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2005-05-23 Karl Runge <>
* malloc(0) is never used, so we don't need the check
2005-05-15 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* acinclude.m4: fix compilation for systems without socklen_t
2005-05-17 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: more scrolling, -scr_term, -wait_ui, -nowait_bog
2005-05-15 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* almost every file: ANSIfy, fix warnings from Linus' sparse
2005-05-14 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: more work on -scrollcopyrect and -xkb modes.
2005-05-13 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* libvncserver/{main,rfbserver,sockets}.c: fix memory leaks (valgrind)
2005-05-07 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* libvncserver/rfbserver.c: fix memory leak pointed out by Tim Jansen
* libvncserver/{httpd,main,rfbserver,sockets}.c, rfb/rfb.h:
replace "rfbBool socketInitDone" by "enum rfbSocketState
2005-05-03 Karl Runge <>
* libvncserver/main.c: fix leak in rfbDoCopyRect/rfbScheduleCopyRect
* guard against empty HAVE_X
2005-05-02 Karl Runge <>
* fatal error for x11vnc package if no X present
* give warnings and info about missing libjpeg/libz
* x11vnc: X RECORD heuristics to detect scrolls: -scrollcopyrect,
build customizations, bandwidth/latency estimates.
2005-04-27 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* clear requested region (long standing TODO, pointed out by Karl)
2005-04-19 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -wireframe, -wirecopyrect. Back to the 90's with
wireframes to avoid window move/resize lurching.
* safer remote control defaults. -privremote, -safer, -nocmds.
* debug_xevents, debug_xdamage. -noviewonly for rawfb mode.
2005-04-10 Karl Runge <>
* add mmap
* x11vnc: -rawfb, -pipeinput, -xtrap, -flag, ...
2005-04-03 Karl Runge <>
* add conditional libXTrap checking
* x11vnc: use DEC-XTRAP on old X11R5 for grab control.
-shiftcmap n, -http, fix DAMAGE event leak.
2005-03-29 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: fix event leaks, build-time customizations, -nolookup
2005-03-19 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: scale cursors by default, -scale_cursor to tune,
-arrow n, -norepeat n, speed up integer magnification.
2005-03-12 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: X DAMAGE support, -clip WxH+X+Y, identd.
2005-03-05 Karl Runge <>
* autoconf: rpm -> rpmbuild and echo -n -> printf
2005-03-04 Karl Runge <>
* libvncserver/{cargs.c,sockets.c}: add -listen option and
rfbScreen member listenInterface.
* rfb/rfb.h: rfbListenOnTCPPort() and rfbListenOnUDPPort()
function prototypes changed to include network interface.
2005-02-14 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -users lurk=, -solid for cde, -gui ez,.. beginner mode.
2005-02-10 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -input option to fine tune allowed client input,
additions to remote control and gui for this.
2005-02-09 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -users, fix -solid on gnome and kde.
* add pwd.h, wait.h, and utmpx.h checks.
2005-02-06 Karl Runge <>
* add /usr/sfw on Solaris when XFIXES, add
--with-jpeg=DIR --with-zlib=DIR, workaround bug when
--without-jpeg was supplied.
* few tweaks for next release
2005-02-05 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -solid color, -opts/-?
* tightvnc-1.3dev5-vncviewer-alpha-cursor.patch: create, name
says it all.
2005-01-23 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -timeout, -noalphablend. make -R norepeat work.
* sync with new draw cursor mechanism.
2005-01-20 Karl Runge <>
* libvncserver/{cursor.c,rfbserver.c}: fixed the "disappearing cursor"
2005-01-18 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* rfb/rfb.h libvncserver/rfbserver.c: pointerClient was still static
* libvncserver/rfbserver.c: do not make requestedRegion empty without
* almost everything: the cursor handling for clients which don't handle
CursorShape updates was completely broken. It originally was very
complicated for performance reasons, however, in most cases it made
performance even worse, because at idle times there was way too much
checking going on, and furthermore, sometimes unnecessary updates
were inevitable.
The code now is much more elegant: the ClientRec structure knows
exactly where it last painted the cursor, and the ScreenInfo
structure knows where the cursor shall be.
As a consequence there is no more rfbDrawCursor()/rfbUndrawCursor(),
no more dontSendFramebufferUpdate, and no more isCursorDrawn.
It is now possible to have clients which understand CursorShape
updates and clients which don't at the same time.
* libvncserver/cursor.c: rfbSetCursor no longer has the option
freeOld; this is obsolete, as the cursor structure knows what
to free and what not.
2005-01-15 Karl Runge <>
* rfb/rfb.h: add alphaSource and alphaPreMultiplied to rfbCursor.
* libvncserver/cursor.c: do cursor alpha blending in rfbDrawCursor()
for non-cursorshapeupdates clients.
* x11vnc: -alphablend, cursors fixes, -snapfb, more tweaks and bug
2004-12-27 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: improve alpha channel handling for XFIXES cursors.
* add more parameters to remote control.
2004-12-20 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* released version 0.7
2004-12-19 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: string cleanup, synchronous remote-control option -sync
* libvncserver/cursor.c: zero underCursorBufferLen when cursor freed.
2004-12-16 Karl Runge <>
* test/encodingstest.c: fix decl bug in main()
* x11vnc: use XFIXES extension to show the exact cursor shape.
* remote control nearly everything on the fly, -remote/-query
* tcl/tk gui based on the remote control, -gui
* support screen size changes with XRANDR ext., -xrandr, -padgeom
* Misc: -overlay visual support on IRIX, -id pick, -pointer_mode n,
-sb n, RFB_MODE set in env. under -accept/-gone.
2004-12-02 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* make LibVNCServer compile & work on MinGW32
2004-11-30 "Leiradella, Andre V Matos Da Cunha" <>
* libvncclient/sockets.c: return TRUE in every case of success
2004-08-29 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: yet another pointer input handling algorithm in
check_user_input(), revert to previous with -old_pointer2.
* modifiy to install tightvnc Java viewer
in $prefix/share/x11vnc/classes
2004-08-29 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* */*.[ch]: API changes: global functions/structures should have
* either "rfb", "sra" or "zrle" as prefix, while structure members
* should not...
2004-08-29 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: changes in cursor shape handling: use rfbSetCursor()
* cursor shape options: -cursor, -cursor (X|some|most)
* -vncconnect the default.
* add more macros for X extensions.
2004-08-15 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -overlay to fix colors with Sun 8+24 overlay visuals.
* -sid option.
2004-08-03 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: manpage and README
* fix XKBlib.h detection on *BSD
2004-07-31 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -cursorpos now the default
2004-07-28 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -add_keysyms dynamically add missing keysyms to X server
2004-07-26 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: first pass at doing modtweak via XKEYBOARD extension (-xkb)
* -skip_keycodes; reset modtweaks on event MappingNotify.
* fix bugs wrt PRIMARY handling.
* continuation lines "\" in x11vncrc.
2004-07-15 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: modtweak is now the default
* check X11/XKBlib.h in to work around Solaris 7 bug.
2004-07-10 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: norepeat to turn off X server autorepeat when clients exist,
let the client side do the autorepeating.
2004-06-26 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: add "-scale fraction" for global server-side scaling.
2004-06-17 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: simple ~/.x11vncrc config file support, -rc, -norc
2004-06-12 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -clear_mods, -clear_keys, and -storepasswd,
* add RFB_SERVER_IP RFB_SERVER_PORT to -accept env.
2004-06-07 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* libvncserver/cursor.c, rfb/rfb.h: fix cursor trails
* */ stop automake nagging
* libvncclient/*, client_examples/*: streamline API, SDLvncviewer added
* examples/, libvncclient/, test/: moved tests to test/
2004-06-05 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: rearrange file for easier maintenance
* add RFB_CLIENT_COUNT to -accept and -gone commands
2004-05-27 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -viewpasswd, viewonly passwds.
* some typos in
* libvncserver: fix view-only plain passwd and view-only CutText
2004-05-25 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* moved the library into libvncserver/
* moved x11vnc into x11vnc/
2004-05-21 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -gone, -passwdfile, -o logfile; add view-only to -accept
2004-05-08 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: add -accept some-command/xmessage/popup
2004-05-05 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: mouse button -> keystrokes and keystroke -> mouse button
mappings in -buttonmap and -remap
* shm OS blacklist revert to -onetile
2004-04-28 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -auth, more -cursorpos and -nofb work
2004-04-19 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -cursorpos, -sigpipe
2004-04-13 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: do not send selection unless all clients
are in RFB_NORMAL state.
* increase rfbMaxClientWait when threaded to avoid
ReadExact() timeouts for some viewers.
2004-04-08 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc options -blackout, -xinerama, -xwarppointer
* modify to pick up -lXinerama
* extend -remap to take mapping list.
* check cargs result for unused args.
2004-03-22 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* fix cargs.c (hopefully for the last time):
arguments were not correctly purged
2004-03-15 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* fix libvncserver-config to again return a linker when
called with --link
2004-03-10 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc options -vncconnect, -connect, -remap,
-debug_pointer, and -debug_keyboard
* support reverse connections, vncconnect(1), etc.
* expt. with user supplied keysym remapping.
* debug output option for pointer and keyboard.
2004-02-29 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* fixed warning of valgrind for regiontest
2004-02-19 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc options -nosel -noprimary -visual.
* add clipboard/selection handling.
* add visual option (mostly for testing and workarounds).
* improve shm cleanup on failures.
2004-02-04 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* Make examples (at least a few) compileable with g++,
as pointed out by Juan Jose Costello
2004-01-30 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* Thanks to Paul Fox from Bright Star Engineering,
a few more memory leaks were fixed.
2004-01-29 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* Honour the check for libz and libjpeg again.
2004-01-21 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* do not send unneccessary updates when drawing a cursor
* ignore SIGPIPE; it is handled by EPIPE
* add an example how to use rfbDoCopyRect
* add experimental progressive updating (off by default)
2004-01-19 Karl Runge <>
* handle mouse button number mismatch
* improved pointer input handling during drags, etc.
* somewhat faster copy_tiles() -> copy_tiles()
* x11vnc options -buttonmap -old_pointer -old_copytile
2004-01-16 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* compile fix for cygwin
2004-01-09 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc options -allow, -localhost, -nodragging, -input_skip
* minimize memory usage under -nofb
2003-12-08 Karl Runge <>
* add check for XKEYBOARD extension in
* support XBell events (disable: "-nobell"), "-nofb" in x11vnc
2003-11-07 Karl Runge <>
* support "-inetd", "-noshm", "-flipbyteorder" in x11vnc
2003-10-26 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* released Version 0.6
2003-09-11 Mark McLoughlin <>
*, */, aclocal.m4,,, configure,
depcomp, install-sh, missing, mkinstalldirs,
Removed auto-generated files from CVS.
2003-09-11 Mark McLoughlin <>
* rdr/Exception.h, rdr/FdInStream.cxx, rdr/FdInStream.h,
rdr/FdOutStream.cxx, rdr/FdOutStream.h, rdr/FixedMemOutStream.h,
rdr/InStream.cxx, rdr/InStream.h, rdr/MemInStream.h,
rdr/MemOutStream.h, rdr/NullOutStream.cxx, rdr/NullOutStream.h,
rdr/OutStream.h, rdr/ZlibInStream.cxx, rdr/ZlibInStream.h,
rdr/ZlibOutStream.cxx, rdr/ZlibOutStream.h, rdr/types.h,
zrle.cxx, zrleDecode.h, zrleEncode.h: remove original
C++ ZRLE implementation. Its been ported to C.
* NEWS: copy the existing ChangeLog to here and make
this a more detailed ChangeLog.