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Q: What is a callback (command) ?
A: A callback is a command or set of commands that is called by KVIrc in
response to an event. It is similar to an event handler; the difference
is that the event handler is usually static, the callback is "created"
at runtime instead.
Consider the command exec (see /help exec); its syntax is as follows:
The <callback> is a list of commands that will be called by KVIrc when
the <commandline> has been executed and the slave process has printed
some data on its stdout.
Q: How can i print on a window the result of an external command like nmap
or uname ?
A: Starting from version 3.0.0 KVIrc supports (again) the /exec command.
The commandline you're looking for might be something similar to:
exec("uname -a"){ echo $1; };
If you want to say the result to a channel you may use say instead of echo
exec("uname -a"){ say $1; };
For nmap you might consider using the -e switch too in order to see
the errors printed on stderr.
exec -e ("nmap -sS -p 1-1024 somehost"){ say $1; }
Exec is a really flexible command, it can process the slave output in blocks
or as a whole and can write data to the slave too. See /help exec for
more details.
Q: KVIrc crashes when I use a commandline like the following:
alias(identify){ identify password; }
A: This is infinite recursion: a programming error.
Take a look at , learn
that once for all and fix your script.