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57 Commits (5f9a07d7e1613dbccd5a27e845dbb8a7f2a27b2e)

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Andreas Weigel 5d9d6a8712
add decode support for continuation frames 5 years ago
Andreas Weigel 8fefdcde27
fix problems in test and requests for cmake build 5 years ago
Andreas Weigel 826e0f9e39
add generation wstest to cmake 5 years ago
Andreas Weigel f19d6ee225
add ws_decode tests 5 years ago
Christian Beier 90220264f5
test: tell MSVC to use math defines 6 years ago
Bert van Hall fe94339587 drop autotools 6 years ago
Mike Frysinger 0c68f37c43 test/Makefile: use check_PROGRAMS 6 years ago
Brian Bidulock 57b0e4f4fe Rename obsolete INCLUDES to AM_CPPFLAGS 8 years ago
Johannes Schindelin bd811bdee9 After free()ing clientData, set it to NULL 9 years ago
Raphael Kubo da Costa 3cbef1a976 Use C-style comments in rfbconfig.h.cmake and C source code. 10 years ago
Luca Falavigna a6fedf258a Encodingstest: Use format string argument with fprintf. 11 years ago
Christian Beier c58213846e Only build libjpeg test programs if libjpeg is actually available. 11 years ago
Christian Beier 6f9a9160c4 Fix some compiler warnings thrown with newer gcc. 11 years ago
Christian Beier 1df6bffd9e Fix turbojpeg tests compilation. 11 years ago
DRC 7124b5fbcf Replace TightVNC encoder with TurboVNC encoder. This patch is the result of further research and discussion that revealed the following: 11 years ago
Christian Beier ab9fc40aab Update encodingstest. 12 years ago
Christian Beier bf2470cec6 Check rfbGetScreen() return value everywhere. 12 years ago
Christian Beier e832999a58 Set proper file permissions for source files. 12 years ago
Christian Beier 558a58e039 Remove unneeded files concerning CVS. 12 years ago
Johannes Schindelin 0c061f2a27 encodingstest: fix multi-threading issue 13 years ago
Johannes Schindelin 2a2a60b007 encodingstest: fix whitespace 13 years ago
dscho 3998c18e26 test/Makefile: use check_PROGRAMS 14 years ago
dscho 3d2eab575e clean up build flags 14 years ago
dscho ca805667e6 Build shared libraries per default 16 years ago
runge 3c80351a1c Make VPATH building work with -I $(top_srcdir) for rfb/rfb.h 17 years ago
dscho 808b6a0b23 do it right: it is not DEFINES, but AM_CFLAGS 17 years ago
dscho b225ee993a implement ZRLE decoding 18 years ago
dscho ee52441372 hide strict ansi stuff if not explicitely turned on; actually use the socklen_t test from 18 years ago
dscho 8bee4eb990 ANSIfy, fix some warnings from Linus' sparse 18 years ago
dscho 320edc794f more files to ignore 18 years ago
dscho 34f714bcdc socketInitDone -> socketState 18 years ago
dscho 4ff783f579 fix compilation when no libz is available 18 years ago
dscho 6fb3752bf2 test Floyd-Steinberg dither for alpha masks 18 years ago
dscho 80ca7cf1d3 no need to strdup for MakeXCursor 18 years ago
dscho d354bb6015 fix test (don't show cursor...); correctly set the encodings in the client; 18 years ago
dscho 9cc78e5460 add a cursor test (interactive for now) 18 years ago
dscho 094c01bdce fix for MinGW 18 years ago
runge 3a84b0ccc8 x11vnc: XFIXES cursorshape, XRANDR resize, remote control, gui 18 years ago
dscho 658b65ad0c support MinGW32! 18 years ago
dscho ca96ef26d2 tight-1 -> encodingstest 18 years ago
dscho 5a3e352fba rename tight-1.c into encodingstest.c, fixing it in the process. It now 18 years ago
dscho 8715a8ab42 compiles, 1st run is okay, 2nd and subsequent give errors. Evidently, 18 years ago
dscho 7ea0d024cb compiling, non functional version of a unit test for encodings 18 years ago
dscho 97299606da global structures/functions should have "rfb", "sra" or "zrle" as prefix, 18 years ago
dscho 2a4a0f487e convert c++ comments to c comments 19 years ago
dscho 35236477c4 all this moving and renaming needs changes in the cvsignores, too! 19 years ago
dscho 2b8c2a5c3a add client_examples/, add SDLvncviewer, libvncclient API changes, suppress automake CFLAGS nagging 19 years ago
dscho 876868553d move the library into libvncserver/, x11vnc into x11vnc/ 19 years ago
dscho 6a1a59f90e fix cargs.c: arguments were not correctly purged. 19 years ago
markmc d02db5cac4 2002-09-11 Mark McLoughlin <> 19 years ago