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11 Commits (6239c521911f3a596bc02c109a9857bc9ea9b3f6)

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Tobias Junghans 9f5116eb53 LibVNCClient: pass buffer as const to WriteToTLS() 4 years ago
simon cb4e15c1ae Added SASL authentication support 6 years ago
simon cc10eab7eb Removed comment left over from development 6 years ago
simon cc69ee96e1 Modified certificate verification for compatibility with GnuTLS 2.12.23 6 years ago
simon 6c312aaf5b Added support for X509 server certificate verification as part of the handshake process. 6 years ago
gbdj 1da7872784 libvncclient/tls_gnutls.c: Add hooks to WriteToTLS() for optional protection by mutex. Fix upstream issue #100 7 years ago
Cédric Georges 6fabf75f9c Append missing include directory for GNUTLS and OPENSSL in CMake project 7 years ago
Christian Beier 77286f0831 LibVNCClient: Remove all those WITH_CLIENT_TLS #ifdefs and move GnuTLS specific functionality into tls_gnutls.c. 11 years ago
Christian Beier 5e9da5a2f8 Add the OpenSSL libvncclient TLS version to the build system. 11 years ago
Vic Lee d8fca9d013 Replace deprecated GnuTLS functions gnutls_*_set_priority with gnutls_priority_set_direct. 12 years ago
Christian Beier 980dfa60fe Fix libvncclient TLS for Windows builds. 12 years ago
Christian Beier cf72a0f7c3 Call WSAGetLastError() everywhere errno is read after a Winsock call. 12 years ago
Vic Lee 95ae56c831 Add VeNCrypt support in libvncclient 13 years ago
Vic Lee 58a8df6ff2 Add anonymous TLS support in libvncclient 13 years ago