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8 Commits (bug/2972/KrfbCloseCrash)

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Christian Beier 4a21bbd097
LibVNCClient: make sure Ultra decoding cannot dereference a null pointer 4 years ago
Josef Gajdusek 5fff4353f6 Fix heap overflow in the ultra.c decoder 6 years ago
Balazs Ludmany a01a18df1d Add function pointers for every type of rectangle 7 years ago
Christian Beier 62b7acf480 Fix regression in Ultra encoding introduced by commit fe1ca16e9b. 12 years ago
Christian Beier fe1ca16e9b Fix (most) MinGW32 compiler warnings. 12 years ago
steven_carr ccdbe8f325 The great UltraVNC Compatibility Commit 17 years ago
steven_carr afa9fae024 Ultra Encoding added. Tested against UltraVNC V1.01 17 years ago