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dscho ce71b4d496 Fix libvncserver-config for in-place operation 15 years ago
runge 713a432473 Fix --libs, echo -n doesn't work everywhere. Question: why -R only for Solaris?? 16 years ago
dscho 94501cdcfa fix in-place compilation of VisualNaCro 16 years ago
dscho 658b65ad0c support MinGW32! 18 years ago
dscho be50833051 libvncserver.a is in libvncserver/ now 18 years ago
dscho 5df82de5ce fix --link for libvncserver-config 19 years ago
dscho c4d44f983e let libvncserver-config behave as expected when called without installing 20 years ago
dscho 98b9663e29 the correct way to include rfb.h is now "#include <rfb/rfb.h>" 20 years ago
dscho aaee934fa3 fixed --link option to libvncserver-config 20 years ago
dscho 4f3ac987fb make dist fixed; make rpm introduced 20 years ago