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4 Commits (bug/2972/KrfbCloseCrash)

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Tobias Junghans 9f5116eb53 LibVNCClient: pass buffer as const to WriteToTLS() 4 years ago
simon cb4e15c1ae Added SASL authentication support 6 years ago
Christian Beier e2beac6d93 LibVNCClient: Fix build with no SSL/TLS library available. 11 years ago
Christian Beier 5e9da5a2f8 Add the OpenSSL libvncclient TLS version to the build system. 11 years ago
Gernot Tenchio 4aa3586367 websockets: Add encryption support 11 years ago
Christian Beier e832999a58 Set proper file permissions for source files. 12 years ago
dscho 876868553d move the library into libvncserver/, x11vnc into x11vnc/ 19 years ago
dscho eeb2061dfb API change: Bool, KeySym, Pixel get prefix "rfb"; constants in rfbconfig.h get prefix "LIBVNCSERVER_" 20 years ago
dscho 5030d53ff0 converted CARD{8,16,32} to uint{8,16,32}_t and included support for stdint.h 20 years ago
dscho 757fdc2454 Initial revision 22 years ago