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<title>Success stories</title>
<a href=>Karl Runge</a> took my first version of
x11vnc, which was just a proof-of-concept that the library actually is
usable, and turned it into a <a href=>
fully fledged application</a>.
Tim Jansen created <a href=>KRFB</a>, which is
x11vnc integrated into KDE.
Jeff Mock of <a href=>the world's largest radio telescope
in Arecibo</a> sent me a nice
<a href=>screenshot</a>,
describing his use of LibVNCServer:
<i>I've been using it for about 4 months
on a project to build a new spectrometer for the radio telescope at
Arecibo. Arecibo is the largest radio telescope in the world (305m!) in
Puerto Rico. It has 10-times the collecting area of the second largest
telescope in Effelsburg (maybe near you?).
The project is an embedded linux box that boots from a compact flash
card. The root filesystem is only about 5MB. X wasn't reasonable
for such a small embedded system, but libvncserver was perfect. On
the console we run graphical diagnostics that write directly to the
frame buffer. It was a simple matter to hook this direct-framebuffer
application to libvncserver. This way we can easily view the
diagnostics for the spectrometer from the control room (or anyplace
else for that matter).</i>