Komposé – a fullscreen view of all your tasks and/or virtual desktops. Every window is represented by a scaled screenshot of it's own. Komposé was part of the BerliOS project.
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-Hot corners delay controls whether Kompos<EFBFBD> is started and not when it's started :)
-imlib2 error message added to configure script
-Fixed "if a kompose window (prefs, about) is open, you are stuck"
-Added german translation (thanks to Thomas Fischer)
-Composite support to take screenshots without raising windows
-Damage support for live-updates of windows
-major refactoring for a cleaner design
-new View Type (current desktop)
-activate when mouse moves in one of the screen's corners
-added popup menu for windows
-added a small screenshot delay for passive screenshots. This should make switching between tasks seem more responsive (redraws occur before taking screenshots) and help on most of the "overlapping windows" problems
-fixed flashing background when activating Kompos<EFBFBD>
-Switched to themable KDE cursors
-Window title changes are now updated properly
-Correct handling of windows that are on all desktops
-additionally using hjkl(vi) keys for moving and c/m keys for close/minimize/restore
-Imlib2, Composite and Damage autodetected through configure
-some minor bugs and various smaller performance improvements
-Switching between views on the fly works again
-Hopefully fixed unreproducable auto-Raising & -Minimizing ow Windows
-Fixed highlighting of Virtual Desktops on mouseover
-Config options for Virtual Desktop fonts&colors
-Virtual Desktop Layout introduced in 0.4 now configurable
-French translation by S<EFBFBD>bastien Renard included (although some words are still english, sorry!)
-Fixed a compile bug - sorry guys!
-Esc key works again
-faster image scaling speedups thanks to Imlib2 which is now required
-Layout wastes less space (e.g. empty virtual desktops are smaller)
-Show task icons and titles in Kompos<EFBFBD> (configruable through preferences)
-Added --nosystray and --singleshot command line options
-Added dcop support
-Icon submitted by Philipp Droessler
-Arrow keys can be used to traverse through tasks
-Annoying Raise-bug fixed (no more raising of windows after kompos<EFBFBD>)
-Images aren't scaled bigger than they actually are
-the usual minor bugfixes
-Speedups in image processing
-Overworked Preferences Dialog with some new options
-view mode (that doesn't seperate between desktops)
-Switching between view modes on-the-fly with right mouse popup menu
-Rudimentary keyboard movement (Tab and Space/enter keys)
-Added desktop tooltips
-Kompose cannot be launched multiple times
-Memory leak fixed
-Added about dialog (should now be GPL compatible :) )
maintenance release, fixed some bugs that caused crashes
-Kompos<EFBFBD> now stays in system tray
-You can assign a global shortcut to Kompos<EFBFBD>
-Default behaviour is to create screenshots while you work. This can be changed in the preferences, but it's less annoying than the "pop up all windows before Kompos<EFBFBD> is started" thing.
-Mouseover toolbar to minimize/raise/close windows
-Graying out minimized windows
-Drag & drop should work correctly now
-Many bugfixes and huge Refactoring. The application structure should now allow a GL implementation of Kompos<EFBFBD>, I'll look at this in the next days
Initial Release