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Tobias Junghans a70d3b2710 common: d3des: drop unused rfbCPKey() 4 years ago
Christian Beier e832999a58 Set proper file permissions for source files. 12 years ago
Christian Beier ffe30366d6 Put files used by both libs into a 'common' dir. 12 years ago
dscho 97299606da global structures/functions should have "rfb", "sra" or "zrle" as prefix, 19 years ago
dscho 876868553d move the library into libvncserver/, x11vnc into x11vnc/ 19 years ago
dscho b2253e3657 changes from Justin, zippy added 21 years ago
dscho 1342b7e178 permanently moved authorization 22 years ago
dscho 757fdc2454 Initial revision 22 years ago