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This directory contains the source code for the upcoming KOffice 1.6.
The 1.6 release is a kind of "in-between" release, and not every program
will be actively developed here.
The maintainers of some programs have announced that they think that
the release cycle for 2.0 is too long and want a feature release in
between 1.5 and 2.0. For all the rest of the programs, bugfixes that
are committed in the 1.5 branch will be forward ported to 1.6 at the
time of the release.
The real development will happen in trunk, and will eventually lead to
KOffice version 2.0, which will be based on Qt4 and tdelibs4.
Here is the list of applications and libraries that will be developed
in the 1.6 cycle:
- lib/koproperty
- lib/kross
- kchart
- kexi
- chalk
- kdgantt
- kplato
- doc
- kformula
- lib/kformula
It is up to the maintainer of those applications to merge their change
with trunk, and with 1.5 for fixed bugs. For all the rest of the
applications / subdirectories, all changes for 1.5 will be forward
ported as described above.