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190 Commits (bug/2972/KrfbCloseCrash)

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Christian Beier 0a70095271
Update ChangeLog 4 years ago
Christian Beier 8415ff4c35
Update ChangeLog. 6 years ago
Stefan Weil 9c7efb7633 Fix some typos (found by codespell) 7 years ago
Christian Beier d8bc98386a Update ChangeLog for 0.9.10. 8 years ago
Christian Beier 7bac05aeed Update ChangeLog for 0.9.9. 11 years ago
Christian Beier 14c8943c92 Update ChangeLog for 11 years ago
Christian Beier f25a886cba Update ChangeLog for 0.9.8. 12 years ago
runge a29e42e515 libvncclient: rfbResizeFrameBuffer should also set updateRect. 13 years ago
runge c15b6165ab tightvnc-filetransfer/rfbtightserver.c: enabled fix 13 years ago
runge 804335f9d2 Thread safety for zrle, zlib, tight. 14 years ago
dscho e2874d343a Teach SDLvncviewer about scroll wheel events 14 years ago
dscho ebe79c28c3 Clipboard support for SDLvncviewer 14 years ago
dscho eb1cc7608b SDLvncviewer: upon focus loss, force releasing the Alt keys 14 years ago
dscho a02607fe35 Teach SDLvncviewer to be resizable 14 years ago
dscho 3ab7d5d766 SDLvncviewer: enable key repeat 14 years ago
dscho b0c272e723 Record Mike's automake cleanups 14 years ago
runge effe81e36a, CMakeLists.txt: set LibVNCServer version to 0.9.7 14 years ago
runge 8d55891ded Forgot ChangeLog 14 years ago
dscho a824cf443d SDLvncviewer: update screen correctly after a resize 15 years ago
dscho c04a28f306 Please MS Visual C++ a bit (Christian Ehrlicher) 15 years ago
dscho 26b79b89db ZYWRLE patch for libvncclient (thanks Noriaki Yamazaki) 15 years ago
dscho befcb6fc14 Fix ZYWRLE en/decoding for width != scanline (thanks Noriaki Yamazaki) 15 years ago
dscho e526c4816b SDLvncviewer: fix button handling 15 years ago
dscho 87fa3452c1 Add missing #include <time.h> (thanks Christian Ehrlicher) 15 years ago
dscho 059afcdf81 Add ZYWRLE server-side support (thanks Noriaki Yamazaki, Hitachi) 15 years ago
dscho 09d902c5b7 Add CMake support (thanks to Christian Ehrlicher) 15 years ago
runge e305525129 classes/ssl: improve timeouts, port fallback, and connection time. 15 years ago
dscho eb2eeed97e LibVNCClient: if the GotRect hook is set, override default op. 15 years ago
runge d3326942e2 x11vnc: fix build error if libssl is missing or --without-ssl supplied. 16 years ago
runge dd193b1335 configure: make more of a split between libvncserver and x11vnc pkgs. 16 years ago
dscho 26b291bf25 rfbclient.h: use 'extern "C"' to make it convenient to include from C++ 16 years ago
dscho 1060f747be rfb.h: Do not misplace guards 16 years ago
dscho ca805667e6 Build shared libraries per default 16 years ago
runge f57eb8742f Add "Connection: close" to HTTP replies. 16 years ago
dscho 61cd498fb2 Fix a locking problem in libvncserver 16 years ago
dscho 14b290384a LibVNCClient: some users do not want to get whole-screen updates; introduce client->updateRect for that 16 years ago
runge c1b4a3b996 libvncclient changes. 16 years ago
runge f925d1ec9f Remove stray "-permitfiletransfer permit file transfer support" output 16 years ago
runge 27a884d2f3 x11vnc: Mac OS X fb fixes and cuttext, -nodpms option, local user wireframing 16 years ago
runge 4a83f87609 x11vnc: Native Mac OS X support. 16 years ago
runge 2635ae4407 -R and macosx, rpm fix 16 years ago
runge 901729e3e0 x11vnc: enable --without-x builds for -rawfb only binaries. 16 years ago
runge 6facce2c5c LibVNCServer 0.8.2 release. 16 years ago
runge 079528470d x11vnc: add uinput support for full input into linux fb device (e.g. qt-embed). 16 years ago
runge a7726a6f97 x11vnc: more -unixpw work. add -license, etc. options 16 years ago
runge 1776a3a55f x11vnc: -display WAIT:..., -users unixpw=, su_verify dpy command. 17 years ago
steven_carr 6c8e6e0678 Identified and removed some memory leaks associated with the Encodings RRE, CoRRE, ZLIB, and Ultra. 17 years ago
steven_carr b5ab72d65f Statistics now fit into 80-column output 17 years ago
steven_carr 1c3af68549 Default to RFB 3.8, add command line option to specify the RFB version. 17 years ago
steven_carr ccdbe8f325 The great UltraVNC Compatibility Commit 17 years ago