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02 May 2007 - 12 March 2008
[KVIrc Development Team]
- A lot of changes documented in the svn log. See for the timeline.
02 May 2007
- New KVS functions: $serialize and $unserialize to deal with JSON-serialized strings
16 Apr 2007
[Noldor] (with the input from Pragma and Iakko)
- Iakko's notifier is back. New in this version:
1) QT4 compatible (on win and macos it is uses fast setWindowOpacity effect instead internal notifier blend())
2) Added Option to disable fadein/out effect useful on slow machine (need test)
3) Fixed strange crash on QT4 and some minor bug in show/hide event. (it is a trick... need to debug)
This a w.i.p. and need some test on linux.
12 Apr 2007
- Added $ to call functions of dll/so files via kvs.
10 Apr 2007
- Configurable avatar scaling on load
- Human-redable file sized on dcc transfers
12 Mar 2007
- Added support for remote dns on socks5 proxy
- Added option to configure identd output mode
06 Mar 2007
- Added svg and generated png icons for kvs,kvc,kvt and kva files.
Added the KDE mimetypes too.
- Some fixes for Qt4 support
26 Feb 2007
- Added Export/Import feature to channel list module
25 Feb 2007
- Repainted reuser list
- Added search field for mask editors
24 Feb 2007
- New QT4 win compiling projects: still unusable... kvilib and kvirc compile but only in release;
you need to compile qt libraries by yourself then try to compile kvilib and kvirc (use COMPILE_USE_QT4 in kvi_wincfg.h).
Some module compile without problem... others need to be ported.
20 Feb 2007
- Completely reworked ignore system
- Implemented reguser match caching
- Implemented custom color for registered user caching
- Yet more Qt4 port.
- We now require Qt >= 4.2.2 for Qt4 support to work. Older 4.x versions
have bugs that can't be worked around and tend to crash kvirc
in various circumstances (including displaying tooltips).
Qt 4.2 also re-adds the possibility to add QWidget objects to popup menus.
- Yet more modules ported.
- A fix for the KVS expression operator precedence.
- A couple of general fixes that I can't remember but have been reported on
the list.
- I'm thinking about qmake support (as suggested by Matteo Catanese some time ago)
... will require some work ... what do you think about it ?
18 Feb 2007
- Fixed dns resolver under win32
- Fixed minimized channels open
- Added bot detection icon (who will write docs?)
- Fixed winamp plugin problem under win32 (removed msvcr80.dll dependency)
08 Feb 2007
- More Qt 4.x port.
Solved the most disturbing problems: it looks a lot better now.
- Font metric cache values can no longer be computed directly from a
widget's font. We must use the painter idea of the font instead.
This complicates caching a bit.
- Some of the QPainter functions seem to behave in a bit different way
- QFrame::drawContents() is gone... we need to reimplement paintEvent()
- The setAutoFillBackground(false) setting seems to be propagated to children
in some way (?) (as opposed to backgroundMode(NoBackground) in Qt3)
- QToolButton::drawButton() is gone, need to directly drawPixmaps instead...
- ...
Ported also the first couple of modules.
Qt 4 causes a lot of problems in porting but I'm starting to feel
like the new library is very cool :)
05 Feb 2007
- The KVIrc executable now compiles and starts with Qt4. With Qt3 everythin
should work just like it did before.
No modules are ported yet so a lot of functionality is not available...
... but it CAN connect to a server :)
It tends to crash once in a while, has nasty problems with
graphics and size of certain widgets: will need some hours of debugging.
When testing the Qt4 port make sure you (re)move your old binary
modules from /usr/local/share/kvirc/3.2/. KVIrc will attempt to load
some modules from there and since they're linked to Qt3 the runtime
(loader) is likely to go nuts with two Qt versions in memory.
You have been warned... :)
30 Jan 2007
- Introduced option "using identd only on connect"
29 Jan 2007
- Introduced search in log files
25 Jan 2007
- Yet more Qt 4.x port
- Added the torrent interface module by Alexander Stillich
21 Jan 2007
- More Qt 4.x port
- More multiple identities work
- Added the first considerations about the Qt 4.x port to
20 Jan 2007
- Another quick fix (for config values not saved correctly)
- Started the implementation of multiple identities.
19 Jan 2007
- Added the fixes for a couple of bugs introduced with the yesterday commit.
Thnx to Alexander Stillich for the detailed report :)
18 Jan 2007
- More Qt 4.x port. kvilib now compiles cleanly with both Qt 4.x and Qt 3.x.
Don't know if it really works since kvirc compilation still bails out. We'll see :)
15 Jan 2007
- Fixed the smart encoders a bit more
- Theme management: rewritten the theme save dialog as a wizard, added screenshot management.
- Really first step to Qt 4.x support: added ./configure switches to handle qt4 and
fiddled the makefile variables to contain the right include and library paths.
Still have no idea if everything works correctly since compilation bails out
very early in kvilib.
You're likely to have problems with moc since the configure script tends
to find the Qt 3.x moc instead of the correct one. Use the --with-qt4-moc option
to force the right moc compiler path.
In Qt 4.x mode the COMPILE_USE_QT4 preprocessor variable is set: use it for conditionals...
an #ifdef COMPILE_USE_QT4 is more or less equivalent to #if TQT_VERSION >= 0x040000.
We will need to "abstract" several collection classes to make everything
work with both Qt 3.x and Qt 4.x. The goal is (or better would be) to hide everything in
kvilib in order to have almost no conditional compilation in the kvirc core and in the modules.
- Added a discussion about the versioning scheme in the Give
it a read and make/add your comments :)
12 Jan 2007
- Added a set of smart encoders that send in UTF-8 instead of the child encoding
- Fixed a nasty bug in KviQString::vsprintf() that caused KVIrc to crash in response
to certain messages from server
- Added corrections and null checks in some places to make KVIrc resist to
the ircfuzz.c attack.
- Committed the spanish translation by Roberto Ciria
08 Jan 2007
- More work on the themeing engine. Nearly finished.
The theme packages created since Dec 28 aren't compatible anymore.
(nobody was able to load them yet anyway :D), sorry.
- Added support for the audacious media player, thnx to Alexander Stillich <torque at pltn dot org> :)
- Added #kvirc channel links in the help menu. Please add your own localized #kvirc channel.
06 Jan 2007
- Added gender info sharing tricks
28 Dec 2006
- Added handling of unknown RPL_WHOIS* numeric replies by implementing a nice
"guessing" algorithm suggested by Elephantman
- Added a file with KVIrc file extension definitions. We should use the defs instead
of hardcoding extensions like .kvt, .kvs or .kvp.
- Added a fast generic packaging engine. A KVIrc package is a kind of zip archive
with an uncompressed metadata header. It can be used to distribute both themes and addons.
- First works on the theme exporting engine. Saving and packaging are now different operations.
One first saves his theme to disk, eventually edits it manually (maybe by adding a nice
splash screen or fixing some icons) and finally packages it by invoking a nice
wizard based procedure. Still need to write the installation dialog.
- Moved the whole theme management engine to a new module. It exports the
management dialogs and some utility commands. There is no reason to load
all this stuff at startup with the options dialog now.
27 Dec 2006
- Alias editor module:
added the possibility to save a selection of aliases in separated files (every file will have the alias name);
fixed search function;
- Script editor module:
fixed replace command(in "replace all aliases" too);
now syntax highlighter recognize command "function" and "internal";
- Objects module:
added objects.classes, objects.variables, objects.classAllHandlers;
fixed crash in listviewitem class;
fixed little bug in multilinnedit class (function $setWordWrap);
19 Dec 2006
- open only one help window unless -n is used
17 Dec 2006
- Committed the new german translation file by Mihai "Ionic" Moldovan
- Switched the source control system to SVN: happy coding :)
15 Dec 2006
- Yet more work on the options dialog
- Added an option for the "network name in taskbar": it's cool, but we want to choose :)
12 Dec 2006
- Added option to create minimized channels
- Fixed nick selecting in userlist via ircview
- Fixed mouse hover link effect
- Network name now will be shown in the taskabr instead on server name
07 Dec 2006
- Yet more work on the options dialog
- Fixed a crash related to the dialog.* module calls
28 Nov 2006
- More work on the options dialogs
- Removed the duplicated kvc_ icon.
19 Nov 2006
- New function - $chan.getUrl
- NickServ identity can now accept masks in nick field
16 Nov 2006
- Added a simple browser-like address bar to console
- Clicking on nick in channel ircview now selects it in the userlist
- Avatar dcc send rejected if avatar size greater, then max filesize, setted in options
15 Nov 2006
- Added a checkbox on AwayIndicator applet popup to choose to go away
on all IRC Contexts
14 Nov 2006
- Moved the userlist feature options page to the theme option dialog
and splitted all the userlist options in tabs
- Corrected some typos around
- Reworked the output options page
- Updated the directory selection dialog under KDE
- Avatars bigger than 1024x768 make KVIrc complain when setting them
and are scaled to a saner size when they are received from others.
13 Nov 2006
- Added $object.instances(): useful when implementing singletons.
- Fixed a small image dialog issue
9 Nov 2006
- Added support for chunked HTTP transfer encoding as required by HTTP/1.1
- A fix for object toolbar position not saved properly
- A fix for the addon management dialog not repainted correctly
- A fix for loading of files by the means of KviFileUtils::loadFile()...
/parse is one of them and it expects an utf8 encoded file.
(read: all *.kvs files must be utf8 encoded, there is no other decent
portable way to preserve the national characters...)
8 Nov 2006
- A fix for KviStr handling incorrectly multibyte strings (fixes some localization issues)
- A simple hack-in for a protocol filter.. maybe msn ?
6 Nov 2006
- Various minor fixes around
- Splitted the core small icons libraries in separate icons.
- Moved the small icons to a subdirectory to speed up the loading (we are already at more than 280 icons...)
1 Nov 2006
- Added unreal NAMESX and UHNAMES support
- Fixed $hexToAscii function
- Make DCC File Open/Save dialogs have native look on windows
- Fixes in filesystem handling. Fixed bug when KVIrc unable to load translation from non-latin folders
- Fixed actions' accelerators
- CTCP Page dialog now stays on top of desktop
- Fixed in tray minimizing/restoring on win32
Oct 2006
- WIN32 compiling need QTTAG env var with "mtnc321" value for non-commercial QT 3.2.1 or "mt336" for QT 3.3.6
- New win32 tray icon
- Added snd.mute, snd.unmute, $snd.isMuted to KVS
- Moved theme selection out from theme options to avoid partyally applying of themes
- Added some lost functions to "painter" class
- Fixed ignore system
- Fixed input themeing (black on black bug)
- "play" command is now alias for
- IMPORTANT: fixed proper soket closing on win32
- Fixed crash after first run wizard on *nix
- Make possible installation on USB removable drives (WIN32). KVIrc can store settings in program folder
- Make pathes in configs system-independent
23 Sep 2006
[Zerg] (commited by Alexey)
- Change dock icon size to 22x22 on KDE. Fixed style of icon
- Better in-tray minimizing
- Setted tray icon background to transparent
18 Sep 2006
- Added alphablend in objects.blend
- Added doc to class image and function setOpacity()
... now we can create some weird, cool effect :=D
08 Sep 2006
- Fixed input line painting bug: cursor goes out of visible range
25 Aug - 07 Sep 2006
- Fixed couple of bugs, include crashbug when applying a new theme
- Rewrited channel mode handling
- Rewrited setup wizard
- Corrected themeing of input
- Del key deletes selected transfer in filetransfers
- Changed trayicon bechaviour. Now it's configurable.
25 Aug 2006
- uparser is definitively gone: KVS is the reality.
- cleanups all around, removing unused code etc.
- documentation cleanups
13 Aug 2006
- Fixed some docs about KVS
- $boolean(), $string(), $integer() casts.
27 Jul 2006
- Classic taskbar now looks fine in os-style. It uses new frames and borders
- Make classic taskbar resizable
- Make Tree taskbar header hidable. Hide it by default
- Tree taskbar change cursor to hand while moving over an item
27 Jul 2006
- New -a | --all-networks switch for away and back commands to apply their action to all connected networks
- Fixed bug with long channellins scrolling; removed horisontal scrollbar
27 Jul 2006
- Timestamp format now can be configured via options
- Input saves string in history when it was send via Ctrl+Return
- Fixed case sensivity mode handling in usermode popup
26 Jul 2006
- Added option to include MSGTYPE info in theme packs
- Added support fot ports, greater than 65536
25 Jul 2006
- Comparison operators now prefer numeric operands instead of strings.
- Added $str.printf()
- Fixed bug in language seletor
- New XML load addon dialog
- Show progress bar while indexing help
24 Jul 2006
- Added XML (single file) theme export/import
- Added ability to delete installed themes
22 Jul 2006
- Fixed bugs in filetransfers window while operating with localized filenames
- Renamed "orphan_servers" to "Standalone Servers"
21 Jul 2006
- Added e2k URL highlighting
20 Jul 2006
- Implemented help topics and keywords caching
- Topic can be viewed via double-click for non-opers in read-only mode
- Fixed PageUp/PageDown in logviewer
- Fixed defsctipt. Kickban now uses mask from kvirc prefs
- Fixed avatar handling while it trnsfered via DCC, filename contains space, but replacing spaces with _ enabled
- Fixed connection to stupid win32 proxies
- Added HTTP Proxy error displaying
- New autojoin channel editor; fixed bugs in channel autojoining
19 Jul 2006
- Fixed DCC non-latin filenames handling
- Fixed avatars with non-latin names handling
07 Jul 2006
- Fixed proxy connection (HTTP proxy doesn't require Server ip resolving now)
28 Jun 2006
- Fixed some CTCP handling as suggested by CtrlAltCa
- foreach now doesn't iterate over empty variables unless the -a switch is used.
23 Jun 2006
- Work on the mediaplayer module: more linux support + cmd/fnc cleaning
10 Jun 2006
- Added icons to some tooltips
- Added Alt+DIGIT hotkey for window switching. Removed Ctrl+End hotkey(changed to Ctrl+F4)
05 Jun 2006
- Fixed join channels menu
- Added insert text icon submenu to input editor popup
- Added feature to autosave logs
23 May 2006
- Channel/topic input lines now have a OS-style border
- Added hungarian translation
21 May 2006
- Fixed crash while topic contains a text icon
- Fixed colorizing nick as in the userlist while custom color is set for the normal users
20 May 2006
- Added automatic codepage select for servers, that doesn't insart "CODAPAGES" in RPL_ISUPPORT message
- Now recent channels are network-dependend. For example #kvirc@Freenode and #kvirc@Azzurra are the different channels
- Switched to 3.2.3
- Fixed (finally?) window restoring from tray icon
- Fixes in mIRC color handling
15 May 2006
- Fixed issues when IP specified instead of server name in server properties
13 May 2006
- Added search and document index to the help system
10 May 2006
- Added texticon module to manage text icon collection
- Added detection if the KVIrc running to the win32 insatll script (patch contributed by Zerg)
02 May 2006
- Improved win32 insatll script (patch contributed by Zerg)
22 Apr 2006
- Now user can define position and/or tiling methood of backgrounds
22 Apr 2006
- Added visual effects to the tree taskbar
19 Apr 2006
- [WIN32] Added installer script for NSIS installer ( It can properly uninstall local data dir, automatically install Winamp plugin
- Added ability to bind sounds on some events via options dialog
18 Apr 2006
- !KVIrc now can run from localized folder (generally WIN32 fix)!
- Added options to strip colors from logs
- Filelist retirned to the left in logviewer
- Restyled win32 tray icon (now it looks similar to the *nix tray icon)
- Added tray icon flashing
- Added $lang function to detect user language
- Updated default toolbars
15 Apr 2006
- updated graphical emotions
- added ability to hide channel's tool buttons
- options dialog is now closable by escape button
- added ability to hide input tool buttons
- colors and msgtypes now can be saved into the logfiles
07 Apr 2006
- added support for caculating md5, md4, md2, sha1, mdc2, ripemd160, dss1 digests via new $str.digest function
01 Apr 2006
- changed KVS_PT_STRINGLIST type to QStringList
- added option to set default ban mask
- added options to set maximum width of classic taskbar button
17 Mar 2006
- More intelligent word highlighting
14 Mar 2006
- Added HTTP Auth compatability
- Redesigned log viewer
- Added ability to remove logs in log viewer
- Added nicer styling of Tool buttons
- Fixed bugs in logfiles naming
07 Mar 2006
- Added ability to choose smyles from external file
- Fixed sorting bans (invites,exempts) by date
05 Mar 2006
- Added option to sort received files by nicks
26 Feb 2006
- KVS now uses 64 bit integers, if possible
- More work on zero port DCC handshakes (still a bit work in progress)
- Finally managed the KviListView to display a transparent background
picture (hopefully) without flickering. Does it work on windows ?
- Added $hptimestamp() for high(er) precision time intervals computation
- Recently also more work on the options dialog
- the theme options now have its own toplevel dialog
(some of the options still need to be moved around)
- added a (still primitive) search function
26 Feb 2006
- added "away" section to the dockwidget menu
- tray icon now transparent under *nix
- added autohide indicator to notifier
24 Feb 2006
- added option for closing in tray (patch by Zerg)
- added option for startup minimized
- added deeper nick change customization in away
- added "Quit" item to the main menu
- new tray icon under *nix, more selective tray tooltip
22 Feb 2006
- improved nick colorization in KViIrcView: now registered nicks are colorised as in the userlist
- now it is possible to assign a comment to the registered user. Comment will be shown it tooltip and WATCH join/quit messages
- added option for colorizing own nick in different color
21 Feb 2006
- added option to disable avatar scaling if it less that required size
20 Feb 2006
- registered users can be organazid into groups
- some fixes in maskeditor
13 Feb 2006
- regchan.list -> regchan.showlist, added $regchan.list
- Added $str.stripcolors
05 Feb 2006
- Started the big cleanup of the options dialog. Identity options for now.
- Moved the translations of the options module to a specific po file.
This makes the job units smaller (for translators) and doesn't force
kvirc to load all these strings at startup.
The original translations are preserved and the translators should
remove the unused overlapping (and commented out) portions of the kvirc_*.po
and options_*.po at the next opportunity.
03 Feb 2006
- Improved maskedior. Now it can edit masks;)
- Fixed issues with [] symbols in Wildcard expressions
02 Feb 2006
- Added zero port request handling also for DCC CHAT.
We support it also in outgoing requests now.
- Fixed the problems with execution of perl script that contain warnings.
27 Jan 2006
- Again missed updated
- Initial support for shared double buffering (will reduce memory usage)
- Finished the cool listview initiated by Alexey (still needs testing on windows tough)
- Some other things I have forgot :D
17 Jan 2006
- We now suppor the mIrc zero port DCC protocol both in incoming and *outgoing* transfers
The outgoing protocol is activated by /dcc.rsend -z
- A couple of fixes for the KVS engine
- Some fixes for the perlcore module (almost finished: it just needs a better warning handler...)
[Grifisx & Noldor]
- Some projects updated
- Fixed varius bug in object module (we hope less crashes ;) )
- Deleted some old, unused objects classes function
- Added function $height() and $width() in class pixmap
- Fixed and optimized objects.blend command: now it is very cool and you can create some eyes candy effect
very easily =)(more new graphic commands will come in the near future)
- The porting of the module object is near to finish: only class socket is missing.
14 Jan 2006
[Grifisx & Noldor]
- Added the new class object named "image": at this moment it is in alpha state and without docs;
- Added command objects.blend.
- Added the math.* module
- Fixed comparison of variables in KVS
13 Jan 2006
[Grifisx & Noldor]
- Fixed bugs in object classes
- Window now saves logging state and userlist state
- CTCP VERSION reply now shows os version and QT version
- Added support for RPL_ENDOFSTATS (219) message
- Missed to update this file for a while :D
- The object classes are now persistent: they are stored on disk so one does not need to always redeclare them in aliases
- Added the "user friendly commandline" button to the input widget and the global option to keep it automatically on/off
- Other small fixes that I can't remember
11 Jan 2006
- Added an option to disable notifier window flashing
- Fixed doubleclick interval in ircview
- Added support for guessing max modes per line from RPL_ISUPPORT
- Now you must use // prefix in nput line to use full KVS syntax. The / prefix don't parse arguments at all
10 Jan 2006
[KVirc Development Team]
- Events now works in objects module
- Lots of other improvements in objects module
- Options to minimize in tray
- New styled checkboxes are fully functional now under all OS
- Fixed mIRC color handling
- Fixed file handling in snd module on localized filesystems
4 Jan 2006
- Started porting events on new KVS
- Added colors to the topic history widget
- Added ability to count total connection time for all connections for the connection timer applet
25 Dec 2005 - 3 Jan 2006
- Removed old KVS
- Added history to the topic editor
- Redisigned splash screen
24 Dec 2005
- More modules ported to KVS: only dcc and dialog are partially missing
at this point. Prepare for the big cleanup :)
- Added JIS7 and euc-JP to the list of supported codecs (thnx hagabaka!)
- Some small fixes to the options dialog that was going nuts recently...
20 Dec 2005
- Almost finished the work on alias namespaces: they should be usable now
- Ported the perl modules to the new KVS
- Ported the sharedfile module to the new KVS too, really few modules
are missing now
- Fixed a couple of buggies in KviCommandFormatter that prevented
aliases from being correctly removed
- Some work in the new KVS engine: the big cleanup is afraid!
18 Dec 2005
- Alias namespaces and other curious thingies all around
10 Dec 2005
- [Kernel] New theme package format. Now theme s\is a king of addon
- [KVS] Fixed crash while calling $tr("") in new KVS
- [Kernel] Other bugfixes
- [Kernel] Fixed crashbugs in KVS kernel
09 Dec 2005
- [Kernel] Fixed bugs in handling modes. Now it is case sensivity
- [UI] Fixed bug with deleting selected text from input line or topic editor
- [UI] Pressing a key in userlist now selects the first nick with first letter, equal to the pressed key
- [UI] Now options splitted into 3 categories: for novice,normal and experienced users. Newbies should see really simple configuration dialog
07 Dec 2005
- [Kernel] KVirc *hopefelly* supports now localized file names and file pathes! (but it really partially support it now:)))
- [UI] Added missed option to the irc option widget. Now user can specify number of maximum send channel modes per line
06 Dec 2005
- [UI] Added themes previews to the setup wizard
05 Dec 2005
- [Kernel] Added soma additional checks to KviRegisteredUser class.
- [Kernel] Mode work on filesystem interfave
- [Kernel] Much better filenames encoding function from internationalization point of view. Logfile names becomes not so ugly:)
01 Dec 2005
- [UI] Fixed bug with nick completion
26 Nov 2005
- [UI] Now it is a programm option to disable splash and no more --disable-splash configure option
27 Nov 2005
- [Kernel] Fixed crashes in action and toolbar modules under windows
- [Kernel] Added trick to resolve unmasked local hostname from 001 server message, even when you using +x mode
26 Nov 2005
- [UI] Fixed bug with non-latin search in ircview. Now it works:)
- [UI] Improved \r handling in ircview. Now it can contain colors in the label title.
- [UI] Improved smart nick and channel highlighting.
- [UI] Escape hotkey (minimize window) replaced with Ctrl+Esc hotkey.
- [UI] Better code highlighting and code completion in scripteditor.
25 Nov 2005
- [UI] Added smart nick and channel highlighting. Now most of channel names and nicknames are recognized and you can click on it by mouse:)
24 Nov 2005
- [KVS] config module ported
- [KVS] mediaplayer module ported
- [KVS] fixed _tonns_ of crashes in objects module with new KVS
23 Nov 2005
- [Kernel] Added ability to choose proxy server in irc server's preferences. You can choose different proxyes for different servers
22 Nov 2005
- [KVS] Removed ugly $insertInInput function, added commands window.setInputText,window.insertInInputText and function $windos.inputText
- [KVS] Make new KVS allows to use '_' symbol in functions' names,commands' names and variables' names
- [Kernel] Added support for gzipping logs and viewing gzipped logs
- First step for the implementation of namespaces in aliases (new KVS only)
21 Nov 2005
- [UI] Ctrl+Enter now sends text to the channel(query,dcc chat,etc..) even if it has "/" at beginning.
- [Kernel] Tuned output and string formatting functions. Really solves TONNS of internationalization problems:))
- [Kernel] Code tuning: chack all sources to proper encodig data, sended to server. Make corrections.
- [Modules] Some other internationalization fixes in DCC module
- [UI] Added option to colorize nicks in channel messages the same, as they colorized in the userlist view
- ported dialog.textinput
- more fixes around
20 Nov 2005
- Started porting the dialog module
- Added the callback object KVS base class
- a small fix for KviInput (gcc warning)
08 Nov 2005
- [KVS] Error and warning texts are now readable in localized versions
- [UI] Added option to enable or disable showing query information label
- [UI] Added some items into the main menu
- [UI] Added default menu on right click at url link
- [KVS] Added $str.fromClipboard function and str.toClipboard command
- [UI] Channel mode label now allows to edit chanmodes
- [UI] Added new information label into Query window
- [KVS] Fixed bug 0000270 with OnChannelModeChange event
- [Kernel] Fixed click vs double click bug
- [Kernel] Added parsing of 703(WeNet) and 020 messages
- [UI] New topic editor
- [Misc] Fixed some other bugs
- [UI] Fixed permission on topiceditor and mode editors(for ircOps and halfops)
- [Kernel] Fixed bug when message, that have raw event handlers decode 2 times
- [Modules] Fixed internationalization issues in avatar module
- [KVS] Window,reguser,url,term,toolbareditor,regchan modules are ported..
- [KVS] Log module ported, porting logging system from KviStr to QString
- [kernel] Some fixes for COMPILE_ONLY_NEW_KVS
- More work on the KVS engine
- avatar module ported...
- Merged various small fixes done in the last days
05 Nov 2005
- added 7 new events to hangle single clicks
- added 2 new functions to get/set/insert text in window's inut lineedit
- added 2 new options for the proper handling of winamp encoding and ID3 tags' encodings
- started dcc module porting from KviStr to QString
- resolved lot of internatiolization problems in DCC module
- improved defscript
26 Oct 2005
- Added Ctrl+A shortcut for select all
- Total latin1() elemination
- Fixed bugs from bugtrack
- Improved usermode menu
- Resolved issues with encodings in DCC chat and transfer
- Editbox now has focus by default in search window
- Changed /ame and /amsg behaviour
- Make connect/disconnect button to reconnect to last used in this context server,not to last used globally
- Added WeNet network
- Fixed CTCP handling
- Fixed +e and +I chanmodes handling
- Fixed issues with non-latin symbols in scripts
- Fixed encodings in logfiles
- Fixed encodings in socket agent window
- Fixed logfile names
- A quick fix for the connect button handling
- A fix for a crash in the listview KVS class (new parser)
- More KVS all around
19 Jun 2005
- code improvements in the editor(...stil a work in progress):
added code completition (shift+insert keys), added a dynamic help: move over a command/function.
then right button and "help command/function" (... its in beta status, need some workaround :D) :
an help window will appear.
- added some options to hide graphic elements in the gui to build a very "minimalist" KVIrc.
15 Jun 2005
- code improvements in the editor(...a work in progress):
added find/replace in alias editor, fixed some bugs and added some user friendly feature.
To do: code completition;
- win code improvements in the system module;
- added setBackground command in window module;
24 May 2005
- Added queueing for slow paste
- Added http.asyncGet
14 Apr 2005
- Add wrapper and wizard classes,
added parameters support to all classes,
some fix and changes in many objects classes.
Moved commands "connect","disconnect","clearobjects","killclass" in the module objects.
05 Apr 2005
- Added mediaplayer.setVol and mediaplayer.jumpTo commands for winamp,
painter and pixmap class optimization,
added 'Paste file' and 'Stop slow paste' on chan and query.
24 Mar 2005
- Added the CIA open source project tracing script to the cvs (only for
the kvirccvs module). Please write informative CVS comments from
now on :)
23 Mar 2005
- added boolInputHistory option to disable Input History window and it's log memory
20 Mar 2005
- added painter, textbrowser and pixmap classes and some extensions to widget class
- add minimize and close button to the iconstable's window
13 Mar 2005
- added functions and signals to manage some event in the lineedit class:
$lostFocusEvent, $returnPressedEvent, $textChangedEvent
- added function $str.section(<string>,<spl>,<n1>,<n2>) in 'str module'
12 Mar 2005
- mp3player module updated: kde mediaplayers
09 Mar 2005
- some new classes in the object module:
mainwindow, toolbar, toolbutton
08 Mar 2005
- Fixed CTRL+K, CTRL+B, CTRL+U, CTRL+I...escapes in the topic widget
27 Feb 2005
- Fixed the CTRL+D terminal window crash
- Fixed the Rijndael encryption module
22 Feb 2004: 3.2.0 "Realia" released.
20 Feb 2005
- Several fixes on the notifier
- A lot of enchancements in the objects module (some new classes
and some extensions to the existing ones)
- Improved auto-resume DCC handling: now files are not
auto-resumed when the incoming size is unknown or smaller
than the existing file. The auto-resume is disabled also
if there is a running transfer with the same loca file name.
- Fixed several bugtrack issues.
- Cleaned up the -ansi -pedantic compilation. It looks that
only one real warning remains and it is related to the "deprecated"
flags of TDEApplication constructor which will be removed
in KDE 4.0. We must live with it for a while.
All the other warnings are due to the system headers.
- Caught a couple of potential segmentation faults in the reguser
- Committed the catalan translation by Marc Serra
09 Feb 2005
- Fixed several positioning issues for widgets with saved geometry
on MacOS X
09 Feb 2005:
- Added the KVS process class
- Several fixes for other object classes
- Added Drag&Drop support to the queries: now a drop operation
triggers the OnQueryFileDropped event
- Added support for CTRL+K, CTRL+B, CTRL+U, CTRL+I ... escapes
in the topic widget.
08 Feb 2005:
- Added the KVS radiobutton class
08 Feb 2005:
- Fixed the bug of KviIrcView that caused the background to be repainted
incorrectly when the mouse was hovering over the links
- Private background now has priority even over the global transparency
- Added a menu option to reset the private background pixmap when no longer needed
- Removed the "FrameCaption" option since it was only freaking the people
out when it wasn't updated on version change...
07 Feb 2005:
- Finally managed to handle correctly the IME events: text input for chinese/japanese
korean etc... should work now.
- Fixed the logging of emoticons: they are written to the log files now
- More tricks on KviHeapObject
- Added the fixes for the _horrible_ VC++ compiler bug that implicitly
creates helper functions (vftable entries) residing in code sections where
operator new is called on a class with a virtual destructor. This is
simply destructive when it happens in a module that can be unloaded
before the object allocated with new is destroyed: at delete time
the code flow obviously jumps into no man's land.
- Committed the ldcnumber class by Noldor and Griffisx
04 Feb 2005:
- Added the fixes for windows segfaults reported and bughunted by Noldor and Grifisx.
Maybe these KviHeapObject trick will help to solve the issue.
- Added a warning message about sending more than 20 lines of text
at once in a query or channel. The warning can be obviously disabled
forever by answering "Always".
- Added the XIM "hot spot" handling for the input window.
01 Feb 2005:
- Bandwidth limits for DCC finished. They are configurable "on the fly" now.
- Fixed the Ctrl+Arrows and Ctrl+Shift+Arrows behaviour: now they skip/select
entire words in the input widget. Window switching has been moved to
Alt+Arrows and Alt+Shift+Arrows.
31 Jan 2005:
- Yet more object classes: time for spinbox and slider.
30 Jan 2005:
- DCC Bandwidth limit implemented, "on the fly setting" is still missing tough
29 Jan 2005:
- Added Notifier 2.0 in a more stable and usable version, now tabs and
"blinking onFocusOut/showing" are working. The Notifier is still on Beta version.
- Some kvi_sp_literal.cpp and kvi_sp_ctcp.cpp (under kvirccvs/kvirc/src/kvirc/sparser) changes
needed for notifier to work. A core recompilation is suggested even if
not strongly necessary.. it's a matter of string output on the notifier, nothing critical.
- Graphic features are waiting to be added asap.
29 Jan 2005:
- Added a new widget class "progressbar" with the following functions:
$setProgress, $setTotalSteps, $reset, $setCenterIndicator,
$setPercentageVisible, $isCenterIndicator, $isPercentageVisible
28 Jan 2005:
- Added the possibility of exporting toolbars from the toolbar
customization dialog. The export function can also export
the associated actions.
- Moved the toolbar customization dialog to a separate module
- Added the mircryption/blowfish crypt engine. It actually supports
both the standard ECB mode and the (really) new CBC mode.
- Fixed some remaining bugs in the action editor: now it should
be ready for the public :)
- Added a couple of object functions to the layout object class
to support the nice minesweeper script :D
- A full set of action.* and toolbar.* commands is now available
- Added compatibility loading functions for old toolbars
- Added handling of the ERROR server message.
- Added the support for actions that can be enabled only in
specified windows and only if there is a nonempty selection inside.
This allows to create user toolbars that perform quick actions
on the selected channel users. This is a *really* quick kick
for example.
- Fixed a couple of bugs related to the mask handling
- Fixed a possible bug related to acknowledges in the DCC send code
- Other small fixes all around as usual.
27 Jan 2005:
- added $setFont to the class widget,$setDragEnabled and $setInputMask
to the lineedit class;
20 Jan 2005:
- added some new functions to the class widget: $setToolTip,
- some code improvements in the win version of the filetransferwindow:
added context menu like open,open with,delete file,open destination folder
8 Jan 2005:
- Added handling for ERROR and the relevant OnError event.
7 Jan 2005:
- Again more than 20 days of changes to report.
- The action based toolbars are almost working and have replaced
completely the old scriptable toolbars.
- The toolbar customisation dialog is ready
- Actioneditor is almost ready too, needs just minor adjustments
- Added $chan.userJoinTime() and $chan.userLastActionTime()
- Added several new $mask() types: now it is possible to get different
host masks (only *.domain.ext or *.anything.anythingelse.domain.ext).
Another mask set tries to handle correctly the hidden hostnames (+x)
on some servers (this does not work 100% tough...)
- Added the initial stuff for the language recognition module. Still
don't know if it will end up in the official release: needs interfacing with
the core... but the standalone engine is starting to work.
- Added several "smart" encodings that will try to decode as UTF8 first
and then apply the local encoding rules.
- Added a couple of new emoticon images (Thnx Penny!, Thnx Sidhe! :)
- Created the "scripts" cvs module and added a first script example
(a simple ezbounce irc proxy interface)
- Fixed runtime localization of the action and toolbar names: they
should work fine now.
- Fixed some bugs in the objects module (still needs a lot of work)
signaled by Noldor.
- Bumped up libtool and to 1.5.10 (hoping that it will stop
relinking the modules when installing... this is extremely annoying)
- Suggest installing the default script if no toolbars or popups are available
- Fixed http avatars not being correctly loaded after the transfer has finised.
- Iakko is working hard on the new (cool!) notifier interface :)
- Various other fixes all around
15 Dec 2004:
- Hacked the avatar cache to support masked ip addresses
(added some new parameter options to the $mask function by the way)
- Added the possibility of setting a temporary background for any IRC view.
This is still an experiment.
12 Dec 2004:
- Added minimal support for /DCC ALLOW
- Fixed config files loading that truncated lines longer than 32K
8 Dec 2004:
Yet another huge set of commits.
The major changes are:
- New "action" based toolbar and popup menu system.
Now the user can just drag & drop actions to customize toolbars :)
- The "big cleanup" has started:
- "Scripttoolbar" is gone: the functionality is completely superseeded by
the action based toolbars now. I already know that some people will want to kill
me for this but from now on the actions are the only method to create toolbars.
This is a good idea since the old method was a bit ugly (for example because
it needed overriding events to enable/disable the actions).
Moreover, another piece of the old non-unicode parser has been wiped out: this is Good(TM).
- Module extension toolbars are gone: replaced by the action stuff now (see above).
- Several structural changes to the default script that reflect the changes in the core.
It IS a good idea to reparse it (execute default script) once now.
4 Nov 2004:
- Fixed various minor bugs introduced with the last huge commit.
- Merged the Mirco Macrelli's patch that adds the chanowner flag
1 Nov 2004:
I've missed to update this file for a while: my fault :/
The major changes until now are:
- New statusbar showing the server informations.
This is intended to replace the irc context applet which
often has problems with space.
- 5 moveable statusbar applets
- Per network settings: nick,user,OnLogin,OnConnect,NickServ
authentication etc. as per-network settings.
- Both the servers and the networks can have a preferred
encoding now.
- More UNICODE support all around: the encodings are honored
almost anywhere with the exception of the scripting engine.
The scripting engine uses a hack that makes the encodings
survive through trivial scripts too. This will become yet
better when the new KVS core will be ready.
- Support for unicode nicks and channel names.
In fact almost anything that the server sends out may be unicode
data encoded with some 16->8bit scheme.
- A new rewritten lag meter that will avoid to ping the server
if possible (when other lag-check probes are spontaneously
being sent). The improved algorithm computes the lag better
and does not "hang up" when the server doesn't reply at all.
- The default quit and part messages can contain scripting identifiers
that are evaluated at quit or part time.
- The windows problem with keyboard input has been resolved
- Several enchancements to the actual scripting engine including
but not limited to echoprivmsg, query, notice, notifier.* ,
perl.*, server, ...
- Added OnDisconnectRequest event
- Added support for /CODEPAGE
- Avoided unnecessary repaints when in SDI mode: this made
KVIrc a bit faster when switching windows and lowered
the overall cpu usage.
- The "unread" text in a window is now clearly marked by a horizontal
line in the text view. If the text line is out of the view
then a triangle in the upper corner of the view signals it.
- KviWStr stuff definitively removed :)))
- Several other minor bugtrack issues fixed.
6 Aug 2004:
- Make some pointer = 0 after delete assignations when:
Pointer is a member pointer or a global pointer.
The delete is not in a destructor.
It makes sense.
1 Aug 2004:
- Added an autopackage dir with two (very initial) apsepc files to build a
.autopackage autoinstaller.
If you have not
checked autopackage ( DO IT NOW :) is the real
solution for Linux third party software installation across distributions
(somewhat like autoconf at the binary installation level, but without
damn M4 :)
20 Jul 2004:
- Now you can use perl from KVS and KVS from perl :)
See /help perl.begin
13 Jul 2004:
- Perl support has been widely requested. Added the initial modules
for that purpose. Needs more work tough.
- More work on the notifier: now it's fully working.
Added also the options to disable it in several ways (even completely).
- Fixed various bugs all around
11 Jul 2004:
- Added /AHOST command
- More work on the notifier, now it flashes, pops up only when really
needed and can be temporairly disabled.
- Hardwired the event manager of the new KVS engine and officially
killed the old uparser based event manager. We're getting closer and
08 Jul 2004:
- Added the notifier module: really nice!
Thnx to Penny for the images :)
06 Jul 2004:
- Added a Always/Yes/No message box that asks the user for confirmation
when attempting to close a connected console.
- Added the Always/Yes/No option to the "Quit-Kvirc-On-Close-Last-Console"
- Fixed the input history handling bug as reported by Soliton
- Added several fixes for UNICODE misbehaviours reported by Dusan
- Fixed the configuration files parsing: now the entries
and the keys have whitespace encoded separately and the UTF8
encoding/decoding is done in the proper places.
- Added the code to make the translation of the tips possible.
The translations MUST be UTF8 encoded and use the
libkvitip_<lang>.kvc name.
- Finally fixed the copy&paste behaviour:
In the input the selection and the middle click
use QClipboard::Selection if supported by the operating system.
All the other methods use QClipboard::Clipboard.
The IRCView now copies to both QClipboard::Clipboard and
QClipboard::Selection (if supported)
- Again huge structural reorganizing in the networking stack
now I start to like it :)
- Committed several translation updates by Dusan
- The reconnect timer can now be stopped before it triggers
and on disconnect it uses the correct server entry.
(see Trisk's ChangeLog entry for 12 Mar 2004).
26 Jun 2004:
- Fixed a mismatched new[]/delete pair in kvi_locale.cpp
- More KviConsole->KviIrcConnection moving
- Fixed a couple of potential segvs related to the connection management
- More UNICODE fixes all around
24 Jun 2004:
- Yet more bug fixing
- Added the cs translations of the modules and fixed some unicode issues reported by Dusan
21 Jun 2004:
- Fixed a bug introduced by the previous fix about date encodings :D
- Fixed log files not being properly encoded to UTF-8 (question: should
the logs be UTF-8, use the local encoding or use the source window charset ?)
- Committed more work on kvirc_cs.po by Dusan Hokuv
20 Jun 2004:
- More reorganizing of the networking stack
- Fixed some bugs with encoding of the dates in non-english locales
16 Jun 2004:
- Fixed a crash in the /foreach command as reported by Ahinu (thnx ;)
- Added the OnNetsplit event
- More reorganizing of the networking stack
12 Jun 2004:
- A lot of UNICODE updates
- More reorganizing of the networking stack
- Added a lot of new text encodings including the missing ISO-8859-XX variants
and some CPXXX.
4 Jun 2004:
- Added first bulgarian translation by
- Completly reorganized the <KviConsole,KviIrcContext,KviIrcLink,KviIrcConnection,KviIrcSocket>
class set. Now it should become more usable/readable/manteinable/coherent ...
Really work in progress: expect misbehaviour and compile time warnings about
deprecated functions...
2 Jun 2004:
- Added profiling support (--enable-profiling)
31 May 2004: 3.0.1 "System Virtue" released.
11-30 May 2004:
- More console splitting , still not finished
- Created the initial hackers guide document (this will be always work in progress)
- Fixed some online doc bugs
- Fixed a bug with popup menu prologues not being saved correctly
- Fixed a SEGV related to focus management
- Fixed a couple of translation related SEGVS
- Preserved UNICODE in the logs by encoding to UTF-8
(maybe this should be the local 8 bit ? feedback will be needed later)
- Fixed several typos and dead links in the documentation signaled
by Klaus Weidenbach
- Added a couple of window.* module commands/functions
- Unicode fixes related to IrcView tooltips
- Added $msgtype function and fixed the related echo documentation
- Added the export function in the event editor
- Fixed a bug in the popup export function that caused extpopup entries
without icons to be exported as simple popups (thnx again Klaus).
- Added an option to redirect WHOIS replies to the active window (on by default)
- Added the /echoprivmsg command
- Added the "delete file" function to the file transfers window
- Various fixes all around
10 May 2004:
- Fixed the problem with tooltips displaying the wrong avatar image
- Started splitting KviConsole in smaller logical classes (irc context, irc connection)
06 May 2004:
- Changed parsing for 004 numeric, properly works with hybrid now.
17 Apr 2004: 3.0.0 "Awakening" released.
16 Apr 2004:
- Fixed a bug with creation of KviWindow derived classes: the constructor
of the base class was calling virtual functions from subclasses (it is curious
that this was effectively failing only on Windows and not on Linux).
- Reworked a bit the str module to avoid compiler parameter passing problems
- Fixed a bug with $str.replacenocase
- Fixed a bug that prevented the color option selector buttons from
displaying the proper color
- Miscelaneous fixes for the release