KVpnc – vpn clients frontend
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KVpnc - a TDE frontend for various vpn clients

It supports:
* Cisco-compatible VPN client (vpnc)
* IPSec (freeswan, openswan, racoon)
* Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) client (pptp-linux)
* Virtual Private Network daemon (openvpn)

Features include:
- easy to use KDE gui
- docking in kicker
- localized GUI (Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian,
Italian, Slovak, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian,
- VPN connection to Cisco concentrator
- VPN connection to VPN servers by using IPsec
- FreeS/WAN (Linux 2.4.x) support
- racoon (Linux 2.6.x/BSD) support
- PPTP support (pptpclient)
- OpenVPN support
- Multiple profiles
- preshared secret support
- X509 certificate support
- Cisco PCF file import
- PKCS12 certificate import
- Ping test
- automaticlly setting of routes and firewall rules (iptables) (currently: freeswan/racoon)
- automaticlly network device detection (can be overridden)
- log file writing
- DCOP interface
- user notification for sucessful connect/disconnect
- NAT-T support (racoon/OpenVPN/vpnc)


If you wish to contribute to kvpnc, you might do so:

- TDE Gitea Workspace (TGW) collaboration tool.

- TDE Weblate Translation Workspace (TWTW) collaboration tool.