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Question: Why the *&!"/(<28> did you change so many things in the API?
Answer: It was necessary to make this library slightly less
painful to use with other libraries.
Anyway, most changes are just search-and-replace:
#include "rfb.h" -> #include <rfb/rfb.h>
CARD8 -> uint8_t
CARD16 -> uint16_t
CARD32 -> uint32_t
Pixel -> rfbPixel
KeySym -> rfbKeySym
Bool -> rfbBool
also, rfbUsage doesn't exit any longer, but returns FALSE
If you used some constants defined in rfbconfig.h, you now
have to prefix LIBVNCSERVER_ to the constants.
Upcoming 0.6 release!
lots of bugs fixed.
Version 5.0:
The library just got autoconf && automake support as well as a real install
x11vnc was much improved thanks to Karl Runge!
CursorPosUpdate encoding supported thanks to Const Kaplinsky!
ZRLE encoding, if you have a c++ compiler!
HTTP now optionally handles HTTP proxy functions to connect to the same
server only.
Of course, a lot of bugs fixed since last release...