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Krecipes is a Recipe Book for TDE.
First of all, make sure you have at least one of the three necessary databases installed: SQLite, MySQL, or PostgreSQL. In case you decide to use MySQL or PostgreSQL, make sure also that you have Qt's MySQL or PostgreSQL plugin properly installed. The program won't work without database support.
** Building The Latest (0.9) Release
Just untar the package first:
tar -zxf krecipes-0.9.tar.gz
And compile (see ./configure --help for more compile options like '--prefix' and '--with-qt-dir')
make install
** Downloading And Compiling Through Subversion
Please notice that this application is beta, meaning everything is expected to work, but the possibility is there that some things might not. Note that the more our users tells us about bugs, the faster we can find them and fix them.
To download the package, do:
svn co -N svn:// krecipes-svn
cd krecipes-svn
svn up
svn up krecipes
For documentation (optional):
svn up -N doc
svn up doc/krecipes