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VNCSERVERLIB=-L. -lvncserver -L/usr/local/lib -lz -ljpeg
22 years ago
# for Solaris
#EXTRALIBS=-lsocket -lnsl -L/usr/X/lib
# for FreeBSD
# Uncomment these two lines to enable use of PThreads
#PTHREADLIB = -lpthread
# Comment the following line to disable the use of 3 Bytes/Pixel.
# The code for 3 Bytes/Pixel is not very efficient!
OPTFLAGS=-g -Wall -pedantic
22 years ago
# for Mac OS X
22 years ago
OSX_LIBS = -framework ApplicationServices -framework Carbon -framework IOKit
22 years ago
# for x11vnc
21 years ago
#XLIBS = -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lXtst -lXext -lX11
XLIBS = -L/usr/X11R6/lib -L/usr/lib32 -lXtst -lXext -lX11
22 years ago
ifdef CXX rdr/FdInStream.cxx rdr/FdOutStream.cxx rdr/InStream.cxx \
rdr/NullOutStream.cxx rdr/ZlibInStream.cxx rdr/ZlibOutStream.cxx
ZRLE_OBJS=zrle.o rdr/FdInStream.o rdr/FdOutStream.o rdr/InStream.o \
rdr/NullOutStream.o rdr/ZlibInStream.o rdr/ZlibOutStream.o
%.o: %.cxx
$(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) -c -o $@ $<
SOURCES=main.c rfbserver.c sraRegion.c auth.c sockets.c \
22 years ago
stats.c corre.c hextile.c rre.c translate.c cutpaste.c \
zlib.c tight.c httpd.c cursor.c font.c \
draw.c selbox.c d3des.c vncauth.c cargs.c $(ZRLE_SRCS)
OBJS=main.o rfbserver.o sraRegion.o auth.o sockets.o \
22 years ago
stats.o corre.o hextile.o rre.o translate.o cutpaste.o \
zlib.o tight.o httpd.o cursor.o font.o \
draw.o selbox.o d3des.o vncauth.o cargs.o $(ZRLE_OBJS)
INSTALLHEADER=rfb.h rfbproto.h sraRegion.h keysym.h
22 years ago
all: example pnmshow storepasswd
22 years ago
all_examples: example pnmshow x11vnc x11vnc_static sratest blooptest pnmshow24 fontsel vncev zippy storepasswd
22 years ago
install_OSX: OSXvnc-server
cp OSXvnc-server storepasswd ../OSXvnc/build/
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $<
22 years ago
22 years ago
$(OBJS) pnmshow24.o pnmshow.o example.o mac.o blooptest.o: Makefile rfb.h
22 years ago
libvncserver.a: $(OBJS)
$(AR) cru $@ $(OBJS)
$(RANLIB) $@
translate.o: translate.c tableinit24.c tableinitcmtemplate.c tableinittctemplate.c tabletrans24template.c tabletranstemplate.c
example: example.o libvncserver.a
$(CC) -o example example.o $(LIBS)
22 years ago
pnmshow: pnmshow.o libvncserver.a
$(CC) -o pnmshow pnmshow.o $(LIBS)
mac.o: mac.c 1instance.c
OSXvnc-server: mac.o libvncserver.a
22 years ago
$(CC) -o OSXvnc-server mac.o $(LIBS) $(OSX_LIBS)
x11vnc.o: x11vnc.c 1instance.c
x11vnc: x11vnc.o libvncserver.a
$(CC) -g -o x11vnc x11vnc.o $(LIBS) $(XLIBS)
x11vnc_static: x11vnc.o libvncserver.a
$(CC) -o x11vnc_static x11vnc.o libvncserver.a /usr/lib/libz.a /usr/lib/libjpeg.a $(XLIBS)
storepasswd: storepasswd.o d3des.o vncauth.o
$(CC) -o storepasswd storepasswd.o d3des.o vncauth.o
22 years ago
sratest: sratest.o
$(CC) -o sratest sratest.o
sratest.o: sraRegion.c
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -DSRA_TEST -c -o sratest.o sraRegion.c
blooptest: blooptest.o libvncserver.a
$(CC) -o blooptest blooptest.o $(LIBS)
blooptest.o: example.c rfb.h
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -DBACKGROUND_LOOP_TEST -c -o blooptest.o example.c
pnmshow24: pnmshow24.o libvncserver.a
$(CC) -o pnmshow24 pnmshow24.o $(LIBS)
fontsel: fontsel.o libvncserver.a
$(CC) -o fontsel fontsel.o -L. -lvncserver -lz -ljpeg
vncev: vncev.o libvncserver.a
$(CC) -o vncev vncev.o -L. -lvncserver -lz -ljpeg
# Example from Justin
zippy: zippy.o libvncserver.a
$(CC) -o zippy zippy.o -L. -lvncserver -lz -ljpeg
22 years ago
rm -f $(OBJS) *~ core "#"* *.bak *.orig storepasswd.o \
x11vnc.o mac.o example.o pnmshow.o pnmshow24.o sratest.o \
22 years ago
blooptest.o $(OBJS)
22 years ago
realclean: clean
rm -f OSXvnc-server storepasswd example pnmshow libvncserver.a
22 years ago
$(CC) -M $(INCLUDES) $(SOURCES) >.depend
#include .depend