Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <johannes.schindelin@gmx.de>
Johannes Schindelin 12 years ago
parent fba4818ae8
commit e3b8aaab86

@ -33,19 +33,9 @@ Steven Carr, Uwe Völker, Charles Coffing, Guillaume Rousse,
Alessandro Praduroux, Brad Hards, Timo Ketola, Christian Ehrlicher,
Noriaki Yamazaki, Ben Klopfenstein, Vic Lee, Christian Beier,
Alexander Dorokhine, Corentin Chary, Wouter Van Meir, George Kiagiadakis,
Joel Martin and Gernot Tenchio.
Joel Martin, Gernot Tenchio, William Roberts, Cristian Rodríguez,
George Fleury, Kan-Ru Chen and Steve Guo.
Probably I forgot quite a few people sending a patch here and there, which
really made a difference. Without those, some obscure bugs still would
be unfound.
A hearty unthanks goes to Michael and Erick, who provided me with nothing
but hollow words. Finally I got that configure and install working, but
it would have been so much better for them not just to complain, but also
help. As you showed me real egoism, you are the main reasons I am not
working one dot to make this library less than GPL, so that nobody ever
can make profit of my and others work without giving something back to me
and others.
Speaking of hollow words, another hearty unthanks goes to Sam, who thought
he could let me work for him, not paying me in any way.