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Christian Beier 56234cd0b6 Fix remaining compiler warnings. 12 years ago
runge 804335f9d2 Thread safety for zrle, zlib, tight. 14 years ago
dscho ce8d6c2409 Make ZYWRLE thread-safe for multiple clients 15 years ago
dscho 059afcdf81 Add ZYWRLE server-side support (thanks Noriaki Yamazaki, Hitachi) 15 years ago
dscho 8bee4eb990 ANSIfy, fix some warnings from Linus' sparse 18 years ago
dscho 2a4a0f487e convert c++ comments to c comments 19 years ago
dscho 876868553d move the library into libvncserver/, x11vnc into x11vnc/ 19 years ago
dscho e0cbabec29 Honour the check for libz, libjpeg again 19 years ago
dscho 937b906f0d ZRLE no longer uses C++, but C 19 years ago