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# This is a simple socket class to play with from the console
# It just echoes the events to the console window
echo "[$$] Connected to $$->$remoteIp() $$->$remotePort()"
echo "[$$] Disconnected ($0-)"
echo "[$$] Connect failed ($0-)"
echo "[$$] Data: $$->$read()"
echo "testsocket class installed"
echo "You can play with it by using:"
echo "/\%X = \$new(testsocket); # To create it"
echo "/\%X->\$connect(<host>,<port>); # To connect to a host"
echo "/\%X->\$write(<data>); # To write ASCII data"
echo "/\%X->\$close(); # To terminate a connection"
echo "/delete \%X; # To destroy it"
echo "...."
echo "Tip: why don't you try to IRC ?"
echo "The sequence might be something like:"
echo "/\%X = \$new(testsocket)"
echo "/\%X->\$connect(<your_irc_server>,6667)"
echo "/\%X->\$write(\"USER <youruser> <somestring> <somestring> :<realname>\$cr\$lf\")"
echo "/\%X->\$write(\"NICK <yournick>\$cr\$lf\")"
echo "/\%X->\$write(\"JOIN #kvirc\$cr\$lf\")"
echo "/\%X->\$write(\"PRIVMSG #kvirc :Hello IRC-World! :D\$cr\$lf\")"
echo "...."
echo "Have fun! :)"