KuickShow – image/slideshow viewer
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Fri Mar 31 02:04:21 2006 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* fixed one of the most long-standing bugs: non-local browsing
(i.e. you can browse remote directories like local ones now, flipping
through the images with PageUp/Down etc., including pre-loading
Browsing through /media should work now, but can be improved by
not"downloading" from there. Framework to do this is there, though.
* also allow saving to remote URLs
* fixed image not being completely maximized when opening image in
fullscreen mode
* performance improvement
* layed groundwork for fixing #48812 and #101986
* make sure all temporary files get deleted
Wed Feb 22 16:02:58 2006 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* make autohide-cursor finally work
Wed Feb 22 02:14:24 2006 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp, imagewindow.*
remove nextSlideRequested() and prevSlideRequested() patch, you
can already navigate with PageUp/Down. The arrow-keys are used for
Wed Feb 22 01:31:54 2006 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp (KuickShow):
warn before loading >= 10 images at once from the commandline
Wed Feb 22 01:03:07 2006 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imagewindow.cpp (rotated):
auto-scale image on rotation
Wed Feb 22 00:01:02 2006 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* add a warning messagebox when zooming to larger than
4 * desktop area size. The "4*" is configurable in
Sun Jan 8 09:47:39 2006 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* fix crash when deleting the last image without having a browser
Sat Jan 7 23:27:32 2006 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* fix deleting images from image window and browser!
* support moving to trash and make that the default
* refactor delayed execution of events/actions (for when the browser window needs to
be loaded lazily)
Sat Jan 7 22:36:25 2006 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imagewindow.cpp (addAlternativeShortcut):
use F5 as default shortcut for "Reload image", keep Enter as alternative
Sat Jan 7 22:33:30 2006 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/aboutwidget.cpp:
fixed crash (right-clicking on about widget)
* made the about widget not always-on-top, but a modal widget,
which prevents error messages from being hidden below the about
widget (i.e. when clicking the homepage link while being offline)
Sat Aug 25 02:58:31 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imagewindow.cpp (init):
mouse-wheel can switch between images now, per request of
Bill Benken <bilben1@home.com>
* also fixed the KStdAccel::save() and close() accels not working
in the image window
Sat Aug 4 03:37:50 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* now completely smooth, flicker-free switching between images
and zooming
* Reverted again to current kde-common/admin stuff
* added quit-button to toolbar (also makes Ctrl-Q work)
* made ChangeLog readable by KHelpCenter
* commented out benchmark debug output
* added support for objprelink in the specfile
(copy the tarball to your rpm-dir/SOURCES and rpm -ba kuickshow.spec)
* Fixed some bugs coming from tdelibs 2.1.x vs. 2.2 handling
Thanks a lot to Robert Charbonneau <etriaph@kdesktop.org>
and another anonymous helper from #kde for testing and useful
* Added patch from Adrian Schroeter <adrian@suse.de> to make it
work with autoconf 2.5x -- Thanks!
Wed Jul 11 17:19:38 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/filewidget.cpp (initActions):
adopt to KDirOperator's contextmenu (i.e. don't add the "Properties..."
entry when it's already present)
* src/imagewindow.cpp:
show image size in the caption
* reverted to admin/* files from KuickShow 0.8 so that users of older
KDE versions can compile it again.
* cleaned up Imlib configure check
* made background color in viewer configurable
* added delete-action again for users of older tdelibs
* fixed some bugs in the filefinder widget
Wed Jul 4 01:06:58 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imagewindow.cpp (printImage):
Grmbl. Really fixed printing. It even works now :)
Tue Jul 3 3:04:18 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* Oups, the behavior of QPrinter::printCommand() has changed.
It returns a null String by default now :-O Fixed.
Tue Jun 27 15:44:28 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imagewindow.cpp:
added KTempFile patch from Kevin Lo <kevlo@kde.org>
Tue May 29 15:20:34 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imagewindow.cpp (updateAccel):
changed accels:
shift-accel is now for removing brightness/contrast/gamma
removed delete action, now provided by tdefile
Thu Apr 19 23:16:12 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* Integrated Multihead patch from Evan Edwards <evan@onepaper.com>
who was also so kind, to set up a homepage for KuickShow, as well
as a Sourceforge account. See kuickshow.sourceforge.net for details.
Thanks a lot, Evan!
Added handcursor from qwertz <kraftw@gmx.de>, thanks a lot!
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (getKuimage):
hopefully fixed crash reported by Alexxx and linuxphreak:
reorder the kuickimage and file-lists when returning a cached image
Tue Mar 13 03:16:24 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* added lots of translations from the translation team.
I need to add a KAboutDialog somewhere to give them credit
for their excellent work!
Fri Mar 9 21:50:12 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp (eventFilter):
call our parent class' eventFilter if we don't stop the event
-> moving/rearranging the toolbar works :)
* caption fixes, show the url in the caption
* save the visible images on SM shutdown and restore them on restore
* src/imlibwidget.cpp:
don't delete this from closeEvent, WDestructiveClose does it better
-> sessionmanagement works
* defaultswidget.cpp:
fix typo found by qwertz
* add icon for delete, as suggested by Florian
Thu Mar 8 13:29:17 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imagewindow.cpp (mouseReleaseEvent):
zooming should work properly now:
- the window size is kept
- scrolling the zoomed image works correctly
- the rubber band sort of works (maybe even as good as in 0.6.7)
- respect maxWidth and maxHeight during zoom with the rubberband
added different icon for image window
* src/kuickshow.cpp
go into window mode when pressing space in fullscreen mode to show
the browser (always-on-top issue)
* src/filewidget.cpp
some more ensureItemVisible()
* installation/spec files fixes
* added im_palette.pal
Wed Mar 7 21:25:15 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* doc/en/index.html:
updated english documentation
* src/imagewindow.cpp
set our nice icon so that kicker can show it in the taskbar for
example. Thanks to Florian for the hint :)
* i18n fix (<EFBFBD> -> degrees), and s/-90/270/, another one from Florian
* resizeOptimal(): if we don't resize because we already have the right
size, call centerImage()
* zooming with the mouse works again (still not completely right tho:
- the rubber band is missing
- the size/scrolling does not always match the real imagesize
* src/filewidget.cpp:
ensureItemVisible() in the browser when browsing with PageUp/PageDown
* src/kuickshow.cpp:
disable the slideshow action when a slideshow is running
Wed Mar 7 01:39:34 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp (readProperties):
clear the diroperators history stack on startup
* src/imagewindow.cpp:
update the accelerators when applying new configuration
(delete the old and create a new KAccel, setKeyDict() doesn't
work in our case
* use QWidget::x11Display() for later multihead support)
* general cleanup. hmm, this could be added to every entry
in the last days, I guess :}
* added workaround for relative paths not working in the filefinder
relative _files_ don't work yet, tho.
* documentation written for the upcoming 0.8pre release
Mon Mar 5 13:07:59 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imagewindow.cpp (init):
Maximize and close shortcuts, as proposed by Crocodile on IRC.
* WDestructiveClose in ImlibWidget and close(true) everywhere
Mon Mar 5 00:12:45 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp (slotReplayEvent):
going to the next/previous/... image now also works when started with
an image on the commandline (== no browser available)
Tricky thing: after creating the browser, we can't simply go on,
because the browser doesn't have any files at all (async listing).
So we save the pageUp/pageDown event and replay it when the browser
is ready.
* fixed Space needed to be hit twice to show the initial browser
* src/kuickshow.cpp, src/filewidget.cpp (eventFilter)
deleting files works from the filebrowser again, not only from the
image window
* Makefile.am
build as KLM (tdeinit-loadable-module) to speed up startup
* hah! Adding two lines makes browsing about twice as fast :)
Well, equally as fast as the KDE1 version at least ;) The new caching
system set the dirty flag wrongly at one place, so the pixmap was
effectively rendered twice per image.
Sun Mar 4 20:33:44 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp (initGUI):
open only one window item in toolbar is honored properly now
(replaced the checkbox in the configdialog)
* don't pass the KKeyEntryMap to all the image windows, this doesn't
work (and it also crashes after doing it a second time).
Thanks to Florian Hacker for the bugreport :)
* save the view properties of KDirOperator
* statusbar looks a bit better now (no fixed size entries anymore)
* src/kuickio.cpp (deleteFile):
deletion of directories works, now
* src/imdata.cpp, kuickdata.cpp:
better handling of default values
Sun Mar 4 13:57:52 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imagewindow.cpp (setFullscreen):
hack around QWidget::move() resizing us -> we just ignore that
resizeEvent. Gives less flicker when switching into window-mode.
* initial fullscreen mode works again as well (hacking around a twin
Sun Mar 4 10:50:23 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickconfigdlg.cpp (KuickConfigDialog):
Keyboard shortcuts configurable for browser and image viewer
* don't check mimetype in isImage() at the moment, people won't have
mimetypes for .eim and .psd probably
* removed unused EditDialog
* Added auto-hide cursor in viewer (doesn't work properly tho)
Sat Mar 3 02:00:41 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imagewindow.cpp (resizeOptimal):
Honor the window manager decoration in window mode. Now always the
entire window including decoration is visible, no matter how large the
image is.
* Fixed a scrolling bug when the window was exactly as large as the
desktop (only in fullscreen mode)
* don't go to the next image when cancelling a deletion of a file or
deletion fails
* some cleanup
Thu Mar 1 03:49:11 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp (showImage):
positioning is fixed now. Removed processEvents() after move(),
we don't seem to need this anymore. Actually, this was the cause
for bogus geometries.
Thu Mar 1 02:15:49 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imagewindow.cpp, src/imlibwidget.cpp:
upScale/downScale mostly works. Some WindowManager positioning
problems are left.
Tue Feb 27 23:30:11 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp (viewerDeleted):
Fixed crash when the only image on the commandline couldn't be loaded
Sun Feb 25 23:22:30 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* config-dialog works now, everything is saved, loaded and resetting
defaults works, too. All the layout management rewritten (was still
Qt 1.x style). Default Image modifications work, including the preview.
Only need a nice preview image now :)
* src/imlibwidget.*:
fixed setFlipMode()
* src/filewidget.cpp (eventFilter):
fixed filefinder completion on first character
filefinder enters directory/opens image upon return now
* added nice new calibrate.png from qwertz, thanks!
Wed Jan 10 23:39:14 2001 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* lots of work... getting closer. Commandline handling is really
fixed now %-} Handles multiple files just fine. The filefinder
sort of works now (only the sort-order is not considered, this
could get hairy, I'm afraid). Added browsing actions to toolbar
and shortcuts. Works quite nicely.
Fri Nov 3 14:32:53 2000 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imagewindow.cpp (setFullscreen):
cool, no need to workaround twin's auto-maximization needed,
setMinimumSize() does it! Thanks Matthias Ettrich!
Fri Nov 3 13:23:41 2000 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/*:
some cleanups here and there
fixed commandline handling (dirs, files, absolute, relative)
made KURLWidget use KURLLabel (and fixed KURLLabel bugs)
Fri Nov 3 01:49:57 2000 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/*: some more work on the KDE2 port/integration. Workarounds for
twin's auto-maximization added. Fullscreen works. Moving images inside
the window works properly again. NETWM/KWin handling is better now.
Also better handling of non-loadable files.
Will make it a tdeinit-loadable module (KLM) for fast startup-times
Finally using it again reminds me how fast it is compared to, erm, the
other viewers :)
Thu Aug 31 01:48:55 2000 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/*: started reworking/rewriting the whole stuff to make it KDE2
ready. Now I have to pay for rewriting so much of tdelibs/tdefile...
The good thing is: it's mostly about removing stuff from KuickShow
because the functionality is already in libtdefile, now :)
Tue Sep 28 10:35:39 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp (resizeEvent):
ahh, fixed a seldom-happening segfault: when "preload images" was
turned on and kuickshow was started with an image as parameter (so that
the filebrowser was not shown in the beginning), it would segfault
in KuickShow::resizeEvent(). I even got a bugreport about such a
segfault a while ago, but I couldn't reproduce it and neither did the
reporter answer to my mail.
Anyway, this is fixed now.
* src/imagewindow.cpp (dragEnterEvent):
implemented preliminary drag/drop support from Konqueror
Sat Sep 25 18:30:32 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imagewindow.cpp (saveImage):
(hopefully, untested) fixed bug, that an image was not saved with the
current size - the original size was used. Thanks for the report (and
for some other suggestions) go to Hugo Lopes <hugolopes@netc.pt>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp:
lots of other changes, fixes, there's no sense mentioning them all, as
a lot of stuff is being rewritten/restructured and many things have to
be fixed.
Tue Sep 14 23:57:18 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imagewindow.cpp:
Ok, finally I took the time to restructure ImlibWidget.
Now there is a simple ImlibWidget, that can load and show images
and there is the powerful ImageWindow, that can do all the stuff, the
previous ImlibWidget did.
There is a nice object-oriented wrapper around ImlibImages named
KuickImage - I hated all those C-functions everywhere.
Additionally, the ImageWindow has fully configurable key-bindings.
And thanks to Vitor Fernandes <vitor_fernandes@SoftHome.net>
I got a Brazilian/Portuguese translation for KuickShow
Tue Jul 27 20:32:09 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (setBusyCursor):
loading an image from disk could take quite some time (e.g. on NFS),
so show a busy cursor during that operation, too.
Thu Jul 22 21:26:11 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (preloadImage):
Argh, fixed segfault - don't free the cached image, when it is the
current shown image as well (imCache == im). Occured when switching
back and forth between two images
Fri Jul 16 13:09:07 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/tdefileview.cpp (refresh):
Oh well, thanks to Robert Hamberger <Robert.Hamberger@AUDI.DE>, I
fixed another (hopefully last, for the next time) segfault. SIGSEGV
happened, when opening the about-dialog, NOT giving the focus back
to the filebrowser and then pressing the "show-hidden-files-button"
* src/kuickconfigdlg.cpp (keyPressEvent):
fixed bug: pressing escape in config dialog didn't reenable the
toolbar button to open the dialog
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (autoRender):
LOTS of updates, the new configuration dialog sort of works now
- all image manipulations can be daisychained now, just call
setAutoRender( false ) and call updateImage() to apply (render)
configuration dialog makes use of this to show the settings in an
example image
- new and nice about dialog, also based on ImlibWidget :o)
Wed Jul 7 01:09:14 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (loadImageInternal):
Applied patch from Thorsten Scheuermann <uddn@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de>
(autoscale images to screensize) - thanks!
Mon Jul 5 15:27:05 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickconfigdlg.cpp (closeEvent):
Eieiei, introduced closeEvent() in configdialog, which just emits
cancelButtonPressed() - otherwise the Toolbarbutton wouldn't get
reenabled. Thanks to Thorsten Scheuermann for the bugreport!
* src/kuickshow.cpp (deleteFile):
Uh oh, I really thought there were no segfaults in 0.6.6...
Thanks go to Vadim Zaliva, who proved me wrong :-} Just fixed that
core-dump, when trying to delete a directory.
Fri Jul 2 14:27:08 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp (initGUI):
moved some code around to delay creating the filebrowser and reading
the directory contents. If you give a filename on the commandline as
parameter, kuickshow will load the filebrowser first, when you really
want to.
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (desktopWidth):
kuickhow now honors the panel and window-frame-size when displaying
images in window-mode - the imagesize is properly adjusted in
auto-shrink mode
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (showImageOriginalSize):
fixed bug in window-mode: displaying image with "o" (original size)
didn't resize the window, if necessary
* src/kuickshow.cpp (eventFilter):
Bugfix: when did I have that crazy idea to set the palette to black
in the filebrowser??? In certain cases, I got an almost completely
black Messagebox...
* src/tdefileview.cpp (removeItem):
oups... segfault fixed: removing the very first item in the
filebrowser caused crash
Sat Jun 26 22:47:05 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/fileview.cpp (changeDirDialog):
goto-dialog (ctrl-g) accepts ~ and replaces it with your homedirectory
I love ideas, that can be implemented in half a minute :o)
Mon May 31 12:08:41 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (setFullscreen):
Save and restore the geometry when switching between fullscreen and
window mode. Much nicer now :o)
* src/kuickshow.cpp (showImage):
Honor kpanel's placement, when showing the first image. Don't just move
it to (0,0), but use KWM::geometry().
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (showImageOriginalSize):
implemented Shortcut "o" to show image in the original size. Useful when
autoscaling is active and you want the original size (e.g. scaled text
is hardly readable).
Mon May 31 02:24:56 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* updated polish translation, many thanks to Krzysztof P. Jasiutowicz
* added german documentation, many thanks to Robert Hamberger,
who also enlargened the TODO-list :-P
Fri May 28 11:48:46 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (mouseMoveEvent, mouseReleaseEvent):
several cleanups (replaced bool shiftPressed with the appropriate
QEvent::state() & ShiftButton in the eventhandlers)
* fixed bug: Shift + MousePress + MouseRelease without moving the mouse
moved the image to the lower right corner
* implemented "close image on doubleclick", as suggested by Ralph
Bernecker. Also put Close into popupmenu.
* improved cache of preloaded image, now stores the actual rendered
Pixmap -> a preloaded image shows almost before you press "next image"
;-) It can't get faster now. I only could cache more than one pixmap...
hmm, maybe later
* updated documentation
Tue May 18 21:19:32 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/tdefileview.cpp (refresh):
sorting does somehow work. Some code seems to be duplicated in
KFileInfoContents and KDir - both offer sorting. However, both
don't work 100% :-/ Anyway, if you have KDE 1.1.1, sorting should
work, it is disabled for earlier releases, as there was a segfault
problem in tdefile (nobody ever seemed to use KFileInfoContent's sorting,
so that was never realized).
* src/tdefileview.cpp, src/fileview.cpp:
some minor fixlets: always try to highlight the last active file,
whenever the directory contents are updated
* src/kuickconfigdlg.cpp (several):
changed the two KIntLineEdits to more appropriate QSpinBoxes
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (setFullscreen, several),
* src/kuickshow.cpp (several)
FINALLY got the fullscreen/kpanel thing together
KDE 1.1 introduced KWM::staysOnTop, but unfortunately "on top" meant
"below kpanel". Since KDE 1.1.1, on top means on top :o) Even more
unfortunately, this revealed several problems with focus handling and
other widgets on top of the "top"-widget. So I used a timer, check
the focusevents and tell kwm when to make us the top widget, and when
* src/imlibwidget.cpp, src/kuickshow.cpp
improved handling of multiple windows - always the window which last
had the focus will load new images
* src/kuickdata.cpp, src/kuickconfigdlg.cpp, src/kuickshow.cpp
configurable: open all images in one window, or open a new window
Sat Apr 17 18:43:03 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp (setToolbarPosition):
added methods to (re)store the toolbar position
* src/imlibwidget.cpp:
changed fullscreen code to use the current (and hopefully final) way
KWM does "stayOnTop"
* src/kuickdata.cpp:
updated file filters (Photoshop psd and bmp)
* src/tdefileview.cpp:
changed the kdir behavior, so that the browser displays files
altogether at once, not incrementally. This also let me (finally,
yippeee :-P) highlight the last direcory, where you came from.
And reading directories is a bit faster now, too.
Sun Feb 21 16:02:44 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (zoomImage):
added minimum and maximum sizes for zooming images (thanks to
Robert Hamberger for the idea (and for some funny emails :-P))
* src/kwm-workaround.h (keepOnTop):
added Matthias' workaround for "always on top"-problem in fullscreen
mode, which was introduced with KWM-changes just before KDE 1.1
... too bad it doesn't work :-/ Gotta spend some time finding out, why
* src/kuickshow.cpp (showImage):
always move the first opened image-window to 0x0 (top left)
(thanks to Andreas Gelezun for the idea)
Thu Feb 4 11:40:50 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* doc/en/index.html:
updated documentation
Wed Feb 3 22:43:32 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp (KuickShow):
implemented deletion of files (delete/shift-delete/popupmenu)
fixed quite a few buglets with keyboard navigation (pageUp didn't
halt when a directory was found). pageUp/down and the like shall only
select files.
worked around kwm-bug (resize doesn't work properly after
KWM::setDecoration( noDecoration )
Tue Dec 29 16:55:11 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp, imlibwidget.cpp, tdefileview.*:
fixed updating of directory in statusbar and filename in caption of
fileview is prepared to support sorting and filtering
added toggle showing hidden files (accessible via toolbar)
added Home-Button in toolbar to change to home directory
Wed Nov 18 15:40:46 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (mouseMoveEvent):
fixed cursor not being reset to arrorCursor, when shift-key was
released during resize ( == abort resizing )
Wed Nov 18 15:09:36 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp (saveSettings):
size of the browserwindow is now saved and restored on next start
Mon Nov 9 23:16:32 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* hopefully fixed autoconf stuff, which was broken at least on SunOS
Now tries to detect imlib-config and links against
`imlib-config --libs`. If this doesn't work, it links against
every graphics lib of libgif, libjpeg, libtiff and libpng, that
is available.
Another little bug is fixed, any changes (contrast/brightness/gamma)
were not saved when using "save as"
Sat Nov 7 15:22:18 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp
added changing of brightness, contrast and gamma via keyboard and popup menu
added saving image
the factor, how much brightness/contrast/gamma you change with one click is
only editable in configfile, no dialog, yet.
Sat Nov 7 12:57:48 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* acinclude.m4 (ac_imlib_config):
added some configure-stuff to use `imlib-config' to determine the libs
to be linked against.
Sun Oct 11 23:58:46 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (loadImageInternal):
added configuration option to not override the color palette
useful for 8bit displays
* src/kuickshow.cpp:
fixed segfault when imlib can't load image
(don't preload the next image, then)
Wed Sep 30 19:39:15 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* acinclude.m4, configure.in:
Added a configure-check for Imlib. Still incomplete (does NOT
check for all those other libs as libgif, libjpeg, libz, ...),
but at least finds libImlibs which are too old.
src/kuickshow.cpp (about):
about dialog is centered, now
Fri Sep 25 19:32:13 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (keyPressEvent):
Now behavior of scrolling/zooming with mouse is fixed:
pressing left mousebutton and moving the mouse will move the image
(only if it image is larger than current window)
Pressing Shift, left mousebutton and moving the mouse will zoom into
the image. Releasing Shift-button before mousebutton will abort zooming
Thu Sep 24 02:41:26 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (mouseReleaseEvent):
Ahh, finally I got "zoom inside image with mouse" working perfectly.
A rectangle is painted and this rectangle is zoomed and centered.
Not the very best solution, tho, as imlib is zooming the entire
image, not only the selected part... guess how long it can take for
bigger images.
Gotta find another solution later, creating a new imlib image with
just the selected part.
Tue Sep 22 21:05:58 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (preloadImage):
Added preloading facility. Fills the cache with the next image, so it
will pop up almost instantaneously, when pressing PageUp/Down.
Configurable via dialog.
Mon Sep 21 16:29:56 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp (eventFilter):
Added "Enter-key", that reloads current image (so all zoom/move stuff
is restored to original settings).
Sun Sep 20 19:04:23 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/tdefileview.cpp (prev):
whoops, fixed a segfault, when trying to get a tdefileinfo of index -1.
I shouldn't check, whether an unsigned int is smaller than 0, which it
actually was. Now uses int.
Sun Sep 20 13:35:00 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (closeEvent):
reverted to override closeEvent() and changed every occurrence of
close( true ) to close( false ), as closeEvent now explicitely
deletes itself.
This was due to windowmanagers close-button, which should delete widget
Sun Sep 20 03:08:45 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickshow.cpp (printImage):
added preliminary support for printing
Sat Sep 19 01:40:22 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (rotate):
added rotate-routine to - doh - rotate an image
Fri Sep 18 01:08:46 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (scrollImage):
Now changes cursor when attempting to move the image with the mouse
Also, image can be moved now, when in window mode and window is
larger than desktop
Thu Sep 17 17:25:11 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (setPopupMenu):
the fix for the popupmenu also let me finally delete it without
segfault :o)
Thu Sep 17 13:13:09 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/kuickconfigdlg.cpp (KuickConfigDialog):
enlargened maxCache lineedit and changed tooltip
* src/imlibconfig.cpp
changed default value for maxCache from 0 to 10000 (10megs)
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (scrollImage):
restricted scrolling so that you can move the image only
if it doesn't fit onto the screen.
You can't move the image out of the screen anymore.
Also fixed a segfault (ugh) in viewerMenu->popup(), as it was
initialized in the wrong place (now in initImlib()).
Thu Sep 17 00:11:53 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (loadImage):
re-enabled Imlib_destroy_image()
Found another value in imlib configuration struct, pixmapcachesize
which I wasn't aware of. Now limiting imlib's cache really works :o))
I'm really happy now :-) Running out of Ram and even Swap is not too
funny ;o)
Tue Sep 15 20:28:49 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (centerImage):
fixed images not centering when larger than screen and in fullscreen
Tue Sep 15 14:06:27 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (mouseMoveEvent):
scrolling the image with the mouse is now possible. Didn't expect
scrolling would be so smooth :o)
Also added a popupmenu (ImlibWidget::setPopupmenu( bool )) for
the basic features like zoom and flip image
Mon Sep 14 16:20:30 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/fileview.cpp/.h
* src/tdefileview.cpp/.h
* src/kuickshow.cpp
added "change directory" possibility. A dialog asks for a directory
and the fileview is being updated. Either accessible via the
popupmenu, or via Ctrl-g (goto)
* src/kuickshow.cpp (KuickShow):
once again optimized commandline parsing
Mon Sep 14 13:24:40 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* funny, I added lots of stuff, moved some other stuff around and
the result is a binary about 30k smaller than before :-D
* src/fileview.cpp (findCompletion):
*strike* now even filecompletion works :-) If you hit some keys
on your keyboard, while in the filebrowser, a small edit window pops
up in the bottom-right corner. Just type in the first chars of the
filename of the image you want to see, and it will be highlighted.
* src/kuickshow.cpp, src/imlibwidget.h/.cpp:
Cool. Now, I have only one ImlibData object, so I share imlib's
cache between all open windows. This does not only speed things
up quite a bit, but also reduced memory usage with multiple open
ImlibWidget therefore has a new constructor, where you can pass the
pointer to the ImlibData object.
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (ImlibWidget):
now creates an ImlibConfig object itself, when none has been given
in the contructor
Sun Sep 13 23:28:31 1998 Carsten Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@kde.org>
* src/imlibwidget.cpp (renderImage):
Don't destroy images ( Imlib_destroy_image() ) anymore. This boosts
browsing a LOT. Showing cached images is almosts instantaneous now!
Hope there's no sideeffect on this :-}
* src/kuickshow.cpp (eventFilter):
space toggles show()ing and hide()ing the browser now.
If started with image as parameter, kuickshow doesn't show
the browser, hit space to show it.
* src/fileview.h (class FileView):
findCompletion() is now public, so that I can tell the browser
to highlight the file, supplied via commandline.
- found that xemacs can create much better changelogs :o)
- hacked a lot of goodies into KuickShow, several configuration options
- decided to have a look at the Xlib stuff and found out, how to map
an Imlib image onto any QWidget - this is cool :o)
- too bad, it was not very reliable and it was a mess, too
- with my Xlib non-knowledge, found a way to "swallow" an Imlib image
onto a QWidget - imagine how happy I was :o)
- if Kopacz got Imlib to work, I could do that, too :-P
- end of August 98, saw Adam Kopacz' release of qiv (quick image viewer)
damn, this was my name (kiv, kuick image viewer) :o(
- first tries to use Imlib to display on Qt/KDE widgets in April 98,
too bad, it didn't work :o(
- first hack of kview to use a filebrowser in January
- had the idea for such an app about December 97