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To be discussed:
#1. Define the way plugins should access host app images. Current choices are:
#- Use ImageCollections
#- Use Interface::Browser class suggested by Jesper in the
# "libkipi/libkipi/design" document.
2. In the same way, define how plugins should give images to the host app.
Current choices are:
- Interface::addImage
- Define a class similar to Interface::Browser, which we could call
3. Make a decision on some terms: should we use "album" or "image collection"
or both (if so, explain the difference in a README file)
4. Agree on the category list.
5. Define KIPI and plugin versioning so that we don't get mixed version bugs
(Aur<75>lien: I think this could be done by correctly defining lib version
numbers, but I might be missing something here).
6. Define what helper widgets/dialog we should provide to plugins. Right now
we have:
- ImageCollectionDialog (Poor name, should be ImageSelectDialog)
- UploadWidget
To be done:
- Implement a widget to let the user select ImageCollections. The minimal
interface should be:
class ImageCollectionSelector : public QWidget {
QValueList<ImageCollection> imageCollections;
- Review all classes to polish the API before freezing it.
- Improve BC strength with d pointers.
- Add functions for copying/moving/renaming files, or do we all agree that the
ImageInfo::cloneData() method is enough?
- Write some documentation. I'm thinking about Doxygen class documentation
plus a skeleton app and a skeleton plugin to serve as examples.