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In this stage (beta), there are two programs functional:

LinuxVNC <tty number>
	monitor a virtual console (text mode) of Linux. You need
	root privileges, or at least be in the "tty" group, because
	it reads /dev/vcsN and writes /dev/ttyN.
	It follows the same idea as WinVNC, x11vnc or OSXvnc, i.e. it
	takes an existing desktop and exports it via RFB (VNC), just that
	LinuxVNC exports text.

VNCommand <command> <args>
	executes <command> redirecting stdin from a vncviewer and stdout &
	stderr to the vnc clients. This might be renamed to vncTerm if
	there are some term capabilities added (up to now, bash doesn't look
	nice). Colours and other ANSI sequences need to be added.

My original plan was to create a program named vncTerm. It was meant to
overcome incompatibilities between different TERMs, but I found "screen" to
be just such a program. Maybe once some time in the future I'll make a
patch for screen to use VNConsole to export it's contents via RFB...

These two programs are a simple application of LibVNCServer with a small
console layer in between (VNConsole). You can use them under the terms
(not vncTerms ;-) of the GPL. They where written by Johannes E. Schindelin.