr "Charge de l'onduleur"
#: knutdock.cpp:522 knutmainwindow.cpp:663
msgid "Are you sure ?"
msgstr "Êtes vous sûr ?"
#: knutdock.cpp:645 knutmainwindow.cpp:748
msgid "&Showing UPS variables and commands"
msgstr "&Voir les variables et commandes onduleurs"
#: knutdock.cpp:646 knutmainwindow.cpp:749
msgid "&Running instant commands"
msgstr "Commandes &instantanées"
#: knutdock.cpp:647 knutmainwindow.cpp:750
msgid "Setting R&W variables"
msgstr "Configurer les &variables de l'onduleur"
#: knutdock.cpp:651
msgid "&Preferences"
msgstr "&Préférences"
#: knutdock.cpp:653
msgid "&About KNutClient"
msgstr "&A propos de KNutClient"
#: knutdock.cpp:655
msgid "&Minimize"
msgstr "&Réduire"
#: knutdock.cpp:657
msgid "&Exit"
msgstr "&Sortir"
#: knutfrontpanel.cpp:110
msgid "UPS Overload"
msgstr "En surcharge"
#: knutfrontpanel.cpp:124
msgid "UPS Battery low"
msgstr "Niveau batterie bas"
#: knutfrontpanel.cpp:152
msgid "UPS calibration"
msgstr "Calibrage onduleur"
#: knutfrontpanel.cpp:202
msgid "Serial : "
msgstr "N° série : "
#: knutfrontpanel.cpp:212
msgid "Firm. rev. : "
msgstr "Vers. Fw. : "
#: knutinstcomms.cpp:33
msgid "Instant commands"
msgstr "Commandes directes"
#: knutinstcomms.cpp:45
msgstr "Lancer Commande Directe"
#: knutinstcomms.cpp:49
msgid "Command:"
msgstr "Commande :"
#: knutinstcomms.cpp:53 knutnewupsdlg.cpp:102 knutrwvar.cpp:70
msgid "User name:"
msgstr "Utilisateur :"
#: knutinstcomms.cpp:54 knutnewupsdlg.cpp:109 knutrwvar.cpp:71
msgid "Password:"
msgstr "Mot de passe :"
#: knutmainwindow.cpp:59
msgid "test of conection from 5"
msgstr "test de connexion depuis 5"
#: knutmainwindow.cpp:745
msgid "Quits the application"
msgstr "Quitter l'application."
#: knutmainwindow.cpp:778
msgid "&Using descriptions"
msgstr "&Utiliser les descriptions"
#: knutnewupsdlg.cpp:39
msgid "New Ups"
msgstr "Nouvel Onduleur"
#: knutnewupsdlg.cpp:89
msgid "Delay (ms):"
msgstr "Délai (ms):"
#: knutnewupsdlg.cpp:96
msgid "Port:"
msgstr "Port :"
#: knutnewupsdlg.cpp:116
msgid "Store NUT password in configuration file"
msgstr "Stocker le mot de passe NUT dans le fichier de configuration"
#: knutnewupsdlg.cpp:123
msgid "Availabled UPS values"
msgstr "Valeurs disponibles"
#: knutnewupsdlg.cpp:124
msgid "Selected UPS values"
msgstr "Valeurs sélectionnées"
#: knutnewupsdlg.cpp:137
msgid "UPS Variables"
msgstr "Variables de l'onduleur"
#: knutnewupsdlg.cpp:258
msgid "No Name or UPS address"
msgstr "Pas de nom ou d'adresse pour l'onduleur"
#: knutnewupsdlg.cpp:266
msgid "This Name exist"
msgstr "Ce nom existe"
#: knutnewupsdlg.cpp:273
msgid "Delay must be number"
msgstr "Le délai doit être un nombre"
#: knutnewupsdlg.cpp:279
msgid "Port must be number"
msgstr "Le port doit être un nombre"
#: knutnewupsdlg.cpp:284
msgid "Port must be from 1025 until 65535"
msgstr "Le port doit valoir de 1025 à 65535"
#: knutnewupsdlg.cpp:289
msgid "Delay is too small"
msgstr "Le délai est trop faible"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:45
msgid "Preferences"
msgstr "Préférences"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:508
msgid "Setting"
msgstr "Paramètres"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:508
msgid "Main Setting"
msgstr "Paramètres principaux"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:516
msgid "Voltage/Frequency"
msgstr "Tension/Fréquence"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:519
msgid "&Use High-Low XFER"
msgstr "&Utiliser Niveau Transfert Haut-Bas"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:521
msgid "Number of columns :"
msgstr "Nombre de colonnes :"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:524 knutprefdlg.cpp:815 knutprefdlg.cpp:894
msgid "Use custom background color"
msgstr "Utiliser une couleur de fond personnalisée :"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:528 knutprefdlg.cpp:818 knutprefdlg.cpp:896
msgid "Color of background :"
msgstr "Couleur de fond :"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:532
msgid "Use dialog \"Are you sure\""
msgstr "Utiliser la boite de dialogue \"Êtes vous sûr\""
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:535
msgid "Use Main window when program is started"
msgstr "Utiliser la Fenêtre Principale au démarrage du programme"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:538
msgid "Show message window, when program reports error"
msgstr ""
"Afficher la fenêtre de message, lorsque le programme rapporte une erreur"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:543
msgid "Auto"
msgstr "Auto"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:547
msgid "Nominal Input Voltage"
msgstr "Tension d'entrée nominale"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:550
msgid "&230 V"
msgstr "&230 V"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:551
msgid "&120 V"
msgstr "&120 V"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:553
msgid "Nominal Input Frequency"
msgstr "Fréquence d'entrée nominale"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:556
msgid "&50 Hz"
msgstr "&50 Hz"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:557
msgid "&60 Hz"
msgstr "&60 Hz"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:628
msgid "UPS"
msgstr "Onduleur"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:628
msgid "UPS Setting"
msgstr "Paramètres de l'onduleur"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:646
msgid "&Add"
msgstr "&Ajouter"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:667
msgid "Dock bar"
msgstr "Dock"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:667
msgid "Docking Setting"
msgstr "Paramètres du dock"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:671
msgid "Type of dock's showing"
msgstr "Type d'affichage du dock"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:676
msgid "Items of tooltip"
msgstr "Eléments de l'aide contextuelle"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:684
msgid "&Picture"
msgstr "&Image"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:685
msgid "&General"
msgstr "&Général"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:688 knutprefdlg.cpp:799
msgid "M&anufacturer"
msgstr "F&abricant"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:691 knutprefdlg.cpp:802
msgid "M&odel"
msgstr "M&odèle"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:694 knutprefdlg.cpp:805
msgid "&Serial"
msgstr "N°&Série"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:697 knutprefdlg.cpp:808
msgid "&Firm. rev."
msgstr "&Vers. Fw."
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:700 knutprefdlg.cpp:811
msgid "&Runtime"
msgstr "&Autonomie"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:703
msgid "&Battery Charge"
msgstr "&Charge de la batterie"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:706
msgid "&UPS Load"
msgstr "Charge de l'&onduleur"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:710
msgid "Use custom icon's background color"
msgstr "Utiliser une couleur de fond personnalisée pour les icones :"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:713
msgid "Color of icon's background :"
msgstr "Couleur de fond des icones :"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:769
msgid "Panel"
msgstr "Panneau"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:769
msgid "Panel Setting"
msgstr "Paramètres du panneau"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:784
msgid "UPS &Overload"
msgstr "En &Surcharge"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:787
msgid "UPS &Battery low"
msgstr "&Batterie faible"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:790
msgid "R&eplace battery"
msgstr "R&emplacer la batterie"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:793
msgid "Ups &calibration"
msgstr "&Calibration de l'onduleur"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:796
msgid "&Manufac. + Model"
msgstr "&Fabricant. + Modèle"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:851
msgid "Setting Fonts"
msgstr "Paramètres des Polices"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:858
msgid "&Use custom font"
msgstr "&Utiliser les polices personnalisées"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:863
msgid "Main panel"
msgstr "Panneau principal"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:864
msgid "Analog panels"
msgstr "Panneau analogique"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:887
msgid "Analog"
msgstr "Analogique"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:887
msgid "Setting Analog panel"
msgstr "Paramètres du panneau analogique"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:898
msgid "Use custom other colors"
msgstr "Utiliser d'autres couleurs personnalisées"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:900
msgid "Color of pointer :"
msgstr "Couleur du pointeur :"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:902
msgid "Color of OK range :"
msgstr "Couleur pour \"OK\" :"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:904
msgid "Color of warning range :"
msgstr "Couleur des avertissements :"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:906
msgid "Color of error range :"
msgstr "Couleur des erreurs :"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:908
msgid "Color of scale :"
msgstr "Couleur de l'échelle :"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:910
msgid "Color of font :"
msgstr "Couleur des polices :"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:913
msgid "Digital processing of pointers :"
msgstr "Traitement numérique des pointeurs :"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:964
msgid "Nothing processing"
msgstr "Aucun traitement"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:965
msgid "Fast antialiasing"
msgstr "Anti crénelage rapide"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:966
msgid "Fine antialiasing"
msgstr "Anti crénelage fin"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:967
msgid "Fast antialiasing and blur motion"
msgstr "Anti crénelage rapide et fondu animé"
#: knutprefdlg.cpp:968
msgid "Fine antialiasing and blur motion"
msgstr "Anti crénelage fin et fondu animé"
#: knutprintupsvar.cpp:41
msgid "Variables"
msgstr "Variables"
#: knutprintupsvar.cpp:50
msgid "Reload Vars"
msgstr "Recharger les variables"
#: knutprintupsvar.cpp:52
msgid "UPS variables"
msgstr "Variables de l'onduleur"
#: knutprintupsvar.cpp:79
msgid "Value"
msgstr "Valeur"
#: knutprintupsvar.cpp:81
msgid "Description"
msgstr "Descriptions"
#: knutprintupsvar.cpp:90
msgid "Instant Commands"
msgstr "Commandes directes"
#: knutprintupsvar.cpp:103
msgid "Read/Write Variables"
msgstr "Variables en lecture/écriture"
#: knutprintupsvar.cpp:121
msgid "Read Only Variables"
msgstr "Variables en lecture seule"
#: knutrwvar.cpp:40
msgid "RW variables"
msgstr "Variables en lecture/écriture"
#: knutrwvar.cpp:56
msgstr "Affecter une variable"
#: knutrwvar.cpp:61
msgid "Variable:"
msgstr "Variables :"
#: knutrwvar.cpp:64
msgid "Value:"
msgstr "Valeur"
#: knutvardata.cpp:43
msgid "None"
msgstr "Aucun"
#: knutvardata.cpp:44
msgid "Input Voltage"
msgstr "Tension d'entrée"
#: knutvardata.cpp:46
msgid "UPS Temperature"
msgstr "Température de l'onduleur"
#: knutvardata.cpp:47
msgid "Input Frequency"
msgstr "Fréquence d'entrée"
#: knutvardata.cpp:49
msgid "Outside Temperature"
msgstr "Température extérieure"
#: knutvardata.cpp:50
msgid "Outside Humidity"
msgstr "Humidité extérieure"
#: knutvardata.cpp:51
msgid "Battery Voltage"
msgstr "Tension de la batterie"
#: knutvardata.cpp:52
msgid "Output Voltage"
msgstr "Tension de sortie"
#: knutvardata.cpp:53
msgid "Output Current"
msgstr "Courant de sortie"
#: knutvardata.cpp:54
msgid "Output Frequency"
msgstr "Fréquence de Sortie"
#: knutvardata.cpp:55
msgid "Battery Temperature"
msgstr "Température de la batterie"
#: knutvardata.cpp:56
msgid "Battery Current"
msgstr "Courant de la batterie"
#: knutvardata.cpp:186
msgid "No memory."
msgstr "Pas de mémoire."
#: knutvardata.cpp:187
msgid "No address."
msgstr "Pas d'adresse."
#: knutvardata.cpp:188
msgid "Unknown address."
msgstr "Adresse inconnue."
#: knutvardata.cpp:191
msgid "Error of connection."
msgstr "Erreur de connexion."
#: knutvardata.cpp:194
msgid "No connection with server."
msgstr "Pas de connexion avec le serveur."
#: knutvardata.cpp:196
msgid "Server-client protocol or variables of NUT are unknown."
msgstr "Le protocole Client-Server ou les variables NUT sont inconnues."
#: knutvardata.cpp:197
msgid "No UPS on this address."
msgstr "Pas d'onduleur à cette adresse."
#: knutvardata.cpp:198
msgid "Connection was refused by server."
msgstr "La connexion a été refusée par le serveur."
#: knutvardata.cpp:200
msgid "Server doesn't receive data."
msgstr "Le serveur n'a pas reçu les données."
#: knutvardata.cpp:201
msgid "Server doesn't send data."
msgstr "Le serveur n'a pas renvoyé de données."
#: knutvardata.cpp:202
msgid "Server doesn't answer."
msgstr "Le serveur ne réponds pas."
#: knutvardata.cpp:204
msgid "Server returns data with unknown format."
msgstr "Le serveur a retourné des données dans un format inconnu."
#: knutvardata.cpp:205
msgid "Server returns unknown data."
msgstr "Le serveur a retourné des données inconnues."
#: knutvardata.cpp:206
msgid "Command VER returns data with unknown format."
msgstr "La commande VER a retourné des données dans un format inconnu."
#: knutvardata.cpp:208
msgid "No data."
msgstr "Pas de données"
#: knutvardata.cpp:212
msgid "Access denied. Failed password ?"
msgstr "Accès refusé : mot de passe invalide ?"
#: knutvardata.cpp:213
msgid "UPS doesn't sent data to server (Data Stale)."
msgstr "L'onduleur ne communique pas avec le serveur (Données Périmées)"
#: knutvardata.cpp:214
msgid "Server doesn't know this command."
msgstr "Le serveur ne connaît pas cette commande."
#: knutvardata.cpp:217
msgid "UPS's driver isn't connected."
msgstr "Le pilote de cet onduleur n'est pas connecté."
#: knutvardata.cpp:219
msgid "Server required password."
msgstr "Le serveur requiert un mot de passe."
#: knutvardata.cpp:220
msgid "Incorrect password."
msgstr "Mot de passe incorrect."
#: knutvardata.cpp:221
msgid "UPS doesn't response."
msgstr "L'onduleur ne réponds pas."
#: knutvardata.cpp:222
msgid "Command failed."
msgstr "La commande a échoué."
#: knutvardata.cpp:223
msgid "UPS doesn't know this instant command."
msgstr "L'onduleur ne connaît pas cette commande directe."
#: knutvardata.cpp:224
msgid "UPS doesn't support this instant command."
msgstr "L'onduleur ne supporte pas cette commande directe."
#: knutvardata.cpp:225
msgid "UPS doesn't known this variable."
msgstr "L'onduleur ne connaît pas cette variable."
#: knutvardata.cpp:226
msgid "UPS doesn't support this variable."
msgstr "L'onduleur ne supporte pas cette variable."
#: knutvardata.cpp:227
msgid "UPS doesn't support this value in this variable."
msgstr "L'onduleur ne supporte pas cette valeur pour cette variable."
#: knutvardata.cpp:228
msgid "Name of UPS is unknown."
msgstr "Cette onduleur est inconnu."
#: knutvardata.cpp:230
msgid "Username has been already entered."
msgstr "Le nom d'utilisateur a déjà été entré."
#: knutvardata.cpp:231
msgid "Password has been already entered."
msgstr "Le mot de passe a déjà été entré."
#: knutvardata.cpp:233
msgid "Server doesn't send list of variables."
msgstr "Le serveur n'a pas renvoyé la liste de variables."
#: knutvardata.cpp:236
msgid "Unknown error."
msgstr "Erreur inconnue."
#: main.cpp:31
msgid "Client for Network UPS Tool"
msgstr "Client pour Network UPS Tools"
#: main.cpp:37
msgid "Don't dock in Kicker"
msgstr "Ne pas docker dans le Kicker"
#: main.cpp:47
msgid "KNutClient"
msgstr "KNutClient"
#: knutclientui.rc:13
#, no-c-format
msgid "&Connection"
msgstr "&Connection"
#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "No"
#~ msgstr "Aucun"
#~ msgid "&Settings"
#~ msgstr "&Paramètres"
#~ msgid "Toggle the toolbar..."
#~ msgstr "Afficher la barre d'outils..."
#~ msgid "Toggle the statusbar..."
#~ msgstr "Afficher la barre d'état..."
#~ msgid "Protocol"
#~ msgstr "Protocole"
#~ msgid "UDP"
#~ msgstr "UDP"
#~ msgid "TCP"
#~ msgstr "TCP"