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kscope - a front-end to Cscope for TDE.

KScope provides a source-editing environment for C projects with a focus on source editing and analysis.

KScope is built around an efficient mechanism for code-navigation which allows the user to run queries on the code.

The types of queries KScope can run include:

  • Get all references to a symbol
  • Find the definition of a symbol
  • Find all functions called by or calling to a function
  • Find an EGrep pattern
  • Find all files

These queries are handled by a Cscope process; kscope serves as a front-end to this process, feeding it with queries and parsing its output into result lists. The items in those lists can be selected to open an editor at the matching line.

Main Features:

  • Multiple editor windows (using your favourite TDE editor)
  • Project management
  • Front-end to most Cscope queries
  • Tag list for every open editor
  • Call-tree window
  • Session management, including saving and restoring queries
  • Works with externally-built cscope.out files



If you wish to contribute to kscope, you might do so:

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Translations status

desktop files

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